Confessions of a Controlled Demolition Convert

By. John Albanese

Crisis In America

“Were the twin towers, and/or building 7, of the World Trade Center complex brought down by controlled demolition?”

This has been the question I’ve been asked to respond to at each and every forum and speaking engagement that I have participated in over the last several years. Regardless of the fact that my speaking engagements usually coincide with public showings of my film “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” which deals with much of the heavily censored history associated with 9/11 – with nothing at all to do with controlled demolition – it would appear that my personal opinions on this matter remains important to much of my audience. Despite my lack of expertise on this subject, it would appear that my audience demands that I publicly take a position on controlled demolition.

For years I have explained to my 9/11 compatriots that I am agnostic on the issue. Possessing no advanced degrees in physics or structural engineering, I never felt that my opinions were relevant. And while I might document historical events associated with 9/11 in my films, the job of expressing opinions on the issue of complex and catastrophic building failures, physics and engineering, was simply not within the realm of my particular area of expertise, therefore rendering my opinions on the matter as insignificant and in many respects inappropriate.

Many within the 9/11 Truth movement regarded this sense of humility as betrayal, accusing me of attempting to censor “the truth” and not towing the party line on controlled demolition. Some of the accusation went even further.

David Ray Griffin and Moral Responsibility

I am in the process of reading David Ray Griffin’s newest book “Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11” for the second time. Apart from outlining the evidence of U.S. government complicity in the attacks of 9/11, this book also challenges its audience to understand the “demonic forces” ever-present in world events. Taking this discussion out of the realm of mythology and rejecting the fundamentalist evangelical approach to theology, Griffin makes a very eloquent case for viewing USA foreign policy, global warming trends and humanity’s sordid history of “War Systems” from a realist’s standpoint - as a product our own intellectual creaturely creativity - in direct conflict with the divine.

I have come to the conclusion, after reading this book, and reviewing USA foreign policy in Guatemala, and Iran, and Indonesia, and Vietnam, and Cuba, and Chile, and on and on and on, that advanced degrees in physics and structural engineering is not necessary to read the obvious writings on the wall.

And, if we wait DECADES (as we did with all of these other crimes) to determine the horrible truth – that YES the USA did indeed orchestrate terrorist attacks all over the world, for over a century, as a tool of imperial design – and if we WAIT decades for the ultimate evidence to emerge, as it has now, that the USA has launched one false flag operation after another throughout its sordid history – and if we WAIT decades for the books to be thrown open and the government to finally admit its guilt (as it has done now with its crimes against humanity that are now long buried in our history, for which no one living can now be held accountable),…. it will be too late.

All evidence points at 9/11 as a false flag operation. And all evidence appears to point at the controlled demolition of 3 buildings in the WTC complex, for the following reasons:

bullet There are simply too many eyewitness accounts from members of our emergency services – police and firemen – of multiple explosions occurring in rapid succession immediately preceding the collapse – far below the impact/fire zones. The sheer number of witnesses who immediately (and separately) referred to these explosions as being “like a controlled demolition” or “like bombs going off” is inexplicable in its scope – but, even more damning, inexplicable in that these eyewitness accounts were intentionally suppressed by our government, have remained uninvestigated, with the evidence at ground zero (a crime scene) quickly removed and shipped to China.
bullet 47 core columns in each of the two towers appeared to simply disintegrate, despite no damage from fire or impact from the planes. When one considers the inherent strength of an array of 47 core steel columns, with multiple redundant weight-baring support beams in place, it is simply inexplicable to explain their total and catastrophic failure – in two buildings – in nearly identical fashion.
bullet Even if we are to believe that these 47 core steel columns were unable to withstand a progressive top-to-bottom collapse, and failed accordingly, certainly (at the very least) these lower floors, with their 47 steel columns and redundant weight baring support beams, would have offered up some resistance, and slowed down the progressive collapse. Yet, both building fell in approximately 10 seconds, at near free-fall speed. This is simply impossible.

Many people have asked me what authority an aging theologian like David Ray Griffin may have in areas such as these. Like myself, he has none. But, the one thing 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and Iraq has taught me is that if this world is to survive the Bush administration, it is time for all of us to recognize what is increasingly becoming painfully obvious.

