I Must Be Doing Something Right

This should pretty much speak for itself. The following is a collection of attacks against me from wtcdemolition.com.

Guide to Jon Gold's 9/11 (Un)Truthing Script

wtcdemolition (dot) com/blog/?q=node/196

I'm sure for those who have observed Jon Gold's tired shtick going back to the days of the Howard Stern Message Board and the various other boards up through the recent controlled demolition of Apartment 911B, and now on this forum, the script that Gold follows is pretty obvious by now. It's a pretty consistent script over the years, I have to say. So, for guiding people who are new to Jon's schtick, and for laughs for those who are all too familiar with Mr. Gold, here 'tis:

1) Attempt to divert people away from the evidence that most strongly supports MIHOP, ESPECIALLY any evidence that implicates Mossad/Zionist involvement, while exagerating about and going ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about the Al Queda/Patsystan/LIHOP "evidence".

1A) WTC Controlled Demolition and Pentagon No Boeing evidence and any evidence that disproves that muslim hijackers were onboard the planes must be rejected or downplayed at all times. Shut down those who attempt to bring up this evidence. Those who discuss this evidence are to be accused of being agents, and/or of being divisive. If any of this type of MIHOP evidence becomes too universally accepted within the movement, such as what has happened with the WTC CD in the last few years, forget that he used to reject it, accuse anyone of being a liar who points out that Jon used to reject it, but still attempt to downplay it (see Jon's "This is Not the Controlled Demolition Movement" post last month on Apartment 911B).

1B) "Contribute to the movement" (and make a name for yourself) by doing such things as writing letters to and dialoguing with the family members asking questions about Patsystan in order to keep them focased on Patsystan. If anybody disagrees with this naked attempt to contain the inquiry and keep influencial and well respected people, such as the family members, from looking in the direction of Israel/Zionists, accuse such dissenters of disrespecting/not supporting family members, and/or being divisive, and or asking them "what have you contributed to the movement?"

1C) Don't allow any discussion of evidence that points to Israel/Zionists being behind 9/11. Accuse anybody who tries to discuss this evidence of being anti-semites, and/or of being divisive

2) How to deal with criticism of this script and arguments used against people who continue challenging Jon's tactics:

2A) Accuse dissenters of being agents
2B) Accuse those who disagree with and criticize Jon's tactics of lying
2C) Play the sympathy card - paint the disagreements and criticisms in terms of people unfairly attacking/victimizing Jon or orchestrating a vendetta
2D) Accuse people of keeping Jon from FINDING THE TRUTH, and keep repeating that he is "only attempting to FIND THE TRUTH"
2E) Accuse them of lying again
2F) Question the dissenter's motivations
2G) Claim that the dissenter only posts comments that attack good hard-working truthers such as Jon whether true or not (mostly not)
2H) Claim that the dissenter does not contribute anything to the truth movement whether true or not (mostly not)
2I) Name drop - Jon knows everybody who's anybody in the 9/11 truth movement
2J) Accuse them of lying again
2K) Attack the blatent disinfo types, such as the WTC No-Planers/Hologram types in order to show that Jon Himself couldn't possibly be disinfo agent
2L) Claim that Jon has contributed more blog posts than anybody else in the movement, and therefore is worth more than any other truther to the movement (pretending that only quantity, not quality, counts - i.e. disregarding the negative value that should be ascribed to contributions that serve to misdirect/distract people away from the true perpetrators of 9/11...how many posts about the alleged 100,000 wire transfer from Patsystan to Mohammed Atta reported in the Times of India do we really need?)
2M) Accuse the dissenters of dividing the movement (of course, Jon's divisive behavior must not ever be considered divisive)
2N) Accuse the dissenters of disrespecting/not supporting family members
2O) Claim that the dissenter needs to grow up
Jon Gold wrote:
Grow up casseia. Either grow up, or find a new outlet that appreciates your kind of "work."

2P) Demand that the dissenter "STOP LYING ABOUT ME"
2Q) If all else fails, support censorship, and when possible ban people who hurt Jon's feelings (or refuse to go along with the script)

Well, Jon, you set yourself up for this. Yes, I know, I'm just lying about you and I'm really just an agent who only attacks you and keeps you from doing your hard work of finding the truth...

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LIHOPPERS and Their Human Shields

Submitted by gretavo on Wed, 2008-04-09 11:28.
WeAreChange meets Rosie O'Donnell with Daniel Sunjata

First responders and victims' families are not what these people are really into--they use them as goodwill tools for their own limited hangout agenda. Note in the comments Jon Gold tries to sucker Rosie into attending his Keene on LIHOP Simposium.

