George Galloway Barred Entry to Canada

The outspoken British MP and famous anti-war activist George Galloway has been barred entry to Canada. The UK's Channel 4 News last night reported that "after an open letter of protest from Canada's Jewish Defense League, he's been declared inadmissable under the country's immigration act";

Galloway was scheduled to speak in Toronto, sponsored by the Coalition to Stop the War on March 30th, 2009, followed by other stops in Canada. The barring of Galloway is unprecedented. Not even Israel has barred Galloway entry into their country. The barring has generated coverage in the mainstream Canadian press, at the Ottawa Citizen, which features an article and original audio interview with Galloway, and coverage by the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz.

Galloway's opinion on 9/11 Truth has not been consistent, however, he did give an excellent interview to William Rodriguez in 2007 on his radio/Cable TV show, The Real Deal;

Galloway is no terrorist. He is a peace activist. This is a political smear-job, designed to curb growing public opposition to Canada's participation with NATO actions in Afghanistan, as well as pandering by the Harper government to the supporters of the JDL in Canada.

Well Said.

Well said George Galloway.
Canada allowed torturer, war criminal Bush to land at Calgary Airport.
Then Bush addressed some distinguished Canadians at a lunch.
Native Indian activist Splitting-the-Sky was arrested trying to do his duty by serving a citizens arrest on the only US President elected (selected) with a prior criminal record, driving under the influence.
The surrounding protesters called for the arrest of G. W. Bush.
Some time ago I watched you on video give Senator Norm Coleman and a US Senate Committee a bloody nose.
I am pulling for you to come to Canada where the British, Scots and Irish and many others helped build a fine country; you can give the parties who remained silent and their leaders more bloody noses.(Conservatives, Liberals and New Democrats) (Bloc?)
I am scunnered by the double standard. (Scunner=Puke)Robert Burns.

The "Jewish Defense League"

is actually considered a terrorist organization by the FBI. Some of their past acts include attempting to assassinate Lebanese-American congressman Daryl Issa. They also openly stated that they would assassinate Canadian Jewish holocaust revisionist scholar David Cole, forcing Cole to go into hiding indefinitely.

and to think that last week George Bush was not arrested !

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

and to think that the candians let in last week the man who invaded a sovereign country, tortured and killed thousands of inocent civilians in Irak and else where.

George Galloway with the help of true Canadians should sue the Candadian gouvernement from privatation of the prensence of a well known man of peace !



I started my letter campaign to the Government of Canada

Here is my letter to my Edmonton Center MP and Secretary to Defence Laurie Hawn

To Edmonton Center MP Laurie Hawn
From Richard D. Brinkman

RE Banning British MP George Galloway
and allowing war criminal George W. Bush into Canada.

Dear Laurie,

I'm sadly losing faith in our laws that does not allow for war criminals like George W. Bush having free access into our country Canada, former president George W. Bush, a man who has admitted to torture and yet the MP of the British Government: George Galloway is barred entrance because of his opinions about our occupation in the in Afghanistan ?

It is not your duty as our elected official in Ottawa to see to it our laws are up-held and followed through upon? What laws has George Galloway broken and how does it compare to the countless laws broken by George W. Bush and his administration.

There were thousands of Canadian signatures from hundreds of organizations asking for our government to follow through and enforce our law, section 34(1) of the Immigration Act to ban Mr. George W. Bush from entering our country.

How many signatures did your government receive to bar Mr. Galloway?

Are they lobbyist in Ottawa who are responsible this time prompting our Prime Minister to bar the honourable MP George Galloway from freely coming into Canada to speak? Not very nice for Canada to turn away from a friend, I would like to know who the lobbyists are?

When are you having your next town hall meeting because its been quite
a while since I gotten any answers back from you.

Respectfully yours,
Richard D. Brinkman

Perhaps you can send an e-mail to one of our members in Parliment and expess your ideas and thoughts too....
Starting with Canada's Prime Minister Stephan Harper:

The Leader ot the NDP Jack Layton:
The Leader of the Liberal: Michael Ignatieff,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, O',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

George Galloway Banned From Canada - A Jewish Opinion

George Galloway, British Member of Parliament, has been banned from entering Canada because of his outspoken support of Palestine, Hamas, and Hezbollah. This is a short video blog from a Jewish Canadian giving her opinion on the situation.

God bless you ma'am.

This woman (and countless others) is ample proof that the "Jewish Defense League" is not representative of mainstream Judaism.

Thanks very much for giving your clear point of view

Herblay FRANCE

Thanks very much for giving your clear point of view which I hope others will join you in.

Long live freedom of speech !




Olivia Chow has condemned the decision. Ignatieff has given a qualified thumbs down while condemning the views of Galloway as "ridiculous" and "absurd".


