Southpark Episode on 9/11 Conspiracy - Video Download

Tonight Southpark focused on 9/11 conspiracy in their latest episode. I say 'focused on' quite loosely in that 9/11 conspiracy was really a sort of side show to the episode, and not the entire focus. While the episode covered some of the more common 'conspiracy theories', it didn't go into much detail on anything substantial in relation to the growing movement of those that question 9/11. Looking back on the last 2 years of my personal involvement in this subject I would have to say this is probably the largest, but definitely not the most even-handed, coverage given so far to 9/11 skeptics.

I would feel remiss if I didn't make at least a few suggestions to those that will happen upon this site for the first time and then totally forget about it, and write off everyone who questions 9/11 as crazy. I hope if this is your first time to hear of 9/11 'conspiracies' that you might spend a few minutes of your time to look over a few things

  • Click here to see a large number of credible patriots who openly question 9/11
  • Click here to watch a new documentary focused on the family members who are disgusted by the coverup of 9/11 (official website)
  • Click here for the most complete timeline on 9/11 before, during, and after

If anything positive comes out of this Southpark episode I hope it is a desire for individuals to do some research on 9/11. I also hope that these individuals will realize that while some that question 9/11 may be 'crazy' (like in any grouping), it would be absurd to think that everyone who questions 9/11 is (or even a large percentage of the 40%+ who think there is a coverup are), and equally as absurd to think that our current government's corruption and willingness to lie somehow don't apply to 9/11.

Update: digg it!

my recording crapped out

my recording crapped out only a few minutes in, and i was at the ER, so unfortunately my rip failed.. hopefully another will be on the way.

message for 9/11 truth

if anyone can get a hold of someone from, you need to tell them to make a new post and put in some better 9/11 information for newbies... there's gonna be so many people going there, and the main stories are some BS about other shit. they need to have links to some 9/11 movies, and ideally links to other sites like this one, or their site right now is shit if you're new to 9/11 truth.... so if anyone can call someone who can update their site, that should be done asap!

here's the torrent for the southpark episode btw:


Fix that site up, peeps.

Would it kill anyone if the money-counter wasn't the first the thing to meet the eye?

yes, I think the abandone it

yes, I think the abandone it for weeks at a time. They really could have put a choice few video links out there. They've blown it on the first couple of runnings.

They need to put a start

They need to put a start here link out there to 911 mysteries. Why don't they do something?

someone hack

someone hack and put one of those links that forwards after one second to 911 mysteries, that's the best one for people to start with.

How about calling before attacking?

Would it be hard to look at the Contact page for our phone number and pick up the phone, like the guy from Vancouver just did, instead of immediately attacking us for having 'shit' on our front page??? I don't have cable, have never watched South Park, and had no idea!! If I'd had a heads up, I would have already posted something there that would direct newcomers to more information, rather than an article about voting being first on the page... So, next time, how about just calling. Seems to me that would be more useful than attacking, eh?!! Wow... nice to know we're all in this together. Hmm. Again, wonder why "they're" winning...

And by the way, if you actually LOOK at the stories we post, you'll know the bullshit post suggesting we "abandon the site for months at a time" is bullshit. Thanks, friend.

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"they" are NOT winning

It's very obvious to people who work directly with folks in public that "they" are scared out fo their minds because people are waking up like never before. TRUST ME! And keep up the good work, all. A little infighting is not going to stop "us".


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


WORD the fuck UP

Tell it like it is, RT.


This is actually very good

This is actually very good stuff. RT... you ROCK!!! Check out Click on search. Type conspiracy. You will not be disappointed by this guy. You will almost certainly learn a lot of important things.

This is actually very good

This is actually very good stuff. RT... you ROCK!!! Check out Click on search. Type conspiracy. You will not be disappointed by this guy. You will almost certainly learn a lot of important things.

Janice -

your website remains one of the most credible and legitimate websites on the subject of 9/11. If people would just take a minute to actually dig a little deeper into the site they will find very balanced and scholarly research - unlike much of the flashy 9/11 websites that mix speculation with the truth.

its too bad that the squeeky wheels have been getting the most oil lately. This South Park episode is a perfect example of how the wrong issues are being fronted and misrepresented as 'the movement' - while the most critical information and research is languishing on the back burner.

Wait to go Janice!

Wait to go Janice!

That should be 'Way' -

That should be 'Way' - coffee hasn't kicked in and I'm sick as a dog.

Sorry dear...

I thought you knew, otherwise I would have told you... has some of THE BEST 9/11 Truth articles... PERIOD.

See look...

Seriously though... they do, and ALWAYS have. You won't find bullsh_t about CGI, Holograms, Mini-Nukes, etc...

AND... WHENEVER a representative of gets a chance to speak or debate, they are usually HEADS OVER TAILS anyone else.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Good indeed...

Yes, those "truth" sites are actually good, because they clearly show what the conspiracy theorists actually are: insane, braindead and stupid liars and losers who build their pitiful lives on overwhelming Bush-hatred and lies. Not a single sane person can take them seriously after visiting their sites. They are also good sources of pictures, which generally prove something else than what the CTs hallucinate.

We must all be retarded

The show underscores the liberal point of view. They dont believe the Bush administration was competent enough to pull off a 9/11. And so jokingly, the show suggests that this site, and others, is really controlled by the government to make the Bush Administration appear bigger than it really is.

A very stupid show. Lots of plot changes, but still very stupid.

My only question is this: was it Bush's raging clue that led the U.S. to invade Iraq or was it Cheney's raging clue?

Re-runs will let it sink in

the show suggests that this site, and others, is really controlled by the government to make the Bush Administration appear bigger than it really is.

Do you really think this cartoon show has a serious political point?

The whole show is a joke!

It's supposed to be.

You're taking the POV of South Park way too seriously and reading too closely. It's not that literal.They presented our view. To millions of people. That is huge.

South park makes fun of

South park makes fun of EVERYTHING. In fact, the more taboo, the more likley they are to make fun of it. It's called comedy, look into it. "was it Bush's raging clue that led the U.S. to invade Iraq or was it Cheney's raging clue"? WTF? EVERYTHING you said was retarded. I honestly think the writers of South Park are good guy's and sometimes they put things in their show that point out the fucked up things in our society, and that is completley normal and hooray for them for doing it. But the day they start getting preachy and stop being funny is the day I stop watching. Rock on south park!!

they nailed the 9/11 turth

they nailed the 9/11 turth movement - retards all

South Park 9/11 Remix

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South Park is not serious,just a serious turn off

Why are we discussing South Park? Do you think it looks serious to new commers to this page? It is a cartoon and I could care less what they show. It is not serious.If they drew some people to that's fine,but it detracts from the seriousnes to see their name on this page. I as a European know many Europeans feel that way.There this type of thing is a turn off to even start looking into this type of page. What's next ? "Jackass","Borat" or some porn movie?Is the movement really that desperate?South Park is fun intertainment for 30 minutes and the 9/11 episode was very funny,because it was so retarded, but that's where it stops.
Other than that, this is possibly the best site.That's why I hate to see "South Park" detract from the good quality. Anyway,did anyone here really expect anything good from South Park? They did us a favour by showing the guy with the t-shirt.We are not doing ourselves a favour by mentioning them here or just anyone else just because they touched the subject because sometimes they do that because they know they are the dung that will smear our reputation.
Anyway,that's what I think. If I'm wrong,please tell me why?

haha you all are a buch of

haha you all are a buch of fucken moonbats, but the people who made this site are the smart ones that convince you retards of bs and make money off of it

new world order

They called us retards, but

They called us retards, but all in all, it will wake a bunch of people up. I was laughing my ass off. I am a truther, and I think a bunch of muslim hijackers did it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.


I thought it was OK.

Most people instinctively realize that the lower quarter of intelligence, and caring about our world, does not overlap with the ~one quarter who are into skepticism around 9/11.

Most people realize that 9/11 Truth folks are way more informed than average, and way more interested.

So the set of the lower 25 percentile, as far as intelligence, is not the set of 9/11 skeptics.

9/11 Truth people are obviously not "retarded." Even as the charcters who presented the viewpoint on the show were not. They were so articulate that viewers complained of the "complexity." That's not from being retarded.

This is unstated. But the viewer gets it. There are other emotional reasons 9/11 truthers are disparaged. But it's not for lack of intelligence.

It could've been soooooooooooooo much worse. Look at Taibbi's article in Rolling Stone. SP went light on us.

And gave the ad.

People like that don't give an ad for nothing. They know how much it's worth. We're talking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

They had to slur us somehow. And that was it!!


It's so obviously untrue that how could it bother us? They covered our entire issue in this show. How can we complain about the content when they pretty much presented it, in shortened form, and with exaggeration and humor, but as we do? They didn't misrepresent us.


I have no idea what oters were expecting, but I certainly felt sick when I thought about it before watching. And was extremely surprised and pleased by the coverage.

The ending is just a tag on folks. The bulk was presenting our case.

I will also say, my favorite

I will also say, my favorite part is when cartman sings his little 911 song. I nearly died laughing. If you notice when cartman walks out though, he's shown under the flag. They wouldn't have put that there unless it was for a reason. Subliminal, but still was very positive.

Bombs and Missles...


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They mocked us just enough

They mocked us just enough to ensure it got air time. All in all, it could have been far worse.

Yes, they mocked us, but I

Yes, they mocked us, but I tried to log onto website and it wouldn’t load. Maybe they are getting alot of hits because of the truthers tee shirt?


which character wore the tshirt?

Looks like the

Looks like the site is down from too much traffic. It was plasted on one of the character's shirts throughout the show.

Flashing of

I am a little confused on the motive of this episode b/c of the repetitive flashing of I'm confused.

Part of me wants to call it a hit piece but the other thinks maybe it will spark curiousity in others.

bastards didn't put

bastards didn't put on his t-shirt....the bastards!!!

Thank you Trey Parker and Matt Stone

We must all remember Ghandi's stages of acceptance.

they revealed many truths and as my buddies were laughing at me some of them noted that that stuff couldn't be true. I was amazed at how much truth they revealed.

