297 Files from NYC OEM 09/11 Maps Database

A 708MB collection of files from the NYC OEM was obtained via the FOIL process.
It's a mix of Power Point files, images and PDF's.
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* These are a fraction of what was produced after 9/11.
* Over 10,000 Maps were produced by the EMDC, (Emergency Maps and Data Center), located at Pier 92.
* The rest are being held by another NYC agency; currently pending under a separate FOIL request.
* Only 297 files were received not 333 as noted in the response included with the torrent, more hopefully on the way.
Thank you Mr. Cole for all your work done towards obtaining this and other information!



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The bottom map is a file entitled 24Oct_Gas_Detection.jpg. It shows ammonia (red) and freon 22 (green)clouds in many locations. The "suspected source" is identified as the NW corner of the WTC6 crater.

The map has a slightly different title:

Gas Detection Continued
October 24, 2001.

I believe that the "continued" addition is significant, considering this is six weeks after the event. That is one persistent stockpile of ammonia and freon.

Question: Were the first responders and clean-up personnel made aware of this so they could wear protective gear?

To jumpstart this discussion of possible ammonia and freon toxicity, I offer the following highlights: [NOTE: Ammonia and Ammonium Nitrate (fertilizer) are two different compounds.]


Link: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/820298-overview

"Permissible levels of exposure to toxic gases are defined by time-weighted average (TWA), short-term exposure limit (STEL), and concentration at which toxic gasses are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). The TWA is defined as the concentration for an 8-hour workday of a 40-hour workweek that nearly all workers can be exposed to without adverse effects. Similarly, the STEL is the concentration to which an exposure of longer than 15 minutes is potentially dangerous and may produce immediate or chronic compromise to health. Anhydrous ammonia has a TWA of 25 ppm, an STEL of 35 ppm, and an IDLH of 500 ppm.

Although injury from ammonia most commonly is caused by inhalation, it also may follow ingestion or direct contact with eyes or skin...

...The most common mechanism by which ammonia gas causes damage occurs when anhydrous ammonia (liquid or gas) reacts with tissue water to form the strongly alkaline solution, ammonium hydroxide.

NH3 + H2 O ⇒ NH4 OH

This reaction is exothermic and capable of causing significant thermal injury.

Ammonium hydroxide can cause severe alkaline chemical burns to skin, eyes, and especially the respiratory system. Mild exposures primarily affect the upper respiratory tract, while more severe exposures tend to affect the entire respiratory system."

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammonia

"Ammonia is a colourless gas with a characteristic pungent smell. It is lighter than air, its density being 0.589 times that of air."


Link: http://msds.dupont.com/msds/pdfs/EN/PEN_09004a2f80007210.pdf

"Vapors are heavier than air and pose a threat of suffocation
if trapped in enclosed or low places."

"Self-contained breathing apparatus
(SCBA) is required if a large release occurs."

..."avoid open flames and high

"Decomposition products are hazardous. "FREON" 22 can be
decomposed by high temperatures (open flames, glowing metal
surfaces, etc.) forming hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids,
and possibly carbonyl halides. These materials are toxic
and irritating. Contact should be avoided."


> Ammonia is lighter than air. Freon is heavier than air.

> The map shows both ammonia and freon clouds. The ammonia clouds are drifting with the prevailing winds. The freon clouds MUST BE the exposed tips of a vast underground lake of freon gas settled into the basement areas below the debris pile.

> It was widely reported that there were highly alkaline conditions at Ground Zero.

> It was widely reported that there were fires, high temperatures and glowing metal surfaces at Ground Zero.

> It was widely reported that the air was safe to breathe.

> It is widely reported that first responders suffer from severe respiratory ailments.

Am I jumping to unsupported conclusions?

OSHA ID's Freon Hazard at Ground Zero

OSHA identified Freon 22 as a hazard at Ground Zero. (See the picture of a huge tank next to their narrative.)

Link: http://www.osha.gov/Publications/WTC/dangerous_worksite.html

"Huge underground tanks held more than 200,000 pounds of Freon stored to cool the seven buildings of the WTC complex. This had been the largest air-conditioning system in the country.

OSHA personnel were concerned that workers entering areas below grade could be exposed to Freon gas, a known, heavier-than-air, invisible killer. After a leaking tank was discovered, agency staff and the site construction manager carried out special sampling for months until all the tanks were uncovered and safely removed. "

>>>>>FOIA already on the way<<<<<<<

However, NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) failed to find any Freon 22 in their sampling between September 18 and October 4, 2001.

Link: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/wtcsampres.html

"Freon 22:
A total of 5 air samples were collected for Freon 22 (chlorodifluoromethane). No Freon 22 was detected on any of these air samples."

>>>>>FOIA already on the way<<<<<<<

NIOSH includes a veiled disclaimer:

"Because these findings are based on limited sampling, they may not be representative of more general exposures. However, they are consistent with those reported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). "

They ARE NOT consistent with those reported by OSHA.!! They ARE, unfortunately, consistent with Christine Todd Whitman's statements.

