Financial Crisis solution policy - Open letter to Obama

To: Senator Barack Obama
October 8, 2008

Re: Financial Crisis solution policy

Dear Barack Obama, and advisors,

I am inspired to write to you this morning after the second presidential debate. Congratulations on a job well done. Except - the big gaping 800+ billion $ hole keeps getting deeper. However, (even with that gorilla supposedly calming down in the closet), I want to propose a policy idea that could lead to a transformation for our economy and self-reliant clean energy technologies.

I want to make clear my observation that nuclear is not a clean, reliable, or safe energy source; nor is it capable of reducing carbon emissions from its mining, processing, and storing wastes.. and will remain a dirty target for many years to come.

But, back to my idea, we need a base for the bottom price for oil and other fossil fuels for consumers. I suggest setting that bottom-line mark near the recent high-end for the cost of oil. This will encourage alternative energy development, and when the cost of oil goes down, the government could receive funds to invest in beneficial energy technologies. Cheap dirty energy got us into this mess, and can help finance the green energy transformation for our economy and environment. At first due to the price, people will use energy less, and that is good, like we have been doing for the last year; but with this plan, when we use it, we will also be investing in green energy to lower our carbon footprint and energy independence, especially if the price for wholesale oil goes down. Meanwhile alternative energies won't get fried by the lowering of oil prices.. everyone will know the base, and can plan to invest in renewable energy technologies.

I am founder of a company ( that received a $500,000 guarantee-loan from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and with additional private funding are developing an engine to convert processed heat from a glass manufacturer in Worster, MA to clean onsite electrical power generation.

I also publish an online news ezine, Flyby News ( I hope you will subscribe. It's free and independent, and we have endorsed your campaign to follow GW Bush as the next US President. Not an easy act to follow, which is why I am writing to offer my support, and hopefully, January 21, will enable a new direction for our country, especially since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Thank you for efforts in serving the US Constitution, which, to me, is barely recognizable in the actions (and inaction) of Congress and US President these last eight years. You will note from my web site, extensive coverage in exposing a misleading war on terror My hope is that you represent change, and that my ideas will be helpful.

With best regards,

Jonathan Mark

P. O. Box 1999
Wendell Depot, MA 01380

Barack is Wallstreet's candidate

June 20, 2008

Dennis Bernstein talks with Catherine Austin Fitts: The first corporate sub-prime con men arrested today; will Obama's National Finance Chair be next?

If you want change, vote for one of the independents!

about change

thanks for reply.. though i question the generality of how the word "change" is used so often these days..

change is based on making something different from current status..
i am not saying that voting for an independent party member is not the right thing for some to do.. it is better than not voting.. but the change from such a vote, unless we have a majority, is very subtle.

a change from a corrupt republican administration to a democratic party leadership, even if questionable in following the dirty money path, can represent significant change.

hopefully as a stepping stone to achieving instant run-off voting, and other pro-democracy evolving systems to be put into place..

but the change between an obama and mccain administration would be significant.. and perhaps, if independents have their act together.. maybe by 2012 we can unite for the best possible candidate to represent we, the people..

for 2008.. i am confident that greater change would happen by a compromising vote for obama than an idealist vote for someone who cannot win in this election that could help lead to another stolen election.

ideals can be used by the new world order in a corrupt way.. so what is a true independent? someone appearing politically correct, or one that makes more of a significant change by the action of voting to sway the mainstream public closer to a time when we can reclaim our Republic, which is under attack from within..

but i respect your view.. and appreciate our differences.. and what really unites US!



Also, as an addendum to letter, note the accuracy and details pointing to the real culprits in the financial crisis in Christopher Story and World Reports' Global Financial Intelligence report:
Latest False Prospectus from 'PAULSON'S' TREASURY.


My apologies for misspelling the name of the city, pioneering work with us in converting processed heat for power generation.
jonathan mark

border-drug-war Decriminalization Solution

Updated at World Reports is an article entitled:


Since day one, either by compromises or worse, President Barack Obama has been inside someone's pocket.. regarding policies to maintain the continuation of the new world disorder, either in its economy, or false war on terror and dishonest justice-intelligence-media-government system.

Should change be his ultimate ally, then he would support the decriminalization of all drugs; tax to make revenue on all sales, and to finance an employment system and health care for all. This would end the criminal wars now happening in Mexico, and would replace a racist disproportion criminal population while benefiting society as a whole.

Of course, until basic truth is recognized regarding September 11, 2001, the crazy cover-up and non solutions will spin us down into a dark dismal grave.

I hope everyone reading this supports the best chance for truth to be revealed -

NYC Coalition for Accountability Now

then.. ideas for sustaining our world would have a chance.. and people like Leonard Peltier would not be forced to stay in a prison for over 33 years!

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