Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is President Obama

I didn't post this before because I saw it as an opportunistic policy decision for the election. Of course, now that he's presumably won, well... - Jon

Obama backs 9/11 health bill

Source: downtownexpress.com

By Josh Rogers

Barack Obama’s campaign said last week that he supports an $11 billion bill to provide care and monitoring to anyone who is having health problems because of 9/11.

“Yes, Obama does support the bill,” Blake Zeff, New York communications director for the presidential campaign, wrote in an email to Downtown Express last Thursday. Obama’s support for the bill was first reported at downtownexpress.com later that day, Oct. 2.

The bill would reopen the 9/11 victims compensation fund to provide health money for people who can demonstrate health problems from the toxic chemicals and dust that covered Lower Manhattan after 9/11.

There have been several deaths attributed to 9/11, and doctors from Mount Sinai, St. Vincent’s and other medical centers say they have treated many people who worked at ground zero or lived or worked in the area who are suffering from respiratory and other ailments they believe were caused by the attack.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, Obama’s primary opponent, has led the fight in the Senate to get a measure passed, although she has not introduced a new bill. She is working on a bill that can pass the Senate, but advocates don’t expect it to be introduced until next year.

A House version of the bill failed to pass two weeks ago when Mayor Mike Bloomberg withdrew his support after raising objections to the city’s financial obligations.

The New York Times reported that Obama and Clinton spoke at length on the Senate floor last Wednesday during the debate on the Wall St. bailout package, but it’s unclear if the 9/11 health bill was discussed.

Eric Bederman, a Clinton spokesperson, released this statement: “Senator Clinton continues to work with her colleagues on the HELP Committee to develop a bipartisan long-term solution for the health needs faced by responders, workers, volunteers, residents, students and others who were affected by the World Trade Center attacks.”

The Democratic presidential nominee’s decision to support the bill, coincidental or not, does appear to have been made around the time he spoke with Clinton. Zeff declined to comment on Obama’s position until the day after the two Senators spoke.

The Express contacted the campaign after learning that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, expressed support for workers, volunteers and residents suffering from 9/11 when she visited the Tribute WTC Visitor Center two weeks ago.

She did not say she was supporting the House bill, and a McCain-Palin spokesperson said last month that Sen. John McCain would wait until a Senate bill is introduced before he considered whether or not to support it.

Two advocates of the House bill, both strong supporters of Clinton’s presidential campaign, said they were glad to get Obama’s support.

Catherine McVay Hughes, a Lower Manhattan resident who has worked with Clinton’s office on 9/11 health concerns, said: “I would have been surprised if Sen. Obama did not support the bill but it’s terrific that he’s formally committed to supporting it at this particular time.”

“The news that Senator Obama supports our 9/11 health bill is very welcome,” U.S Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a bill sponsor, said in a statement. “This isn’t a partisan issue, but a matter of providing much-needed health care and compensation for our first responders and community members who have suffered because of 9/11. I hope Senator McCain will announce his support for the bill as well.”

This will be a good test to

This will be a good test to see if he does what he says he's going to do.


Print the article and mail to Obama and ask when can the First Responders expect that 11 Billion?

Time is not a luxury here.

Can The Beloved Messiah Extinguish The Fires Of Discontent?

Because public opinion of public officials has been at an all time low, I suspect the CFR-Corporatocracy manufactured the Obama cult of personality to extinguish the flames of revolution and make the sheeple love their leaders once again.

I can't believe anyone would still trust the word of a major Democrat or Republican after the last 8 years.

Bush promised he'd operate a humble foreign policy and the Democrats promised they'd undo the Bush mess.

0 for 2.

Never underestimate the power of television and the human minds ability to rationalize.

Does the bill have a name and number yet?

We should begin raining cards, letters, faxes,calls and emails in support of this bill down on Sen. Obama's offices tomorrow until they make this program a reality.

This should be the first of many campaigns we wage on Sen. Obama's offices, and we should focus on this until we secure these benefits for all those suffering, now and in the future. This issue gives us a moral, ethical and public perception high ground that cannot be challenged, except by the most despicable elements within our society (and they will quickly out themselves to the vast majority of Americans).

