Carl Cameron "Caught on Tape"

Fox News Channel’s chief political correspondent Carl Cameron shared his thoughts on a variety of issues including the attacks of 9/11/2001 with We Are Change Minnesota on September 14th, 2009 in the U.S. Senate office building. . Citing warnings by numerous foreign intelligence agencies, pre-9/11 warnings from Arizona FBI agent Kenneth Williams and stating quite plainly that, “It’s really hard to make the case that the buildings just imploded without some sort of an accelerant,” Cameron said we’re, “right to bang the drum because we don’t know,” what really transpired on 9/11 and that, “The unanswered questions are reasons to be skeptical.“ he also states "There are bad guys in the government. Black Ops and stuff does happen.“

Nice job guys!

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Good job...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

For the most part this guy

For the most part this guy Cameron was reading off a script, a bad script at that. Carl was caught up there a few times and fumbled his bullet points and then double talked his ass off. Orwell would have been proud. He's clearly nervous, on behalf of himself and/or whomever he speaks for, excuse me, lies for. These guys are simply trying to build credibility so when we move to an investigation phase, they'll try to lead and misdirect.


Kind of like with John Farmer, it seems. Sorry to switch to him in this thread, but I just got a little burned from posting that his book reveals the Commission report was based on government lies, and then someone hitting me with the Bradblog interview in which he claims the commission report was 'extremely accurate,' etc.

Does he reject his own report or endorse it? He seems to say both at different times. Any quick feedback on this-- do we view Farmer as being an asset to our cause or an enemy? I mean I already know the Commissioners' quotes, so I don't want to chase greener grass if it's not wise..

Good work Change.

Farmer is a sophisticated gatekeeper...

One of the most undetectable, as of yet, tactics of gatekeeping is to ADMIT to guilt, lies, fabrications, simple crimes and that many charges are correct...BUT THEN...once the guard is down, to reestablish the NEW gates by saying..."and here is the truth"...or, in Farmer's case, to simply restate that the commission's conclusions are basically correct.

The idea with Farmer is to accept he evidence that the commission's report is based upon lies, and then cut Farmer out of the information delivery loop and let reliable, polite, well researched Truthers put our research and evidenc into play. In other words, make the point that Farmer is self-serving in the presentation of HIS evidence and HIS conclusions about the 9/11 Commission Report because it is subjective.

Like Cameron, take the good stuff and run with it. Its good to remember that the media types are NOT as well informed as we keep ourselves. They are well behind tyhe info curve. Additionally, if ANYONE in the 9/11TM is either surprised or dissapointed that media guys run ALL their stuff through the corporate mockingbird scrubbers...PUHLEEESE!!! get a grip. This is the way it is and has been like this since WAY BACK in the previous century.

I find it amazing that we hear the same refrain..."These guys should do this...or that..." when we KNOW that they are handcuffed and their entire careers are dependent upon their complying with company rules. Time and time again we commplain about this. YET...when we are polite, we are in the streets, we deliver reports and the like to powerful people...we make great civilized progress.

We SHOULDN'T tell Willie how to run his concerts etc....we should do what we do best and just keep scouring for more facts, looking at the events on 9/11 from changing perspectives based upon any new valid information that cycles through our movement...and BE THE MEDIA..and BE OUR OWN EDUCATORS.

This is PURE GOLD for an interview...what a GREAT JOB Minnesota...another fantastic "keeper"...

Someday soon we will be able to compile an amzing array of reprts, interviews, films and other such materials into a library-like depsoitory...enough to put on something 24 hours a day for a week...

Just in time for 9/11/2011 I hope...

Its time to push away the libertarian misbehaving put away all confrontations...ask any extreemists carrying "other messages" to establish their own movements outside 9/11 Truth...and simply keep up the steady, collegial, informational and polite interactions with citizens and even dignitaries.

The list of people asking for civilized behaviors...which this interview is a great example of, is both lengthy and credible. We make great progress with civility...and we should do more of it.

Besides, just saw "Capitalism: A Love Story" in a preview...and its asking for citizens to get more involved in their governance and makes it clear that the ruling class rules...and we, the ruled class, doesn't. It sets a stage for a revolution of the mind and so our infoprmation is a perfect fit as people get more and more enlightened about what's REALLY happening.

So, TRUTH SEEKING seems to be happening all around the dial. We should politely remind people that THIS CENTURY's truthseeking began with the 9/11TM. As others were cowering away in fear, the sturdy Truthers were standing up asking questions and demanding answers...a POLITE remionder of course...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

“Take the good stuff and run with it.”

Well put, Robin. Farmer is no friend of 9/11 truth, but he’s valuable as a witness to the cover-up.

Here’s what Paul Craig Roberts says on

Missed Importance, September 23, 2009
By Dr. Paul C. Roberts "Truthteller" (Florida USA) - See all my reviews

Most of the reviews of John Farmer's book miss its importance.
Farmer has no way of knowing what happened on 9/11 or who did it. What he does know and has figured out is that the 9/11 Commission was lied to by people who were supposed to be helping the Commission deliver the truth to the public.
Whether the lies were big or little, whether the lies were told to coverup a false flag operation or to cover the butts of agencies that had failed in their responsibilities, whether Farmer's explanations for the lies are correct or incorrect, the fact remains that the Commission was misled.
The conclusion to be drawn is that the Commission's report is unreliable and, therefore, that we do not have the truth about 9/11.
That this conclusion comes from the legal counsel to the Commission is compelling evidence that a new investigation is required.
Paul Craig Roberts

As for Cameron, if his career is ruined because of this video, I hope he’ll consider joining the 9/11 truth movement and working to get other journalists to do the same.

Here’s a good start:

I wonder who else out there is suspicious?

I remember Tucker Carlson once remarked that mainstream media, in general, receives tons of e-mails, letters and questions from the 9/11 Truth Community. In short, they are aware of a very large 9/11 Truth constituency but refuse to cover or say anything about it. However, Bill Maher got so fed up with all the questions being asked that he had to devote a segment on one of his shows to tell many of viewers to shut up about it. "Stop asking me to raise this ridiculous topic on the show and start asking your doctor if Paxil is right for you."

I think that many people in the MSM know the score, they just pretend real hard not to. They don't want to risk their reputation and careers(i.e. the Van Jones treatment).

Elephant in the room.

It really is the elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge, isn't it?
Eventually the elephant will grow so large it will be impossible to ignore.
This is not like the Kennedy assassination. This is the internet age.
I can't wait to watch those smug bastards (Maher et al.) back tracking and making excuses for their complicity.


Isn't it great to think about the truth growing at an exponential rate? Thousands of people continue to find out daily.

No going back.

"Thousands of people continue to find out daily."
And once they've crossed that line, there's no going back to to Stoopidland or Naiville.

Nice work

That's a "stand up and take notice" exchange. Sweet!!!!

so very glib

This is so disturbing I don't even know where to begin. He sounds so much more intelligent (and obviously honest) than when he's on air.

It kills me how matter-of-fact he is in discussing this stuff (side-note: what a foul-mouthed sailor! F**K This , GD**m that ... WTF? ... hilarious). I can excuse the vulgarity, but what's inexcusable and so very sobering is his implication that everyone in politics knows the truth, what an open secret all this stuff is. He's supposed to be a journalist, but he's too weak to speak the truth. Pathetic. He says flat out that explosives or something beyond jet fuel had to bring the buildings down, yet he's apparently OK with not doing anything about this horrific bit of knowledge?

"What office holders can't do is lead to the conclusions because they''re office holders" Really? Then what exactly is their function? To pretend en masse that this didn't happen?

