Columnist/talking-head Debbie Schlussel cites 9-11 sites on Novak's "inside job" piece

In a recent column or blog entry, mainstream media mouthpiece Debbie Schlussel tries to trash recently deceased columnist Robert Novak by associating him with the 9-11 Truth movement. Perhaps she doesn't realize that admiration for Novak's lifetime of investigative journalism might just spill over to the movement, an obvious miscalculation on her part. Interestingly, she argues that the website, while quoting Novak's column regarding 9-11's being an "inside job," failed to quote the part about Israel being the big winner from 9-11. In actuality, hyperlinked the headline above the excerpted material to the Peter's New York article on, and of course that article cites the passage she implies the "Truthers" are trying to distance themselves from. What Really Happened did a bangup job with the proper quotes and link, but Schlussel demonstrates poor research by basing her article on a missing phrase which was actually in the article quoted from, and by failing to give complete attribution to the author (although I was delighted to be called a 9-11 Truther). Others have also written on the Bob Novak-"inside job" story. Schlussel's column is at
Schlussel links to another article on the same theme at

Lament? Wha?

The Truth Movement recognizes Novak was a piece of sh*t for a human being. There's no "lamenting" his passing here, not from me. I would cite his September 2001 column only as an example of how media handled 9/11 before they understood what the official line was. Novak simply reported what insiders were telling him.

This Schlussel person, whoever she is, is a joke. Her site is littered with Islamophobic hate. This doesn't surprise, when you look at her bio:

"As both an attorney and a frequent New York Post and Jerusalem Post columnist, Schlussel’s writings/commentary on radical Islam and her legal actions against radical Islamic parties have gotten a great deal of attention....

"Schlussel, who speaks Hebrew, Arabic, French, and Russian, works closely with several Federal law enforcement agencies, consulting on fighting the domestic War on Terrorism, and has provided them with much useful information.... She also represented several whistleblowers who exposed terrorist operations now under investigation."

"The granddaughter of immigrant Holocaust survivors, Schlussel's mother was born in the former Nazi concentration of Bergen Belsen in Germany, and her father is a Vietnam-era Army Veteran. A frequent speaker at conservative, pro-Israel, and Jewish conferences, gatherings, college campuses, and events around the U.S. Schlussel was a featured speaker at the 2004 National Board Meeting of JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs), 2004 National Conference of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), 2001 and 2002 NRA Annual Meetings, 2002 Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Fraternity National Convention, and 2000 Toward Tradition Conference.

In 1988, Schlussel was the youngest female and youngest Jewish delegate to the Republican National Convention, a National Youth Vice Chairman of George H. W. Bush's 1988 Presidential campaign, and a Youth Chairman of his 1989 Inauguration."

"The Truth Movement

"The Truth Movement recognizes Novak was a piece of sh*t for a human being." I actually liked the guy until the advent of the Neocons, after which I stopped paying attention. It's true that those who cited Novak's column were not praising him, but rather drawing attention to the fact that a mainstream journalist was among the first to characterize 9-11 as an "inside job," and that was significant.

Novak got caught up with the wrong crowd after the sunset of the Reagan era. Paul Craig Roberts and other conservatives took a different path. Those that followed Novak's path include conservatives like Jack Kemp and William Bennett, both of whom became "Council Babies" (associated with the CFR).

""This Schlussel person, whoever she is, is a joke. Her site is littered with Islamophobic hate." Yes, her website is frightening, particularly her resume. But it did make me want to run out and buy some Caribou coffee.