Thats the great thing about america, this now become part of the "cover-up"

-God Bless America
and the terrorists live in the WH

God Bless America and the

God Bless America
and the terrorists live in the WH

Right on! Folks this is a comedy show. And yes talking about tin foil hat, kool aid drinking conspiracy theorists is funny. We know the truth. If you want some REAL, interesting conspiracys check out You might just learn a lot of other things too.

Oh please

This isn't about ego, it's about maybe waking a few people up hopefully. Any site is fine - we're all linked, no? And helping each other out with research, cross-posting, etc. Truth is a collaboration.

Alright maybe I'm taking this post too seriously. But I do see a lot of adolescent sentiments here, sorry.

Yes, you were taking it way too seriously.

For all the adolescent sentiments here, there is about three times as much sarcasm and facetiousness.

Get over yourself.

Just kidding :)

Is your name a reference to the Hopi prophecy?

Sophomoric hit-piece on 9/11 truth + juvenile potty humor

Sophomoric hit-piece on 9/11 truth + juvenile potty humor

Stop crying, you got made

Stop crying, you got made fun of and you can't handle it. "Oh they didn't portray it correctly!" "Thats not how we feel, thats stupid!" "This is toilet humour because we can't take a joke!"

South Park just made you guys even less credible than you already are.

Enjoy your conspiracy game, or maybe you should go back to the Old JFK one, at least people really care about that.

Show " people......." by Anonymous (not verified)

southpark, etc...

Firstly, I am a 24 yr old college graduate, who has lived in the northeast all my life, vote in every election, follow various news outlets and consider myself up to date on politics and the blogosphere. I also deliver pizza for a living right now with some poker aspirations and drink a little too much so I definitely consider myself at least kind of retarded. I am not a democrat nor republican and hate American politics. I am not a member of any organized religion since they promote everything the prophets spoke against but I am not an atheists either. I like to think I follow the Socratic path of life, simply stated as "I know because I don't know".

Secondly, to my points on the episode and the idea of 9/11 conspiracy's. I have seen the "loose change" movie and others of the like and I admit they opened my eyes to some interesting coincidences or weird occurences. Whatever you want to call these things, no one on this site can clearly explain what happened on 9/11 and this is a fact since the 9/11 commission was unable to as well. Now, this is not to say that our government was responsible or the Neo-cons are out to cause martial law on us sheeple, but this research into 9/11 should be causing us all a little concern.

We live in an extremely violent world where our own country is the most lethal and overpowering force. Over 3000 people were murdered on 9/11, which should never be forgotten, but does this justify killing 10 times that in Iraq and Aghanistan? I would like to hear how anyone- liberal, conservative, religious, atheist, republican, democrat- could make a case for that retribution or as the media terms the fight for freedom.

I am getting off topic, but it is hard to discuss 9/11 without discussing the after effects and the changes it has brought to this country and throughout the world. I would argue that most Americans, not just 1/4, are pretty much retarded and are content with drinking beer, watching nascar or football, and believing that some higher power (God- Government) is in control of the world. We are becoming more and more isolationists not in our scope or power but in our super-nationalism, which is more like dropping bombs with the american flag on them instead of just putting flags on our car doors.

I enjoyed the Southpark episode because it did poke fun at conpiracy nuts and people who eventually go that one step to far. This happens all the time because it is only natual for human beings to ask questions and formulate some semblance of truth. Like those people who think illuminati zombies are going to eat our children. Or those people who believe Reptiles were the original inhabitants of our planet and their souls are lost in our bodies. Or those people who think that some guy rose from the dead 1000 yrs ago to save the world from sin and waits in heaven to judge us into paradise or damnation. Or those people who think that blowing themselves up will get them head from 79 virgins. Or people who believe punching holes in dolls will cause harm to the actual person represented.

Some of you might be mad that I grouped all these people together, such as comparing Christianity to Voodo Doctors , but I had no choice to make my point. In most aspects of life there is no truth, there is only what we are told and what we choose to believe or place our faith in. Now, many of you will probably write back and say that 9/11 is different because there is scientific data and factual evidence of Osuma declaring his jihad on western culture. While this appears to be the easy explanation, there is no hard evidence of this particular conspiracy theory, no matter how well it was presented by the media and the government. (This is according to FBI reports by the way.)

I don't like to represent my own view because I don't know the truth so I guess I don't really have a concrete view of what happened. But I look at world history and see how it was only 500 yrs ago that people thought the world was flat, and that it was only 200 yrs ago that the native peoples on the North American Continent were raped of their land, and only some 50 yrs ago that an entire race of people were almost extinguished by the evil of the Nazi's. I see that genocide still occurs around the world, and that terrorists in Russia attack school gyms killing little children. I see that American bombs plummet innocent homes and politicians preying on little boys. I see violence entering into the peaceful Amish community, and a new golden calf in the form of mass media glorifying sex and greed.

I dont know if you can curse on this site, but our country, our world, everything in human nature is pretty fucked up. I try not to focus on these negative things but this is reality and I guess you can either choose to deal with reality or hide behind your favorite conspiracy and/or faith. It's similar to that opiate of the masses, Marzist philosophy. I would argue that even if there was hard proof and a confession from President Bush tomorrow that 9/11 was carried out for the Neo-Con agenda, most people would rather still believe that some crazy turben wearing people in caves attacked us. It naturally makes us feel better while we lay in our safe cocoons at night that our government is smoking out the terrorists.

You can reply to this somewhat drunk post by saying that it is crazy to believe our own government would kill it's own people so mercilessly, but then why would they rush our kids into an unnecessary, unplanned war in which they know more than a hundred thousand innocent people(Iraqi's) would perish at their hands? If that doesn't seem to bother those in charge then I have no idea where good and evil starts to become blurred. All I know is what every other America knows- that 2+2 is 5, the sky is purple, we have to stay the course and that we support the troops.

If this rambling makes sense to anyone I am glad.

To close, I actually don't care if this makes sense to anyone. Sure, there are people in foreign countries that want to kill us. No one is arguing this. There are crazy muslims that want us converted to Islam at any cost and I think those muslims are absolutely insane and unjust to put it lightly. There are also multitudes of muslims that have no desire or connection to these radical few. which is something most people fail to realize or don't want to realize. It is much easier for us Americans(the media especially), to portray an entire group of people as crazy terrorists to relieve our guilt at the pain and destruction we have caused an entire nation of people. (But you can always take solace in the words of the ultimate puppet Sean Hannity when he says - "at least the Iraqi's are free and safe from Saddam's rape rooms.") This should make us all feel proud of our president, our country and our EMPIRE.... HA HA HA >>>>

God didn't split us into countries divided by boundaries or religions or races or ethnicities. These terms are man-made and a consequence of empire building, greed and power. We have created a world where people are more concerned with the price of gas than education or war. We have become blinded with materialism and sex and 20,000 bunker buster bombs. We fear the outside world like they are some alien race unable to negotiate or converse with us without ending up blowing up some shit first.

So was Nietche right when he said "God is Dead"? Well, if there is a God, he or she must be pissed at the entire world, and will ultimately damn us all to some hell-like fiery place, full of purge-like atmospheres and plenty of demon-blowing. But maybe we will get lucky and find that no judgement awaits us after death and God is just a void of emptyness. Then at least we would all agree that this violence and hatred caused by religion and power was bascially a load of bull shit caused by some asshole kid shitting in a urinal.

Who cares.

Who cares. You mean PEOPLE actually WATCH this SHIT??????????

Well, yes, a lot of people

Well, yes, a lot of people actually do. The cartoon has been running for almost 10 years and has a huge following.

Yes I do...

...and I'm not ashamed to admit it...well, maybe a little...but not enough to stop.

i thought only 12 year olds

i thought only 12 year olds watch this crap?

Oh come on.

Oh come on.

What a bullshit hit piece.

What a bullshit hit piece. South Park is fun for EVERYONE!!!

Just what I expected

Funny and mainstream and pro-Bush in the end. Those guys really do like W.

Great publicity for

That's my Bush

Remember "That's My Bush" ?

south park

I think it sent a mixed message. It is definitly a hit piece. But they did put on the shirt of the conspiracy theorist..... I don't think it will really sway people one way or another


All in all, I thought it could have been much, much worse. Funny stuff too. South Park always seems to have a giant conspiracy in the plot somehow, and they included one beyond the current 911 truth movement itself- over-arching and muddled, in a way. Hopefully the information was pervasive enough to allow those outside the movement to investigate the charges made. Virtually, every mainstream representation of 911 truth has been negative, so that is the best we can hope for. I do believe this was as even handed as one could get, though, I, of course, would have written it differently.

"True enlightenment is attained when one can, at will, see through the illusion of reality." - Me, intoxicated

Any exposure is good exposure

I love south park i think it's funny. Of course i didn't like that they called us retards, but you know what it doesn't matter. They put some good stuff on the show and they had a link. I do have to say thou a lot of spin went into the show. Some disinfo but i didn't think it was that bad. I think that more people will wake up for sure , plus whatever oprah might talk about tomorrow helps us out.

Just saw the preview of

Just saw the preview of tomorrow's Oprah on her site. Interesting. Wonder if she'll be hard-hitting on the topics. Haven't seen the show in years, but good grief if there is anyone who can be a boost for a movement, it's her.

Harpo on this

don't expect it. She's got too much to lose if she bucks the system. Do you know how connected that women is. I'll tell you one thing, if she turns out a hit pice on the 911 Movement, I'll consider aiding, abeiting, aand covering-up mass murder.

We're Screwed Because you are stupid.

This is why America is screwed. "Yeah, I know it's wrong, but I like it anyway!" Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong.

What they essentially did...

Was create a third "Conspiracy Theory." One that some have speculated about, but VERY few ever seriously considered, including myself.

That the Government created the 9/11 Conspiracy in order to create division within the country. A divided country is easier to control, etc...

That is simply not the case. The Government didn't make me start looking into 9/11. I did so all by myself.

The show was funny. The "duke" was hysterical.

As far as the good for 9/11 Truth...

