A FEAR LESS TRILOGY – Summary of Events

A FEAR LESS TRILOGY – Summary of Events

By John Bursill – Truth Action Sydney

“Exposing the Delusion of 9/11 Down under!”

Well, just as the rest of the world does, Australia continues to step up to new heights in our 9/11 Truth campaign, forcing the reality of the September 11 Attacks into the light! Sydney Truth Action decided to put on three events for the anniversary this year, back to back on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September. We are determined to reach a bigger audience with the “truth to peace” message, aiming it directly at the Peace Groups that have resisted us for so long.

Here is a brief summary of these three events….

Event 1 - Public Meeting – DELUSION 911 – September 11th, 2008

Wow, this really was a huge success drawing approximately 200 people to the heart of the city on a week night. It was especially significant because there was basically no support from any political, social or media group, except for NEXUS magazine and one email from the NSW Greens which was sent out to the members as a “What’s on” event in the Green E-Brief. The Greens unfortunately, after pressure from above withdrew their support for this information distribution, even though the membership’s interest is high and they have received all the relevant evidence over the last two years, proving our case. This I feel was a form of censorship, which is very disappointing indeed, as they have refused to alert people of a public meeting by the “Grass Roots” who are trying to bring peace to the world?

Even though the meeting did not officially start until 7pm the crowd was arriving from 6pm, many brimming with excitement that such an event was even possible. People were very interested in the merchandise we had for sale especially Barrie Zwicker’s Book “The Towers of Deception” which sold out early on the second night! The mood was what I would call, simply “electric” and the attendees had a thirst to learn all they could, many wanting to start conversations with the speakers while they were speaking. This is probably a bad idea, lol…for those that did such...

Firstly I made a brief introduction and a short speech about the inadequacy of the “Official 9/11 Myth” and exposed the “9/11 Omission Commission” Report for what it is, a propaganda piece designed to keep the complicit MSM happy. I finished my presentation with a great quote from William O. Douglas an American Supreme Court Judge;

“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air --however slight--lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” Justice William O. Douglas

I then welcomed Pastor Al Person to give a remembrance service for the fallen and to read the names of the ten Australian’s that died on that terrible day, in September of 2001. Al said a prayer and we took a moment of silence to reflect on why this fight is so important to us all!

The next speaker to the podium was Barrister James O’Neill from Queensland who had travelled down to Sydney for the Trilogy. He alerted a dumbfounded audience that we have actually lost more rights than our American friends and it was only the reluctance of our government to use it unprecedented powers that had maintained the façade of a Democracy. James was very well received indeed and really shocked the gathering to the real relevance of the 9/11 Events to the Australian people!

Our next very distinguished speaker was a Doctor of Architecture and Incorporated Engineer, Dr David Leifer who is an out spoken member of www.AE911Truth.org . He gave a wonderful nuts and bolts presentation about the improbable collapse of WTC 1. He concluded it must have been brought down using added energy and it was provably impossible to reconcile what is seen with a “gravity driven collapse”.

We had a brief intermission and the Sydney Truth Action Team was simply outstanding providing tea, coffee, drinks and information to the large enthusiastic crowd.

After the break we heard from documentary filmmaker and former BBC journalist Gillian Norman. Her talk, “MindWars” helped to explain why so many people still cannot accept 9/11 truth, even after 7 years of powerful, irrefutable evidence that it was a false flag attack. Gillian outlined the development of mind control techniques that were first applied to individuals, then to cults, and now, for the first time in history with the 9/11 psychological operation, we have seen MindWars applied to an entire nation.

Gillian made a passionate plea to break the trance of deception, to recognize how Australia has been drawn into genocidal wars on the basis of a false pretext and to take a bold stand for truth and justice. Once again Gillian was very popular with the crowd, and received a standing ovation as her heartfelt speech stuck directly at the dark forces that attempt to control the “Group Mind” that is allowing this dangerous rise of tyranny throughout the world!

Some of the work the military had done during experiments that Gillian talked of, seemed improbable to me, in particular telekinesis! She assures me there is evidence of this, but I remain sceptical at this time. She will modify her speech in future to prevent any controversy on this issue.Gillian had also travelled from sunny Queensland to attend at her own expense, in fact all the speakers were self funded for which we were all very grateful, thank you!

Now we had a little change of pace from the mind games to the real physical resistance being shown by the working class people of Australia. Kevin Bracken a Victorian Union Secretary (organizer) showed us what can be achieved through patience and determination! He read out a motion he had passed firstly by The Victorian State Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia and then by the oldest and second largest affiliation of unions in Australia; the Victorian Trades Hall Council.

That final amended motion reads as follows;

“That this meeting of the Victorian Trades Hall Council delegates calls for a thorough, independent enquiry into the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in the U.S.

The events of that day have been used to start pre-emptive wars, attack civil liberties and legal principles that have been the cornerstone of civilized communities for many decades.

