Does ground zero debris on Staten Island contain these nano-thermite chips ?

Herblay FRANCE
since the publication the 11th of april on the un-detonated thermite found in the WTC dust
I have been trying to interest people around me.
I have colored in enlarged photo's of the red nano-thermite chip and distributed flyers on the subject. Very few people want to believe in this discovery because of the chain of custody. Who knows if the nano chips were placed in the samples afterwards.
So I am looking for a solution to their arguments and would like to know if in the thousands of tons of debris which was transferred from Ground Zero to Staten Island
still contains traces of this nano-thermite despite the rain etc. If this is the case the American government will have problems on destroying thousands of ton of evidence !
If it is the case I would like to have some samples here in France. Using an ordinary micro I would like to show these microscopic chips to people on my local market.

Can anyone help me on this subject ?

Yours John

Surely there is dust all over the place

Would not there be dust all over the place on ledges, windowsills, rooftops, and so on? It is hard to believe that the rain would wash it all away. Often enough, rain washes debris into the corners. It would require some footwork, and access to some rooftops. This could be difficult. How would you verifiably prove that you had found it where stated? How would you propose to use the evidence? It seems as if this is a promising approach for finding more chips.

Numerous laboratories have some of these precious samples !

Yes, there should certainly a lot of original non contaminated dust out there but it has to stand up in a court of law.

I hope that the numerous laboratories that had studied samples after 911 are keeping on to them preciously. We might need them to put Dick and George behind bars.

Had a look around on the internet and found some interesting links

Click on the image or the link to see an enlargement of each forensic microscopic photograph of the dust from the world trade center collapse

Particle Atlas of World Trade Center Dust

Staten Island Fresh Kills Landfill photos

WTC Dust Signature Study: Composition and Morphology

Chemical Analysis of World Trade Center Fine Particulate Matter for Use in Toxicologic Assessment

Identification cards found in the remains of the World Trade Center

Workers allege 9/11 debris not searched

What Remains of 9/11 Hijackers Is Unwanted

Judge: City Doesn't Need to Sift Through WTC Debris for More Remains

"ASHES TO ASHES... DUST TO DUMP" WTC Families for a Proper Burial

Judge nixes lawsuit to sift 9/11 debris
By Thomas Zambito
Daily News Staff Writer
Monday, July 7th 2008, 10:15 PM
A Manhattan federal judge on Monday turned down families of 9/11 victims who wanted the city to sift through debris at a Staten Island dump for their loved ones' pulverized remains.
Judge Alvin Hellerstein tossed out a lawsuit filed by 17 families who wanted tons of debris that had been recovered from the World Trade Center sifted and moved from the Fresh Kills landfill to a proper resting place.
Hellerstein urged the families to accept the city's offer for a memorial at Fresh Kills.
"What better reverence could there be than a memorial that both recalls those who died, even without leaving a trace, and points to the tenacity and beauty of life that must go on?" Hellerstein wrote.
The families say they're not interested in a memorial and will appeal.
"We are not prepared to leave their human remains on top of a garbage dump as their final resting place," said attorney Norman Siegel.

This objection overlooks the facts!

John, you wrote "Who knows if the nano chips were placed in the samples afterwards?"

In your country, in Marseilles, a scientist by the name of Henry-Couannier has obtained a sample INDEPENDENTLY of our research team, and has shown photos of the red/gray chips he found in the WTC dust sample -- from a completely different source than our four NYC collectors!

Mark Basile in New Hampshire has also obtained a WTC dust sample independently, and found red/gray chips.
Both of these scientists also did SEM/XEDS spectra which show the contents of the red material including Aluminum, iron, oxygen and carbon, which our team independently found.

Furthermore, the red material is of such structure, with iron in rather uniform grains approx. 100 nm across and aluminum found in plate-like structures 40 nm thick, that none of us knows how to make them at all.

Who is making these claims of deliberate contamination? This is an accusation of dishonesty, and it is not true nor substantiated in any way.

I wonder if ANYONE making such a claim has even read the paper and understands the nature of these chips and the evident difficulty involved in making such a highly-engineered nanoenergetic material.

Chain of custody

If the objections focus solely on the chain of custody, it means the paper is undebunkable. We're already starting to see this trend.