They HEAVILY promoted

They portrayed those who won't at least listen to what we have to say as sheeple.

They said it's patriotic to question your country.

They "blamed" the Government on some level.

As far as the bad goes...

They showed how sometimes our theories make us sound "crazy."

They ultimately called us retards, which wasn't very nice.

All in all, I thought it was a good episode. :)

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


You're getting your theory from "South Park?"

And you call people who rely on physical evidence the nutty ones.


"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle


Are you babbling about Peggy?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I'm pissed...

they didn't mention WTC7!

3rd Conspiracy theory

The idea SP created a "3rd Conspiracy Theory"

You're taking them seriously as political commentators? Read your first line, it's hilarious.



"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

I did...

And it was as "Conspiracy Theory" "VERY few ever seriously considered."

Which completely goes against your accusation that I take them seriously as political commentators.

Again, what are you babbling?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

It sounded like you said

It sounded like you said "very few ever seriously considered"

How about NONE?

And that now you were thinking about it.



You took it seriously enough to say, "That is not the case."

as if anyone ever thought so


That was one possibility

The whole demolition thing is one big red herring that most people still buy. Maybe it's a distraction from the government, eh? LIHOP is so much simpler and requires far fewer players. Stop being misled by the demolition crap.

"Wake Up" - "Sheeple" - "False Flag" - "Open Your Eyes"

Twooth Seekers favorite words, and Stone and Parker hit them all.

Very well done.

Why are you here?

Why are you here?

I Want to be Awakened

It's just taking me a bit longer then others, I suppose.


It sure looks like you're just here to harass and insult.

P.S. Nice edit. It's kind of hard to convince people you have good intentions when you use "words" like "Twooth", huh?

I Can't Help It

"Twooth" is such a cute word.

Here are two more cute words

Here are two more cute words for you, war games. Wakey wakey.

And Two More

Spare me.

You said you are here to be

You said you are here to be awakened. Have you awakened to the multiple war games happening on 9/11?

I thought it was good too

My math isn't good. But are there 3+ million viewers for that show?!

Viewers were exposed to the ideas.

I didn't think it was even close to harsh.

At the end, the show writers had to blame it on the Arabs - what an anti-climax!, and that made some bloggers on TV sites suspicious. See, the Arab ending wasn't funny. And it made people wonder, "why?"

No one on this blog seems to understand what GREAT news this show is for us. If Soros decided to sponsor us we couldn't get this kind of publicity.

"All publicity is good, except an obituary notice." - Brendan F. Behan



my ass is bleeding.

Important point: Notice how physical evidence - controlled demolition - the Pentagon - plane swaps - theories and speculation - remains the most effective way of mocking and discrediting us?

I've been saying this for years - and for years we've been spoon fed the physical evidence approach..

God forbid we focus our energies on the God-damned whistleblowers and the commission's recent admissions that NORAD lied. Lets keep talking about squibs and no-planes and mini-nukes, and not organize around the obvious lies and living witnesses who hold the keys to this mystery.

Now i know this is going to set people off. People love this stuff. I know that. To some people it is the most compelling evidence. I understand that.

but - whether you like it or not it is also true that this is the easiest way to mock and discredit us. to some people all this 'missing planes' and 'pentagon missile' and 'controlled demolition' just SOUNDS silly - so they dismiss it. Period. There is a reason why FoxNews and Tucker Carlson always mention these theories. There is a reason Bil Maher recently mentioned the controlled demolition theory - and evoked laughter from the audieence.

South Park just did a satire on the subject. They focused on this aspect of the movement for a reason. Its an easy target. It just LOOKS silly. Period.

now - if you tell people there is a Leutenant Colonel working out of the Pentagon who blew the whistle and announced that a 2 star general ordered him to IGNORE the alleged hijackers - and he lost his pension and paycheck and health benefits - perhaps this is something adults can understand. whistleblowers and government retaliation.

having kids in black t-shirts approaching people with photos of the towers - claiming "Look - it was blown up" just doesn't sell to certain demographics.

that's my opinion. be gentle.

Yeah, but it's also opened the most people's eyes to 9/11 truth

Important point: Notice how physical evidence - controlled demolition - the Pentagon - plane swaps - theories and speculation - remains the most effective way of mocking and discrediting us?

Yeah, but it's also opened the most people's eyes to 9/11 truth!

I think that's a myth...

The people who did the non-scientific research into 9/11... the ones who built the foundation for everything we know... turned the most people on.

The Controlled Demolition hypothesis, if I remember correctly, was "shunned" for a LONG time in this movement, and still is by some.

I have no doubt that the Government had a hand in creating some of the more "outlandish" theories of this movement.

They did so to keep us divided. The description George W. Bush gave on South Park of what happened that day is what divided sounds like.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Jon Gold, I am a huge fan.

Jon Gold,
I am a huge fan. I believe in Press For Truth more than most. But if you try to equate the undeniable physical reality of WTC 7 to "no plane crap" we will have problems.

I don't think that's what I did.

I don't know what Dubya said, but... bombs were in the buildings, and the planes were sent to Ohio, and swapped with military planes filled with explosives, and the passengers were put into a plane, flown over the ocean, and crashed at sea while a cruise missile was sent to hit the Pentagon, etc...


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

There was some very outlandish stuff in Northwoods too...

and that was a real plan 45 years ago that came within a stroke of JFK's pen of becoming reality.

How many....

People outside the movement that you know have actually read the Northwoods document?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I don't know any...

"Sheeple" that have even heard of it let alone read it.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Operation Northwoods is only about 12 pages long...

Operation Northwoods is only about 12 pages long. Just Google it.

It is all good... I just

It is all good... I just want everyone to understand that WTC 7 is not "debunkable physical evidence." If you look at WTC 7, all of the circusmstantial evidence falls neatly into place.

If you look at WTC 7 and deny the truth of what your eyes are telling you, that means you will say 2+2=5. Simple as that.

What Truth?

That a plane, or more specifically, a Boeing 757 never hit the Pentagon?

That's not the truth, and anyone who acknowledges empirical evidence like positively identified passenger remains and plane debris matching that of an American Airlines 757 realizes it.

Photographic Evidence

Fuselage sections

Engine remnant - Rolls-Royce combustion chamber

Engine remnant - compressor rotor

Engine remnant - low-pressure turbine

Landing gear

Miscellaneous debris

Exit hole debris

Plane piece torn by clipping a light pole

Really, going around claiming a missile struck the Pentagon not only sounds silly, it is silly.

You "Truth Seekers" should just drop it all together.


I think it was Flight 77. I have for as long as I can remember. Everyone hear can probably attest to that.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

AA-77 did NOT strike the Pentagon!

How did Hanjour get it there? Where were the 245 seats, luggage, passenger bodies? How did it fly a few feet about the ground, why was the hole so small, etc.

how do you expect anyone

how do you expect anyone here to have those answers? isnt that the same as when the talking heads ask those that don't think 77 hit the pentagon where the victims went?

there is a massive counter-movement that is well on its way already which has focused intently on the Pentagon, and shown a very convincing counter-arguement to the 'no plane hit the pentagon' theory. anyone researching this subject would run into these counter-arguements and instantly think the entire movement is crazy, and that the entire movement thinks 77 didn't hit the pentagon, which is not the case.

you can't point to those things that support your arguement and then in turn ignore those that don't, because those new and neutral to the subject won't. go to, go to, you'll find plenty of counter-arguement, and unless you can provide a reasonable counter-counter-arguement (not involving planting a 1 ton landing gear) then you won't convince anyone otherwise.. i'm not saying you are right or wrong, what i am saying is that we have to take into account what is out there for people to consider.

its all about perceptions here, and that is the larger point that is being made, that less perception is required when you deal with that which is in-controvertable and not open to personal interpretation.

IMO, the Pentagon is a big smoking gun...

Since the gov't can't answer any of those questions, + the gov't refuses to release any clear video of what happened, = blatant cover-up at the Pentagon.

Or, it equals blatant

Or, it equals blatant misdirection.

Some serious "backpedling" re: the Pentagon here!

Hani Hanjour & pals sliced-up the the pilots over Kentucky; they flew all the way back to DC; no interception of any sort despite the fact the towers were struck 45 minutes earlier; Hani did acrobatics; hit the tiny renovated wedge of the Pentagon; dudes in business suits quickly scooped up some sheet metal; no seats, luggage nor passenger bodies to be seen; but they DNA'ed the "passengers" somehow; Cheney is told the plane is "50, 30, 10 miles out"--clearly implying U.S. gov't foreknowledge that the Pentagon was the targe, ouch! ; 80+ videos are deliberately being withheld; etc., etc......., but you still think AA-77 slammed into the Pentagon? I sure don't.

Who's backpedaling?

I don't know what happened at the Pentagon. I'm not convinced it was flight 77 and I'm not convinced it wasn't.

Did you even read the page I linked to? The whole point is that all of these big mysteries you point to prove nothing, suspicious as they may be.

Did you see the hole left by

Did you see the hole left by the plane the pitcher was flying? No? Neither did I.
I saw some burnt up windows, but no hole and no plane.

It must have been a cruise missile.

Lose that garbage. Concentrate on LIHOP.

Who cares what hit

Who cares what hit it...missle, plane , bomb...
Thats a strawman arguement...the very fact that the Pentagon was hit at all should make people question.
They saw it coming from 50 miles out...almost 1 full hour after the towers are hit, and theres no aircover over DC? Please...Osama wasnt in charge of our miltary. And now that Norad is on their third timeline...its pretty obvious the jets werent there for a reason.

