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Here is pictures & commentaries

of steel, wrecked vehicles etc. from 9.11. This is all property of the 911 museum & is stored ina 80,000 sq ft hanger @ Kennedy Airport.

The size of the steel beam always blows me away & I would think some of our qualified reserachers should check this out, first-hand.

Enough Facts - Let's tackle our real problems

I have been involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement for a while now. I was a chief organizer for the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference in '07, and the March on Ottawa that is happening now. (I am not there due to being in a bad accident last week). I have also been interviewed by mainstream newspapers, radio stations, and have had my articles published in magazines.

I am now looking at the movement as a whole, and are seeing 3 major problems for our lack of success (lack, meaning we have not accomplished our primary goals)

1 - A lack of professionalism.
I have seen a lot of different groups out there, and I must say there membership is largely stereo-typical - for the good and the bad. The bad is that at least half of them are not in the movement for a genuine desire to improve the world as much as they are in it to find a sense of belonging. (read Eric Hoffer's The True Believer) This is what is causing the lack of professionalism - at the 11th of the month events members are 'hanging out' and not actively deciphering the most economical way to reach the most people. Meetings are not run tightly. events are usually planned only by 2 or 3 people and the rest end up working as followers - only helping out on the day of. I could write a lot more here but I will save it for an essay, not a blog entry

2 - We are too focused on facts.
We have the facts. We win every factual based debate. But our membership is not growing fast enough. Why? Because we are not fighting facts. We are fighting ideology and pride. Lets focus on why we entered the movement and focus on what the movements end goals really are. I did so in an article I wrote this month, and reached some good conservative people who are not interested listing to someone on the street list off random facts:
This is how we need to get people. Personal examples brings friendship and trust. Blurting random facts at strangers on the street brings distaste and defense.

3 - A lack of commitment.
If we all understood how short life is, how lucky we are to be living in North America, and how truly important this movement is, we would all work a lot harder. I wrote an essay about this and will fwd it to whoever is interested in a good 30 minute read.

These three flaws are what I will focus on in the next 3 - 6 months. Your comments and ideas - good and bad - are warmly welcomed,

Drew Noftle

Yes and No

3. "Lack of commitment" is not a problem for us. I'd say "over commitment" and a sense of panic is a bigger problem.

2. 100% agree. We have more facts than we need and ideology and pride are right at the top regarding our most fervent opposition. The perps have fed into the most visceral aspects of human nature to re-enforce their paradigm. We need to salvage the best parts of the old paradigms and create some new ones. We're way too caught up in the "Who Dunnit" mentality, instead of focusing on a "How are we gonna fix it" mindset.

1. Professionals take things slow so they can do it right. It's really that simple. The best way to be professional is to only let professionals do what they do best. We haven't yet learned the wisdom of "not doing something" when we can't do it effectively. The best advice is to do only the things that you can do well and not to worry if certain things don't get done. Eventually, someone will step forward to fill in those voids. (i.e., don't open your mouth in public unless you're good at it -- leave that to the Jesse Venturas and Cynthia McKinney's and find, for yourself, the thing you do best -- and do it -- successfully.

Nice entry.

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I work had and I appreciate all those who do, when it comes to disseminating information through email. PinfoNet is another way of looking at sending email, and if everyone would read it, then perhaps we could realize our greatest results...

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Coop Assembly

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