From http://obama.senate.gov/contact/ :

Washington D.C. Office
713 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-2854
(202) 228-4260 fax
(202 228-1404 TDD

Chicago Office
John C. Kluczynski Federal Office Building
230 South Dearborn St.
Suite 3900 (39th floor)
Chicago, Illinois 60604
(312) 886-3506
(312) 886-3514 fax
Toll free: (866) 445-2520
(for IL residents only)

Springfield Office
607 East Adams Street
Springfield, Illinois 62701
(217) 492-5089
(217) 492-5099 fax

Marion Office
701 North Court Street
Marion, Illinois 62959
(618) 997-2402
(618) 997-2850 fax

Moline Office
1911 52nd Avenue
Moline, Illinois 61265
(309)736-1233 fax

The time is now, brothers and sisters, we can lead with this issue and open the door for many others critical to 9/11 truth and a great awakening of the American people and the reinvention of our country and the planet.

This is how we begin to redefine the "post 9/11 world" in a way that makes sense for all humanity.

Strength through reconciliation where possible, justice where necessary and always with the courage, dedication to truth and determination that has brought us to this point.

Love is a verb, brothers and sisters, let's get even busier!

Thanks for posting this, Jon.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Obama's Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel


Too bad, Iran. Looks like you're getting bombed, after all.

"Emanuel was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1959. His father, the Jerusalem-born Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a pediatrician and was a member of the Irgun, a Zionist Militant organization in the 1940s."

"Emanuel supported the October 2002 joint Congressional resolution authorizing the Iraq War, differentiating himself from all nine other Democratic members of the Illinois Congressional delegation (Sen. Richard Durbin, Reps. Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Bill Lipinski, Luis Gutiérrez, Danny K. Davis, Jan Schakowsky, Jerry Costello and Evans) elected in 2002."

"Emanuel's wife Amy Rule, a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, was non-practicing before converting to Orthodox Judaism around the same time as her wedding.[22] They are "active members of a modern Orthodox congregation, Anshe Shalom, in Chicago".[8] Amy is “heavily involved with the Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.”[8] They have three children, son Zacharias and daughters Ilana and Leah. The children attend "the Conservative Jewish day school, which Emanuel himself attended as a child". Rabbi Asher Lopatin of Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel Congregation, is quoted as saying: "It's a very involved Jewish family"; "Amy was one of the teachers for a class for children during the High Holidays two years ago."[8] Emanuel has said of his Judaism: "I am proud of my heritage and treasure the values it has taught me."

Lawrence Summers rumored to be Obama's Treasury Sec

NYC & the mayor's office

killed the 9.11 bill, not congress.

All efforts should be to hold them accountable.


On the bailout of Wall Street "fat cats," as opposed to focus on a bill to help responders can be blamed on Congress.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

It's true that the bail-out

bill took over everybody's attention in Congress. But the bill was going to be put out there for a vote, but NYC killed it by going against their previous word & saying they would not chip in 10%.

NYC did this at the last second & suprised everybody.

I know...

That Bloomberg didn't want the city to pay 10% of the bill because it was an "undue burden," and that's the main reason it wasn't voted on, but because everyone in Congress was focused on the bailout, putting all of their attention into that, working out deals with that (that they could have been working on for the responders), I blame them as well.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

the house would have passed it,

trust me i was working them like a dog.

bloomberg had promised the 10% & pulled out @ the last second. he even testified to congress that he would pay.
honestly it would not have mattered anyway, cause the senate was not prepared to pass it. but a small victory would have been beneficial & a step in the right direction.

you are right that the bail-out bill took everyone's attention & that was on purpose as some of the same financial people involved in 9.11, essentially stole $750 Billion. They put the heat on & got what they wanted.

Remember that the entire NYC SEC dept was demolished when WTC7 was brought down & Christopher Cox who is the current SEC head, was w/ Rumsfield during the attacks.

It's been...

Seven years.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

"anyone who is having health problems because of 9/11"

Does this include the millions of Iraqis and Afghanis having health problems since their countries were invaded in retaliation for 9/11?

They better up the budget.