What some of those pictures

What some of those pictures show is the abysmal forensic investigation we had for 9/11. What the @!#$# are those idiots doing picking up those objects?? It's a god damn crime scene and they should know better than that considering some of them are wearing FBI jackets. Did they miss training day?? You DO NOT !@@! with a crime scene. You allow coroner's to come and check things out. You make records (photographic or otherwise) of the crime scene and you tag evidence. We should have seen an NTSB investigation reconstructing the planes or what they could of them. But why bother you have dipsh!ts walking around disturbing evidence. Thanks for making our case that proper procedures have not been followed with 9/11.

pentagon debris

what you've shown is debris from an airplane... but none of that debris could conclusivly be varified as comming from a boeing 757 and could not have come from any other plane.

the engines of a boeing 757 weigh 6 tonns each and are made of steel and tatanium. the pictures you've shown of the engine, couldn't weigh more than a few hundred pounds at the most. so what happened to the 12 tonns of engine? it got reduced to a few small pieces and the rest dissappeared? the evidence you've shown suggests that it was a smaller aircraft that hit the pentagon.

I'll second that...

as noted in my previous "bleh" comment

///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

WTC 7 = "They could be made

WTC 7 = "They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality..."

George Orwell, 1984, p. 138

I like to roll clips of

I like to roll clips of WTC-7. Extrapolate backwards from there, the towers were obviously CDs as well.

This little GIF image is nice for messageboards, I don't know html code to make it work here though.

I totally disagree. I think

I totally disagree. I think the "prior knowledge" type evidence is interesting but nearly as incriminating and important as the massive physical evidence. The physical evidence can't be dismissed by claims of incopetence or coincidence.


Those who believe physical evidence is to be avoided, since it does damage to the movement..... try to influence others to fatally weaken our case.

They say stay away from the physical evidence. What is the motive for that, when such evidence only strengthens our argument?

Excluding certain evidence only weakens the overall picture and waters it down. Which for me, can only be the purpose for which such a tack is promoted.

Check out part 2 here for last weeks radio show featuring Fetzer and Judge.

Fetzer, whose academic speciality is scientific reasoning and logic makes an strong and convincing case against John Judge. He details why physical evidence is good evidence. Why it isn't a matter of subjectivity or perception, as Judge would lead others to believe. He uses Bld. 7 for his example.

Why should any evidence or topic be suppressed? Doesn't that weaken the overall case?

Listen to Fetzer's argument, it's very important.

Can you imagine going into a courtroom and watching a prosecutor say, "We're going to discard elements of the evidence against this criminal?" Wouldn't you think the prosecutor was not performing his duty? Or had a motive other than getting the criminal convicted?

The reason we look like "nuts" is because huge efforts have been made to frame us that way. The whole concept of "conspiracy theorist" started, and was promoted, to defend the perpetrators of the Kennedy assasination. It's Propaganda and psychological warfare. If we remain in the frame they have set and established for us, we will never get anywhere - because everything we do will be interpreted in the context of that frame.

The way to avoid that frame is not to play into it. We play into it when we argue in a way that is limited by the dictates of the so-called mainstream perceptions, which is probably, to be generous, no more than ~50% . Remember, large chunks of the population are sympathetic to us and skeptical of the mainstream Media. We can't avoid what the dominant Media promotes. But many people take the Media with skepticism.

If people get their news from comedy shows, which they do. I think tonight we did very well.

We can't avoid a label without castrating our message. The irony is, if we castrate ourselves - we will still not avoid their label.

We play into their perceptions, not against them, when we let the ignorant determine what we can and cannot say in order to avoid their "crazy" label. The real story is they have to get over calling us "crazy." When we so weaken our argument that way - we defeat our own purpose, which I honestly believe is the exactly the point of such advise.

"There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary." Behan, Brendan F.

Thank You

I'm so glad that there is someone out there that isn't a retard.
People. LOSE the demolition talk. LOSE the cruise missle talk.

They took the ultra-serious topic of 9/11 and made an...

They took the ultra-serious topic of the "9/11 inside job" and made an assanine cartoon out of it. If I had family or friends who died on 9/11 or in Afghanistan/Iraq, I'd be extremely pissed!

sorry "asinine"

sorry "asinine"

And the overriding message the show gave was that our Gov't wasn't complicit in 9/11 and that Bush is basically okay & on our side. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

What did you think?

Did you really think the show, overtly, would be on the side of 9/11 Truth?

I was surprised on the upside. I thought the gags would be much worse.

I thought the T-shirt with the website was a big deal. THIS IS MASS MEDIA.

"There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary." Behan, Brendan F.


Did you really believe the truth would be broken to the masses on South Park?

And the joke is that it was.

That was the best

Over the years to come on re-runs who can say how many
people are gonna click on
as a truther i would recomend any newbie to that site.
today was a good day for us truthers.
1st another steel structure building gets hit by an aircraft and at the end of the day the steel structure building is still standing.
2nd And then comes southpark
3rd I burnt 25 9-11 mysteries DVD today

The Building Still Stands

Because it wasn't directly hit by a fuel-loaded Boeing 767 traveling at over 500 miles per hour.

Then there's the fact that the structure is designed nothing like the Twin Towers.

But we'll just ignore the obvious...


The Boeing 767 that hit the WTC wasn not filled with fuel. Standard fuel for a trip to CA on a 767 is just above a half a tank of gas. Airlines are fanatics about the weight of plane for fuel efficiency: the heavier the plane the worst the gas mileage. Also, the half a tank of fuel mostly burned off in the initial explosion; you recall those huge fireballs, well that's what a couple of thousand gallons of kerosene looks like when it is ignited in freeflow. The remaining fuel did spill and completely burned off within minutes after the crash. What's up with you people who imagine there are these bizzare types of fuel that can burn to amazingly high tempature and could burn forever, oh, and melt steel. You do know, of course, that the jet fuel burns in order to make the planes engines work. Do you think the engines were made of rock? No, they were made of steel. As were the towers, only the towers were massive steel components a couple of feet thick in places. Lastly, Mr. weirdo think SCReuter, do you cook with metal pots and pans. Listen, my advice to you, when you go on talking about all these weird and magical fire fantasies you have, you should be careful about who is around listening because you sound as if you are in left feild.


The airplane bounced off the building too. Didn't even breech the outer wall.

"There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary." Behan, Brendan F.

I recall an instance where

I recall an instance where Google posted a direct link in their logo to a particular website causing the site to get bogged down, w/o the consent of the site. I wonder if Comedy Central notified beforehand so they could prepare for the flood.

edit: I wish they would have mentioned WTC7. That would have had a tremendous effect.

9/11 was way bigger than Trey Parker & Matt Stone...

Hollywood folks like Trey Parker and Matt Stone may think its cute to patch together a "timely" storyline to get ratings, but 9/11 is way bigger than the egos of Parker and Stone.

The very foundation of this country is rumbling and cracking apart. With a beaucracy busting at the seams and U.S. politics completey driven by a false story of what happened on 9/11, is America headed for some very dark days? I hope not.

When dissent is heralded as being unpatriotic and a security threat, should we expect more liberties and freedoms to be taken hostage? What about the out the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and the meaning it has in America's public life?

It grieves me to see how the masses of people searching for the truth are mocked. The ones out there in front - like David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Alex Jones, Paul Thomspon, and the Jersey Girls, and thousands more - do not deserve ridicule.

When will people make 9/11 truth a priority and realize we have not been told the truth of what happened that day?

I broke the damn

I knew it was kyle

I know! Why would anyone just take Bush's word on something...

When will people make 9/11 truth a priority and realize we have not been told the truth of what happened that day?

I know! Why would anyone just take Bush's word on something so crucial & enormous as 9/11???

go chat on the southpark

Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Trey Parker and Matt Stone would suck Bush's dick if he let them.

Obviously you aren't

Obviously you aren't familiar with the hit series "that's my bush". It only got yanked after 9/11 "to help the country stand behind the president!". Ahhh I wish they would bring that back. Does anyone remember the episode where Bush eats some ecstasy for a headache and winds up rollin' ?

Wrong. That's My Bush was

Wrong. That's My Bush was canceled during the summer of 2001 because it wasn't a hit series.

It's actually starting to TIP!

I've been watching this F'n movement for two years now... I can't believe I'm actually alive during the Second Revolution... That show was wonderfully cleaver, as it has been for a decade now. I have the first three seasons on VHS lol... It's all about peaking their curiosity... opening the mind.

Remember when Morpheus says to Neo " I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it" Matt and Trey have always done that well...

And oh yea some 9/11 truthers ARE space cadets and some are fuckin egomaniacs...just like the original rich white guys who told the powerful to fuck off, about 200 + years back.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is picking up MOJO!

Scott Ledger

They hinted that 9/11 was a government conspiracy

Because otherwise the "benevolent" government wouldn't have conspired to kill the 9/11 Truth guy and making those conspiracy sites. If they are capable of lying about this, they are capable of "doing" 9/11 as well.



If they plug

It's a step forward. Nevermind any ridicule. Sometimes a supposed hit piece can be the best way to deliver information. :-)

BTW, I haven't seen the episode yet, so I'm just going by what others have written.


Shame on Matt and Trey but then again, who knows what they were trying to really say to their viewers. Interesting to note that was repeatedly shown. Was it to ridicule or inform? Who knows? The kid wearing the shirt was me! I have banners PROUDLY posted around my office, 4 truth shirts, and a statue of the Twin Towers in my dork nerd cave that houses all my evidence and my computer, and I rarely get laid. Funny thing is, I NEVER MEET MATT OR TREY but they had my character down pat, only I don't wear glasses. HAHA! Even if it was a hit piece, fuck em! Never take your eye off the ball. I've received ridicule all my life for things I believe in from friends, foes, and family. Doesn't bother me. It just makes me want to work harder. Don't get discouraged. People are suckers for the truth and it is coming out faster than the disinfo and ridicule campaign can now keep up with. Would somebody please cue the song, "Nearer My God To Thee", please? The Titanic of all lies is going and going fast!

i think some people will

i think some people will feel like they are between a rock and a hard place..

do you:
A) believe that the most corrupt government in recent american history told the absolute truth about what lead up to and occured on 9/11, and didn't cover anything up?


B) do you believe those crazy ass conspiracy theories?

in reality these are 2 false choices, and if anything hopefully people will realize that and decide to become well-researched on the subject.. maybe even read a few books? nah.. ;)

Show "I'm also satisfied :)" by ewing2001

For once, Nico, there WAS

For once, Nico, there WAS some CGI involved. You're really on top of it. Remember to take your medication with water.