>>>>>FOIA already on the way<<<<<<<


Looks like this article is 9/18/01

Link: http://multimedia.belointeractive.com/attack/news/0918firesburn.html

"There's a lot of fire very, very deep," Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen said. "But we know we will not be able to put that fire out until we remove the debris."

To complicate matters, the fire smolders near a large stockpile of Freon, nearly 12 tons of gold and 1,000 tons of silver. The precious metals belong to people trading futures contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Burning Freon produces a nerve gas that was used to kill troops in World War I. EPA spokeswoman Tina Kreisher said Monday that the supply below the twin towers appears to be in no danger of igniting. The gold – 0.3 percent of the world's 2000 supply – was worth about $110 million. The silver was worth $133 million. "

The gold and silver were recovered. Probably from WTC4. But Freon continued to leak and be detected on OCT 24--suspected as emanating from WTC6.


link: http://www.osha.gov/nyc-disaster/summary.html
[As of 10/08/02]

"Freon R-22, Hydrogen Fluoride & Phosgene

OSHA has taken a total of 214 samples for Freon R-22 (chlorodiflouromethane), hydrogen fluoride, and phosgene. Only one Freon sample resulted in a detectable level of 6.4 ppm during the transfer of Freon from the auxiliary chiller, and all other samples were none-detected. OSHA does not have an exposure limit for Freon R-22. (The NIOSH REL for Freon is 1000ppm..) Sampling for the decomposition products of Freon R-22, hydrofluoric acid (HF) and phosgene showed no detectable levels."

>>>>FOIA relating to specific dates and sample results already on the way<<<<<<


Sometime in November, 2001 an expedition to the suspected Freon source, the main chiller plant, was undertaken. The team ultimately determined that the main plant had been damaged and the Freon likely had been released early when the North tower collapsed.

Link: http://saintcamille.tzo.com/ftp/Text/amer_ground_part_1.pdf

--see PDF page 12--

"The damage was even worse than the engineers had expected
it to be, and it offered the first hard evidence of a fact
that was eventually verified during the excavation from the
surface—that the Freon had vented, and the beast at the center
of the pile was a myth."


Another website reports that the Freon tanks were located and the Freon was recovered.

Link: http://911research.wtc7.net/cache/wtc/analysis/asse_groundzero1.htm

"Approximately 200,000 pounds of Freon® 22 refrigerant for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system were located several stories underground in storage tanks. Nearly 180,000 pounds for the primary system and another 20,000 pounds for the backup system were located in separate tanks at two different levels in the WTC basement. While this chemical has a relatively high threshold limit value and is nonflammable, it emits hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids when heated. Final status: Both tanks were eventually located and inspected; both were damaged and one was leaking slightly. The same contractor that designed, built, nstalled and serviced the tanks eventually recovered the Freon®."

Something doesn't add up. One story says the Freon was recovered, with only a slight leak. The other says the tanks were severely damaged early and all the Freon escaped. The lurking Freon beast was a myth.


The EPA reported that the tanks were located and found to be intact. [September 30, 2001]

link: http://www.epa.gov/wtc/summaries/epa-osha02.htm

"Freon, which is commonly used as a coolant in refrigerators and air conditioners, was stored in the basement of the World Trade Center. The freon containers have been located and are reported to be intact. The freon will be recycled after it is removed. "

SO, IF the tanks were damaged early, and the Freon escaped early, why do the maps six weeks later continue to show Freon clouds? Why does the EPA on 9/30/01 report that the tanks are intact? Why does the contractor who reportedly removed the Freon, say that there was only a slight leak?

ANSWER: To avoid litigation.

So what happened to the FOIL

So what happened to the FOIL request for these other files? Did you get a letter back? Can you tell us the name of the other agency you filed the FOIL request with?
I want to send them a request, i am after data on the temperatures that where present at ground and information on the fires that where present along with photo's that
they might have.

Oh yeah,

I can tell you that several other attempts were made to gather the rest. The other agency was the NYC LAW Dept.

Many requests were made. Initially I asked for a "root directory" showing the names, dates, sizes and type of the files they had. Answer: No such list exists; none can be created. I appealed. Eventually we came to an agreement to search for two keywords: FREON and DIELECTRIC FLUID. This produced a response with about 100 documents of varying length. (These should be up on datasets soon)

This response contained information that required follow-up requests to several agencies, including FEMA, NTSB, NYSDEC and EPA. It has been 15 months and one of the follow-ups (FEMA) has just been received. While not directly related to the FREON or map issue, it is still important information.

I tried many times to get more records from NYC LAW. They shut the process down a few months ago saying that all records were attorney work product or contained personal information. In NY you have to appeal in a civil action called an Article 78.

This is more than I can handle. Anybody who wants to pursue this is welcome to. I believe there is an excellent chance of winning seeing as how records had already been sent and it was stated that none of the records held by this agency were exempt. In fact, I believe that this shuffling of records from one agency to another is an attempt to avoid disclosure. It is happening elsewhere also.