The Mother of all Frauds: King Paulson - Hope You Like It

Damn! This guy nails it. Mr. Paulson is exposed here very concisely. This is a little off topic for but then again, an epic economic swindle seems to have been part of the plan the whole time, doesn't it?

Privatize the Profits and Socialize the losses

What a mess, let's stop blaming the poor sub prime lender who lost his job and then his house. What about the Hedge Funds who don't produce anything and use computers to make 1,000's of bets per minute on market variations. The winners in the market have socked away the profits but the losers now want the government to bail them out! The stinking Chicago school of economics wanted unregulated markets and wall street wanted to create a casino of risk using the average joe's money and pension for collateral. Oh and these hedge funds were not for the average joe, no you had to prove that you could afford to lose big. Well the big spenders have lost at the tables in the games they designed and now we have to feel sorry for them? It's the S&L crisis to the third power. When the elite want to shake down the country they make the mafia look like rookies. No investigations, no one goes to jail, they don't even get their Gucci shoes dirty !

9/11 was always about economic terrorism

This the corporatization of America - Chapter II



Well summarized:

Privatize the Profits and Socialize the losses

Has it ever been different in any historical era?

Just give it a new name, a new -ism and play the game again and again..

Thanks for posting, Rep.

Thanks for posting, Rep. It's not off-topic. It's all connected.

I agree it's 100% on topic


PS: 30+ minute audio -


30+ minute audio - George Green on the economy, from July 16th, 2008

spot on correct with this

spot on correct with this posting. this is the big pay day finally coming through from the criminal acts of 9/11. this is when they soldify the ruling elite class, those top 5000 filthy rich and powerful and corrupt. the same good ol boys club who have been shaking down governments around the world for generations now. from wall street fat cats to the london exchange blue bloods and let's not forget the scoundrels of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the international bankers rule the USA along with much of the world and 9/11 was an inside job. these sub humans are the people responsible for most of the world's troubles.

It is definitely on topic. Another step in the plan...

The common denominator goes back to the full intent of the events of September 11th. The purpose of 9/11 was not just about oil or control of the mideast. It was a step which created a cornerstone towards a host of objectives which will eventually culminate in a "one world scenario". Without 9/11, this other shit would be hard to pull off.
In my opinion, these scenarios and crisis are planned and timed in sequence, each an incremental step towards achieving objectives. They release them on a well-planned structure. We will see more financial problems until our money system is shredded. Then the "saviors" will come with a solution of a different currency or some such weird solution. We may even lose the internet by then, so it will difficult to expose the truth. That is my conjecture of a brief plan. I mean...think about it...if you wanted to control the world and would you do it? 9/11 Truth is the way to defeat this crap.

The attached blog by Rep is really worth looking at!!!

This is from Rep's blog. It never made front page. You have gotta watch this!!!!
Watch this.

Exactly my opinion, too.

Exactly my opinion, too. : )

Access to uncensored internet will be key in the future . . .


Crimes so big they call it foreign and domestic policy.

Joseph Stiglitz & Catherine Austin Fitts

September 18, 2008
Alex Jones talks to two time Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz about the recent massive turmoil on Wall Street and about how Dr. Stiglitz thinks things will unfold moving forward.

September 17, 2008
Dennis Bernstein talks with Catherine Austin Fitts about how we got from there to the mess we're in here and why we should all care about what is happening on Wall Street.

Naomi Klein: Financial crisis part of Bush 'shock doctrine'

"The real disaster has yet to come; the real disaster is the debt that is going to explode on American tax payers," Klein said.

Klein’s book, "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," outlines how crises, real or perceived, have been used by governments, especially the United States under George W. Bush, to strong-arm a disoriented citizenry into accepting changes to its rights, and its government, that it wouldn't otherwise accept.


"The reason why this bubble was allowed to inflate is not because the American people demanded it, it was because it was spectacularly profitable for Wall Street," Klein said.