I am no stranger to psychological resistance, and denial. I can understand why many Americans simply summarily dismiss the idea of our own government’s complicity in 9/11. It is simply too horrible to consider. It is simply too staggering a concept. It appears, on the face of it, too improbable. None of us want to embrace a legacy so dark.

But, it is perhaps time for Americans to learn the lessons of the past, and consider the dangers of what David Ray Griffin refers to as “demonic forces.” The darkness is indeed ignorance, and Americans can no longer afford to embrace the darkness – and ignore the horrible truth.


Another blow to mass cognitive dissonance

Thanks, John.

Yup, very nice article. TNX.

Yup, very nice article. TNX.

Good Read John...

Thanks for this.

There are many facets of 911

There are many facets of 911 upon which it is difficult to take a position, but controlled demolition is not one of them.

The videos of the collapses with the squibs and the upward and outward thrust of the steel and pulverized cement could lead to such a conclusion and not be considered "hairbrained."

But, when you add in Steven Jones' tests revealing thermite, it reaches a "preponderance of the evidence" if not "clear and convincing."

And when you add in the totally unexplained collapse of WTC 7 ... along with the owner's admission that it was imploded (I them to "pull it."), well, then I think you get to "beyond a reasonable doubt." And that will get the perpetrators a prison term.

excellent piece

Thank you John Albanese for these words of wisdom. I never held it against you regarding your previous agnosticism on controlled demolition.... but, I certainly applaud your change of heart and sense of urgency in helping expose what now seems so obvious to so many.

A lot of current discussion on the controlled demolition of WTC can be found in the comments section of Paul Craig Roberts recent piece "Can Anything Be Done?"

Please join in the conversation if you can -- it's 90% pro-truth.

What Was Rumsfeld Thinking in the early AM of 9/11?

Off-topic, but check out this post at DailyKos:

On Sept 10, 2001, a new rule was added to the end of the list which states

"America ain't what's wrong with the world." (Harry Golden)

"The file "rumsfeldsrules.pdf" itself was updated between 1 AM and 5 AM on Sept 11, 2001."

More at the link...

Rumsfeld likely just surfing 9/11 @ 4am

Let's see, 09/11/2001 4:11:05 EST -0400, I have his workstation logs right here (LORD AM I EVER JOKING)

The "America ain't..." Harry Golden quote was cited on 7 September 2001 by Ben J. Wattenberg in his syndicated column, appeared in Washington Times -- a brief farewell piece after 20 years of regular features; also posted on 7 September to [American Enterprise Institute], quite likely where Secretary Rumsfeld encountered it.

The column is the last/oldest item on this list ...,recNo.21,filter.all,year...

Will you look at that. Those AEI folks don't fool around, not for a minute. Steel in the pits is still white hot, no one knows anything -- but posted here on 11 September ['Code Alpha', Ledeen] AEI already has their man. One Osama Saddam Bin Hussein by all accounts. A mighty web page in history.

This is an egg.
This is Iraq.
This is all our eggs, bound for Iraq.
Any questions?

A Golden addition to his 'rules', fine collection and interesting read BTW.

I like this one: "From where you sit, the White House may look as untidy as the inside of a stomach. As is said of the legislative process, sausage-making and policy-making shouldn’t be seen close-up. Don’t let that panic you. Things may be going better than they look from the inside."

Everybody's gotta learn sometime

Is the best prior knowledge doc, HANDS DOWN.

John Albanese letter

Thank you John! I think your movie is a great complement to Loose Change. I just wish I could download it with sound on both speakers! :) The faster we can help people wake up, the more of a chance we will all have.

John A does this mean..........

that you will be revamping your film?

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

i believe hes coming out

i believe hes coming out with a whole new version. should be great.

I combine EGLS with

DBLS's film "What's the Truth". I find that they go well together on 1 DVD.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

Very nicely written. Thanks

Very nicely written. Thanks John for this and for your fine film.

Good Article John...

