Introduction and final article on Demolition access to the WTC

Author and activist Don Paul has written an introduction to my final article on Demolition Access to the WTC. It's entitled "Good Riddance to the Big Lie: Kevin Ryan’s ‘Demolition Access …’ Lights the Shadows." This can be found can be found at PuppetGov, along with related media, and also at

Here's an excerpt.

"Who could have committed so awful a crime? So calculated and cold-blooded a crime? Why? And what more might they do? What more might they do to everyday people such as ourselves? Now that we know, what can we do?

Contemplation of what the fact of the three World Trade Buildings’ demolition means may be as unsettling to one’s gut as were the shocks that we suffered in the first hours of ” ‘9/11′". Fear of what the fact means may be as premeditated and vital a part of the the Rule of Terror as any other part of this vast, complex and ongoing psychological-operation."

And here is an excerpt from my final article in the series, "Demolition Access to the WTC Towers: Part Four - Cleanup."

"In addition to removal of evidence-containing debris, evidence could have been eliminated by neutralization of explosives within the pile, through the use of the robotic equipment operated at the site by people like John Blitch of SAIC. These same robotic devices had previously been used with lasers for the purpose of eliminating unexploded ordnance, and SAIC had done research in the ignition of nanothermite via lasers. Additional expertise might have been provided by the DOE, which had developed nanothermite materials similar to those found in WTC dust and whose staff were present at Ground Zero. DOE contractors like David H. Griffin, who just showed up and yet was placed in charge of the demolition operations at Ground Zero, might have also played a role in recognizing or eliminating explosive evidence."

Is David H Griffin any

Is David H Griffin any relation to David R Griffin ? evil twin.....jealous younger brother ?


The article mentions H. Griffin, the off spring of this company's founder...
"In October 2007, DHG was listed as the 2nd largest demolition firm in the country by the Engineering, News and Record Magazine."

Coincidence theory

My guess would be no relation. Griffin is, after all, a fairly common name. Much more common than, say--I don't know...Chertoff?

This is so good!... I am almost at a loss for words.

Don't miss the adjoining videos and graphics at puppetgov. The history of 9/11 Truth and its evolution is very well stated. The detailed connections and corporatocracy surrounding the event of 9/11...just astounding information!

They could do more! They could use the HAARP ELF power !

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
you ask might they do more. The answer is Yes. They could use the HAARP ELF power with feed back ( x1000) from the ionosphere and the common man will not know.





I really hope Kevin is working with or

sharing his work with quality law inforcement.

That's the next step.