9/11 Truth at the "World Can't Wait, Drive out Bush" Gathering, Union Square NYC 10/5/06

I will write memories tommorrow. It's too late tonight, but at least here are the pics.

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Educational Banner

People flocking around. Very interested. Passed out 5,000 "The 9/11 Truth Reporter" newspapers. And 100's of our regular informational, "Take the 9/11 Truth Quiz" fliers.

Attacks by Anti-war people who claim 9/11 Truth hurts their movement.

Les Jamison gives another Interview.

Luke Radowski instructs handsome "Clown" who gathered a lot of attention loudly and dramatically arguing with us. From what I could make out, Clown's were All Completely Specious Arguments - such as: the resistence of the floors of the World Trade Towers should not slow down a gravity driven collapse. The speciousness of his arguments did not slow down his enthusiasm.

Bravo! People who do something!

VERY GOOD... more more more

Dallas Protest

Last night at the Dallas World Can't Wait Protest I gave out about 250 DVDs of Terrorstorm, What's the Truth,
LC2E, 911 Mysteries, and Sept 11 Revisited.

The DVDs were very warmly recieved.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

That's a lot of dvds

nice work, Joe

Hats off...

Nice job Joe.

It's great to see more and mroe people getting up and doing some activism (even more if it's inspired by a Gandhi quote :)

Excellent! Great work! Very inspirational! Thank you!

Excellent! Great work! Very inspirational! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I'm gonna bet...

That these people were no where near Union Square on 9/5/2006.


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

updated the date in the

updated the date in the title, thanks.

thanks for the pics

What's the 9/11 Truth Reporter? Is it online?

Olbermann goes nuclear!

Olbermann goes nuclear!
This is total blast why I have such a feeling that his rage is driven because he is "a closet 911Truther"..

So, Mr. Olbermann, next week go full hydrogen and expose the 9/11 hoax!


i wouldnt bet on that based

i wouldnt bet on that based solely on his employer, but even without 9/11 truth, Olbermann has been killing it lately. very impressive for a MSM talking head.

olbermann is SO CLOSE

He's still on the "democrats are saints republicans are evil" bandwagon, BUT, his commentaries are teetering on the edge of 9/11 truth. I am SURE he is a truther, but he is so far keeping within the framework of what is "allowed" on network news. You can bash the president and political parties, but stay away from exposing 9/11 truth.

We need to keep emailing olbermann and really cranking up the heat, he can be key in opening up that gate.

Here's the email: countdown@msnbc.com

I'm sending one right now. Let's all send an email to the show.

Speak from the heart. Tell him what an amazing job he is doing, but to save this country, he needs to go to the next step. 1/3rd of the country thinks it was in inside job. Let's start the conversation!

Email Olbermann

Great idea, chum! For what it's worth, here's mine:

October 6, 2006

Mr. Keith Olbermann

Mr. Olbermann:

I've only discovered your reporting recently and I've found you to be a breath of fresh air. I'd given up hope anyone in the mainstream media had the courage to challenge this current administration. It is a sad state of affairs when one of the most courageous media personalities is a comedian(re: Stephen Colbert, White House Correspondent's Dinner). Anyway, I am glad I've found you. Continue to hold those in power accountable.

On a more serious note, I would like to ask if you've considered covering recent developments in the 9/11 truth movement. I don't know what your particular circumstances are, and I understand your hesitation at being labeled a conspiracy theorist, or even being accused of promoting conspiracy theories. But to those who would stop questions with these types of attacks I would remind them:

Pre-meditated murder is always a conspiracy. Those who, a) destroy evidence(WTC steel), b)restrict access to vital evidence(most CCTV footage around Pentagon), and c)tamper/ restrict the following investigation(Bush waited 441 days before starting an investigation), are guilty, at the very least, of being accessories after the fact to pre-meditated murder. And these are nearly 3,000 counts of pre-meditated murder. Can you imagine any police department waiting over a year to START investigation ONE murder, under the above conditions, without public outcry?

This, sir, is the root passion that drives the people behind 911 Truth. This, sir, is what most media outlets try to disparage. This, sir, is why 911 Truth will not go away until there is a new, independent investigation requiring testimony under oath, and those responsible or who aided and abetted 911 are brought to justice.

