Commemorating the Seventh Anniversary of Seeking the Truth - DC Premiere of the Film, Able Danger


If you're in the DC area, feel free to join us for a very informed evening of discussion, Q&A with 9/11 filmmakers and research experts, as well as the DC Premiere of the dark levity and film noir 40s detective style of the 9/11 film, ABLE DANGER.

Opening the evening's film series will be the film TERRORSTORM at 6pm followed by a question and answer session wth a series of short videos. At 9:11pm, we will then present the screening of the DC premiere ABLE DANGER.

Special guest Sander Hicks will be the featured speaker, in a discussion of the crimes of 9/11, within the heart of the District of Criminals. Sander is the founder of VoxPop café on which the film is based, and author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistleblowers, and the Cover-Up. The film, Able Danger, is the story of A Brooklyn 9/11 Truther who falls into a noir pastiche when a mysterious Eastern European beauty arrives at his bookstore-café with irrefutable proof of American secret intelligence involvement in the planning and execution of 9/11.

Bring your friends, especially the ones that tend to role their eyes at you when the subject of 9/11 and the government's obvious inconsistencies with their account of their official conspiracy theory are brought to their attention. As always, the metro area's Fed paychecks spooks of COINTELPRO operatives/spooks, who employ fearmongering as a form of warfare are welcome, as well as their corporate cubicle-dwelling counterparts of blog infiltrators, the internet trolls that are paid with your tax dollars to attack you ad nauseam throughout the web 24/7. You spooks will be fine. We don't know your faces, only your team screennames. Maybe, you'll learn something about Treason! ;)

Commemorating the Seventh Anniversary of Seeking the Truth Presents our


Thursday, September 11, 2008
6:00pm – 11:00pm
14th & V Streets NW
Washington DC
Busboys and Poets
Rock Creek Free Press

Thanks Wrangler for posting

Thanks Wrangler for posting this. We'll be handing out flyers in the streets of DC that day. Hopefully it will be a free for all and lots of dvds will be sent home.

911 Truth Ends 911 Wars


I wish I was on the east coast to attend this. Looks like a really fun event! =) Great artwork on the flyer too!!

ALL OUT on 9/11/08!

Hey everybody....Sander Hicks here. I'm hoping everyone can come out for this event. Terrorstorm is a good historical documentary, the kind of thing that should be taught in AP History. It's a solid, sourced history of the Federal war state's usage of "false flag" operations. Standard military procedure. But you have to teach yourself to recognize the patterns.

This 9/11/08 event will be the DC debut of "Able Danger" the film that is loosely based on my book "Big Wedding" and other reporting at New York Megaphone. I will be speaking about 9/11 truth after the film, as well. My focus in the past couple years has been to emphasize the pattern of Federal protection given to key 9/11 hijackers Nawaf Al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-Mihdhar. Controlled Demolition theories are a fine approach to 9/11 skepticism. But more historical to me, more compelling, is to examine the favors given, by the US Gov to "Bin Laden's right-hand men." That's the best way for us to make the case: 9/11 was an inside job. It is now time to Indict the traitors in the GOP and Democratic Party in the highest courts of law.

Required Reading:
Here's my unanswered Complaint to the Department of Justice regarding the murder of 9/11 truth activist Dr. David M. Graham:

and P.S.
Ivins was not the Anthrax killer. Here's my recent piece for 9/11 Blogger on Hauer, Hatfill, and Anthrax:
The “Mad Scientist” Ivins, and Other 9/11 Legends


Thanks, Sander, for all you’ve done for 9/11 Truth--for all your creativity, courage and perseverance. I look forward to the film debut and urge everyone in the DC-MD-VA area to come out for this. Let’s give the feds something to think about.

I also happen to know who made that amazing poster (which required wrangling a lot of pixels), so kudos to him too!

It's gonna be a Lively event

Sander's talk is going to enlighten the DC masses who've had their blinders on for far too long. I'm looking forward to it, Sander.

Controlled demolition has been researched incredibly for 7 years now, with amazing results. We got lucky with Anthrax coming out when it did as the stories started coming into the mainstream since January of this year with the Hit-story Channel actually doing an episode with scientists calling it the unmentionable, "inside job." There are many additional areas of research that need to be focused on that 9/11 researchers in general shy away from as a whole for fear of attack or ridicule, all across the blog spectrum, such as Shanksville, the "crash" into the Five-Sided Death Star in Arlington, the money trail of the Put Options and Richard Grove's extensive financial research, the Patsies and the Able Danger program - another one mostly forgotten by the 9/11 movement.

Researchers don't have to stop researching the Towers and don't need to agree on all of the other aspects of the other topics, but they need to at least focus some of their attentions to these other neglected areas with as much energy and enthusiasm as most of us put into our research of the crimes of that day when we finally "got it." Without discussion, you can't flush out the good research from the bad. There's a reason why the infamous shadowy "They" keep distracting us with the easy CD issue, because they have a fall back plan with the towers, which they can't do with places such as the Pentagram, er, I mean Pentagon, with Anthrax or the money trail. Its when people try to keep you from researching other areas in any way that you need to look really hard at those areas, with the intensity you never have had up to at that point, and ask why they are trying to keep you from it. When they start pulling up Iron Mountain size caches of old correspondence or quotes most likely taken out of context, or reference their own blog sites of information as undeniable proof of how bad the person they are attacking are, raise those Red Flags high!

It's very important to recognize what they are doing, when they attack you personally, focusing on that rather than the actual information you present, to use as a distraction to bog you down instead of researching - that's when you know you are on to something.

Never believe anything until it is officially denied - or labeled a "conspiracy theory."

>>Richard Grove's extensive

>>Richard Grove's extensive financial research

From which nothing coherent has yet emerged . . .

Poster looks great. Movie is fantastic.

I was lucky to be able to see a preview of Able Danger and I was blown away... It is unlike any other 9/11 flick you've seen. It is part spy-thriller, part detective drama, with the fem fatal and other elements of classic old movies, but cut in a very modern style.

True, it's entertainment, not a documentary... so it doesn't have all the 9/11 truth elements about what happened, there's no talk about the melting point of steel etc... but sometimes entertainment is the best tool for informing people. And there is plenty of 911truth information in the movie it's just not obvious.

Movie buffs will really like this one, lots of cinematic references to Film Noir classics. The audience really "got in to it" at the showing I saw.

I think this will be a really fun event.


Sometimes entertainment is

Sometimes entertainment is the only safe way people can deal with this topic when first facing it. I'm looking forward to when the DVD comes out too.

911 Truth Ends 911 Wars