Sickening. Now I know what their response to this will be (one of them anyway) and that is "What have YOU done for first responders and the victims' families?" Being able to throw that in the face of those who criticize their LIHOP crap is one big reason why they do the little they do for the aforementioned victims of 9/11--don't doubt that for one second. My answer is of course that fighting LIHOP scumbags and exposing their deceit and hypocrisy in an effort to expose the whole truth about 9/11 over the obnoxious and shrill attention whores and their LIHOP limited hangout agenda is what I have done and will continue to do for all the real victims of 9/11 whom I would not dream of exploiting in the process as some people find it so easy to do.

All on my own time with my own money, NOT selling crap like Alex Jones, NOT accepting advertising from McCain for President like 911Blogger does, NOT by quitting my day job to live off of truthing, i.e. off the deaths and suffering of hundreds of thousands.

wtcdemolition (dot) com/blog/node/1318#comment-12368

so aside from the insults and death threats, what was the result
Submitted by gretavo on Mon, 2008-07-28 15:27.

of our interview with KB about 911B?

The student scholars come to their senses and drop the whole 9/11 truth thing (good call kids!)


And Jon Gold puts out yet another lets blame Bush and suggest that he ordered al Qaeda to strike in order to justify his, Rumsfeld's, and Cheney's war in Iraq. No mention of Silverstein, Feith, Perle, Wolfowitz, ya know--the Zionists... He also brilliantly throws in a "US media show Palestinians celebrating out of context" as a shield against accusations of anti-arab/muslim bias. Let's be perfectly clear--Jon Gold has a PRO-ZIONIST bias, not anti-arab or muslim. Got it?

The Grand Illusion

So the by now obvious controlled opposition psyop 911blogger.com continues to churn and spew its propaganda and we continue to be among the few credible sources calling into question their sincerity. Any idea where they would be at this point were it not for us and others who call them out on their BS? Who point out the ever more obvious fact that, as one truther recently put it, 911blogger seems to have been set up as a delivery vehicle for Jon Gold?

wtcdemolition (dot) com/blog/node/1330#comment-12449

Jon Gold now citing the 9/11 Commission Report as Evidence!

Blocked And Promoted

he makes a big deal about "footnote 44" as if the whole secret to the 9/11 coverup was going to be published right in the coverup report itself. this of course has to do with some evil MOOZLIM allegedly getting a US visa and some evil CIA agent allegedly hiding this fact from some (presumably hard working) FBI agent. Jon Gold still acts as if Moussaoui really was intended to be the 20th hijacker and that 9/11 happened because of a presumably deliberate effort by the CIA to let da MOOZLIM hiajckers carry out their evil mission.

There is 9/11 truth, and then there is the truth about 9/11 according to Jon Gold. They are VERY different things. I have a very hard time imagining anyone genuinely dedicated to exposing the 9/11 coverup having anything to do with 911blogger at this point.


Hey Family Guy,

Submitted by casseia on Wed, 2008-07-30 16:56.

I notice you're pimping the hell out of your new series of videos aimed at "newbies." Need a new crop, huh? Most of your old newbies done growed up and run away as soon as they got their bearings in the 9/11 Truth landscape. Good luck with that. (But congratulations on making good use of spellcheck.)

wtcdemolition (dot) com/blog/node/1332#comment-12461

hello casseia...

Submitted by 9-11 Family Guy on Wed, 2008-07-30 19:00.

...burn any... DVD's lately?

Anyway I don't care what anyone says about me--as a top 9/11 truth leader I attract all kinds of attacks--goes with the territory. That's how I know how great I am despite no one but me actually saying it. What I won't tolerate is anyone dissing victims families or suggesting that any family member has ever lied about losing a loved one as a result of al Qaeda's vicious Attack on American Families. Maybe if you were a family or had a family you would understand the importance of the families to 9/11 truth. Families. Families families. First responders, families families. Families families families 9/11 victims' families families. Honor the families.

Something new...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


I'd take out the (http) in your post.

Much as you are popular on jongoldfanclub.com, for obvious reasons, you wouldn't want to encourage others to directly visit this fanclub.
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog


One thing I'd like to point out is this... I dislike a lot of people in the movement, and outside of the movement, however, I don't spend any time at all aggressively writing articles/comments about them day in and day out. What kind of person can find the time for this sort of thing?

Also, they've used my favorite show against me. :(

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

"hostility should be exploited wherever possible"

9/11 Truth and Division: Disinformation, Agent Provocateurs, and False Adversaries

"FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, in a letter entitled Disruption of the New Left explained that activist groups would be neutralized through various means including 'the instigating of or the taking advantage of personal conflicts or animosities existing between New Left leaders… hostility should be exploited wherever possible…'"

"Accusation—the Provocateur’s Most Effective Weapon of Psychological Warfare

False and misleading accusations are frequently and effectively used by agent provocateurs. The most common accusation within the 9/11 truth movement is that a 9/11 researcher or activist is an “agent” working for the US government:

“…we're all agreed that Jim [Hoffman] is a disinformation creep, so now we're discussing whether he is actually a cointelpro agent, or whether he has some other motive.”[15]

