Note about Site Being Down Yesterday

Some of you may have noticed that the site was off line for a period of a hours yesterday afternoon.

We had a major outage that occurred and the VPS server hosting the site was corrupted. Now that we are back online, we are expanding from one server to multiple redundant servers to handle 911Blogger's continued growth and provide the redundancy required to host this amount of traffic and information.

We are constantly in the process of ensuring the future expansion of the site will be well taken care of.
Thanks for your patience, participation, and understanding regarding this effort.
Our search for truth and justice will not be deterred.

Hit Counter

The hit counter has been down for a long time. At least on my machine, and I've restarted it several times since i noticed it. FYI

At the same time 911Blogger was down... was also...gone. (it is also back)

I was truly worried.

I am lost without this site.

Thanks for the info and upgrade.


good move, considering...

publish appeal for supporting cash as needed...

question about trends...

I've been coming here for a few years least. I'm wondering how traffic has increased over the years. It would be interesting to make a graph and publish this info as uniques are a good measure of Truth in general.