International Poll: Who was behind 9/11?


I'm from Mexico and I didnt have any idea there was so many people here who doubt the official version!!

"911 was an Inside Job"

68% of children believe Santa Claus brings them Xmas presents

The evidence makes plain that Al Qaeda is code for those CIA false flag operations which scapegoat Islamic militants. CIA asset Osama bin Laden died nearly a decade ago, but lives on in CGI and computer-generated voice-morphing.

That most respondents in most countries named Al Qaeda as the perp is quite a tribute to the propaganda machines of the U.S. and its allied governments, and to the CIA's international Mockingbird media programs which so successfully spoonfeed those lies to the general public.

Finnish figures

A similar poll is being conducted here:

44 %: Al-Qaida
37 %: U.S. government
5 %: Israel
14 %: Don't know

Belief in A-Q would be among the lowest figures in the international comparison, and belief in the U.S. role would be the highest - even higher than in Turkey.

Your poll may be more honest

Russ Hallberg

The origin of these figures from a government supported US university makes them suspect. I would prefer an unbiased source.

On the other hand, so-called

On the other hand, so-called "debunkers" can not claim that is some unreliable source of information. It is hard to argue with a poll of 16,000 people in 17 countries.

I am using this to make some progress on Wikipedia (which is over-run with corrupt administrators).

You can help out by politely posting some supporting comments, you do not even have register (but you should because we want to get Wikipedia to follow its on rules on 9/11).

We can win in five years

Russ Hallberg

Given the advances made by the 911 truth movement in the past 5 years, it looks to me like we can succeed in 5 more years, or even less. We can reverse these statistics, where the majority believe the US government was primarily responsible for the attacks.

The international front is critical. When the rest of the world says our emperors have no clothes, the US people will be forced to face the truth. Time to start a blog!