There is a legitimate view that the way we view the world after September 11 2001 has been affected dramatically and therefore a proper investigation into the events around that day is justified and deserves international scrutiny.”

This is simply an outstanding achievement and it has inspired me to pursue this avenue further, as I personally have already received the support of my Secretary and President of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association and will put a motion to our executives meeting at the next opportunity!

Well we really left the best to last, you may say, because if you are not aware Dr Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan of the Scholars for Truth and Justice www.STJ911.org have their right hand man living in Perth, Australia! His name is Dr Frank Legge and he is a doctor of Chemistry and has been directly involved in many of the peer reviewed and published works released by the “Journal of 9/11 Studies” www.journalof911studies.com . Frank showed us how simple it is to dispel the “Official NIST Explanation of the Three WTC Collapses” using basic logic and actual scientific evidence gathered at ground zero! This is a method of scientific analysis of which NIST is obviously completely unaware???

As usual the staff at the event were completely amazed at the evidence we produced and are all now 9/11 Truther‘s!

Video of September 11th Action and "Delusion 911" Public Meeting - Thanks to Erik my right hand man!

Link - www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN9IY6VAgRY

Event 2 – ShadowPlay Preview Screening - Panel Discussion – September 12th, 2008

Unfortunately the film "ShadowPlay" was not provided in DVD form and the hard drive Gillian Norman brought with the film on it was corrupted. We did get to see the first 20 minutes or so and it is looking great. We unfortunately had to act in the interest of 9/11 Truth a show a film, a guest provided us with a copy of "Zero" which we showed instead. We Sydney Truth Action would like to thank the Italian film makers for this excellent production and would remind them that the event ran at a considerable loss. We did encourage all to by a copy of this film!

After this film was shown we continued with a panel discussion of the film and of the 9/11 Truth Issue in general, with the following panel.

Dr Frank Legge – Chemist www.STJ911Truth.org
Dr David Leifer – Architect www.AE911Truth.org
James O’Neil – Barrister at law
Gillian Norman – Film Maker/Journalist
John Bursill – Licensed Aircraft Engineer www.AE911Truth.org

This discussion was moderated by Hereward Fenton web master of www.911oz.com where you will find the live podcast of this discussion. This is well worth a listen as we get stuck into a debate about the divisive “Pentagon”. Frank Legge and I make a strong argument that this debate is simply a waste of time, but many disagree as seen in Zero and from the rest of the panel who were seemingly supported by the audience. There is a regular pod cast provided by Truth News Radio Australia www.truthnews.com.au , the hosts being Joshua Jackson and Hereward Fenton. I am also a regular guest on this podcast and recommend it.

It was interesting that we saw a famous Australian Comedian at this event, “Garry Who” and I was also pleasantly surprised to see one of the principle organizers of the Sydney “Stop the War Coalition”! These were both firsts for us and both steps in the right direction, well done Sydney!

Event 3 – Sydney Truth Action – Fundraiser – 13th of September, 2008

Well this was simply a chance for us all to let our hair down and make a little money. Unfortunately it was not well supported, as I think we had basically worn our audience out! I suppose we will view that as a learning experience and pre sell this type of event in the future. All that went had an excellent time and all said the food and entertainment was outstanding! A stand alone fundraising event is planned for early next year.

Thank you to all that helped make these events possible and those that donated money to pay the bills! I would especially like to thank the Sydney Truth Action Crew, who got the word out on the street and sold the drinks and merchandise etc, well done!

Other News from Down Under

As a way of rounding up this article regarding the 9/11 Anniversary events, I would like to congratulate all that carried out “Civil Informationing” and 9/11 truth protests on the 11th throughout Australia as part of "Eleventh Day of Every Month Campaign" www.truthaction.org and especially the Perth 9/11 Truth Group http://9-11.meetup.com/332/ who put nearly 30 activists on the ground in a simply awesome effort! I think I should single out Paul Blackburn, the Perth Organiser for his unbelievable ability to grow this group, well done Blackie!

Sydney Truth Action carried out another protest at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC on the 11th demanding "proper investigative journalism" after they showed the BBC hit piece “The Third Tower” on Monday the 8th of September! It is interesting that the scheduled rerun of this program was “pulled”(did Larry give them a call?!...lol) after our protest and many, many letters condemning the ABC for its low standards. This is especially true as it was used as a “Four Corners” piece, Australia’s premier award wining investigative one hour news show. You may view the “open letters” to Four Corners if you select “opinion” at top of the home page www.abc.net.au/fourcorners , you will need to go back a few pages as another interesting show about our treatment of refugees was shown on this weeks show.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the many Australians attending the events in NYC a safe trip, especially Maria and Chihaya who are two of our most devoted “die hard” 9/11 Activists, as you can tell by this pilgrimage to Ground Zero!

Thank you also these great sites for getting the word out about Australian activism;


Kindest regards John Bursill – Truth Action Sydney www.truthaction.org.au

Great post John, thanks.

Great post John, thanks. It's nice to hear it all in your own voice and thoughts. It sounds like it went very well.