Calgary Protests Bush - March 17, 2009

Well they didn't arrest him, but at least a shoe or two got launched!

War Criminal in Canada

I feel utterly ashamed from my governments lack of response to the highly legitimate petitions and protests given by those of Lawyers Against the War, and the various Canadian 9/11 Truth and We Are Change groups. How dare they allow this man into our country.

Mahatma Gandhi said "None cooperation with evil is a sacred duty." In the case of George Bush, he is definitely right.

Until this government turns itself around and starts listening to the majority as it is put into office to do, I will refuse to pay even one cent in tax. As someone who is living aboard, it is fairly easy to avoid sales tax and not to file a T4 . My MP will be getting a letter from me soon.

As '22 Minutes' pointed out

As '22 Minutes' pointed out tonight - Canadians now live in a country where leaders of both major parties supported the war in Iraq.
A war literally no one in Canada supported then - or now.
The carpetbagger Ignatieff wasn't even elected by his own party. Pathetic.
But it's good to see the right wing oil and cowboy hicks haven't taken over Calgary completely.
It looks like Calgary showed up.

9/11 Speakers Corner, reaction to George W. Bush Calgary Visit

Several Edmontonians were asked March 17th what they thought of Canada's officials allowing war criminal George Bush into the country to speak in Calgary and what they thought about the protests.

Should George W. Bush Be Arrested in Calgary Alberta
To Be Tried For International Crimes?
by Anthony J. Hall
Professor of Globalization Studies University of Lethbridge
March 7, 2009
For presentation as the annual distinguished lecture sponsored by the Sociology Department of the University of Winnipeg, 6 March, 2009
by Anthony J Hall, found at

Complete (Edmonton) 9/11 Speakers Corner

CBC reported several dozen protesters?, Canwest says 400?

Arrests made in raucous anti-Bush protest
Demonstrators hurl shoes and ridicule

By Richard Cuthbertson, with files from Jason van Rassel, Calgary HeraldMarch 18, 2009

For a few moments, it looked like things might get a little hairy during the sometimes raucous demonstration.
Dressed in suits and business casual, many of Calgary's elite were greeted by protesters yelling "shame on you" as they waited in the cold to enter the Telus Convention Centre to hear former U. S. president George W. Bush speak Tuesday afternoon.
At the protest pinnacle (which brought roughly 400 people to Stephen Avenue), four people were arrested.
Tight security, and the subsequent wait, meant a lengthy line developed on Stephen Avenue for those holding the $400 tickets.
A handful of protesters took advantage of the stalled queue to hurl their displeasure with the former president directly at those waiting to hear Bush speak.
"Shame on you," yelled one man. "Give that money to the families of the deceased Iraqis and Afghanis. Shame on you, Canada."
But some of those waiting in line said they weren't necessarily Bush supporters. They were simply curious about what the former president might say after eight years as the most powerful leader in the world.
"I might learn something," Brett Wilson said. "I may not get inspired, but I'll certainly learn something."
In one display of disgust, protesters took turns hurling shoes at a poster of Bush -- an action inspired by an Iraqi journalist who tossed his footwear at the real man in December. In that case, Bush managed to duck away.
Protester Orest Slepokura from Strathmore had a sign comparing Bush to disgraced U. S. financier Bernie Madoff.
"Of the two, I would say that Bernie Madoff comes off almost saintly by comparison," he said.
The president of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, which helped bring Bush to town, stressed her organization is non-partisan.
"When you look at a chamber of commerce bringing in a political figure, it's not because they support or oppose that particular person . . . it's because they want to facilitate good dialogue," said Heather Douglas, noting the chamber also helped bring former vice-president Al Gore to Calgary in 2007.
Calgary police say they didn't push demonstrators away from the convention centre as they worried that would cause more problems.
"It would have caused more chaos if we'd tried to physically move protesters from that site, so we left them where they were," said duty inspector Rob Williams said.
Williams also said police didn't contemplate closing down that part of the Stephen Avenue to only those with tickets to Bush's speech.
Of those arrested, one man was ticketed under the public behaviour bylaw and then released.
Another is accused of breaching the peace. The two others are charged with obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest.
Williams said he expected all the men to be released by Tuesday evening.
Protecting foreign dignitaries visiting Canada falls under the mandate of the RCMP, which provided security for Bush on top of the Calgary Police Service presence on the street.
Bush also travelled with his own detail of U. S. Secret Service agents, which is permitted by RCMP policies governing foreign security officers.

The cost of the security operation during Bush's visit will come out of the RCMP's budget.

Cpl. Patty Neely, an RCMP spokeswoman in Calgary, and officials at headquarters in Ottawa said the costs of Bush's visit won't be known until later.

The cost for current President Barack Obama's official, one-day visit to Ottawa last month -- which was a much larger undertaking -- was an estimated $3 million.
Calgary police, meanwhile, said Bush's visit didn't result in any extra costs. Tactical officers, a mountain bike team and a crowd-control unit used during Bush's stay were on regular duty when they were pressed into service.
Event organizers paid out of their own pocket for uniformed "pay duty" police officers to provide security for the event.



Splitting the Sky Arrested in Calgary

Splitting the Sky was Arrested March 17th 2009 at a protest against George W. Bush
during his visit in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Spitting The Sky John Boncore web-site

Splitting the Sky featured in picture on CBS News
Excerpt from article
Monday night, Mr. Bush had dinner out in Calgary, eating pasta and fruit salad;
according to the Calgary Herald, he was a “jovial and friendly" guest who chatted
and posed for pictures.

Video by Nathan Moulton
More on this protest at Calgary 9/11 Truth

Police Confrontation - Calgary Bush Protest March 17 2009

Video by: WeDemandBetter's

The Dancing Reporter

It was interesting to hear the reporter cowardly tip toe around what the protesters were protesting about. What a pathetic display of so-called journalism.