What a fascinating glimpse behind the MSM curtain. I often wondered how the censorship actually happens on a practical level; he lays it flat out at the end where he says that everything must go through media relations meat grinder. This needs to be put out far and wide ... great job to whoever had the presence of mind to surreptitiously record it and to keep him going.

"It's really hard to make the case that the buildings just imploded without some sort of accelerant" --Carl Cameron, FOX News
ADD THIS QUOTE TO THE PATRIOTS FOR 911 TRUTH PAGE. Better yet, Cameron, go on TV and say it again you fucking coward.

That's what I have always suspected

I can excuse the vulgarity, but what's inexcusable and so very sobering is his implication that everyone in politics knows the truth, what an open secret all this stuff is.

That's what I have always suspected. It is quite improbable that otherwise well-informed people, such as top media and political figures, "don't know" that the whole 9-11 thing stinks to high heaven -- the problems with official story are so huge and so apparent. Anyone with an average intellect and a pulse should pick up on that.

So, it's not a lack of information but rather a lack of character, lack of ethics that so many people are going along with the lies. Frightening! If people can not stand up to an atrocity that has been committed against OUR OWN PEOPLE, how could we expect them to stand up against (or even recognize) the crimes committed against other people all over the world -- Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.?
Great job with the video! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


"So, it's not a lack of information but rather a lack of character, lack of ethics that so many people are going along with the lies. Frightening! If people can not stand up to an atrocity that has been committed against OUR OWN PEOPLE, how could we expect them to stand up against (or even recognize) the crimes committed against other people all over the world -- Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.?"

Will The Masse's Follow?

The people that hold the power can make otherwise weak minded politician's and media personalities sell their crap with a smile. They're cowards to the lowest degree; I wonder when the box is opened, at what level are these people are going to go on their quest to suppress the truth. We know what a few are capable of perpetrating, but will the masses follow them once the truth is exposed.

Special thanks to all the Patriots who have risk everything to wake up somber America. A Very Special thanks to" We Are Change" everywhere, they're change that I believe in.


........How true, and so sad most our politicians lack a spine, not to mention integrity. There will come a time, and hopefully it won't be to late. When Americans will realize how corrupt the system has become. I think most already know and the common census is what can i do about it? Damn! I tell them just bend over and take it.
If this is the case then it defines hopeless. I for one refuse to accept this.


surreal to see a fox news anchor speaking so candidly about the truth. great job MN

"Every thing I do has to go through Media Relations."

"Every thing I do has to go through Media Relations."

His Media Relations

comment is also what struck me.

These fake media puppets are so scripted & controlled.

Back in Nazi Germany

it was called the "Ministry of Propaganda."

I make a point of reading all the down voted comments because I find many of them to be the best comments. - Atomicbomb


Just fantasizing for a moment.....
The glorious day has arrived, the world now knows the true events of 911.
Bush is in Jail. -Not George who is hiding in a Panamanian bunker (with its own water supply)with Donald, Dick and Condie.
but Marvin who was implicated with knowledge of the rigging operation.
Unfortunately Blair, Obama , and the vast majority of western politicians and lobbyists get off scott free saying they were lied to too.

What happens to the media, Murdoch & the BBC?
Within an (albeit pseudo) democracy where we vote red or blue every 4 years to elect someone else to make all decisions for us.
We all know it is a monkey see monkey do world, that advertising works, that to make decisions we have to hear all the relevant information,
and for 10 years the media had called us mentally ill, and even bizarrely accused us of hate crime for questioning 911 .

Do they just say "oh we got it wrong, we'll do better"?
The last 100 years have been the bloodiest, most inhumanely cynical and environmentally damaging era in history and just happens
to have coincided with the era of mass communication in the hands of an exclusive elite who have written the agenda and output.
Will they escape 911culpability?How do we stop that?

Net neutrality will be the last frontier in this information war.

Cameron Is Right: Friendly Approach Generates More Information

An aggressive approach with a subject will generate a defensive reaction.

