One man action, flyer distribution "911 forbidden debate in France" in front of the France2 TV buildings center PARIS;

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
I thank everyone for their advice on a camescope
and since six months I have one and have been practicing. At last I am going to Internet Report from France. This is my second try on YouTube and there are lots of improvements to make and techniques to

and the first was

As put in the video ( but perhaps it is not clear ! ) you must pause the video to read the text. No point in turning the video with an excessive extra time when you can easily click on the PAUSE button to read the text. ( Think to do that with all video on the internet ! )

I would like to take this opportunity to thank wery much Betsy METZ and Jon GOLD for showing me the importance to internet film the 911 local truth actions. I will try to live up to their standards and inform you in America and the world the French in action for the 911 truth.

See you soon or you me


Thank You John

for ALL your Effort.

Je vous remercie aussi

Votre dédicace est admirable.