The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Jon Gold

Have you ever heard of the boy that cried wolf? If not, here is the story.

There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, "Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep!"

The villagers came running up the hill to help the boy drive the wolf away. But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found no wolf. The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces.

"Don't cry 'wolf', shepherd boy," said the villagers, "when there's no wolf!" They went grumbling back down the hill.

Later, the boy sang out again, "Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!" To his naughty delight, he watched the villagers run up the hill to help him drive the wolf away.

When the villagers saw no wolf they sternly said, "Save your frightened song for when there is really something wrong! Don't cry 'wolf' when there is NO wolf!"

But the boy just grinned and watched them go grumbling down the hill once more.

Later, he saw a REAL wolf prowling about his flock. Alarmed, he leaped to his feet and sang out as loudly as he could, "Wolf! Wolf!"

But the villagers thought he was trying to fool them again, and so they didn't come.

At sunset, everyone wondered why the shepherd boy hadn't returned to the village with their sheep. They went up the hill to find the boy. They found him weeping.

"There really was a wolf here! The flock has scattered! I cried out, "Wolf!" Why didn't you come?"

An old man tried to comfort the boy as they walked back to the village.

"We'll help you look for the lost sheep in the morning," he said, putting his arm around the youth, "Nobody believes a liar...even when he is telling the truth!"
How does this story help those in the 9/11 Truth Movement? Over the years, there have been many horrible things that have happened. The Beltway sniper shootings. The Virginia Tech shootings. Currently, we have the "swine flu" scare. Each time something like these events happen, there is ALWAYS someone screaming "false flag terror." This "practice" hurts what we are doing in the 9/11 Truth Movement. If people say that EVERYTHING is a "conspiracy," then no one will believe us with regards to 9/11. In my humble opinion, it would be a good idea for people in this movement to stick to 9/11, and everything related to it. This is, after all, the 9/11 Truth Movement.

I interpreted the story in another way

If some have lied about 9/11, it may be difficult to believe that they have told the truth about other terrorist attacks.

I agree.

It's impossible to wake up to 9/11 truth while still retaining an "inside the matrix" lens with regard to everything else. On the same night that I learned 9/11 was an inside job, I also learned that Pearl Harbor was a case of LIHOP and that there were "second and third bombs" found INSIDE the Murrah building in OKC. In other words, on that night I learned that THREE major historical events were not all we've been led to believe. And believe me, after learning that not just one, but three events I had previously thought to be true without question were not what I believed, I naturally started wondering about what else I've been lied to about... and thus comes the touchy ground of how big we want our "tent" to be.

I am opposed to the "small tent" strategy just as I am a ridiculously big tent. 9/11 blogger has certainly done its job with regard to weeding out trolls, disinfo, etc. but in the process of trying to appear to be "responsible" and "sober" truthers, this site has banned a number of well-meaning activists and quite a number of people I've spoken with in person and on the internet feel that 9/11 blogger is "compromised."

And finally, if something is true, or likely true, then it is not a bad thing, nor worthy of censoring from the discussion. If evidence does indeed lead to the swine flu being a Rumsfeldian act of bioterrorism, then it's absolutely worth discussing.

I do however, feel where Jon Gold is coming from. I post regularly on a site dedicated to ending the war on drugs and in particular legalizing marijuana (the no. 1 rated idea at after 9/11 truth was censored). You'd think that these "stoners" would be more open-minded than most, not the least of which thanks to the historical knowledge about the scare tactics of reefer madness propaganda which contained anti-Mexican racism and pseudoscientific lies about cannabis analagous to the pseudoscientific lies about the WTC. Well, one poster several months back started a thread entitled "How Will Obama Fit Into Conspiracy Theories?" Several posts down, another poster chided the whole Alex Jones circle-jerk with the following rant:


Want a hint why you're being patronized?

Because nothing predicted has actually happened.

Where's the next "9/11"?

Where's the invasion of Iran?

Where is Bush as Dictator?

Where are the FEMA camps we're all supposed to be locked up in by now?