Grasp at straws, much?

South Park are almost "no-planers" :)

Yeah, they couldn't possibly be mocking the no-planers like they mocked the rest of us "retards"?

If you carefully watched this episode, you will have noticed
one tv clip where one alleged aircraft stopped in front of the Tower and didn't continue flying!

Wow. An actual cartoon plane.

Also correct, that they stated that is "run by the government".

Not exactly. They said, "all the 9/11 conspiracy websites are run by the government." That includes yours, chucko.

You should be...

Banned from this website. Period.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

And ALL...

Of your blogs should be deleted.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Seriously People...

This man has been the most divisive individual in the movement.

With his ridiculous theories and so called "research."

With his "investigations" of other people in the movement that are ALWAYS followed by false accusations (dz, you can attest to that.)

With the negative articles written about organizations like, and particular events that they scheduled.

This "truther" is NO SUCH THING.

There is no excuse not to ban him.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Either there are rules - or there aren't

And - if there is one person who has demonstrated consistently that they will attack and smear and make false accusations and break every stated rule of this website - it is Nico Haupt.

I understand how difficult it is enforce these rules.

But - if 911Blogger was to make an example of ONE person - and ban them - we all know who that person should be.
Sure - he could mask his identity and IP address - but he would very easy to identify since Nico's sole purpose is to direct people to his blogs and websites.

recently one of those blogs reproduced a claim that 911 Scholars for truth MURDERED one of their own.

what could be more serious than that?

additionally - i was accused of advocating VIOLENT civil disobedience. this places MY safety at risk.

at what point does the community have a right to demand that a known disruptor be banned?

smelled like a psy-op from the moment I saw his tripe


I think you should leave quietly

You are the divisive one. You try to shut down the dialogue in the name of "what is best for everyone else."

I'm sick of your constant nagging: "you guys should be banned" "You guys should be banned."

Start your own website and bring along your own people and then you can talk among yourselves. (But then you wouldn't be able to accomplish your agenda?) And then you can ban whomever you want.

But your constant sawing on this one point over and over is really devisive. It's annoying to DZ who has to put so much work on this board, just to have to deal with your constant harping and nagging.

You polarize the board. If you don't like Nico, don't read him. I usually ignore your stuff myself, but I'm just answering this time so DZ knows that it's not obvious to "EVERYONE", as you would put it, that whoever you think should be banned, should be banned. Including me, who you also say should be banned.

You do exactly what you accuse others of doing. And at a much higher decible level, IMO. Sheesh. The bold caps are really getting old. It makes you come across as nasty and unstable. It must be getting to you that you are not doing your job and haven't been able to get me and others banned.

What you do is not for "the good of the movement" depite your protestations.

Grow up Margarite


So there we have it, for a

So there we have it, for a spit second in time I was thinking perhaps Nico would realise how much of a disinfo spreading assclown he has been. Ahh well, guess I was wrong, Nico is still a disinfo spreading assclown lol.

yes Nico, this actually WAS

yes Nico, this actually WAS a cartoon this time, good for you. too bad we are back here in reality now, where real planes were used.

I just wanted to let you know...

I saw your apology awhile back.

-----From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious..very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me...You were right. I know the truth about 9/11.

Hey T-Bone

Could you tell us more about this......?

----From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious..very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me...You were right. I know the truth about 9/11.


I think one thing the

I think one thing the movement needs to understand is that some minds aren't capable of thinking a certain way and sometimes they don't want to. This is why I don't even bother with discussing these matters on the internet or with anyone who doesn't want to understand. Could that mentality hurt the spreading of truth? Perhaps. I know I won't be frustrating myself everyday, though. If the FEMA camps are for real and if the agenda is for real, let those guys live the way they want. They'll be the ones driving into the check points, unable to distinguish friend from foe.

I'm American and was raised here for most of my life, but I was lucky enough to be born outside of the country and raised in different cultures. It's easy for me to see things as they are, but some people will never acknowledge the true nature of all that is around them. Staying on topic, I think the South Park mentality of occam's razor being the answer to everything is very harmful. A lot of people find it convenient to live like that, but it only makes them easier to deceive and control. "Well, I would never do something like that, so why would our fine Christian leaders?" is probably something you hear a lot. The worst thing average Joe Schmoe can do is compare himself to tyrants who play around with billions of dollars, because they have absolutely nothing in common.

Most of the Stans and Kyles of this world are too lazy and uneducated to sit down and read a lot of this stuff. Either that or they're too busy worrying about money to focus on anything else.

I feel it was great. They

I feel it was great. They mentioned the bombs at the base of the towers, the missle possibility, very prominently, etc. It certainly wouldn't have aired if it had been a "pro-truth" statement.

I thought it was great

message to

if anyone can get a hold of someone from, you need to tell them to make a new post and put in some better 9/11 information for newbies... there's gonna be so many people going there, and the main stories are some BS about other shit. they need to have links to some 9/11 movies, and ideally links to other sites like this one, or their site right now is shit if you're new to 9/11 truth.... so if anyone can call someone who can update their site, that should be done asap!

interesting note

an interesting note, it that in the picture of the episode that they released on their website in the previous week, the guy's shirt was blank, and didn't say

so i think they added in that website at the last minute... maybe because they wanted it in, so had to make a version without it to get it aired, then snuck it in at the last minute.

Could be. Or maybe it's for

Could be. Or maybe it's for legal reasons. On Beavis & Butthead (speaking of juvenile boy shows from which I have derived much amusement) their T-shirts would say "AC/DC" or other band names. In their print material like books the t-shirts would just say "Death metal" or some such. Dunno. Never understood it.

Show "Some of you are amazing. You" by Anonymous (not verified)

And certainly, you don't

And certainly, you don't help spread disinformation and show how hypocritical you are just like you accuse the government of doing.

Thank you.

I don't think we do either of those things either.

You're kidding, right?

Perhaps you've forgotten about this piece of crap post of yours from a couple of weeks ago.

You start off with two lies right in the title, "Journal of Engineering Science: 767 could not penetrate Tower," which is not the name of the journal containing the paper you cite and not the conclusion of the paper or the journal. Actually, you don't even cite the paper, just the abstract.

Even after multiple people corrected you in the comments on your sloppy, undocumented math, you have yet to update the post with any corrections. It still says the plane must have been going 7800 mph to penetrate the steel and it still says the exterior columns were 4 inches thick, a claim you have yet to back up with a reference.

People like you give this anonymous troll ammunition for calling all of us liars and hypocrites. If you aren't disinfo, Peggy, you sure do play the part. Why don't you "run your mouth" across that post again and fix the damn thing?

I was corrected in the blog

And admitted all the corrections.

But either you don't read or pretend you don't, if it suits your convenience.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

That was in the comments.

Like I said, you have yet to correct the blog post itself, which is usually the first thing people read, and THAT still contains all the errors pointed out to you in the comments.

But apparently it "suits your convenience" to just leave it as is.

Running my Mouth

I'm gonna 'run my mouth" all I want. And I'm not going to pretend your right and I'm wrong either.

Is this a Moral Equivalency idea? If it is you should polish your "talking points" a bit better. That's updated old-school Reagan- era worthless Propaganda. You gave a twist to it, but it's still stale.

Where are you even getting

Where are you even getting moral equivalency out of all this? Again, just because I don't agree with you it doesn't mean I'm a Bush supporter or something. It's not moral equivalency that's the issue, it's the actual hypocrisy of your movement (your whole movement is about exposing the truth but it accomplishes the complete opposite with the rampant lies and deception. Everybody's quick to dismiss obvious lies and stereotype ideas for the movement (and quick to use it back on critics saying they are throwing them into the crazy category) because everybody has their own version of what happened in their minds. They pick and choose what to believe in and easily dismiss any other idea that others may think has real credibility. Even at this point how can you so easily focus on being right and looking like your right when you could be completely wrong...

I bet that if you typed out your whole theory on 9/11 you will not have one person that agrees 100% with what you believe in and it's the same for everybody else in the movement. How can so many people be a part of the movement and yet have so many different ideas and the same arrogance of being right on every single issue that differ so greatly (until it gets proven wrong just like most sites have disclaimers saying). It's so hypocritical and so morally wrong to mislead people for the good of your cause. Your questions (or just your easy way of bring out your perfect theory to the world).

Put up a poll here showing all the different details and theories within theories and see what happens. So who's the one that believes that everybody must be right about everything and are equally right, huh?

Cont. - Your questions are

Cont. - Your questions are just excuses to continue your guilty until proven innocent approach to sleuthing it out for clues...


There are many different theories and ideas.

What is wrong with that?

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

There's nothing wrong until

There's nothing wrong until you start spewing all that crap as fact before you even know it's true. The president reacts with his gut feelings, do you want to be doing the same?

"Search for the truth all

"Search for the truth all you want, I could care less."


The 9/11 Conspiracy is a government conspiracy

That's deep.....

Can you say "mud monkey"?

As a South Park fan (and yes, over 12 years of age), I wasn't disappointed. I don't typically like bathroom humor, but this episode had me cracking up. As for Truth, I was pleased to see publicized so well. You know Matt and Trey didn't have to do that- they could have used a fake site instead.

Bottom line is it gets people thinking and talking. That's a step...

Show "That's because they" by Anonymous (not verified)

We are just like them... I get it...

We do need an issue to hold onto. Yes....our new pearl harbor is the destruction of the american constitution. Now that you put it in the light you did, I feel really small and stupid. After all, it's just a god damn piece of paper.

Show "The issue you hold onto is" by Anonymous (not verified)

My point is butt brain, and

My point is butt brain, and think about it... I believe 911 was an inside job, however, even if I didn't do it, I would still act like I did to get people to act against the current government. When they used disinformation, it was to kill people and destroy the constitution. When I do it... if I do it, it's to save it. Think dingy, for a minute. Hitler lied so he could murder millions, my parents lied and told me there was a santa so I would have a magical childhood. Does that make my parents and hitler the same?