She is spot on

Monday March 31, 2008
Randi Rhodes interviews Naomi Klein about her most recent book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Naomi Klein's advances a truly unnerving argument: historically, while people were reeling from natural disasters, wars and economic upheavals, savvy politicians and industry leaders nefariously implemented policies that would never have passed during less muddled times. As Klein demonstrates, this reprehensible game of bait-and-switch isn't just some relic from the bad old days. It's alive and well in contemporary society, and coming soon to a disaster area near you.

the problems being discussed

first off, the guy from is taking aim at endemic problems -- human greed and the regulatory issue -- yet he names these as systemic problems. it can be argued that greed is endemic to humans; which is why we regulate trade. however, regulatory measures can be sidestepped, which is why we need people who can actually enforce the regulations. but again, endemic problems versus systemic problems.

ms. klein on the other hand focuses more on the systemic problems, but fails to point out the role that the fed plays.

people must understand that in order for all of this to brew up into the perfect storm that it is, several things had to happen: the fed printed a metric shit tonne of money, they lowered interest, and wall street lending/loan-selling was deregulated... the last piece of the puzzle of course, are the losers (no disrespect, it's just what they are - we all "lose" in this scenario, in fact) at the other end of these NINJA loans (no income, no job applications). but let's call it what it is. the real systemic issue is central banking, aka the federal reserve... and of course financial sector lobbying in big government, which in turn influences what the fed does. this is a massive snake eating its tail, constricting tighter and tighter around We The People. personally, i don't see any way out of it without abolishing the central bank, which is what Ron Paul proposes. The problem with a libertarian form of government is that you need baseline education/skill in order for it to work... at the very least, people would need to be educated on what libertarianism really is -- self government.

it might also help ms. klein to mention the roots of her "shock doctrine," namely the problem-reaction-solution paradigm, or the hegelian dialectic. but that would probably never be permitted airtime because it would expose The Big Lie.

At some point on that

At some point on that particular episode of Real Time, Bill Maher actually said something to the effect of, "...the Bush administration loves tragedies." Yeah, no duh Maher. Think about that the next time you chase a 9/11 truther off of your set or make a lame joke at their expense. Of course 'he'd' argue that there's a big difference between exploiting an unintended disaster and actually creating one. But if you happen to be as crooked as the Bush admin., why wait for such events to hopefully unfold randomly? What if the desired panic isn't created within the right time frame? I think that the PNAC made their intentions quite clear didn't they? Many members of the mainstream ilk seem to have no trouble labeling the current economic crisis as a financial inside job. Others have even questioned the anthrax scare. Following that pattern of thought, 9/11 shouldn't be that far behind.

Great stuff

I've been following Karl's ticker blog for quite some time, and I'd recommend visiting his site and reviewing other video's as well as the write-ups.

ChrisC points out 9/11 researcher Nafeez Ahmed predicted this

ChrisC points out a 9/11 researcher predicted this:

"The talk Nafeez Ahmed did last November used this text to advertise it: "

"2007: global food shortages cause riots (FAO)

2008: global banking collapse (Arlington Institute)

2011: world oil reserves critically depleted (Independent)

2015: climate change point-of-no-return (Guardian)

2025: two-thirds of world in water shortage (BBC)

2100: Earth uninhabitable (UN)

The crisis of the planet Earth is so profound that all of our lives will be caught up in it.

Our lives will change because of it.

Our lives will change because of the cataclysmic events happening now and the even greater dislocations to come.

The global crises faced by industrial civilization are rooted in the heart of the international imperialist system.

Are you concerned by these alarming trends? Are they unavoidable? Or can we exercise awareness and skill to deal with them?

Nafeez will discuss the global political economy, ideology, culture and value-system underlying these crises. He will bring together key developments in science, philosophy, and economics, along with groundbreaking activism from the global social justice movement, to show not only that "another world is possible", but that it's already in the making."

A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

Karl will be on NBC Nightly News 9/23 @ 5:30 central time

Don't miss this interview.