Democracy Now! - 9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert, 1951-2009, Advocate for Peace and 9/11 Victims

Yesterday, (Feb. 17, 2009), Democracy Now covered the life of Beverly Eckert briefly;

The segment did not delve into much of Eckert's 9/11 work, but you can read a summary of what she did in Nick Levis' report here;

Levis' report is linked at my YouTube post, so please vote it up, favorite the video, and post it around:

(Thanks to Guy for the news tip.)


Watched this this morning. It was a nice segment.

Edit: I noticed this comment is getting voted down. I don't quite understand why. Is it because it's Amy Goodman? Is it because the person who was speaking about Beverly wasn't talking about 9/11 Truth? If it's the latter... I don't fault family members that took different paths. Yes, I would like all of them to speak out for the truth, but I don't fault them if they don't. Reason being, I don't get angry at people that were lied to about how their loved ones were murdered. EVEN Debra Burlingame. Yes, I know she's the "go to" family member for the "mainstream media," and has been for years. Yes, I know she makes 9/11 a partisan issue, and it isn't. However, I won't say a bad word about her. That's just me. With regards to Amy Goodman...

The New Pearl Harbor: A Debate On A New Book That Alleges The Bush Administration Was Behind The 9/11 Attacks

EXCLUSIVE…9/11 Debate: Loose Change Filmmakers vs. Popular Mechanics Editors of “Debunking 9/11 Myths”

Former Senator Mike Gravel Calls for Independent 9/11 Investigation and Prosecution of President Bush and Vice President Cheney

New Book Alleges 9/11 Commissioner Philip Zelikow Minimized Scrutiny of Bush Admin Failure to Prevent al-Qaeda Attack

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Sibel Edmonds

Did Speaker Hastert Accept Turkish Bribes to Deny Armenian Genocide and Approve Weapons Sales?

Speaker of House Hastert Allegedly Bribed

Fmr. CIA Analyst and FBI Whistleblower Dissect Final 9/11 Commission Report

There's more. Do I appreciate the fact that Amy Goodman doesn't do more solid reporting on the 9/11 issue? No. However, you have to admit that she has covered some things over the years. Certainly moreso than the "mainstream media."

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I got the feeling Valerie Lucznikowska suspects more

than she chooses to say, and that Beverly Eckert did also.

widening DN coverage

yes.. thanks to guy and rep. too..

for widening coverage to a fuller spectrum.

i got a link to this from Flyby News.


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I'm surprised.

I've never heard of Beverly Eckert before. I'm also not surprised Democracy Now is continuing its policy of being a shill media outlet with no real interest in getting at the truth. So disheartening how much that Amy Goodman and Democracy Now sucks. Find some passion.

That Valerie girl looks like a real piece of work. No surprise she doesn't touch the issue of 9/11 Truth. Her, Gloria Steinem, and Amy Goodman should all get together and leave journalism for good. Maybe there's a nunnery for conflict avoiding women like these.

Rep, do you have "comments" turned off at Youtube?

I have been trying to link a Bob McIlvaine video to this video. Won't work, but great idea.

No, keep trying.

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define exceptional ! ...........You will always be in my prayers.