Day of 9/11, Londonistan - Additions to the 9/11 Timeline as of December 8, 2008

The main area for new entries in the 9/11 Timeline this week is the day of 9/11. A sergeant at NEADS passed on news of Flight 11's hijacking to colleagues at 8:38 a.m., after which NEADS technicians attempted to locate the flight. Flight 175 entered New York Center's airspace, making radio contact, at 8:40 a.m., shortly after which the military liaison at Boston Center called New York Center about Flight 11's hijacking. The order to launch fighters from Otis air force base was given at 8:45 a.m., although New Jersey Air National Guard fighters on a training mission at the same time were unaware of the attacks. Lastly, Boston Center registered Flight 11's disappearance from its radar screens at 8:46 a.m., but did not realize it had crashed.

In Londonistan, the Finsbury Park mosque run by British intelligence informer Abu Hamza became "al-Qaeda's guest house in London". A Kashmiri fighter lectured worshippers there and one of the young men who attended the lecture later went to Kashmir to fight. When one of Abu Hamza's top associates, al-Qaeda recruiter Djamel Beghal was arrested in the summer of 2001, British authorities failed to take any action against Abu Hamza.

There are again several miscellaneous entries, pointing out that FEMA considered using an airborne operations center at the Atlanta Olympics, that FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley said there were "roadblocks" to investigations at the FBI, and that a 1999 air force study warned of the dangers of neglecting air sovereignty, partly due to the threat of terrorism. There are two new entries about pre-9/11 legislation; a 1985 presidential directive about responding to national emergencies and a 1988 presidential order detailing government agencies' responsibilities in such emergencies. In addition, President Bush praised former counterterrorism "tsar" Richard Clarke in a letter to him on his retirement, and Clarke later used the letter to counter criticism of him. Finally, mandatory terrorist preparation plans for US chemical plans were blocked by Congressional Republicans in 2002.

NORAD Looking For Aircraft Within America on 9/11?

The article says, "The main area for new entries in the 9/11 Timeline this week is the day of 9/11. A sergeant at NEADS passed on news of Flight 11's hijacking to colleagues at 8:38 a.m., after which NEADS technicians attempted to locate the flight."

Hey wait a minute, we were told that NORD couldn't monitor aircraft over American skies on 9/11; that NORAD was "looking outward". So why would a NORAD radar operator be checking his/her radar monitor in order to locate Flight 175?

Of course, as the five articles on NORAD prove (, NORAD did monitor American airspace on 9/11.

As The NORAD Papers IV explain, NORAD radar operators on 9/11 were tasked with IDENTIFYING all aircraft flying through American air space that filed flight plans with the FAA. Consequently, NORAD had already identified Flight 175 and knew where it was once it climbed to 18,000 feet altitude. The same applies to the other three 'hijacked' aircraft on 9/11.

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The Name Is The Key

Of course NORAD monitors the airspace over North America.

NORAD is NOT called North ATLANTIC or North PACIFIC Aerospace Defense Command, (although it does surveil and protect those areas as well).

It called North AMERICAN Aerospace Defense Command.

In other words it's supposed to protect the air over North America.

It's own mission statement affirms exactly what its name implies - responsibility for protecting North American airspace, "ensuring air sovereignty" over Canada and the U.S.

It's always been about protecting the skies over North America

Meyers explanation for NORAD's absence on 911 is shameful. It's an insult to the intelligence.

He would have you believe in an enormous coincidence - that on the one day North American airspace, air sovereignty was attacked, the one day the people actually needed them, NORAD strayed violently from its mission, and, for some undisclosed reason, gave the attackers precisely the break they needed to carry out their crimes and left North American airspace utterly undefended.


What do you suppose the actuarial odds are of that happening?

Meyers said something interesting before the Commission. I wish the Commission had followed up on it properly. He said NORAD was looking outward because someone had directed them to look outward.

Who directed NORAD to look outward?

Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuc....

The 9/11 Commission Report said NORAD only looked outwards for threats. Because of the Soviet threat, NORAD 'defined' itself as looking outwards only says the report. The articles on NORAD at proves this statement to be an outrageous lie.

The question is, why does the 9/11 Truth Movement simply assume everyone knows that NORAD monitored American airspace on 9/11, when most people you ask on the street will mimic The 9/11 Commission Report on this subject.

The 9/11 Truth Movement needs to stop assuming everyone not associated with the 9/11 Truth Movement knows what we know and start documenting what we know as The NORAD Papers articles have done.

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Actually most people refer to Vanity Fair as the authority on this. They call it the "Norad Tapes," but they're really just the NEADS tapes.

What was going on in NORAD's central hub? Why was no response ordered from there?

The Boston center -- if I am remmbering correctly -- couldn't get anything happening by calling Norad, and so they went around the chain of command and contacted NEADS (New York State base) on their own. Otherwise, NEADS seems to have been out of the loop.

Let me say it again: The FAA and air traffic controllers got nowhere calling NORAD. Norad has no record of alerting NEADS to respond to hijackings.

NEADS was informed because Boston Center reached out to them directly, circumventing the chain of command.

If I'm wrong on this, please point it out.

Norad was bogged down by "the orders" which "still stand," those being the June 1st "Air Piracy (Hijacking) Instructions" issued by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. At the top of the command chain, Donald Rumsfeld was needing to give "approval" to respond with figthter interceptors. This "approval" never came. Ever.

While Norman Mineta thought that maybe "the orders" could refer to a shoot down order, this is not the case. There was no shoot down order issued before the Pentagon was struck, and so "the orders" were something else. As they are described as still "stand" -ing, the standing orders of June 1st, 2001 are the most plausible scenario.

Rumsfeld/Cheney were attempting to stop fighter response at the headquarters level.

Boston Center went around them and contacted NEADS (after a delay due to waiting for a response from NORAD headquarters).

This time delay was definitely a factor.

This also relates to Bush sitting there while "America is under attack" at 9:05am.

Bush's ONLY function that day was to give the shoot down order. He refused to do so. He refused to act in any way. He was derelict in his duty, and his actions are arguably treason, in that they gave "aid" to the "enemy" whomever it was attacking the nation, at the time.

The facts look very damning, if one can get past the propaganda and flag waving, or irrational theories from thin air. Bush sat there. America was under attack. He was "Commander in Chief" of the armed forces. He sat there. He issued no orders. He analyzed no data.

Bush gave aid to hijackers by being grossly derelict in his duty to protect the nation at 9:05am on 9/11. For that he should face a trial.

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