Former CIA operative Robert Baer tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross Bin Laden is dead

The interview is excellent but the best part is the last five minutes.

Ex-CIA Operative Discusses 'The Devil We Know'

[37 min 59 sec]

Fresh Air from WHYY, October 2, 2008 · In his new book, The Devil We Know, former CIA operative Robert Baer argues that Iran is an up-and-coming — and often misunderstood — superpower, with strong influences throughout the Middle East.

"The sooner we understand the Iranian paradox — who they are, what they want, how they want to both humble us and work with us — the sooner we'll understand how to come to terms with the new Iranian superpower," writes Baer.

Baer's previous book, See No Evil, was the basis for the George Clooney film Syriana.

The Bin Laden Remarks is at 34:00

The Bin Laden Remarks is at 34:00 and continues to the end.

Terry Gross acts incredulous at his statement, but Baer goes on to elaborate.

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I found this at Wikipedia:

In an interview with Thom Hartmann on June 9, 2006, Baer was asked if he believed "that there was an aspect of 'inside job' to 9/11 within the U.S. government". He replied, "There is that possibility, the evidence points at it." [3] However, he later stated, "For the record, I don't believe that the World Trade Center was brought down by our own explosives, or that a rocket, rather than an airliner, hit the Pentagon. I spent a career in the CIA trying to orchestrate plots, wasn't all that good at it, and certainly couldn't carry off 9/11. Nor could the real pros I had the pleasure to work with."[4]

Found this at History Commons:

Robert Baer was a participant or observer in the following events:
(1985): CIA Agent Proposes False Flag Attacks in Europe in Name of Hezbollah; Modified Proposal Is Implemented
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CIA agent Robert Baer proposes a series of false flag attacks in Europe to drive a wedge between Syria and Iran, which he hopes will lead to the freeing of Western hostages held in Lebanon. Although his superiors ban the use of real explosives, the proposal is implemented in altered form. Baer is aware that the current secular Syrian government is nervous about the tendency of Iran, one of its allies, to support numerous Islamic movements, including ones generally opposed to Syria. He plans to make the Syrians think that Iran has turned against it by carrying out a series of car bombings against Syrian diplomats in Europe and then claiming them in a statement issued by the CIA pretending to be the Lebanon-based and Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah. Baer thinks that Syria would then break with Hezbollah and the hostages would be freed. Although the plan is for the bombs to misfire and the diplomats not to be killed, his superior says that the use of any bombs in Europe is beyond the pale for the CIA. Baer will later comment: “Eventually we did get an operation through the bureaucracy. The CIA has asked me not to describe it. I can say, though, that while it managed to irritate [Syrian president] Hafiz al-Asad—sort of like a twenty-four hour diaper rash—it wasn’t enough for him to shut down Hezbollah.” [Baer, 2002, pp. 140-2]

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That was a masterful answer

That was a masterful answer he gave Thom Hartmann. He's both telling the truth ("the evidence points at it") and bullshitting (by setting up strawmen):

1. It didn't have to be "our own" explosives used in the demolition.
2. He gives a false choice between "rocket" and "airliner" at the Pentagon.

3. He suggests HE couldn't have pulled off something like this together with his "real pro" CIA cronies, who come off like Keystone Cops who couldn't plan a trip to the men's room. Has anyone suggested he did? And give me a break -- even declassified information reveals the historical reality of what they've been capable. Furthermore, it is naive to think that the op would have been orchestrated through the CIA, which is nothing more than a think-tank today compared to other, less obvious intelligence agencies and private black ops contractors.

He acts like an agent who throws interesting chum in the water from time to time, only to reel people back into a version of the official theory, .And bombs in Europe beyond the pale for the CIA? That's a good one...

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Email I just blasted out

Syrianna's Robert Baer tells stunned Terry Gross that "of course Bin Laden is dead" on NPR's Fresh Air

Bob Baer (The Movie Syrianna is based on his book) who according to Seymour Hersh is "perhaps the best on-the-ground field officer in the Middle East" tells (stunned) Terry Gross on NPR that "of course Bin Laden is dead".

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