Insider Trading Case Dismissed Against Mark Cuban

It was pointed out in the article, that it is rare for a federal judge to dismiss a suit this early in the process. Below are also links of a heated email exchange between Mark Cuban and the Dallas based SEC Attorney, Jeffrey Norris, which had occurred previous to any charges being filed by the SEC against Cuban. Norris accuses Mark Cuban of being un-American by contemplating the distribution of Loose Change Final Cut.

Dallas Morning News Story of July 17, 2009

By ERIC TORBENSON and BRENDAN CASE/ The Dallas Morning News

A federal judge in Dallas has tossed out the Securities and Exchange Commission’s insider trading suit against Dallas businessman Mark Cuban, dealing a surprising defeat to the regulator in one of its highest-profile civil actions.

Chief Judge Sidney Fitzwater said in a 35-page ruling released Friday that the SEC had failed to prove that the Dallas Mavericks owner had entered into a legal agreement not to trade stock in the search engine firm Inc. despite knowing nonpublic information about the company’s plans to raise more money.

“The judge stopped this fight in the first round,” said Paul Coggins of Fish & Richardson LLP in Dallas, who defended Cuban. He noted that a federal judge’s agreement to dismiss such a suit this early in the process was very rare.

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Email the Man.

Ask him to take on the boys once again. To take up the fight and put it on the line. Or whatever your own words can come up with. Of course respectful and polite, but don't be afraid to shake it up either. He is a cool dude who respects the mavericks.

Here's where I got it from:

All the Federal Judges in the Dallas area have received DVDs...

All the Federal Judges in the Dallas area, along with the Federal and local DA offices & hundreds of other Public Officials, have received 9/11 Truth DVDs and 9/11 Truth information via the mail on repeated occasions. Many, many people in Mark Cuban's home neighborhood (and also Bush's neighborhood) have received 9/11 Truth DVDs-info in the the tune of many, many hundreds mailed out. There are probably many people in high places who know that the official government story is a farce.



the suit was ludicrous.

Cuban has been targeted for the Loose Change distributorship consideration and because he called BS on the bailouts.

I don't know him, but I think he must be one of the good guys when it comes to our quest for Truth.

The PTB retaliated through their owned SEC peeps. They are guilty of selective enforcement when all the Wall Street investment banks are guilty of insider trading on a regular basis. I think that insider trading is business as usual for most of the winners on Wall Street.