Hemant Karkare - False Flag Investigator Killed in Mumbai Attack

Among the many people killed in Mumbai last week were some of the City's top anti-terror peace officers. Hemant Karkare, head of India's Anti-Terrorism Squad, was the most notable figure to be killed in action, and his story is doubly significant for visitors to this site, because he was in the middle of unraveling a False Flag terror attack, (which occurred on September 29, 2008), and was initially blamed on Muslims, such as the "Students Islamic Movement of India" (SIMI) or the "Indian Mujahideen".

However, in the course of his investigation of the 9/29 Malegaon bombing Karkare uncovered a surprising connection: an Indian Army officer, Lt-Col Shrikant Purohit was linked to the blasts, and was caught red-handed trying to cover his tracks;

MUMBAI\NASHIK: Cat is out of the basket. Singh has sung. We are on the radar of ATS. Change the SIM card.

These SMS messages sent from Lt-Col Shrikant Purohit to retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay helped nail Purohit and led to his arrest for the September 29 Malegaon bomb blast on Tuesday midnight. He has been booked for murder and conspiracy for a terror act and was remanded to police custody till November 15 by a Nashik court... Source.

Two days before the Mumbai attacks, Karkare received death threats, from unidentified sources.

Apparently, the identity of the lone Mumbai gunman who was captured alive is in question;

Search for Mumbai gunman's roots only deepens mystery

Still many questions to be asked about Mumbai. It may really be "India's 9/11"... but not in the way the establishment press means it.


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I think that Fintan is wrong about many of the "CIA Fakes" listed on his site, but every once in a while, he really nails a story, like this one.


Pakistani Security Consultant Calls Mumbai Attacks A “Botched” False Flag

Says Hindu zionists and Mossad behind attacks meant to imitate 9/11

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Dec 3, 2008

A renowned Pakistani strategic defence analyst has described last week’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai as a “botched” false flag operation designed to imitate the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

Zaid Hamid, a security consultant who routinely appears on Pakistani television, told reporters of the News One channel that the attacks were state sponsored by Indian military intelligence and carried out by Hindu zionists aided by Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

Hamid contends that the motive is to shift attention away from India’s domestic terrorists, and to justify Western intervention in Pakistan.

“They look like Hindus. No Pakistani speaks the language they chatted in,” said Hamid , claiming that the attackers wore saffron Hindu Zionist wrist bands.

“The Americans executed the 9/11 attack perfectly.” Hamid continued. “They managed the media very well. The Indians tried to repeat the formula but goofed up. The idiots made a complete mess of it,” he argued.

Video of Hamid’s comments have been uploaded to youtube.

Hamid, who also hosts his own “Brasstacks” show on the News One channel, has long asserted that the U.S. wishes to eliminate Pakistan’s nuclear facilities which are seen as a direct threat to Israel’s sovereignty.

Hamid also told viewers that during the first five minutes of the attack, three Indian counterterrorist officers were killed by authorities in order to halt their investigations of a terror network within India’s security agencies.

One of those men was India’s top antiterrorist officer Hemant Karkare, who was shot three times in the chest as he led his men at the Taj Mahal Palace.

Karkare was on the verge of uncovering the home-grown terror franchise of the Hindu extremists. He had also received death threats just hours before the attacks.

Karkare was investigating a bomb attack that killed at least six people near a mosque in the western city of Malegaon on September 29. In early November his Anti-Terror Squad arrested senior Military Intelligence officer Colonel Srikant Prasad Purohit on suspicion of involvement in the attack which was carried out by Hindu extremists.

Colonel Purohit was also under investigation for the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings, which killed 68 people, mostly Pakistanis. Investigations into this will now likely be halted.

Analysts claim that the Mumbai bombings represent a desperate move on behalf of separatists within the Indian establishment who want to shift the country away from independence and into the new world order model.


From a comment I found on Alternet

(which sometimes is worth reading just for bits like this)

JSri Raman writes:

"Several questions, of course, have remained unasked and unanswered. Even the number of the militants is nowhere near ascertained. We still do not know whether the terrorists included some British nationals. And no one has disputed reports that some of the miscreants spoke “fluent Marathi”. All this has not prevented some eminent experts and non-experts from rushing to draw conclusions designed to disappoint and depress those trying hard to preserve faith in the India- Pakistan peace process.

Few pundits, even outside the Parivar[Hindu Right wing], have dwelt too long on the possible political significance of the elimination of Hemant Karkare, chief of Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad, and his entire team during the shootout. Karkare was leading the investigations into the case of the Malegaon blasts. The explosions of September 2006, which took a toll of 37 lives, had become an acute embarrassment to the Parivar, especially the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The ATS investigations had threatened to expose what came to be known as “Hindutva terror”. As I have pointed out before (“BJP’s true face”, Daily Times , November 21), the ATS findings had come at an inopportune time for the BJP, engaged as it was in election campaign with terrorism as the priority issue on its platform.

Many, especially in the minority communities, fear that the end of Karkare (shot thrice and in the chest, thus a specific target of the terrorists, the ones reportedly fluent in Marathi) may be the end of the investigations too. Lal Krishna Advani and other BJP leaders, meanwhile, are proceeding as though even the earlier ATS findings had become irrelevant with the hypocritical tributes to Karkare whom they have reviled in the harshest terms recently.

The Malegaon affair had led briefly to a makeover of Advani and his party as defenders of human rights. They had waxed righteously indignant at alleged violations of the rights of the accused in the case. Mumbai has helped them make a quick U-turn and to re-appear in their more familiar role as loud campaigners for a more draconian law against terrorism.

A particularly disturbing reaction is one that sounds deceptively non-political but can only strengthen the Far Right in the end. Politician-bashing, ever a favourite pastime of the middle class, is now being equated with passionate patriotism in its own media. Mumbai has given the politician-baiters yet another opportunity to broadcast the dream of a democracy without the participation of plebeians.

What makes the reaction all the more disturbing is the accompanying call for the cult of the uniform. “Salute the men in uniform who have risked their lives for us” – that is the recurring refrain assailing our ears ever since that fateful November night. Those who issue the clarion call have never asked Indians to salute the drainage worker without the minimal protective gear or the “untouchables” carrying night soil on their heads still – and keep exposing themselves to deadly diseases and dying slow deaths for us all."

The writer is a journalist based in Chennai, India. A peace activist, he is also the author of a sheaf of poems titled At Gunpoint

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Clearly more deep politics at work.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.