NIST WTC7 Report parody video

Do you work in a large office building? Then you should know about this recently discovered flaw in ALL EXISTING BUILDING CODES AND FIRE REGULATIONS that could cause the complete collapse of your office building. For more information on this phenonmenon, please email NIST at

Thank you Corbett, that's terrific!

I'm posting it on my blog, hope that's okay.


This is exactly the kind of approach we need to take on these matters. Humor is the best tool and WTC7 is ripe for it.

Yes, we could label this new phenomena ...

The "salsa jar-lid" hypothesis, as the latest proposal by NIST. Can't you just hear the staff meeting at NIST before the webcast last week, Yes, yes, that's the ticket, and then if they don't believe that, next year we can propose crushing an empty coke can with our bare hands.

Calculations of thermal expansion of steelbeams

As far as I can see, the thermal expansion of steelbeams is relatively small!

(I'm not an engineer or physicist, so please correct me if I have misunderstood this completely)

The coefficient of linear expansion of steel is 12 * 10^-6 * K^-1 (Source:

and here is an automatic calculation of thermal expansion (where we apply the coefficient for thermal expansion of steel):

The result for a 16 meter steelbeam wich is heated from 20 degrees celcius to 800 degrees celcius (wich, I guess, is far more than could have been the temperature of the steel in WTC 7 due to scattered and moving officefires) is:

0.14976 meters (app. 5.8 inches).


(Conversion table for measures is found here: )

I think according to Mr Sunder

the steel was much below 600 deg C since if it were TOO hot it would have sagged and not pushed through expansion, as he claims.
So 7 cm expansion gets nearer to reality when there would be zero sagging but is that even possible?
Remember that Sunder claims that the concrete broke away from the steel as it expands so the concrete could not prevent the steel from sagging!

Also according to Sunder...

... a salsa lid acts like a steel beam. So the same sort of expansion that allows you to open your salsa jar, also causes controlled demolitions!

Wow, CDI really is in trouble!!


I really enjoyed this.

Great video.

Would someone who knows about these things please check and lay out the officiall standards of safety in steelbuildings, please?

An often used argument from the "debunkers" is that there off course is a reason why the steel is protected with fireproofing - but that fact doesn't mean that the problem envsioned is a total collapse. Couldn't it just be, that those who design the safety of a steelbuilding want to prevent even small parts of the building getting loose and falling onto occupants, firefighters and in general causing (even limited) damage to the parts of the building involved in the fires, which could be difficult, expensive and labourconsuming to repair?! Remenber those steelframed highrises which where taken back into use even after severe fires! ( fx. )



That was fantastic! More of this!

Straight to the juggular with humor

I would soon expect all combustuable materials to be remove from steel skyscrapers...not to mention microwave ovens which have a tendancy to start popcorn fires.

"Liars....liars...pants of fires"...oops, there goes another skyscraper - NIST's new motto.

Very clever....

I would suggest adding the new Firefighter for 911 Truth group as a referal and sending it to Bill Maher..

Beautiful!! Great video scenes with the script.

If I ever get into an email discussion with a proponent of the NIST fairy tale, this would be a great link to send so they can back up their view with reliable information. ;)

Great Work

Russ Hallberg
Does not appear on YouTube search yet. Excellent video!

Public Service Announcement is right

NIST’s new findings on the collapse of Building 7 due to “Thermal Expansion” shows that we are in serious trouble!

NOT ONLY will every office fire now be capable of completely destroying EVERY building in a symetrical progressive collapse, BUT also, any space heater will collapse; your engine block in your car will now collapse; your toaster and your oven will collapse; welding machines will collapse; your frying pan will collapse; the Space Shuttle will collapse!

Those aluminum folding chairs you take to the beach? THEY WILL COLLAPSE!!! oH DEAR GOD!!!

Aunt Thelma’s replacement hip… will collapse! Poor Aunt Thelma.

Anything previously designed to operate under hot conditions (including your personal vibrator), that have seemingly behaved in the manner predicted in the past…. ALL MUST NOW BE SUSPECT FOR COMPLETE COLLAPSE!!

Why!? Why!!!! Why didn’t SOMEONE… ANYONE just LOOK at the “loosening-the-metal-jar-lid-under-hot-water” theory??? Oh the tragedy!!! Oh the HUMANITY!!!! ***weep weep weeeeeeep****. (weep).

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Shyam Sunder… for looking out for us in this way. Thank you ever so much for doing your job and looking out for the best interests of the American people. NIST has REALLY earned their $20 million dollars for this one, huh?

Too funny, thanks James...

This is great stuff. Have these murdering control freak scumbags and thier minions no shame at all? Guess not. They have over played thier BS hand to an absurd degree with this new version of a "magic bullet" theory, discovered just in time to (not) explain away why 2+2 DOES NOT =4. What did they do, sit around eating magic mushrooms and come up with a list of winning cover stories? I'd like to hear the ones that didn't make the cut!

They have got to be a bit worried about this one. Yikes. Cornered rats are the most viscious ones to vanquish. And vanquish them we will.

Stewart Howe

"Few victories can rival the initial one of parting company with the spectators and stepping into the arena" - Stewart Howe



With you in the struggle,
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my letter to nist

Sent the following to

Dear NIST,

Since you released your report on World Trade Centre 7, I have refused to enter any tall buildings, for fear an office fire might break out and cause the entire building to collapse. I have a number of questions:

- Given that these buildings fall into their own footprint, do you think it is at least safe to walk in the vicinity of tall buildings? How far from tall buildings should one remain?

- Is it possible that a very hot day might cause tall buildings to collapse? What if the air conditioning in the building failed?

- Will NIST now lead a campaign to dismantle all tall buildings in America-- say, any over five stories?

I will appreciate any answers, and reassurance, you can provide. My thanks for your service to your country.

Beautifully put together!


(I know you have to make a selection but you should also include the Journal of 9/11 studies to the references)

Perfect video---perfect message.

This sort of "Bush-Science" will cause untold problems for the economy as well as engineering education. Buildings will be too over-built, making over-expensive and existing buildings will have insurance policies and rent so high... people will just start working from home... etc, etc. But the education part is the worst. These people are propagating "flat-Earth" theories and giving moral indignation to people who defy these "findings".

This is part of mass-programming. Authorities put the nail in the coffin of truth and the general public goes along believing in the flat Earth. When property taxes, mortgages, rent and insurance goes through the roof, it's passed on as "necessary costs for national security... it's all because of those bad Arabs on 9/11".

This is a sad state in our history.

Great video!!