Sign the "No Building Theory" Petition here! Only a "Reality Hugger" wouldn’t!

^ Caught those s.o.b's faking the Towers right there! Anyone who’s going to deny it just can’t handle the idea that those Towers were PLANETED folks! It just defies the laws of physics to think otherwise. Obviously they wouldn’t just collapse without any resistance. I mean a plane hitting the Towers with little resistance because it’s travelling at 500mph, with wings full of jetfuel making it like a battering ram at that velocity, crashing into buildings designed to absorb exactly such an impact is one thing. Clearly the planes were faked to, but the faked buildings is what its all about! I know all the “lielings” and "reality huggers" will come here talk trash, make easy arguments that I’ve got no reply to, but they can all just go slush their drivel, who cares about facts when your dealing with such a serious subject as 9/11?

Here’s the research;


And here’s the petition that I’ve been unnecessarily pestering the crap out of already busy people like Dr Steven Jones with;

Petition to investigate building fakery:

I hereby call for pointless fringe ideas about 9/11 to be pushed all over the place, to distract and irritate those genuinely working to expose the crimes of September 11th 2001. Also to discourage anyone new to the subject by making it all look like just crazy nonsense. Something to which only a “Tower Reality Hugger” would protest;  

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In all seriousness though, can everyone sign this petition below if you disagree with bs like the “no plane theory”. And would like to state that those who do advocate it don’t speak for you or anyone else who finds it ludicrous. You don’t have to use your real name or any sh!t like that if you don’t want to, but lets try and use this petition to draw a line in the sand here.

The No Buildings Theory Petition

no buildlings theory petition

Is this the petition you're referring to DLBS ?

I happened upon this petition a few minutes ago... what a coincidence.

LOL no, but this is a hot

LOL no, but this is a hot topic no doubt. The more petitions the better!

"no planers" are such

"no planers" are such limited hangouters, it's all about the "no buildings".

2 Possibilities: - You're

2 Possibilities:

- You're either really bored

- You're a paid troll. This case is more interesting cause it means the govt is getting desperate. CAN SOMEONE CHECK THE IPS OF THE ABOVE POSTS TO SEE IF THEY COME FROM A GOVT ADDY. THANKS.

Just very gullible I'm

Just very gullible I'm afraid, and I'll probably start defending the idea the Queen of England, and George Dubya Bush are a shape shifting Lizards next. Anything to justify that “Conspiracy Theorist” label!

The word "conspiracy" is

The word "conspiracy" is redundant. Unless you believe only one person commited this crime, it is a not a conspiracy.

So we have theories. Some are wrong. Some maybe right. Not all are provable. Some are disprovable. I, for eg, have seen credible evidence to disprove the "no plane hit the pentagon" theory, so I no longer buy into it.

No one, (including NIST, and yes, I did read their report) has yet to convince me that these buildings just collapsed and mosten metal came oozing out.

sorry guys, but your way

sorry guys, but your way behind. the "no building theory" is almost as passe as the "no plane" theory now. now its all about the "no earth theory". thats right, the biggest smoking gun of 9/11 is staring us right in the face and we are busy going in circles about CD,no planes and put options. its time to kick this movement into high gear. the "no earth theory" is the holy grail of 9/11 truth.

It all makes sense now….

It all makes sense now....

You make light of this

You make light of this situation. A little laughing is good for you. But remember. People died. This is not a laughing matter.

but those "people" who died

but those "people" who died were holograms, its the equivelent of killing the Dr. on Voyager. not *that* big of a deal.

NET So Last Week

"No Earth Theory" is sooo last week, the real truth comes from "No Thing Theory"! According to NTT, there is/were no planes, no buildings, no NYC, no earth, no universe, nothing at all! Everything, including all of you, are just real-time CGI holograms being beamed straight into my brain, which is also a CGI hologram!

Don't sign my petition though, as it's not real either.

(Sign dblm's instead - top stuff!)



wait, you forgot to post your resume to give credence to your "totally valid" theory, like how you used to do construction and no building could possbily be there given that you weren't there to build it, or how when the first tower falls, there seems to be some funny pixelation in the middle 30 floors that leads us to believe there was no tower.

Slush your drivel!

Oh my God, DBLS, I laughed so hard at the resurrection of this magnificent Nico-ism.

I think that should be the slogan of the NBT: Huxleyated corn chex -- slush your drivel about real buildings!

The Sad Thing Is DBLS...

I figured it out on 9/11/2001, when I made that.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

Would you like

To see my credentials?

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

no jon

Credentials don't mean $h!t.

i mean, look, Nico has "amazing" credentials (albiet seems to have been kicked out of every group he has "co-founded") and i could care less about what he did yesterday.

It's what he's doing today that irks me and makes me want to puke!

We are American citizens demanding the truth. It shouldn't require any more.

"...Nico...seems to have

"...Nico...seems to have been kicked out of every group he has "co-founded"..."

That's a lie. I wasn't kicked out of any group i co-founded.
I left ny911truth under protest in Spring 2004 after some infiltrators changed our "bush regime engineered 9/11" banner text.
They also embarrassed veteran 9/11 researcher Jared Israel by confronting him suddenly for a planned event with hangouter Scott Ritter. That was a decision by Nic Levis, who himself blocked the evidence on controlled demolition for 4 years.

Globalfreepress stopped to exist in late 2004 after the 6th or 7th hack.
I also left INN World Report in early 2005 by myself, didn't even leave a note :)

I left "ShadowGovernment TV" when i started ny911truth in late 2003, together with Angie d'Urso and a few others, coming out of the ny911meetups i established, which also still exist.

Science and Justice Alliance stopped to exist beginning of 2006, co-founded by Jeff "Plaguepuppy" King and me during early 2002. does still exist, with me as co-founder, so does 911InsideJobbers Yahoo, though the perps tried to shut us down last week after the Reynolds/Wood article.
The group didn't exist for 4 days and then suddenly came back on tuesday with a miracle.

Also 9/11 Truth Alliance still does exist, though i'm not really posting there anymore.

RayRayJones is a liar.

I figured out DBLS's problem

question: How could anyone in their right mind think an airplane would glide through structural steel and reinforced concrete like it does through the air?

answer: DBLS has watched too many cartoons, too many sci-fi movies, and played too many video games!

That must be the case. I assume he's in his right mind since he's for 9/11 Truth. Sigh.... I guess it takes some people longer than others.

question: if an airplane can glide the entire length of it's body through structural steel and reinforced concrete without any change in its behavior, would flying through a thin sheet of steel damage the plane at all?

answer: Maybe DBLS can find out for us.