I urge you to see the movie "911 Press for Truth", documenting the efforts of the 911 widows. Also, there is a push to make 911 an election issue this year at:


Again, I appreciate your excellent work. Thank you for your time, sir.

(signature REDACTED)

(email REDACTED)

That is a great

Letter, I may shamelessly steal parts of it to send out in Emails myself.

Letter thief

Have at it mate, with my blessings!

Olberman has repeatedly

Olberman has repeatedly hosted hit peices on 9.11 truth. One with Gerald Posner and Jimmy Walter and some other ones I've seen,

Show "Typical 9/11 CT Move" by Nathan Frailing (not verified)

Allow me

to OWN you on a point that you can not refute.

explain to me exactly how over 1150 bodies get completely Vaporized, 1700+ others are blown into very tiny fragments (more than 20,000 collected) that fit into Test Tubes, more than 760 tiny Bone Fragments are found on buildings across the street from the WTC.
Only 12 people out of almost 3000 were identifiable without DNA testing.

The obvious explanation is high explosives unless you somehow believe that simple gravity collapse did this?
If so then explain how gravity manages to blow a human body apart with such tremendous force as to spread tiny shards of bone hundreds of feet away to buildings across the street?
Might also try to explain how steel beams/columns weighing several tons manage to get blown across West 57th street several hundred feet away in a simple gravity collapse of buildings that magically turned to talcum fine dust in 10 seconds.

Im sure you debunked nothing whatsoever, just like you wont be able to debunk the question I just asked.


While I would love to waste my time responding to each individual who thinks they are the first person to have thought of a CT argument I have heard a thousand times, I am in a meeting. I would be happy to respond to anything should you have the desire to email me personally or post on an appropriate forum. Please indicate which works best for you and I will be happy to oblige.

Before you hit the "Reply" button to suggest I am unable to answer your question, I would ask that you offer proof for all of the assumptions you just made. FACTS. I am not a close-minded person, I can believe our government lies to our citizens and with some EVIDENCE, I could even be inclined to believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy. Lacking EVIDENCE, however, such as freefall claims and controlled demolition when the base of the building fell slower than the debris (thus proving freefall is not what happened) and with no residue evidence of explosives, your arguments are baseless.

Please continue to attack me senselessly.

Also, I should make it known that I was VERY friendly. I hugged or shook the hands of nearly everyone I talked to yesterday. I would only ask the same respect from you.

sure thing

Evidence of body parts


Evidence of a multi ton column sticking out of WFC3 building on West 57th about the 20th floor, this is approx 400-500 feet away from WTC1.


Evidence of the Bone Fragments across the street.

“Could be part of a vertebrae,” he thought.

The piece would join a growing collection. Some 760 specks and slivers of human bones have been discovered in recent months, after demolition began on this 41-story former bank tower known as the Deutsche Bank building, just south of where the World Trade Center once stood.


Try watching this video also.


Best to download the "Google Video Player" plays in DVD quality.

Would love to hear your response.

Yeah I figured

as much, No response.
That is because there is no response possible to this question except to admit it was High Explosives.
Which means obviously that all 3 buildings were taken down by controlled demolition.

Hi, Nathan

Have you seen this video clip from 9.11?

BBC footage captures audio of bombs going off BEFORE North Tower falls

Here's what people at ground zero saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears:

9.11 witness testimony corroborating the use of explosives at the World Trade Center

And here's a recent interview with a controlled demolition expert who says that Building 7 was a controlled demolition:

Controlled Demo Expert Danny Jowenko confirms that Building 7 was brought down on purpose

Extended unedited version of Jowenko interview

Structural experts agree with Danny Jowenko

And, Nathan, you should also check out these recent articles criticizing NIST:

Jim Hoffman shreds NIST's latest release

Reply to NIST, by Gordon Ross

Show "Secondly...." by Nathan Frailing (not verified)


Then DOUBLE the time they fell if that makes you feel better, there is no possible way they could have collapsed in 20 seconds.
98% of the massive steel columns in the buildings core were completely unharmed and would not have just fell like a house of cards in a hurricane.

While exact "freefall" may have been 9.2 seconds and the building may have taken a whopping ".08 seconds" longer, that is bascially freefall.