Accusations are one of the most effective weapons used by agent provocateurs for several reasons. They can be used to:

* Poison the well. Shift attention away from relevant issues to personal battles and infighting
* Attack the credibility of an individual or group; ad hominem
* Function as disinformation; create confusion for the audience. Is this accusation true? Could this accusation be true? Is it likely to be true?
* Bait intended subject(s) into divisive battles; potentially spreading to uninvolved bystanders—divide and conquer

False and misleading accusations employed by provocateurs are more effective when the given audience is less aware of relevant facts to make a judgment on their accuracy:

“I have raised objections on moral, legal and intellectual grounds and I am categorically opposed to it. But he appears to be persisting in what might be described as a ‘hostile take over’ to control Scholars.”[16]

To the uniformed, any claim or accusation could be interpreted as possibly true, creating confusion and uncertainty if relevant facts are unknown. Consequently, misleading and false accusations are effectively used by provocateurs to discredit, divide, and confuse activists.

To further explain, if someone is accused of a “hostile take over” and no credible evidence is readably visible, this is an accusation without confirmation or validation. Any assertion could be interpreted differently depending on the awareness of relevant facts to confirm or disprove the claim. Those who do not examine information critically are more apt to accept misleading claims or accusations without seriously questioning or examining them. This is a psychological trick exploited by many manipulative promoters of disinformation who prey on this human weakness...

9/11 activists should be wary of any and all accusations that are not readily supported by credible evidence, facts, or documentation. Ultimately, false and misleading accusations create divisiveness and encourage hostility. Agent provocateurs can skillfully use false accusations to create an environment of mistrust, suspicion, and divisiveness."
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

Important to highlight...

This is a psychological trick exploited by many manipulative promoters of disinformation who prey on this human weakness...

Its not necessarily weakness as the basic assumptions of trust humans as social animals make--we're inclined to believe an assertion for various psychological reasons:

1: trust being basic to society, mutual self interest indicates most of us don't lie for no good reason.
2: because being caught would suck so much and you'd lose the mutual support you depend on

I don't mean little white lies--which one still shouldn't over indulge in if you want life to go smooth.
I don't mean survival lies--bs you throw at the big bully to get out of a fix.

I mean deliberate, malicious slander calculated to hurt people. Most people do not do this. Full stop. So it is very disorienting for most people when it happens.

Leaving aside the psychological profile of people who not only do this, but do it repeatedly(how sad, friendless and bitter would a person have to be that this lifestyle makes sense? but that's a blog in itself), the effects of a slander/libel campaign are immediately disruptive and damaging for no other reason than so much effort must go into sorting out the situation. This effect is magnified if the targets are naive and trusting, and there are very few people in the targeted community with critical thinking skills.

It is also a fact we are all more likely to believe X if it comes from an apparently trusted source. We can do each other a favor and get into the habit of asking critical questions even of people we trust very well. If your trust is justified, the relationship will survive critical questions and an "agree to disagree" or two. But if someone is trying to push a view, or worse, get you to do something because of X, but will not give you FACTS when asked, be very, very wary...

If something seems like it is out of the blue, ask hard questions. Don't be swayed until you get answers. Someone starts getting manipulative and pushy? Politely back away slowly, make no sudden moves and start documenting EVERYTHING. Your reputation--and any legal action--might depend on it.


A threat?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Well, they are nasty people--

probably working with Internet stalkers-----so, it's possible.


Looks more like they're testing the waters for now. Working up to it, like. Those posts of "Larrys" are indistinguishable from the nastiness posted by Ozzybinoswald and Fred at Whoretown's forum. If you don't agree with them exactly about everything, you're a "perp". :roll:

Do archive everything that looks like a threat. Never know when one of these toerags will cross a legal line and you want to be able to prove it's not an isolated incident. ;-)


Just pointing out a lie...

"Kate of the Kiosk" DID approach me during the event where I introduced David Griffin, however, I NEVER said anything to her other than to tell her friends to stop being assholes.

Edit: Oh yea... almost forgot... sorry, no, I don't have any "handlers." Other people, I'm not so sure of.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Other remark

"willyloman" says: "They knew what they were doing. And it damn sure wasn't 1.8 million ceiling tile bombs or a sprayed on paint application"

Wrong. Read both RJ Lee reports. Read the "Active Thermitic Materials" paper. Consider the extent of the pulverization of concrete and the lack of floor material in the debris. Note that some chips (before MEK soaking) have slight contamination with what could be primer components. Note the presence of 1,3 DPP as described in the "Environmental anomalies" paper, pointing in the direction of sol-gel application.

All this ill-informed arrogance. And for what? To attack Jon Gold? Well, they're fighting, but they haven't got anything to fight with.

I see them...

As the new "WingTV" or Lisa Guliani and Victor Thorne. They attacked every legitimate activist as well.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?