The Chavez Document Shows Clear Signs of Manipulation

I have now re-titled this post to reflect the fact that I have seen clear evidence of manipulation in the document.

In particular, it is quite obvious that the number "1" has been pasted using the marquee tool, just in front of the "4". This was done in a very obvious way, which suggests that it is a deliberate set up, somewhat like the Dan Rather / Swift Boats debacle, in which deliberately falsified documents were injected into the mass media as "bait", and later exposed by courageous (right wing) bloggers.

It is a testament to the integrity, intelligence and maturity of contributors to this website that the disinfo ploy has been exposed so quickly.


(: 911oz 

I think you misunderstand

I think you misunderstand what the "100%" zoom factor in Acrobat means. It is not an exact representation of the underlying image but rather a scaled version that is supposed to display on your monitor as close as possible to actual size. To do so, the underlying image is scaled down substantially by Acrobat from its actual dimensions in pixels and the resulting image is smoothed using anti-aliasing.

If you set the zoom factor to 1600% as dz suggests, you will see the discrete pixels of the underlying image. I used pdftohtml to extract the image embedded in the PDF file, which produced an 8-bit gray scale 2550x3300 image. The exact pixel matches that dz points out are indeed there.

UPDATE: The exact pixel matches are not quite exact (though I think close enough for the point dz is making. I will comment in dz's thread to explain.


OK - point taken.

At 1600% the images are indeed virtually identical.

Editor -

pay close attention to  the

pay close attention to  the leading slashes infront of 14wks and 4wks.  That is what raises my red flag.  The preceding slash of 14wks is destroyed by the "1" and the "4" is also destroyed.   That "1" should not be there at all.

somebody forgot to use the lasso tool

yeah, I noticed that too...

Looks like somebody forgot to use the lasso tool. It's a rough hack, that one. They'll have to try a bit harder next time.

Editor -

please update your post with

please update your post with a clarification if you can..

and turn of anti-aliasing /

and turn of anti-aliasing / smoothing

In particular, all the

In particular, all the letters composing the SYSTEMS ANALYST information, including dates, are copied and pasted from other parts of the document. The Y letters in each of those words was taken from the sans serif font of the pre-printed form (TIME OF ENTRY), not even typewriter-style letters. Yes, it's a fraud, and a poorly done one.

The unanswered question is

The unanswered question is if the manipulation was done before or after the PDF was sent in to Alex Jones?