Your denial of obvious facts is pitiful.

nathan failing at his own game

you have not addressed the original question about the body parts and steel, even after given the evidence you requested. your attack the messenger, not the message game is juvenile, arrogant, and speaks volumes of your ignorance is bliss life motto. hey, i think bloomingdale's is having a sale on their menswear this weekend. check it out! maybe a haircut is in order as well. later, tiger.


If that's his name... walks out of the crowd and plants himself right in front of the banner, stays there for at least a half hour, and then comes to this blog and makes repeat comments... nuff said?

You're not fooling anybody!

WTC7 -- explain that one!

Explain this one!
Plane Impact Times – Indicting New Evidence of 9/11 Coverup & Involvement

Explain this one!
(go in 48 mins 30 secs - Scientific Sound Analysis WTC1)

Want more? The internet's loaded with evidence!

It's time for a new 9/11 investigation, THIS TIME ONE WITH TEETH!

HATE - USA - psychopaths

Wow.. here is a guy you need to turn around:
He hates liberals!

As if our survival depends on police-state and weapons and voting "the right way". There is no choice for him.

So, you all think 9/11 was an inside job.

Do you know the logic and the consequences of this statement?

It means that the USA will have to be abolished, no less.

I dont think 9/11

was an inside job, I KNOW for a fact it was.

and why would the entire USA have to be abolished if 9/11 was an inside job? LOL

That is like saying, "So you think The Simpsons is a bad TV show?".
Ok that means all of TV will have to be abolished.
You no planners are completely insane, you sound like Fundys.

Get a grip

Get a grip yourself. > and

Get a grip yourself.

> and why would the entire USA have to be abolished
> if 9/11 was an inside job? LOL

because the fundamental corruption.

> That is like saying, "So you think The Simpsons
> is a bad TV show?".
> Ok that means all of TV will have to be abolished.

It does not. A TV show is not going around the world killing innocents and supressing culture.

> You no planners are completely insane,
> you sound like Fundys.

You are childish, you sound like a moody teenager.

debate the issue, if you can

Abolishing the US

Well, time will tell on that one.

In the meanwhile, u2, maybe you can explain why your interest in 9/11 has recently given way to an even stronger interest in tweaking/provoking Americans and stirring the no-planes shit here at blogger.

You're starting to look like a bored troublemaker, dearie. I would just like to know why, since you are clearly intelligent and articulate, and since I'm probably not the only person here who is especially interested in perspectives on 9/11 from elsewhere in the world, which you seem well-qualified to provide.

"You are childish, you sound like a moody teenager."
And you sound increasingly like a retired housewife with an ax to grind and the impression that 911blogger is the place to grind it. (FYI, other readers: u2 is a self-described retired housewife.)

she refuses to say where she

she refuses to say where she is from while taking shots at and using a broad brush on all americans. check her USA=Dopey thread. she is a HUGE fan of Chomsky and regularly makes excuses for him. you sure aint the only one around here that is getting tired of her typical
"americans are stupid" type pot shots.

Okay, but ...

"Don't make Chris angry. You won't like him when he's angry."

Do you remember the Incredible Hulk, or was that before your time?

I myself don't care whether she tells us where she lives and she is free to like Chomsky -- if she wanted to discuss him intelligently (rather than use the mention of him as a tool to get your skin to turn green, your veins to pop, and the seams of all your clothes to burst) that would be fine with me. But why is she in such a state recently? Does she imagine that all of us Americans here at blogger are just ecstatic with our post-habeas corpus, post-Fallujah, post 9/11 country and that she needs to take us down a peg? We're all so high on patriotism at the thought that our leaders are on the verge of starting a third war that we need to go to u2r2h rehab?

I'm a fan of Chomsky's work too;

Doesn't mean you have to be a wanker about it.

I wouldn't understand the world was well as I do today,--and know how to research more--if it wasn't for his "Detering Democracy". I still recomend it.

Being a fan also doesn't mean you worship the ground he walks on. I mean, that's the point, right? Own your own head? Think for yourself?

So it absolutely blows me to the four winds that he's treating the 911 Truth movement like a bunch of lepers. He knows better, and a real fan who understood the meaning of his work would point out what a hypocrite he's turned into these days, not be a bloody Stepford Cheerleader.

Time for another drink.