Where's the Martial Law and detainment of civilians? (Guantanamo and other 'secret prisons' have even been ordered closed by Obama now)

What about suspended elections due to economic collapse?

What about Clinton being 'chosen' over Obama?

I'm not saying 9/11 isn't fishy through and through or that the 'NWO agenda' doesn't have validity, but if you want to be taken seriously, start making claims that aren't overblown propaganda spread by Alex Jones.

Every prediction about what was going to happen has fallen flat on it's paranoid face. It's about time you guys are humbled that you really don't know jack shit about what is going on and start realizing that it might not be as hopeless as you paint it.

It's seriously lame as fuck at this point. What's even worse....every time a prediction you spout doesn't happen, you somehow turn it around to make it seem like it's fitting 'perfectly' into your half-assed paranoid and pessimistic view of the world. It's tiresome really. I myself bought into it for a while, pretty hardcore. But at some point you gotta call it like it is...and while I can't say what it totally is, I can say what it isn't. And it isn't anything you are talking about.

So yes, I can also see why Gold feels the way he does.

My god you guys' timing sucks... could not be more obvious that this h1n1 "swine flu" virus is an engineered virus. Three different types of flu spliced together? This is unprecedented. Nature does not work this way. This event will wake everyone up that they really are engineering bio-weapons to use against us, both to exploit the fear it creates to ram their agenda through and for depopulation purposes. What will be really enlightening is if the allegations that this virus was engineered to have race-specific lethality are proven to be true, which would explain why it is ravaging Mexico but all cases for white people so far in North America are mild, even for children. If the reports on Alex Jones are correct, there is way more of a crisis right now going on in Mexico than the media is telling us about.

This woman called in to the Power Hour March 30th saying they have proof that massive amounts of a virus were being shipped out of a military base in New York by Homeland Security by private contractors being paid under the table. New York is the epicenter for most of the original cases of h1n1 in the U.S.

Wayne Madsen is saying his sources tell him it is engineered. Is he crying wolf?

Revolution has now become mandatory. If you are reading this, you are the resistance, and you cannot imagine how important you are.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence

Wayne Madsen...

Is a shyster that gives ammunition to every paranoid conspiracy mongerer with his "sources."

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


Of the reason I started with "9/11 Truth" is because I believed that "we got them dead to rights on it." If we expose them on 9/11, then their house of cards will come crumbling down around them on everything else that may be taking place.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Unique situations

We'll just have to judge each event on its own merits.

Recently, I was reading the news on Dutch teletext. In 1980, an (I believe at the time) officer named Desi Bouterse led a coup d'état against the Suriname government, now known as the 'Sergeant's Coup'. In 1982, 15 people were killed on his orders. This would later become known as the December Murders. For years, I was aware of nothing else but that Bouterse and his men were responsible. Now, on the news, it reads: "Dutch military attache incited Suriname coup". An ex-minister, ex-ambassador an ex-intelligence officer confirm. My jaw dropped. Everybody who studies covert operations knows that many such operations abroad are conducted through embassies. It's said the blueprint for the coup, 'Black Tulip', was written by this attache, colonel Hans Valk. If this was known before, then why wasn't it mentioned every time the media were discussing Bouterse and his murders? We helped put him in power, didn't we? Right then and there, I realized, if not even this was as I thought it was, then what the hell is? While I keep myself afar from seeing conspirators conspiring around every corner, I certainly have to wonder: what do we actually know about historical events? We know what we think we know. History teachers know what they think they know. But what we know, depends on who's writing the history books. As Orwell justly wrote in '1984':

O’Brien smiled faintly. ‘You are no metaphysician, Winston,’ he said. ‘Until this moment you had never considered what is meant by existence. I will put it more precisely. Does the past exist concretely, in space? Is there somewhere or other a place, a world of solid objects, where the past is still happening?’


‘Then where does the past exist, if at all?’

‘In records. It is written down.’

‘In records. And——?’

‘In the mind. In human memories.’

‘In memory. Very well, then. We, the Party, control all records, and we control all memories. Then we control the past, do we not?’