Remember This? Three Weeks From Today.

Why Did They Choose This Date?

I wanted to bring this particular billboard back up to the spotlight since the date is just a few weeks away. Most of us know the elites have some sinister twisted way of projecting what they are going to do. The possibility can't be discounted here.

Notice how the billboard is making sure you notice that date because it's ripped off and on top of the ripped out headline.

Is there any war games, terror drills, or military exercises planned for that day that anyone knows of?

The mock paper's first line

The mock paper's first line reads:

"Residents are in shock after a bio-chemical weapon (...)
was rel(eased?)

Sigh. Visiting their website, this catches my eye:

"The family members created this tribute so that people in Western New York can remember every year how many lives were lost in the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001."

I think New Yorkers will remember anyway, and probably every day....but nevermind. There's also this:

The Be Red Cross Ready Program is designed to provide basic disaster preparedness information to every American citizen. Be Red Cross Ready represents the cooperative efforts of the American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Ready Campaign to encourage the public - and the community at large - to be more prepared for a disaster or other emergency. It's important that you be prepared for possible disasters and other emergencies. Natural or human-caused disasters can strike suddenly, at anytime and anywhere.

"Leader follows leader from bad to worse, as though by a malign law of nature. One ruler, evil or stupid or violent, breeds another more evil or stupid or violent."Liz McAlister

That's incredible, bizarre and scarry

Where is this billboard? How long has this add been up?

Board of Directors: Do any of these names ring a bell?

2008 - 2009
Chapter Chair
Todd W. Brason
Chair Elect
Gregory L. Ford
Chair, Board Development Kristie T. Kantor
Chair, Audit Committee Gracelyn R. Tuoti
Treasurer John R. Yurtchuk
Brent A. Henderson
Thomas M. Barney Jr.
Lisa Basil-Fox
Timothy Frank
William J. Gajewski
Kathy A. Hoelscher Glieco
John Dean Hoffman
Albert R. Howard
Laurie Irish-Jones
Murray G. Covello
Peter L. Krog II
Ronald J. Papa
Dr. John Pinski
Richard J. Schechter
Don Warfe