Minister of Censorship Jason Kenney denies entry to British MP Galloway

OTTAWA – Canadians interested in hearing international experts deliver anti-war messages will now have to leave the country to do so. British MP George Galloway, who was schedule to talk on resisting the war in Afghanistan, was banned by Harper’s government from entering Canada.

“Harper’s Conservatives are wrong to bar MP George Galloway,” said New Democrat Immigration Critic Olivia Chow. “The Minister of Immigration is becoming the ‘Minister of Censorship’. This bunker mentality indicates a government afraid of hearing contradictory points of view.”

Minister Kenny’s reasons for denying George Galloway entry are an affront to freedom of speech and show the Harper government is frightened of an open debate on an unpopular war. A spokesperson for the Minister said Galloway is “inadmissible” to Canada due to his opposition to the deployment of NATO troops in Afghanistan.

“By the Minister’s own twisted logic anyone who opposed the war in Afghanistan should be barred entry to Canada,” continued Chow. “Would the Minister do the same to veteran British Conservative MP Sir Peter Tapsell, who called the war ‘unwinnable’ and once said it was ‘widely understood’ that the Taliban were ‘not international terrorists’?” (London Times, July 2, 2008)

“Canadians are able to make their own judgement on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and freedom of speech is critical in a democratic country,” said Chow.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has a history of banning people from Canada who do not support his views on war. In October 2007 US Peacemakers Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink and retired Colonel Ann Wright were barred from speaking at a Toronto peace conference.


UPDATE: An ever so slightly more cautious, but still critical response to the news from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatief via Canadian Press here - and thanks to Commenter BCinTO for the link:

In Winnipeg, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff suggested that, on the face of it, the decision does not appear justified. But he cautioned that security officials might know something he doesn’t.

“I have never in a long life of listening to George Galloway heard a single sentence out of his mouth that I believed,” said Ignatieff. “But that’s not the issue.

“We let into Canada all kinds of people who say ridiculous and absurd things and Galloway has said his share of ridiculous and absurd things. The issue … is whether the security services know something about George Galloway that I don’t.

“If he’s being barred on free-speech grounds, that’s an outrage. He can come to Canada and talk rubbish all day long, as far as I’m concerned. If there’s a security threat, that’s another matter. I’ve heard no evidence yet that he presents a security threat.”



Political and Religious Prejudice and Manipulation.

That censors people like Galloway.

Canadian government forming pro-Israel lobby

The Canadian government is establishing an "Israel Allies Caucus" this week meant to mobilize support for the State of Israel and promote Judeo-Christian values amid a groundswell of Christian support for Israel around the world.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Photo: AP , AP

The launching of the Canadian parliamentary lobby, which is based on the formation of the Knesset's "Christian Allies Caucus" three years ago, comes less than six months after a similar lobby was established in the US Congress.

The establishment of the new pro-Israel lobby will be officially announced in Ottawa on Tuesday in the presence of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canadian and Israeli parliamentarians, including MK Benny Elon (National Union-National Religious Party) MK Orit Noked (Labor) and MK Ran Cohen (Meretz), as well as members of the Canadian-Israel Friendship League.

The event comes at a time of burgeoning relations between Israel and the largely supportive evangelical Christian community around the world.

"The launching of the Canadian Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus is a sign of things to come," said Josh Reinstein, director of the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus in an interview from Canada on Sunday.

"We hope that one day every parliament and government around the world will form a sister caucus to the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus which will mobilize support for Israel around the world and promote Judeo-Christian values."

Over the next six months, similar parliamentary lobbies are expected to be established in the Philippines, South Korea, Malawi, South Africa and Finland.

The increasingly influential Israeli parliamentary lobby, which is currently made up of 12 MKs from seven parties across the political spectrum, has come to epitomize Israel's newfound interest in garnering the support of the Christian world in the 21st century, especially the largely pro-Israel evangelical Christian community around the world, at a time when radical Islam is on the rise.


(Edit- I am a Christian and I don't support this. Don't see any Judeo-Christian values in this )
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Help the jews and muslims live under a single state.

Herblay FRANCE

During my voluntary work in the kibbutz of Ginosar in 1979, I had the chance to meet many jews and muslims and I could not stop thinking that they both have the same problèmes for jobs, water, food , land ... and peace. Since then I have been saying that in Palestine we must get back to a one state situation like it was before 1948 where Jews and Muslims live in peace under the same roof. These last few days has given us the opportunity to hear two well known leaders saying that such a State is necessary and possible : George Galloway and Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss.

I have lost the exact video where George Galloway says as Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss does. I will look it up and post it here later. Let us help and support these two men and all the others that want a real peace in Palestine.