I have believed at least WTC7 was demolished for a while. I think someone made a movie once that had the WTC7 collapse next to another collapse of a building about the same size. After watching both of them fall side by side, in what looked to be a mirror image of each other, I was pretty much convinced. Then, when Dr. Griffin came out with his "Explosive Testimonies" piece, that pretty much clinched it for me.


You will never hear me talk about Controlled Demolition with someone from the get-go. The reason is, when I talk to someone "new" regarding 9/11 Truth, or I'm put into a position where a lot of people will hear what I say (radio, TV, etc...), I don't want to come across as "crazy". I want people to listen to what I have to say without writing me off as some "nut".

People within the movement have to remember that the majority of people we're trying to reach, haven't even considered that we were lied to, let alone that elements of our Government were complicit in the attacks.

The less "crazy" we sound, the better.

Someone said recently that "my evidence" is the bridge to everyday people. When this person said that, they were referring to the articles I've posted. That is "my evidence" according to them. I thought about what that meant. The articles that I post are generally from somewhat reputable (if you can call the mainstream media that today) news sources.

In other words, I use the very same medium that "they" use to brainwash us, to educate the people about 9/11. I've always found that this simple technique, works best.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

Yes, thank you very much, John

Two folks at the ABC store (booze) I gave Loose Chanage 2nd Ed. to a couple of weeks ago are now true believers also. One of them, the lady, stated that one of her friends came to her the other day all upset and angry and told her she needed to see this DVD she had. Yep. It was Loose Change. My friend told her she had it also and told me that her friend was very upset now knowing it was our government who lied and was probably complicit. Bear in mind that these are folks here in the Bible Belt. Who are becoming aware of what our government has done to them and to the dead and dying victims of US oppression and murder all over the world. We have become the Evil Empire. And I don't think the true Evil Emperor is actually George the lacky. I really do wonder... just WHO is the single most powerful force of evil. Or what group. So well hidden. So afraid of justice. So deserving of reaping what they have sown.

Thank you!

Thanks for the great blog on 9/11. Most people who reject the false flag idea, that I have talked to, have never looked at the evidence. Several that I know who have are now convinced it was an inside job.

Nevertheless, we cannot expect a revolution to take place even when 80% of hte American people come to think we have been attacked by our own government. For how many years have 80% of Americans known JFK's assassination was a conspiracy, and what happened? WE are steadily being herded into martial law by a form of government most of us are unaware even exists.

Your essay is pertinent because it is rational, compelling, and doesn't overstate or froth at the mouth. Good job. THis is the kind of blog I can point my skeptical friends to to get them thinking.

"For how many years have 80%

"For how many years have 80% of Americans known JFK's assassination was a conspiracy, and what happened?"

The 9/11 attacks and fatality toll is of such a further reaching, more important and grander scale, that the JFK comparison isn't even remotely fair.

The main obstacle is the mainstream media. Because so many people don't question anything. They blindly follow and trust too easily, what they shouldn't.

And the unbelievable amount of "reality tv" shows also. How many mainstream "reality" tv shows are there? like 5 versions of American Idol singing shows? Probably 100 "reality" shows, 'round the clock, daily throughout the year on the major networks. Not too mention sitcoms and all of the other scripted shows. Sports games. Every sports season has multiple sports at the same time, and every sports season leads into another sports season of multiple sports at the same time. ALL TELEVISED PROMINENTLY. They're all helping to successfully render the mass of the masses docile with honestly unimportant filler.

If the majority of the U.S. public was being fed a steady stream of undeniable fact of government complicity in 9/11 by the mainstream media -- like they should have been since 9/11 happened -- even as little as "the Bush administration knowing pre-9/11 but doing nothing to protect the country and letting the attacks go forward", the country would be bouncing off the walls going crazy with millions of people in the streets protesting, rioting, screaming, crying -- demanding harsh justice.

But the mass of the masses is being successfully rendered docile. And the majority is ever harder to reach.

Looking at it from the side of those who are guilty, the whole set up is a beautiful thing.

Looking at it from our side, it is a MONSTER.

But keep pushing!

Damn right John, thank the

Damn right John, thank the lord we have another that sees. We do need everyone of you. You have filled my heart with some joy this day John.