Deception Dollar #11, and the new Perception Dollar

Draft of Deception Dollar Issue #11

I must admit that I hit a lot of resistance when I came up with this idea, about a year ago, but I believe more and more people are beginning to understand our political situation and have become disillusioned by Obama and the mild differences between the Republican and the Democratic politicians waging war on the world and looting our nation. I hope to get these printed and out to people in time for the major anti-war rallies coming up on March 20th. People can help by making donations or ordering them through the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and perhaps, more importantly by sending great ideas, suggestions for improvements, better 9/11 Truth websites, before we finalize the art. Feedback from earlier issues of the bill improved them considerably- like the addition of keywords around the perimeter. This is a collective effort, although Blaine Machan and I have shouldered much of the work. Over 7,000,000 are now out in circulation, and we're at the bottom of our Deception Dollar barrel now and need to print more.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, our "Conception Dollar" featuring anti-war activist/peace mom/Cindy Sheehan (who ran against Pelosi on an impeachment/peace platform) and websites working towards solutions were also very popular and the antidote for people who couldn't bear to look at the distressing images of Cheney, Bush... The idea has evolved into a Perception Dollar which hopefully will be a key to help us find the way through collapsing empire towards healthy, peaceful, joyous community. Again these are drafts- not all the work/ideas/changes have been incorporated into the new artwork and I look forward to hearing your ideas, suggestions... If the new bills are popular, we will probably continue to evolve and improve them, but we do need to print these soon, so we'll do the best we can with our limited time, resources, energy.

Our group can also barter some of these for other 9/11 Truth materials that we can table at the anti-war rallies and our events, they actually are a form of "community currency-" within the Truth movement, and the first Deception Dollars really helped back in the early days in 2002, 2003, when we tried so hard to stop the war on Iraq.

Draft of Perception Dollar front

Draft of Perception Dollar back

See to see the evolution of the dollars and the many different issues.


I think those Perception Dollar drafts are ace. I especially like the idyllic/futuristic scene through the keyhole, the bold messages, and the unusual denomination. And, I agree with the basic premise of the 'Obama Deception' - people need to understand they've been had or they'll never learn. It does kind of imply Obama is completely controlled though, and I don't think he's such a nice guy himself. One way Obama supporters try to excuse his violence is by claiming he's being 'forced' to escalate wars etc. I suppose there are different ways of looking at this.

On a tangent, the style reminds me a bit of Paul Laffoley..

..he apparently worked on the Towers as an architect:
"Following his dismissal by Kiesler, Laffoley worked for 18 months on design for the World Trade Center Tower II (floors 15 to 45) with Emery Roth & Sons under the direction of architect Minoru Yamasaki."

He seems a bit confused about the 'collapse' though, going from this:
"Paul explained that he had worked on the WTC buildings as a student architect, and he knew why the buildings had "pancaked" the way they did. He said the X-bracings on the exterior of the building were bolted, not fused. The bolts had given way. He described the towers as two white elephants - "file cabinets" which had been built in defiance of normal building codes."

To this:
"Paul Laffoley recently offered up some information in Radiorbit that could explain it all away. In two interviews with Mike Hagan (there had to be a second, almost identical interview due to overwhelming listener interest in the 9/11 topic, which they only briefly touched), Laffoley recounted his brief time as a designer at the construction of the World Trade Center. He claims that explosive charges were actually built in to the very structure of the towers, but that the general public, for obvious reasons, would never have known about it. He was approached by members of a Saudi firm brought in during construction, and asked where the best place for explosive charges would be. When he pressed them as to why they would want to know this, they told him something akin to "thats the way it is done nowadays". He later found out that this practice was commonplace. His theory is that these charges were built into the structure, and that the system was triggered by the planes. The electrical system that controlled the charges was for the entire complex, explaining the collapse of building 7 as well. Taking it further, the Saudi firm in question was linked to, or part of the Bin Laden family, which would explain the choice of targets as well."

He also submitted a design for the new 'Freedom Tower' (with a nod to Gaudi)..

..and considers the period from 9/11 until 2100 AD to be the 'Bauhauroque' - the third phase of Modernism:
from there:
DC: Do you as adhere to any particular form of belief?
PL: I am a member of the Knights of Malta - the most famous laity group of the Catholic Church. The Knighthood's current activities are concerned with acquiring real estate for the Church, such as the parcel of land on lower Manhattan that became "Ground Zero" - it was originally acquired in 1870 in the form of a swamp.

Anyway, thanks very much for posting these.


I would like to see the word 'science', or 'reason' or some such around the side. The truth movement is, I believe, a science based movement, and a prosperous society would encourage scientific thinking.
Also, the word 'spirituality' basically means 'semi-organized religion' to me, though as a non-spiritual atheist I fear I may be in the minority on that one! So it goes..

Adding science or reason...

Not a bad idea, but there is good science and bad science as our scientists have pointed out. Unfortunately when scientists sell their souls and corrupt their work to suit policy aims of those who finance them we are in trouble. Wasn't it Voltaire who said if you could get people to believe in absurdities you could get them to commit atrocities. In our Orwellian world war is "reasonable," but in a moral world, I believe it would be considered "insane." I have trouble with people who "rationalize their actions" when they are clearly harmful to many and very self serving.

Of course I can understand people's revulsion to the word- spirituality to- because people can fiercely believe in some pretty crazy/destructive ideas.

what about "enlightened?" Some words do have positive connotations and I think the purpose of these are to help people shift towards a more loving, caring, thoughtful, joyou existence...

Carol Brouillet

I understand..

..and agree with what you're saying.

But personally, I consider 'bad' science to actually be something else (fraud or whatever), and I'll defend 'reason' too by arguing that war is neither 'moral' or 'reasonable'. Although we live in Orwellian times, I am reluctant to surrender good words to the newspeak :)

The word 'enlightened' does seem to have weathered a bit better (possibly due to its associations with buddhism etc?)


I hadn't heard of Paul Laffoley. Those links are quite interesting. We are still finalizing this and will change them a bit more.

Carol Brouillet

I went to the site and could

I went to the site and could not locate the Obama Deception #11

New Deception Dollar art

Only the draft is posted at
as the art is still not finished, and I need to raise funds for the printing. I don't think too many people noticed this article or realize that without more printing funds- we won't be able to print very many of these. Maybe there is burnout and people are not going to want to use these or give them away. Maybe a small printing is a good idea, but it is 100 times more economical to print in larger quantities and good to get feedback on the artwork. We should finalize the art tomorrow and begin printing next week. When that is done, I'm sure Blaine will post the new art to the Deception Dollar website.

Carol Brouillet