Dennis Kucinich Explains His 'NO' vote against endorsing Israel's violent campaign in Gaza -- (and a petition to sign)

Yesterday, (1.12.2008), Rep. Kucinich explained why he voted against a resolution endorsing Israel's over-the-top aggression in Gaza. Also, please take a moment to sign this petition at;


Kucinich Part 1 of 2

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Kucinich Part 2 of 2

No Vote

Does this mean Dennis is anti-Semetic?

It means

he is anti-Zionist.

And Pro-Common Sense.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Dennis has backed himself into a corner because he refuses to say point blank - Hamas stop sending up rockets and endangering your own civilian population. Until Dennis and the others voting no say that, they are still endorsing a failed policy all around. We all know Israel is up to no good, but so is Hamas. Israel can never win against an asymmetrical military action, and they are just creating more young people who will come back later to attack them in other ways, perhaps internally.

Whats wrong with Hamas?

"We all know Israel is up to no good, but so is Hamas."

Hamas represents the people of Palestine.

Hamas says it does not recognise Israel because the Apartheid Jew-Only State of Israel does not recognise the rights of the natives of Palestine. For years Israel has disregarded UN resolutions under the protection of pro-Zionist USA, and Israel has refused the Land for Peace proposals based on 1967 borders that ALL Arab states and Palestinians together have agreed to, including Hamas.

More action...

Take Action: Support Congressional Resolution for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza
January 12th, 2009

Last Friday, the House of Representatives voted 390 yes, 5 no, and 22 present to pass H.Res.34, “recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself” and “reaffirming the United States strong support for Israel.” To see if your Representative cosponsored this resolution, click here. To see how your Representative voted, click here.

Last Thursday, the Senate voted on a similarly worded resolution, S.Res.10, which passed by unanimous consent. To see if your Senator cosponsored the resolution, click here.

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation opposed these resolutions because they failed to call for an immediate ceasefire and unimpeded humanitarian access to the occupied Gaza Strip as required under the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1860. The resolutions also blamed the victims—the Palestinians—for the civilian casualties and humanitarian catastrophe Israel is inflicting upon them and absolved Israel of any responsibility for its actions.

Thankfully these resolutions will not be the final words of Congress on the issue. This week, Rep. Dennis Kucinich plans to introduce a resolution calling for “an immediate and unconditional ceasefire” and “unrestricted humanitarian access” to the occupied Gaza Strip. The US Campaign is supporting this resolution, which can be downloaded by clicking here.


1. Call your Representative NOW at 202-224-3121. Thank your Representative if he/she voted “no” or “present” on H.Res.43. and ask her/him to cosponsor Rep. Kucinich’s resolution. If your representative voted “yes” on H.Res.43., then express your disagreement with the vote and ask them to cosponsor the Kucinich resolution.

2. Call your Senators NOW at 202-224-3121. Express your disagreement with your Senators’ vote on S.Res.10 and ask them to introduce a resolution in the Senate similar to Rep. Kucinich’s resolution in the House.

3. Get your organization to endorse Rep. Kucinich’s resolution. Organizations wishing to endorse Rep. Kucinich’s resolution should send their endorsement directly to his Congressional office by clicking here. Let’s make sure that Rep. Kucinich knows that hundreds of organizations support his legislative effort.

4. Join us for a conference briefing call on Thursday, January 15, 9PM Eastern to discuss our next legislative steps. To RSVP for the call and to get call-in info and an agenda, send your name, city, and organizational affiliation (if any), to us by clicking here.

5. Let us know what the offices of your Members of Congress are saying. Let us know how your call went and how the offices of Members of Congress are responding to your concerns. Send us your name, the Congressional offices you contacted, and their feedback to us by clicking here.

In addition to contacting Congress, we have many ideas for action that you can take to demand an immediate ceasefire and unimpeded humanitarian access to the occupied Gaza Strip. For more information, click here.

H.Res. 34

Somehow the numbers got switched in the middle from 34 to 43, which initially confused me as I kept getting directed to a resolution on Martin Luther King Day.

My Rep. voted "present", typical of her to dodge a controversial issue.

It takes a brave man to talk like this!

Let's get real here Israel has made trouble for a long time. The Lavon affair, the USS liberty, what about the dancing Israelis, Amdocs, the fact that people in our state department, and homeland security can be dual citizens of Israel, not allowed with any other nationality. What about the ex mosad agents in the Mexican Congress with explosives, the lack of oversight with respect to Israel's nuclear weapons, the list goes on and on. How would we respond to occupation of our lands, a blockade of needed supplies, check points, round up of our citizens for questioning year after year with no end or peace in site. And we claim to support democratic elections but only the people we want elected not Hamas. With the influence of AIPAC you have to start to wonder can the tail wag the dog?

Compare Kucinich to these two guys

'Tony's the kind of guy who looks you straight in the eye and tells the truth'

George Bush says Tony Blair will 'stand tall in history', awarding him the presidential medal of freedom

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Brilliant, Kucinich!

The 1.5 million Gazans, living in a space of only 40 sq kilometres, have been under a land, air, sea, blockade for over eighteen months with the complicity of the "international community". No food, no fuel, no medicine. Total embargo, collective punishment, on the people of Gaza because Hamas was elected to the Palestinian government. No wonder the people of Gaza needed tunnels.Remember Sarajavo!

The world knows what crimes Israel is committing.

And remember, 80% of the people of Gaza are refugees crammed into a small strip of land from their homes after a succession of previous wars: Their homes are in lands they are forbidden to see. The homes of the people of Gaza are in the very lands into which they now fire their home-made rockets.

But what does the US Main Stream Media have to say about this carnage? Nothing.
And what do New York City Israel supporters have to say about all this (see video)?

Excellent Video!!!

Contemptable Ignorance!

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

I guess the Main Stream Media has not been doing its job!

Everybody in the MSM is frightened to talk!
And that is what you get: Contemptable Ignorance!

PressTV live stream covering Gaza 24/7


What about the Israelis dancing on 911?

How do they feel about those guys? It's amazing to see how well propaganda, mind control and religious manipulation can work on people. But with respect to our political leaders there is no excuse for ignorant and untruthful behavior. They know better or they should! Nice work anyway.