Show "Or to clarify, it's just" by Anonymous (not verified)

I see where you're coming

I see where you're coming from. It really sucks with this election coming up being A filthy, constitution evicerating, neocon, PNAC, brown shirt, authoritarian, trotskyist, straussean, zionist, monopolist, propagandizing, sadistic, torturous, treasonous, brainwashed, child molesting, homosexual disciples of allan bloom. Buck up, turd, there will be other elections.

Show "Why would it matter if the" by Anonymous (not verified)

" It's funny how you put

" It's funny how you put anybody remotely against any of your ideas with the side of the Bush supporters." might as well be considering how much you're helping the Bush regime by focusing your efforts on us.

Electronic Voting Machines

Too bad the voting machines are rigged.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

We know the it's been

We know the it's been covered in the mainstream media to us dumb folks...More fear please, feed me!

Actually 9/11 Truth is more scary

Actually 9/11 Truth is scarier than the governments story about terrorists. Finding our your own government is complicit is much scarier.

That's why guys like you, who want to laugh at it rather than look at the facts, have to deny and quote South Park. It's too much for you.

I can't help it if you can't take reality.

And about psy-op - - that's exactly the cricticism previously leveled at us - we "couldn't take it" - the real truth about the Arabs, it was too scary. Until your ilk flip-flopped, got your new "Talking Points Memo" from SOUTH PARK, and decided now that whaty we are saying is scarier than what the government says.

I've been saying that all along! Thanks for finally agreeing with me.

Taking South Park for seriously, for commentary is so pathetic. How can people say mainstream America isn't totally in a state of suggestibility? Even "Truthers" on this board feel they have to debunk South Parks "theory." And this person and another "debunker" are parroting it!

How about you stop talking

How about you stop talking so much about complicity and focus more on complacency. You need this huge ginormous boner of a smoking gun just to provoke a reaction more than just general animosity against the government. You're crying out for attention in a world that already knows it's messed up. It's just sad that your solution to combat complacency follows exactly the same formula you accuse your enemies for using against on the masses...Just makes you look like the crazy loonies that you claim your enemies make you out to be. At least you got one thing accomplished.

No need to debunk me with negative points fellas, there's no point to having a point system in a skewed forum like this anyway. If anything it shows the posts pack a punch good enough to create outrage and immediate rebuttal with by docking points. These are valid arguments and you shouldn't deny or dismiss this huge hypocritical flaw in what your movement has to do to get your point across by any means necessary. You've just figured out the perfect propaganda technique to use that will never ever make you wrong: Everything I say and present is right until proven wrong and even if it is wrong it doesn't matter since it helps bring people to my cause. Sound familiar?

See the problem is, you

See the problem is, you should fear the government. If you had any notion of what governments including own have done in the past then you would question them. The 9/11 Truth movement can't help that you were lied to by the government and that most of us believed their story initially. Considering the overwhelming evidence against the government's story, I think the average person would probably experience some fear since the government had some sort of hand in 9/11. Only a sociopath wouldn't feel something. Our "agenda" is to get the TRUTH out there for people to make informed decisions. Is there something wrong with this agenda? If you don't like the truth then maybe you should get off the internet and go watch some TV. It seems to be doing wonders for the rest of our apathetic nation.

Show "How bout we fear the people" by Anonymous (not verified)

psychological reasons

True there are psychological reasons people don't want to see the truth. It's too painful sometimes.

You're using the mirroring Propaganda technique by implying 9/11 truthers are violent ones.

Guess again. The 9/11 perps are mass murderers. Yet we are told, "Get over it."

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

I'm not spreading any

I'm not spreading any propaganda, just criticizing the huge gaping hypocritical flaw in the movement. I'm not promoting any ideas or beliefs. I am just fed up with so many truthers becaus of their arrogant and pretentious attitude of being all knowing and right on every single matter and they way your movement tries to sweep everything under the rug just like the current administration does when they are wrong.

Moral Equivalency

More worthless Moral Equivalency lecturing.

What is this in reply to?

What is this in reply to? Again, if you see anything that was "pro US (or Zionist) do whatever the hell they want to do" I don't see where you got that from. Hopefully you don't fall into the assume everybody against you is a super neocon government plant/brainwashed category...

I don't have to know

I don't have to know anything about you except that you are speaking for the side that is methodically destroying the bill of rights. You are putting out the same straw man and not admitting that your political party staged 911 to destroy the constitution. How should I respond to what you are trying to condone here? Are you UK psycholiogist guy?

No, you should know that I'm

No, you should know that I'm a government plant. I overestimated you... Kind of sad that you can't see how hypocritical you are in this post. You're using the exact same excuses and justifications that your government is using. They're supposedly doing everything for democracy and freedom just like you're supposedly doing and it only makes both of you look like corrupt crazy fools, especially you fools who are so blind of the fact that you are doing things youpreach against for the good of your cause. It just shows how much prejudice and bias there is in the movement... YOU'RE EITHER WITH ME OR AGAINST ME!!! Every "disbeliever" is a Bush supporter and it automatically categorizes them with the republican party!!!! It makes everything so easy!!! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!

You have no excuse for your movement to have so many walking contradictions that are so blind or entrenched that they can't even see this huge gaping whole in their credibility because of all the disinformation and bias viewpoints that are spread just within your movement alone...It just makes people wonder even more what your motives are behind pushing your revolt. I can probably just mention "false flag" and "infowar" and everybody here will be like, that's friggin' right beoootch! Truth fo' life!

Common Sense

Everyone, breathe. (You too Alex Jones.)
South Park is a great show.

What gives South Park such appeal is the way the will address taboos head on, take madness and make common sense.

Is there tremendous evidence for the 9/11 inside job theory? Yes.
Is it "common sense". No.

South Park speaks to the average person, in the language they understand, but with undercurrents of gleeful subversion.

Thanks to hours after hours of Alex Jones movies, I am starting to get a glimpse of the big picture.

I do not expect the same interest and attention from all others.
When I gave out CD's this 9/11 wearing a tin foil hat. 90% of students did not even appear curious, or notice anything out of the ordinary.

Everyone knows South Park, though.. . .
And many will realize the ending claim that "Pissed off Muslims did it" may fall short of the show's usual standard of "common sense".

Home Run

This show helped the truthers. The games not over but like Griffin, Loose Change and Stephen Jones, it puts another run on the score board.


The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich, as well as the poor, to sleep under the bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. ~ Anatole France

We got our website on!! We

We got our website on!! We win yay!

Show " is a bad" by abby (not verified)

i agree is a horrible site for people new to the movement... send people to my site, ... if my site was on that t-shirt, this would have blown the whole 9/11 issue wide open

Laughed My Butt Off

I laughed my behind off, and I am most certainly a dedicated 9/11 activist who DOES NOT promote crazed bogus theories. It's truly surreal to see an "underground subculture"(the way the mainstream sees it)
finally given the South Park treatment. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when they referenced Silverstein and false flags.

I was actually surprised they didnt directly mention Loose Change, or parody Alex Jones; as for better or worse those are the two main "stars" of the movement. Honestly...if people didnt go spouting off anti Jew,
no plane, swapped plane, missile theories, etc...they wouldnt have much to laugh at. Think a lot of people would laugh at 9/11 Press For Truth? Yes, I am a full on LIHOP supporter as its a first step in the door that
EVEN the debunkers do not dare touch.

Isnt it obvious? As much as Loose Change and other things have HELPED, having bizarre theories about swapped planes, missiles, etc is BAD. It might as WELL BE government disinformation. South Park has an INSANE following...every single person I know under 50 watches it. So good or bad, most Americans now know we exist, and that there is a massive alternative movement to the 9/11 story.
What's GOOD is Bob Woodward's book, the EPA lies finally being exposed, Senator Leahy making LIHOP "debunker" can debunk that. ALSO, Stone/Parker are Republicans, pro war. Always have been. Frankly, I wish it had been they plugged, but oh well. Since the world of warcraft spoof has been discussed ad nauseum on every single site on the planet, I am curious to see what the fallout from this will be.

And note to people who think were "nuts": To think the government is behind making up the conspiracy theories could be considered the same.

Show "Does ALEX JONES feel like CARTMAN this morning?" by Anonymous (not verified)

Matt Stoned and Trés Parquet

Are hardly the voice of a generation. They've done their bit by leaking out a bit of truth--it's likely part of a "soft-landing" exposure campaign that the powers that be hope will end in a 50/50 stalemate of inaction. Uh, yeah, keep dreamin' perps!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Looks like it's watched

Looks like it's watched enough to bring all this attention to this one blog entry. You should say please and ask for more attention...

Not a big fan of south park,

Not a big fan of south park, either the episodes are a hit or a miss. Last night's show was a hit. I laughed so hard. As we all know, the show makes fun of EVERYONE, not meant to be taken seriously, although they do send out strong messages in most subtle ways. But definitely a good exposure for 911 truth, I thought.

I really thought they were going to blame canada for 9/11.

Why did the detective kill

Why did the detective kill the guy in the alley? That seemed a little weird, even for SP.

They shot him because he was

They shot him because he was a government operative who had infiltrated the movement. He was a metaphore for a no planer. It was southpark whispering into our subconscious "kill the no planers, kill the no planers."

::COUGH:: Provocature ::COUGH::


Yup, especially with how

Yup, especially with how aware the masses are with the no planer theory. It was an inside joke that people that know about the movement would get, just like many moments in last week's episode was with Warcraft...

Instead of softly and subtly saying that clue why don't you see the obvious clue...

I don't know about you, but

I don't know about you, but I think Matt and Trey were totally sending the message that 911 was an inside job. Ya they had that bit at the end, but that was because they have a large viewer base and broadcast on mainstream tv : first they have to get on tv. For Hobble's sake! They had Bush saying that 911 was an inside job while shooting the guy in the head. Regardless that they later 'went back' on it, they still had that scene, that's very brazen! Loved it! Laughed my ass off ;)

Show "Great post. It displays the" by Anonymous (not verified)

That's because your frame of reference is different.

