To All Students Out There...

I had an idea. I know some of you are already doing this, but If in the future you are asked to write a paper, see if 9/11 Truth relates to the topic you are supposed to write about. If you get an A+, imagine how cool that would be to post online? That’s almost like a peer-reviewed paper. :)

I’m sure there are SEVERAL of us “old-timers” out there that would be more than happy to help you out.


Is also a good way to counter the "9/11 Curriculum" that's being presented to schools.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

for real

9/11 Coincidence: I got call last night from a Boston University senior whose Journalism professor asked her class to write something about 9/11. She is not a truther (right now anyway) and decided to make "The origin of the 9/11 Truth Movement in Boston" the the subject of her paper -- she interviewed me till 1:30 am and will be seeking out a few more interviews. She found us vis-a-vis our website, so for those wondering if people actually visit our sites, I guess they do.

My wife, a teacher of more than 30 years, has been...

My wife has been teaching for more than 30 years and she runs a private school program for mostly High School students. Students have to write a research paper. "September 11th, 2001" is one of the few options of a topic. One day my wife said to me: "Honey, whatever you guys are doing, it must be working." She went on to tell me how a huge percentage of students write about the 9/11 Cover-Up and also reference films like Loose Change. One time she had a Muslim girl come to her in tears saying: "Oh!...I don't know what to do?! This is my religion and there were the Muslim Highjackers on 9/11!! Oh!! I don't know what to do!!" My wife calmly said: "Oh. You are just looking in the wrong place. Why don't you take a look 'here' and 'here'." Well, when the girl started reading and researching some of the sources my wife pointed to, things cleared up right away regarding her conflict with the Muslim religion.

She points out that some students give the official line. This is a writing assignment. My wife does not make them wrong. However, after they get their grade, my wife writes a little note: "You may want to take a look at this reference about 9/11."


I am currently taking some college science classes. I had the opportunity to give a class presentation on "Proof of explosives on 9/11" (judged by the Professor and Grad students) for one of my science classes. It was a pretty wild ride, but I had many, many people very receptive to wanting to know more. Everyone got an info pack of flyers and DVDs (about 40 people). I am also very outspoken in the classroom. -->

For a Biology Class, I had to write a paper on a plant. So, I picked a plant which exposed the corruption of Donald Rumsfeld and wove him (and other characters) into the story. A year later, a website asked if they could publish my Biology Report and it made the rounds onto other sites. {The report gives a nice brief historical record of Rumsfeld and also goes into the FDA burning cookbooks in the 90's}

Here is something that ANYONE can do. You do NOT need to be a student to do this. Universities and many colleges have online newspapers. You can write "Letters to the Editor", post comments on the paper's articles, and also write a big post on the newspaper's message board. Often the beginning phrases or title of your post will also show up on "Google Searches". Here is a recent comment at a local University paper --> ...and a published "Letter to the Editor" at another --> ...and The Texas Tech Campus Paper has had over 8,600 views of my Message Board post "9/11 Was An Inside Job" before paper finally deleted it recently.

Here is a good reference for college newspapers -->

I don't know how I missed this story

but I did.

Late is better than never - with 9/11 truth - as well as my request to you to please sincerely thank your wife.

I used to teach high school history and geography. I can only hope that if I were still doing it or teaching HS again, I'd be making the same choices and "suggestions to students" that she is.

Knowing myself fairly well, I have to say that I thinks I'd find some way to slip it in there. The difference is that she's actually teaching kids now and I'm not.

(Funny, I was actually just thinking about teaching kids and 9/11 truth this morning.)

Bless her heart for this AND for being a teacher. They are all heroes.


Your must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi

There should be a

There should be a concentrated effort aimed at doing just this. The kids are our future, how can we move forward with this?

I don't know what to do...

Other than put the idea out there. Maybe suggest that people start handing out literature in schools, and ask them the question above...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Jon, Putting the idea out there "repeatedly" is a good idea.

Jon, I am glad that you brought your idea up on this blog and at other places. In a few months, repeat your idea. It is a good idea. The idea may indicate to different people at different repeating the idea is good.

I have been involved on college campuses for a few years as an older student. Some of the inhibiting factors for students is that they have peer pressures, and also the "teaching authorities" can be an intimidation for a 19 year old. Another aspect is that the freshmen and sophomores in college have very little reality on 9/11/01, because they were young when it occurred. (See the Video Survey--> ) Another inhibiting college factor is the apathy towards "matters of substance" , which we run into across all age groups in society.

For me, my primary focus is handing out material and DVDs on campus, because I find that to be the most effective way to reach people. I take advantage of classroom situations, but the handouts have been the most efficacious.

I have a lot of stories of actions around campus. He is a "copy-n-paste" of some History...for what it is worth...

I believe it was the Fall of 2006 when I first attempted to line up a 9/11 Truth presentation here at Campus. I contacted the person in charge of campus events and asked how I could do this. She said that I would need to be sponsored by an established 'certified' campus group. (i.e. the group would have to sponsor it.) At that time, no one that I knew around campus had a clue about 9/11. The lady that I spoke to also held the job of heading a Club which sponsors University Activites and Events. I gave her a bunch of DVDs and over the weeks pestered her to push this through as an event with the Campus Club. She brought it up to the students. There was no interest whatsoever. The students were interested in things like "Hawaii Night" or "Beach Party Plastic Veneer LaLa Land". The attitude ran like{Let people die over in is over there. We want to play and be distracted and be entertained. Why are you bringing up something of substance?--that is something that we do not want to hear.}

After weeks and weeks of trying to get something going, I got pissed-off. I was angry. I decided that I was going to be a one man army and go into guerilla truth.

So, one weekend when the campus was quiet, I go and spend 5 hours cleaning some glass windows. I took the white-on-black-background "911 TRUTH NOW" posters and went around campus, taping them up as if they had been endorsed by a Professor or something. Ha! They stayed around for months and months.... Finally, after a big VIP alumni tour of the campus, someone got alarmed and had them removed. During the same course of time, I was posting flyers with photos of the 9/11 Truth stuff. I had actually made an area for myself in the mall by the library. These poster-type flyers had cool pics. I had also taped for easy removal, DVDs & info cards with a "FREE - TAKE ONE" sign. I had all kinds of titles. Everyday, I would check my area. I would restock my DVDs. When someone would destroy or graffiti my postings (there were about 8 pages with photos), I would get up early the next day and really go to town with different stuff. I had stuff staged back at the apartment, ready to post once an asshole tried destroying stuff.

It was a guerrilla war of truth.

At last, after a year of this, the University could take no more. Posting policies changed and only two areas of campus have a small notice board.

But then, I went to town with the covert distribution of one-on-one DVD-info packs. Besides over half of the faculty offices getting DVDs under their door at night, I would place these packs in the campus newspaper bins, etc. I burned up the Message Board and Letters to the Editor of the online paper.

Now, there are probably around 50 people in the small town & campus area that I know personally who know about 9/11 Truth.


this is the GREATEST story E V E R! Wow and WOW, again.

I'm in awe of your persistence, determination, and and creativity.

Unfortunately, and much to my consternation, my college-aged son is exactly as you describe that cohort to be.

I hope that, in the end, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I had no interest in politics or activism until I was introduced to 9/11 Truth only a number of years ago.

I think that there is going to be a need for a second, third, fourth? wave of activists to come after us to take up all the different but related causes that we face in this country if the youth ever care about the future for their progeny.

Maybe one day, my son's organizational and leadership roles in his fraternity - and good grief that's he even one (apologies to all the Greeks out there, but beer parties and panty-raids are anathema to me) - will come in handy when he finally gets a clue one day... I hope!