Debate: Jason Bermas vs. anti-truther

163 minutes in duration. (Yup, it's long!) I'm about half way through right now. Jason is kicking ass. The host doesn't seem to be too impressed with Bennett's counter-arguments to Bermas. Bennett and his kind are not debunkers. They're anti-truthers. WE are the real debunkers, as we debunked the official story and proved it to be a lie. I refuse to any longer dignify them by using the word "debunker," even in scare quotes.


I listened to part of this...

Bennett is not very intelligent it seems. He's not as "slick" with his spin as Pat is.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Good use of language and framing.

You are right they aren't debunkers. That's giving them too much credit. I've heard them referred to as Falsers. But we need something more catchy that will stick. Anyway. Thanks for posting the interview.

Giant skyscraper fire in Beijing

OT, but I think this requires our attention:

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Thanks. I just posted a

Thanks. I just posted a comment there.

It's amazing, the lack of intellect of some people. In the comments section on that link you posted, Vesa, people are saying that the Beijing skyscraper isn't collapsing "because a huge plane didn't hit it." I blitzed them with some Frank deMartini.

Your posts there are excellent

As regards myself, I gotto go to bed now, so I hope others will join the effort.

How many hours was the 44-storey skyscraper in flames?

Just listened to the debate.

I appreciated the conciliatory tone of the moderator who I think was fair to both sides. Jason's debating skills are well honed and I think he must have woken up a few listeners.

Bermas did a great job, but

Bermas did a great job, but what the hell was the rest of that show? All the callers were either "screw loose change" loosers or “no planers”! The host himself, who seemed reasonable for most of it, stated after Bermas had hung up that "Killtown had made him finally consider no planes hit the Towers"! WTF is that?!

Jason Bermas is well thought out.

This bro can talk and hold his own. That's what we need as a representative in debates. He recalls facts remarkably well. He forcefully makes his points and effectively refutes the points made by the other side. I hope we utilize his skills more if debate guest spots ever come up again in the future.

Jason. Great Job. Good luck on your new radio show too, but your debating skills are impressive.