That's because your frame of reference is different.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

And that's why you're a

And that's why you're a conpiracy theorist. You can distort or skew any view just as much as you claim the mass media and government do. They were giving you a dose of your own medicine but it actually fits your description. It doesn't matter if you're right because you're still wrong...Get off your high horses and stop being egotistical armchair quarterbacks. You're not some all knowing deity, stop claiming everything you know and say is right and at the same time sweep the issue under the rug if you're wrong and say that you reserve the right to be wrong for the good it does in bringing about questions... It just makes you look like the things that make clue glue... But I guess all you sleuthers want to be dicks and private one eyes anyway...

latest Paul Craig Roberts article


excellent article.


"...many Americans are scientifically ignorant and emotionally weak" PCR  (earlier column)

The 10-11-06 NYC Plane Crash

10-11-06 => upside down, backwards 09-11-01

My god that's accurate.

My god that's accurate. Cartman was right again!!!

Show "actually it would be 90, not" by CB_Brooklyn

South Park 9/11 episode

This was a total victory for 911truth(.org especially)...What else can anybody have asked for? Alot of great information and a plug for That white house scene was priceless!! All I can say is THANKS MATT & TREY !!
I can only imagine how many millions of people will flock to and seek out the truth.

Show "All you need is to dig deeper... to disprove 9/11 Conspiracies" by Anonymous (not verified)

They want us to believe they

They want us to believe they are bumbling fools. They are not.

They wanted you to believe

They wanted you to believe that they wanted you to believe the government were bumbling fools. I think you've got a clue! Unfortunately they did not directly reference how they are bumbling fools. Great assumption this time though since that might be what the WRITERS intended. Maybe you should WRITE for the 9/11 truth movement, you'd fit in perfectly...

So dig deeper...

The Republican party DID keep those emails a secret. They kept the Foley shit secret for years and guess who released the information last week? The Drudge Report - an obviously republican-backing weblog. Can you think of a reason for them to do this? Perhaps to divert attention away from the Military Commissions Act of 2006?

"True enlightenment is attained when one can, at will, see through the illusion of reality." - Me, intoxicated

No they didn't get re-elected

No they didn't get re-elected.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle


So how do you fit the gagged FBI whistelblowers, the hijackers here on expired visas, the NORAD drills, the ISI link, the Pensacola naval base story, the Dean of the Defense Language School, the plane in Florida with the drugs, the terrorists partying on republican casino boats, the AA at the G8, the hundreds of govt officials saying inside job, the Mineta testimony, Bush not being escorted out of the school, the precollapse shaking and explosions in the basement that did NOT come from fuel travelling down the elevator shafts, the debris field of flight 93, the Lone Gunman episode, the FBI agents who shared an apartment with hijackers, the insider trading, the TRIPOD II exercise which relocated the emergency command bunker away from building 7, the firefighters who said "we got 2 isolated pockets of fire...", and an endless list of other things I can't even remember at the moment!

southpark 9/11

Good show. At the end the makers lost there nerves though.

Silly Cartoon, but It Gets People Talking

They categorized us as "retards" and talked about Jews, etc., which is ridiculous, but this cartoon got people talking. I don't think it influenced people that much but it got 9/11 truth in the media, which is a good thing!

Overall this was positive

Overall this was positive IMO, bit of a hit piece in some parts, but on the whole it was a wicked episode, got plugged HARDCORE!! Those camp detectives were the funniest thing I've seen in a while also LOL.

This hit piece was amiss...

Nevertheless, I truly believe that South Park provokes people to do their homework and make their own informed decisions--albeit via toilet humor and non-commital credit given to both sides of stories they tell. Objectivity is just as important for us as truthseekers, as it is for storytellers like Matt and Trey, who are bound by certain requirements and red tape of their employer - our mass media.
The only way to bring sensitive issues to light and trigger people to make their own decisions is by presenting both sides of an issue effectively. And honestly, they did a sloppy job of that on THIS particular episode...I was not impressed.

But sometimes even indisputable facts are hard to swallow. And Matt and Trey’s personal opinions are kind of a moot point, here. I believe they know that many South Park viewers realize the show intentionally leaves their assertions up for interpretation. I think they encourage people to think for themselves, rather than preach their own opinions. Therefore, this piece will (if nothing else) prompt people to do some web surfing on this important topic. For that, I’m glad.

Half a billion people will see this in the next year

The ultra-super seriousness of who committed 911 had to be balanced with utter potty humor so that people would keep listening.
Diametically opposite sides of the spectrum. Each as far from each other as the east is from the west.

The white house scene spills the beans and is a bunker buster of the official story.
And the authors had to escape some how at the end so they weren't herded into some FEMA camp.

In the next year I bet 500,000,000 people will see this video.

Way to go south park producers. You are heroes. is a fantastic site but I think is even better.
For every 1 article on 911truth there are 4 on 911 blogger and it seems that 911 blogger is more real time.
I hope there is a 911blogger link on the website.

Has 4 individuals posting news as well as users posting news. has one.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Seriously though, I saw the

Seriously though,

I saw the south park episode and began to question everything. I looked up articles, I watched the videos. I mean, the evidence is there, and it's so obvious. But who is the culprit, and why, why would anyone do such a horrific act? Is this what the American people should expect, I feel we deserve answers! For the past 12 hours I have been completely entrapped in the mystery...

Who shat in the urinal?

I thought you guys might be able to help.

South Park Episode Equates 9/11 Truth with Anti-Semitism, Numero

ALEX JONES' COMMENT: This episode is saying that Bush was not involved 9/11, that he is incompetent, that it is anti-semitic to say 9/11 is an inside job. This is the text book template being used by Popular Mechanics, Fox News, Scripps-Howard and all the others. They hit every single point spewed by the "debunkers." In Team America, anyone questioning the war is a terrorist, when in truth Michael Moore does in Farenheit 9/11 exactly with Parker and Stone do with this episode: set out to make Bush look like a buffoon. Aaron Dykes/ | October 11, 2006

The popular cartoon South Park launched a 9/11 hit piece, claiming that the "one-fourth" of Americans who believe the attacks were an inside job are "retards." The episode equates the 9/11 truth movement with anti-semitism, a pointless and insignificant investigation into the misuse of a bathroom, numerology, and the selfish, racist, spoiled and more-or-less evil show character Cartman, who frequently attacks the character Kyle for transgressions he blames on Jews.

By the end, though, the 9/11 conspiracy that the government perpetrated 9/11 is itself a government conspiracy. In the episode, Bush and his administration want people to believe that the government is all-powerful and could achieve absolutely anything.

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone let the scene go over-the-top on purpose to play up their view of Bush's incompetence making 9/11 theories ironically impossible, a notion which categorically dismisses valid evidence and puts stock in the weak hope that ignoring 9/11 issues will make them go away. In truth, Bush is a puppet run by globalists with intent to wreck nations.

Here's a brief summation of the distorted and simplified view that South Park portrayed about the 9/11 truth movement:

- Cartman (and subsequently the episode) refer to a poll where "one-fourth" of Americans suspect the government did 9/11. However, the Scripps-Howard poll taken in late July 2006 shows that more than one-third of Americans polled suspect the government perpetrated the September 11th attack or took no action.

Additionally, the Zogby Poll conducted in May 2006 showed that 70 million American adults support a new investigation of 9/11. South Park not only under represented the polling numbers, but labeled that population representation as "retarded."

-The show did not challenge any of the claims made by various members of the 9/11 truth movement (though they did present various elements in an mixed, but un clarified blanket theory which poorly represented serious points and research explored). It mentioned that steel couldn't be melted by the jet fuel fires, but connected it with blame for the Jews, allowing for a continuation of Cartman attacking Kyle and the Jewish faith.

The attempt to link 9/11 Truth with anti-semitism is fallacious, as most people who believe 9/11 was an inside job blame the Bush administration. Alex Jones estimates that approximately 10-15% of that group "blames the Jews." The media continually tries to link 9/11 Truth with anti-semitism without basis.

-During the segment featuring a researcher, the show portrays the political dissident as a crazed, paranoid person who would even possess anthrax-- 9/11 Truthers are "nut jobs" nearly equivalent with terrorists.

-But the overriding message here is a continuation of the Bush incompetence theory. South Park makes clear that 9/11 was perpetrated by "pissed off Arabs" and that only a "retard" would think the government is capable of carrying this out.

Excuse me? Nineteen people in a cave could make NORAD stand-down, fly Cessna planes and otherwise catch an elaborate and leading intelligence network off-guard, but the government could not because Bush is a moron?

Clearly, this case does not address the Norman Mineta testimony from the 9/11 Commission hearings that has an aide asking Dick Cheney if the "order still stands" as the planes approach their targets. According to testimony, Cheney tells the aide, "Of course the order still stands. Have you heard any different?"

-The episode refers to documents that civilians can't know about, but declassified documents like Operation Northwoods are available publicly and clearly show that governments at least consider creating provocations and carrying out false-flag operations.

The South Park episode shows that 9/11 Truth has grown so large that it must be acknowledged and dealt with. The episode belittles 9/11 Truth, but does give it high-profile television time. But this exposure comes at the expense of a highly-influenced audience-- some of which may be neutral to 9/11 issues-- now thinking of 9/11 Truth dismissively.

I suspect the South Park crowd has number of people who are otherwise unaware, undecided and even uncaring of 9/11 issues who are highly influenced by the rationale episodically reiterated by each show to its willingly-ignorant audience. South Park are regular distributors of condensed, semi-informed opinions on topics that are more comfortable when remote and unexplored.

The show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, can't explain points they were willing to bring up in the episode, but not willing to study, including factoids about steel's tendency not to melt or scientifically-based theorems regarding controlled demolition in the Twin Towers. They won't bring up the Project for a New American Century or NORAD standing down automatic air defenses.

They prefer to keep things at the superficial seams-- the "fourth" of Americans who believe this stuff are "retards"; the government is "too incompetent" to have executed this plan; only a "retard" would believe that anyone other than "pissed off" Arabs carried out 9/11; 9/11 conspiracy nuts blame Jews/ blaming Jews is racist and wrong/Shut up, already, etc.

