9/11 truther was Pentagon gunman? Luke on Russia Today March 5th


March 05, 2010

Last night a California man opened fire outside the Pentagon in Washington DC. Today he has been linked to the 9/11 truther movement that rejects the official explanation of 9/11.

I just don't get it...

Frankly, I am totally baffled by why the Southern Poverty Law Center would qualify "We Are Change" as a hate group. But I did find WAC listed as a hate group on the SPLC website nontheless http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2010/spring/active-patriot-groups-in-the-united-s. I did not find WAC listed on the ADL website by the way.

Can somebody explain to me how the SPLC got such a frankly outlandish idea?! I don't know anything about the SPLC but I was under the maybe mistaken impression that it was a legal center trying to assist in civil rights issues in the US southern states.

Luke seems to think that the SPLC is part of a US government smear campaign. Is the SLPC known to be a government outlet?

Thanks for any pointers on this topic!


Good Questions.

I was under the same impression. I asked them here though.


This stuff is pee'ing me off.


My impression of SPLC has been very good. They started with really courageous fights against in Ku Klux Klan in law courts, and managed to obtain huge financial fines on behalf of black people who had family memberes gravely harmed by Klan actions -- lynchings, and so on.

But this development is certainly a shame.

I am afraid that the modus operandi toward 9-11 truth may now turn to black-ops featuring (fake) truthers, or real but mentally deranged truthers, who can be managed into doing bad things. Let's look for ways to counter this.

Not the first time

I long had a favorable impression of SPLC, but this isn't the first negative association I've observed. I recall reading once something (wish I could recall where) which criticized their role in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, doing their part in the media to promote the government's line about the dangers of right-wing militias and their responsibility for the OKC terror. I can't say for certain if SPLC is an instance of a one-time good organization having been co-opted over time, but I can say that such would not be a new hypothesis.

These diabolical SOB's not only get away with so much s**t, but they are able to make it seem plausible to much of the public that those people who are on to their lies and their crimes, and who hate those lies and crimes, become so angry that, 'tragically,' they turn violent.

Pertinent cinematic treatments of this theme:
The Parallax View
Arlington Road

Come to think of it

Come to think of it, there's actually a much more recent example: Only a couple of months or so ago (I think it was early December), the SPLC issued a report attempting to link Cynthia McKinney to alleged (maybe actual) antisemites and holocaust deniers. So there seems to be some kind of pattern, whereby if the political establishment wants to brand some of its more troublesome critics with the bigot tag, then the SPLC is happy to do its bidding.

Whatever their original intent was

The SPLC has been co-opted at this point. Today they are merchants of smear working directly for the powers that be. They have gone after the Oath Keepers, We Are Change, and a number of other groups that are peaceful and struggling for justice. I want to make a point about them which I think is very important. When the SPLC or any organization for that matter labels a group such as We Are Change a "hate group" they are actively involved in spreading hate themselves. In short it truly is "hate speech" for the SPLC to be doing these smears because they are actively trying to get the American people to hate 9/11 truthers with false propaganda. The SPLC is therefore a hate group trying to foster hate against us the 9/11 truth movement. We need to get our facts straight about who and what they really are TODAY because they are now targetting us with their hateful vitriol. As far as I am concerned the SPLC is a hate group right up there with the worst of them.

Very good help from RT, indeed. Why?

I hope many people watches RT. Great journalism. But there is perhaps a reason for it:

By the way, Russia has obviously had its own share of false flag terrorism. In 1999 this happened:
(I notice that In this case it is OK to post "conspiracy theories" on Wikipedia, because Russia is "them" not "us".)


We share the same feelings, and I've posted the exact same comment myself.

The 1999 bombings in Moscow were exact replicas in smaller scale of 9/11.

The documentary "disbelief" on Google Video is amazing. Watch it.

Relevant book

'Blowing Up Russia,' by Alexander Litvinenko:


Beware Truthers...

Not a big alarm here...but I see a possible "set-up" with so much covergage by Russia Today.

Most older citizens of the good ole USofA have a strong negative feeling about anything "Russian". Its just in their blood from the: "Nuclear 50s", the "Red Scare", the "Commies" and the like.

Interestingly enough, this is the very same older gray haired demographic who are playing ostritch towards the 9/11 Truth Movement...but are smugly nested in the old fashined peace movements where they still think that they have been successful. This is a tough crowd...and they WILL do the work of the HI PERPS against us...willingly and foolishly.

So, anyone who thinks lightly of these connectable dots and remains unprepared for more such assaults, will also be doing the work of the HI PERPS.

And Sunstein's proposals for infiltration will have significant effect.

The other day when I was doing CI on a very busy four corners in Poulsbo, WA [west of Seattle], a big short haired white guy drove up with his pick-up truck and stole one of my signs that I had erected on an opposite corner of the street corner that I was working with my big 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE banner [and several attachments with anti-war messages].

These types of pronouncements by the Sunstiens etc. are designed to make citizens become vigilante-like.

Perhaps its best to be prepared for such attacks from the media...and from the "Tea Bagger" types.

We need to find out which specific 9/11 Truth group this shooter was associated with...etc, etc., etc.

Thankfully, since 2005 or so, Luke has seen the problem with confrontational approaches to dealing with the public...and since that time we all have been much, much better off.

In last decade's protest activities, it was so easy for cointelpro to infiltrate and turn peace events into police/authority clashes which undermined the entire peace movement's goals. Wea re doing much better than back then...gotta get even better at NOT doing what they want us to do...react violently.

We will need greater patience and superb levels of awareness of what is going on in public...and to turn the other cheek when confronted, baited or agitated by the REAL extremists that are being developed right now.

Finally, I'll make this point again: The 9/11 Truth for PEACE and JUSTICE Movement should NOT BE POLITICALLLY associated with any specific party or candidate. If a party or candidate wants to line up with us, fine, its up to them.

Long ago I stated that we need to SPECIFICALLY push away from Ron Paul and the Libertarian-Constitution Political parties.

...and that Alex Jones is NOT the chosen representative of the 9/11 Tuth Movement...hes representing Alex Jones...and that's OK.

Because of these political associations, [in 2005-2006 the Ron Paul-Libertarian types established the then confrontational We Are Changes and used the organizations of 9/11 Truth organizations and their educational power all across the country as political offices FOR Ron Paul]...and in having Alex be Alex...

...we are now perfectly positioned to be set-up for associations with gun carrying cowboys who want to solve problems with violence...

It happened with Fort Hood...the underwear bomber on Christmas Day...and other events expanding the anti-muslim tactic that the 9/11 TRUTH for PEACE and JUSTICE Movement has so competently challenged.

Its quite likely that responsibility for these types of future violent events will be steered towards the 9/11 TRUTH for PEACE and JUSTICE Movements.

And too much RT will end up hurting us IF we do not keep a fair distance from them.

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE and JUSTICE

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

PS: CLEARLY...we are bothering the HI PERPS" empire...rdh

Well-considered responses from Luke

He handled himself well.

Of course it serves Russia's geopolitical interests to press this issue and promote the 9/11 truth movement for its own purposes, but maybe the sociopathic "masterminds" who orchestrated the event should have foreseen that crippling propaganda nightmare before they went through with it.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson