DALLAS SUNDAY PAPER - The Truth Times with DVD -

DALLAS SUNDAY PAPER - The Truth Times with DVD -
Real News that We Can Use.
100's Delivered on Sundays in March.
(See Broadsheet Flyer 911Blogger Node http://www.911blogger.com/node/18142 )

We take a stand for Truth. To hell with the odds...damn the coyotes of injustice...those thieving liers have met their match. Honor & Truth are on our side. Stand Proud...Stand Tall for 9/11 Truth.
North Texans for 9/11 Truth
(More than 31,000 DVDs distributed in Texas)
Group VIDEOS--> http://tellstruth.webs.com/joinus.htm

Interesting approach...

But I have a question.

If someone receives this flyer, and doesn't want it, how does the recipient ensure that they don't get another one delivered? Is there a contact email on the Times?

This is a "One Print" flyer...not really a newspaper.

This is just a dissemination piece. It is a one-time delivery. What we did is to bag a flyer and DVD, then deliver them early on Sunday mornings near other papers in the yards of Upper Middle Class homes. Here is what the flyer looks like--> http://www.911blogger.com/node/18142

The concept is to position this with the mainstream newspaper deliveries. Often, middle class America has time to kill on Sunday mornings. This gives them a DVD (like Blueprint for Truth) to watch on their Home Entertainment Center. The flyer is an attempt to spark interest and curiosity. I want to pilot trying to get that DVD as close to a person's DVD Player as possible...home delivery seemed pretty close. ;)

By the way, Gabriel Day of 911sharetheTruth is working on a National Version of this flyer. Tom Tvedten threw some help his way. Richard Gage also has on his agenda of projects to have produced an AE911Truth version.
The major benefit is cost!! Under 7 cents total cost. Color. Huge amount of print space.
We have been pushing to get a national and better version done by someone. We gave out 4,000 of these at the Dallas MLK Parades (we ran out).

Tom, You Are a TRUTH DYNAMO!

I appreciate all your effort, expense, and IDEAS.

Thank you !

....You're efforts are very impressive!

Great Job Tom Wow!

Tom the Truthergizer Bunny!

Thanks for doing all you do.