My Lai, Zapruder and 9/11

It is obvious that the government is hiding evidence regarding 9/11. For example, the government has claimed that no flight recorders were recovered from the airplanes which hit the Twin Towers. However, firefighters stated they did recover the flight recorders. And Dan Rather confirmed that they were recovered.

9/11 activists have repeatedly demanded that the government reveal the videos, photographs, and other documentary evidence so that we can assess the truth for ourselves (see this, for example).

Government Hides Behind Copyright Law

Not only has the government refused to share the evidence, it has threatened to dispose of it. For example, NIST recently responded to a FOIA request by saying that it would not share many videos and photographs but would - instead - give the originals back to the people who shot them.

The government's theory is - apparently - that the copyright for the video and photos is owned by the people who shot them, and that sharing them with others would constitute copyright violation. Specifically, copyright law states that the owner of the copyright can prevent others from duplicating or reproducing the copyrighted work. (Copyright is actually frequently used in an attempt to crush free speech and dissent, but that's another story).

The My Lai/Zapruder Exception

Is there any way around the government's copyright argument?

Yes, there is a possible exception, which could be called the "My Lai/Zapruder Exception". As one court summarizes the principle:

Citing the exclusive photographs of the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War and the Zapruder home movie of the assassination of President John Kennedy as examples, Nimmer proposes that "where the 'idea' of a work contributes almost nothing to the democratic dialogue, and it is only its expression which is meaningful," copyright protection of the expression should be limited in the interest of public access to information necessary to effective public dialogue. Id. at 1 - 82-1 - 84. Nimmer explains:

No amount of words describing the "idea" of the massacre could substitute for the public insight gained through the photographs. The photographic expression, not merely the idea, became essential if the public was to fully understand what occurred in that tragic episode. It would be intolerable if the public's comprehension of the full meaning of My Lai could be censored by the copyright owner of the photographs. . . .

Similarly, in the welter of conflicting versions of what happened that tragic day in Dallas, the Zapruder film gave the public authoritative answers that it desperately sought; answers that no other source could supply with equal credibility. Again, it was only the expression, not the idea alone, that could adequately serve the needs of an enlightened democratic dialogue.

Id. at 1 - 83-1 - 84.

Nimmer recognizes, however, that denying copyright protection to news pictures might defeat the ultimate First Amendment goal of greater public access to information by inhibiting or destroying the business of news photography. Id. at 1 - 84.1-1 - 85. The treatise therefore suggests a news photograph in which idea and expression are inseparable should be subject to a compulsory licensing scheme unless within a month of its making, the photograph appears in the newspapers, magazines or television news programs servicing a given area. Id. at 1 - 85. n5

Nimmer is the leading treatise on copyright law. So Nimmer's opinions carry great weight.

I would strongly recommend that all 9/11 truth activists and attorneys seeking documentary evidence cite the My Lai/Zapruder Exception, and demand that the government release all of the videos, photos, and other evidence related to 9/11.

The same holds true for those seeking the truth about anthrax or any other issue concerning which the government is stonewalling.


And some good news. Today Michael Moore posted a link to an article covering Robert Bowman and linked to a video of We Are Change through Crooks and Liars. We Are Change deserve this publicity and have been shunned in the past by these types of sites. Anyway. I tried to grab a screen shot but couldn't figure out how to yet. Peace.

Good for Michael Moore! There's hope.

Los Angeles has Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, USAF (ret.) speaking at September 11 event G. Edward Griffin, Sofia and, Ed Asner, of course!

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Why is this Rather/Giuliani bombshell not front page?

I found the link and had not heard mention of this until I posted this a.m. Rivero posted the youtube link later. Just nice to get a tip for the effort. Credit aside, this is important. It proves the Commission is lying about the black boxes.

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I didn't realize you found it

I saw it on WRH.

Great find, Michael!!!

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you've got a great sense of humor. That actually made me lol.

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“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


"This is the first release of documents obtained by EPIC about the Total Information Awareness program following a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Defense Department. EPIC v. Department of Defense, No. 02-1233 (D.C. Dist. Ct. 2002).

The Department of Defense attempted to block the public release of these documents by imposing unprecedented fees on EPIC, a public interest research organization. EPIC challenged the fee determination, and a federal district court ruled for EPIC and against the Department of Defense. The court held that EPIC is entitled to "preferred fee status" under the FOIA and ordered the Pentagon to "expeditiously" process EPIC's almost year-old request for information concerning Admiral John Poindexter and the Information Awareness Office."
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Good news.


I encourage 9/11 researchers to check this stuff out, because this website is a goldmine for information on DARPA and illegal spying/information gathering on Americans. I posted this link here specifically because of Aidan's recent trouble with FOIA. I thought this might be relevant, but I believe the articles posted on DARPA and TIA are very important. In fact, I am doing some research on this at the moment and I have found this site useful.
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

What happened to you dude

You used to be a rock solid investigator. Yet in the last few weeks, I've seen you make several false assumptions.

This one was when you say in the very first paragraph that Dan Rather confirmed that the flight recorders (plural) had been recovered.

He did no such thing. And though this clip does strongly suggest that a recorder has been found (other testimony reveals other recorders, not Rather's), even it is nowhere near conclusive.

Credibility is the most valuable thing in 911 research. That means not making claims that are not proven, no matter how suspicious they look. Far too many in the movement, so utterly convinced that they know what happened, take the sketchiest of evidence and run with it.

This has killed the movement politically (this is a political issue after all) and largely abetted those responsible from facing justice.

In all the time I've been reading George Washington I have never seen the kind of mistakes you have made here and in the Anthrax coverage. Sorry I'm not inclined to dig it out on the Anthrax thing. I might if you insist.

For the record, I believe beyond a reasonable doubt that 911 was, if not an inside job, assisted by insiders. I also believe the buildings were exploded as per Jones et al. But you have to remember, not every press report was accurate.

And never believe anything you hear from anyone with military or intelligence ties. Disinformation is what they do best. I'm far more of an expert on the Kennedy assassination. But after many many years of research, I've seen the maze of false leads, misinformation, and lies laid by disinfo agents. 911 is no different.

I'm a big fan of your work. Please keep it up.