Best approach

Aidan is correct - being polite will give anyone an advantage who asks the hard questions. Anyhow, the way I spoke to our local politicians about the nano-thermite paper was to first draw them into a conversation and then ask them if they've seen the new paper, etc. It worked and one congress person even sat down and listened while I explained the new findings. It's important to lure them into thinking and being relaxed before either delivering information or asking questions. We know it won't work for some and they'll just lie, but for the others you may find a more candid response.

Aidan: Ding Ding Ding !!

The aggressive "in your face approach " loses the viewer to what the messg is, all they see is some person hectoring another about something.

True, but...

Friendly approach generates more information.

That is true, but evidently not enough. As we have seen, a friendly approach is much more effective when paired with a concealed camcorder... ;)

30 Sec Ad For NYCCAN

Maybe some juicy quotes could be edited into a tv spot (or a written print ad with quotes) for NYCCAN to help bring pressure on the city.

I love that you've helped to expose, not just this guy, but the systemic stranglehold that profit has on truth.

Go to the Fox den

It is a blast to go to Foxnews and search for "Carl Cameron 9-11". Their search engine sweats and toils for an eternity to finally come up with the (surprising?) answer you expect from a great Faux news source: "Page Cannot Be Found". Tried again. Same thing. As a control, I searched for "Obamacare" (a vulgar, unnewslike entry), and was immediately hit with 83 major stories to peruse.
Their searches are monitored ("What are people wanting to find here?") and I think it is well past time to let go the weight of this topic by overtaxing their crappy news-censoring "search" engine, trying to see anything about one of their own.

At the rate this cat is going

he'll probably be the next weather man.................on Fox.............nice work keeping him talking, I'd really like to hear what he's got to say about building 7. Oh well Carl if you lose your day job... maybe you can start a blog

This is proof that Bush

This is proof that Bush insiders are very well aware of the truth. He clearly acknowledges that the buildings could not have collapsed without some sort of "accelerant."

How much of a Bush insider is he?

"My wife has been hanging out with your sister."

I make a point of reading all the down voted comments because I find many of them to be the best comments. - Atomicbomb

Interesting Article

In an astonishing four-part series on Israeli spying in the US, top Fox News reporter Carl Cameron detailed how Israeli agents on American soil had tracked the hijackers, as they moved amongst us, and, in addition, had launched what appeared to be a wide-ranging and quite aggressive intelligence-collection operation directed at US government offices across the country. The allegations contained in his report were denied – and the story (which soon disappeared from the Fox News web site) was never followed up, but Cameron’s reportage haunts us today, and mocks us from the archives where it has been gathering dust for eight years. "Since September 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained, either under the new patriot anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations," reported Cameron:

Full article:

Downloadable version?

Would it be possible for the creators of this video to provide it in downloadable format? I suspect that this video might not stay on YouTube for very long... Or is there a software that allows "ripping" of YouTube videos? This is too precious to be allowed to vanish. I would like to show it to many people...


TomT told me about Zamzar

It works like this: You subscribe for about $16 a month, enter a URL for the video you want and upload it to Zamzar, after a few minutes, they will email you a link to the converted file. You then download it into Movie Maker to edit or make a DVD. ZAMZAR works on a great many different types of file conversions.

It Works For Me.

Free Video Downloader and Converter
It is a mozilla add on.

VDownloader Free Utility

This works very well but needs to be updated from time to time,

Thank you!

Thank you, Joe and BMAC!

Edit: ...Thank you, thrutheronboard, as well!

Free Video Downloader and Converter It is FREE, It is a Mozilla add-on.

Doh-Bunker desperation

Over at Loose Screws:

Cameron: "It’s really hard to make the case that the buildings just imploded without some sort of an accelerant..."

Pat Curley: An accelerant? Arson investigators would note that there was indeed an accelerant in the WTC; it was called jet fuel.