Here in France there is an absolute media silence on red/gray

Bonjour Professor Jones

Here in France there is an absolute media silence on red/gray

Bonjour Professor Jones

it is an honour to exchange with you. Thanks for the information on Marseille

The people making these claims about chain of custody are my fellow colleagues, friends and family. All of whom have not read the papers on the red/grey chips and for the majority believe the official conspiracy story. Here in France there is an absolute media silence on the red/gray chips discovery exempting of course for the french association The discovery information is what I want to get out to the general public.

Do you think that in the hundreds of thousands ( some sources say up to 1.5 million) tons of debris from the WTC stocked on Staten Island contains these red/grey nano chips ? Would the rain, low temperatures, multiple machine handling etc destroy these particles over the years ?

Can we legally with the presence of a bailiff obtain samples on Staten Island at chosen and well identified spots?

How can we legally obtain access to party of the samples held by the government organisms where the chain of custody is already established ?



Oui, the WTC dust at Staten Island waste dump must contain

many, many red/gray chips. I do not think that weather would destroy the chips; machine handling might make them smaller.

I think the best hope for obtaining samples is by passing the NYC CAN referendum (google it), but I would support alternative efforts as well.

Good idea linking getting official samples and NYC CANreferendum

Good idea linking getting samples and the NYC CAN referendum

One could say

the samples had been tampered with only after
1. Some direct evidence that they had been tampered with;
2. A counter claim based on an analysis of dust that detected no such chips.

Even in number 2, it would have to be shown that the couner claim's sample had not been tampered with.

Good points, pduveen. Also,

I would add that I support the effort to get a dust sample from a so-called "official source" such as the dust held by the US Geological Survey. They produced a report on the dust, so they have samples. I have asked them if they observed the same red/gray chips. They have not replied.
Ref'd by mouv4x8:
Particle Atlas of World Trade Center Dust

A sample from the Fresh-Kills dump would be of interest also. How could we get such a sample, if even the families are not allowed to have a small sample.

Indeed, why will not the government allow the families to have a small sample of the WTC dust?? Are they afraid someone will find "something" incriminating in these dust samples?

It would be helpful if someone would look at photomicrographs (photos through the microscope) to see whether such red/gray chips were in fact recorded by others already... e.g., in the list provided by mouv4x8.

simple combat of argument

Ask them to read the evidence presented.... if there is any doubt ask them if thought it would be in our best interest to unearth the burial of the debris of the WTC to see what lies there in the dust that they took away. If we were correct than a simple study of that material will be fruitful.

Because I highly doubt that anyone was sprinkling the trucks from the overpasses with highly advanced weaponized nano-particle thermate as they drove to Fresh Kills to make their drop...... except maybe that truck that stopped off for lunch

Keep spreading truth and I'll see you all at the Owl
Together in Truth!

Should ground zero debris zone on Staten Isle be declared danger

Herblay FRANCE

Do you think that these nano-thermite chips could still explode ?

Waiting for the nano-explosives to be neutralized should the ground zero debris zone on Staten Island be declared a danger zone ?

Yours John

Who can send me Staten Island nano samples with chain of custody

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
I live in France and I am an ordinary worker with a workes salary. I do not earn enough to be able to fly to Staten Island ( New York) to take samples of the nano-thermite on the ground zero debris site to use and show here in France.

Is there some one in America who can send me and others on samples with chain of custody from Staten Island ?

What information can we have on "Staten Island" nano-thermite ?

As somebody said above it will not be evident to have samples from Staten Island

See below some lines I found on the internet on Staten Island °1


°1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

NYPD Detective first grade Hal Sherman: "At Ground Zero the CSU is responsible for photographing the site, recovering physical evidence, documenting body parts and any other physical evidence like weapons or a wallet, manning the temporary morgue at the site (as well as the city morgue up on 28th Street), inspecting debris that leaves the site, and inspecting debris as it gets sifted out at Staten Island. ...All evidence is documented...
Additionally, Blanchard was not the only set of eyes lookings at the rubble. Truck loads of the rubble was sent to Staten Island were FBI, ATF and NYPD forensic personal also went through it. Again, nothing was found.

exarmyranger...come up with evidence the steel was inspected...All the information I found on the subject...the steel was cordoned off and armed guards kept everyone way from it until it was hauled off to Staten Island...where it was again isolated with armed guards, until shipped to China to be melted down.


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