This compares with the treatment of global politics, rogue nations and partisan views on policy Stone and Parker presented in Team America: World Police, a live-action puppetry film that has American Special Forces Troops pitted against North Korea's insane and lonely dictator, Kim Jong Il.

The tongue-in-cheek film is certainly intelligent enough to consider real factors-- the pax America terms in globalism via the United States. But it dismisses the bulk of emperical sins as something like 'necessary roughness' in a vulgar but figuratively pointant summation speech about the three roles playing out in the scenario: (VIDEO | BACKUP)

We're d**ks! We're reckless, arrogant, stupid d**ks. And the Film Actors Guild are p****es. And Kim Jong Il is an a**hole. P****es don't like d**ks, because p****es get f**ked by d**ks. But d**ks also f**k a**holes: a**holes that just want to s**t on everything. P****es may think they can deal with a**holes their way. But the only thing that can f**k an a**hole is a d**k, with some balls. The problem with d**ks is: they f**k too much or f**k when it isn't appropriate - and it takes a p***y to show them that. But sometimes, p****es can be so full of s**t that they become a**holes themselves... because p****es are an inch and half away from a**holes. I don't know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let us f**k this a**hole, we're going to have our d**ks and p****es all covered in s**t!

Arguing for a sort of practical defaulting to the United States as the relative good might hold some validity (in some hypothetical situation far away from current days...), but again supports attitudes of willful ignorance, laissez faire citizen roles and a simplistic and faulty faith in the United States' being a force for progress of any kind.

However, that relativism holds no accurate validity in light of the Bush administration condoning torture, declaring Bush above the law and superceding the Constitution with bullied legislation. Does that sad version of the United States still hold as the relative moral superior?

Bush's incompetence has very little bearing on supposed failure in Iraq when the plan is to build permanent bases, stay for a decade or longer and use the divided country as a base of operations for other regional conflicts, as documents like PNAC suggest-- for instance, the planned and goaded multi-theater war ("Rebuilding America's Defenses," page iv).

South Park is a cartoon, which, of course, portrays scenarios and players in cartoonish dimensions. It's analysis of current events and culture is simplistic. It categorically reduces all elements. In this episode, we see that 9/11 Truthers are "retards," Bush & Co. try to look tough but are incompetent (Cheney's shot misses again), etc.

In truth, South Park must know that it is really asking its core audience not to consider evidence about 9/11. Instead of researching information and participating in civil discourse as an informed dissident, this viewpoint encourages a continuation of the status quo for its audience-- a broad sector of Americans who know nothing real about our nations interactions with remote nations of interest.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone express an interest in keeping their crowd blindly supporting United States action around the world in the name of relative right. Most of this crowd would have trouble locating North Korea or Iran on a map, but are content to maintain the viewpoint that Bush is just an eccentric idiot confronting evil, cartoonish demon leaders around the world.

I dunno...

But it seems to me that is actually Alex Jones. Hey Alex, when can I be on?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

that show was Very funny...

couple of my friends watched it with me and
we decided to do some here we are at your website!

Thank you all for opening our eyes,
We are joining your Boat!
Now lets get these murdering scum out of the White Hose and into a s*hit hole!

That's the Jones Report Webmaster

he's a busy little beaver.

I don't know ... I still

I don't know ... I still think the show was quite good and will bring attention to the movement. I mean, we can get worked up about South Park, or we can give it the big "Whateva!" or we can enjoy the humor and be thankful Matt & Trey put the spotlight on it. I'm going to go with the third option.

How can anybody respect a

How can anybody respect a guy like this? Complete opportunist...

Can you believe your forefathers actually released this stuff? I guess they really do think that any publicity is good publicity.

I've been a SP fan since the

I've been a SP fan since the begining, and in some way most episodes have some sort of twisted moral or lesson at the end of a show.( which is usally provided by the plot and not the "you know what I learned today" bit at the end.)And This was a total hit piece and it wont do our movement any good. We were smeared as anti-jewish nut ball conspirists, and retards might I add. Watch it a couple more times a look for the overall theme
When you realise how stupid you people sound thinking this helps our movement or is even for our movement, please stop posting here. I'd like to keep the 911 movement alive. This SP goes into the some bin as the "Bullshit" hit piece, the trash bin.

petty insults

If you're really anti-jewish and a retard, then you should probably be offended by the south park episode. If you're not either of those things then you have nothing to worry about! Those kinds of attacks will never work in the long run.

I've been called a retard many times but I know it's not true. I could run circles around anyone who attacks me using ad hominem. And I'm not anti-semitic either, although I will criticise Israel then they let their govt blow up UN bunkers and red cross ambulances!

I think this SP episode is a great thing even though all they talked about is the planes and the WTC "bombs in the building" and all the more unbelievable stuff. Documentaries like "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" cannot so easily be labeled conspiracy garbage. And that's a good thing to throw in someone's face when all they'll talk about is the planes and the buildings.

South Park 9/11 episode

(from website)
[[Hello, South Park Fans!!

To those of you who already know that we don't know what happened on 9/11, you're definitely not alone--our Zogby poll in May found 46% of Americans want a new investigation because we know we were lied to! (Final report here). And for a long list of people within the government and military who also know, check out

If you're absolutely new to the issue, take a walk through these links and decide for yourself what's true. (Oh, and no one has been shot in the head for investigating 9/11 to date, in case you were wondering.)]]

* Folks, people HAVE been shot in the head for investigating 9/11 to date. Gary Webb and Hunter S. Thompson are two well known cases among several others who have died because of 9/11 truth. Everyone seems to also forget that there were 2 confirmed victims of the 7 WTC collapse/demolition. One was a Port Authority worder and the other a Secret Service agent.
The info's up on's '911 Archive' section.

South Park

I doubt that Trey and Matt would have gotten away with an obvious pro 9/11 truth show, nor would they have wanted to take a similar slandaring from the major media like charlie sheen did . I see that at least one person saw the show and had enough interest sparked to come and learn more, and thats a good thing : ) . Any discussion of alternate theories about 9/11, even something as rediculous as what South Park showed will help move people toward asking questions, and in turn closer to the truth.

First time to your site I really enjoy it keep up the good blogging!

If your new to the 9/11 Truth movement dont forget to check out :

Don't go crazy, it's what they want

The misrepresentations are designed to piss 9/11 CTs off. Don't fall for it.
Anyway, I do agree with one point in the episode. The mainstream theory is pretty complicated. A tad too complicated. It's so much easier to just let some "pissed off Arabs" follow through with their plans. That's the way things look like they are shaping up anyhow. They let it happen. There is no need for controlled demolitions. A terrorist attack (at all) was plenty "justification" for going to war. On 9/11, before the towers fell, on CNN the graphics already read "America At War." That's why I'm a simple LIHOP person. It's so much more plausible.

ATTENTION: 12 October


12 October 2006
Interview: Jim Fetzer of Scholars For 9/11 Truth will be the guest of
Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor", FOX TV
8-9 PM/ET (7-8 PM/CT); repeats 11-12 PM/ET (10-11 PM/CT)


They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

I just realized...

Matt and Trey have no idea what the defiintion of "Conspiracy" is.

Pronunciation[kuhn-spir-uh-see] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun, plural -cies.

1. the act of conspiring.

2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.

3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.

4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

"Anyone who thinks that 9/11 was a Conspiracy is a retard."


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

"Lack of critical thinking skills"

Rather than respond to several individual, clueless posts, I'll just do it once. The episode has an existence and a significance completely separate from what the creators "think about 9/11." This is literary/film theory 101. I don't give a flying fork about what the SP guys think. The point is that the episode consists of several competing narratives woven together, and no one has made a convincing argument that the narrative they associate most closely with Matt and Trey "wins." I'd like to see someone try, actually, because I don't watch SP and I'm sure there are a lot of relevant nuances that completely passed me by.

Back to that "separate existence" thing. Regardless of what "the guys" think, two very important and very-beneficial-to-9/11-Truth things unquestionably took place. One was that a good springboard website got a ton of publicity. IT MATTERS VERY LITTLE whether some characters associated it with the adjective "retarded." "" was placed in front of my eyeballs all the freakin' time. Visual impact trumps dialogue any day of the week. Secondly, the phrase "false flag (attack?)" was used When was the last time you EVER heard that on mainstream tv? Again, call it retarded; it doesn't matter. In the initial stages of propagating an idea, just putting out there is progress.

Good Points

A particlarly poignant nuance just popped out at me.

Cartment ALWAYS blames JEWS for EVERYTHING.

That's why invariably he would do the same with 9/11. Only people who have watched a lot of southpark are going to get that.

God I"m glad a few people on

God I"m glad a few people on here understand that this was a great thing. Just look at oreilly tonight, he actually had to repsond to this and had to explain false flags in his show. He had to explain to us all why it is bad to think about that possibility. It was a huge show in so many ways. If the world calls me a retard while they are waking up, then good for them. This was a very good thing, and it wasn't a good thing for us by accident.

He had to explain "false flags"?

That's incredible. Jeezus. That's an idea they don't want spreading -- it underpins so much evil in history and it causes (a lot of) people to rethink everything they think they know about contemporary history. (Even non-contemporary history.) That's a cat they wanted SECURELY in the bag.

Yeah, that's very important

If the concept of "State-sponsored False-flag terrorism" becomes a household term, we will win this thing.

That is why Alex Jones' Terrorstorm is so important. (As is Tarpley's book, "Synthetic Terror").

Google has been stifling Terrorstorm recently....they know how dangerous this film is to the criminals behind 9/11....they jig is up, that tool (S-S F-F T) has been exposed.

Give Terrorstorm to everyone you can. Or point them to it on Google (while you can). Or, this great site:

Save me Lauro!!!

Save me Lauro!!!

Cartman blames Jews or

Cartman blames Jews or Hippys for everything, not just Jews.

Now considering the fact that SP has slammed about every religion, fad, and movement in the USA it is only surprising that they waited so long to do a hit piece of the 911 Truth Movement.

I'm just glad Cartman didn't blame Canada

The creators of South Park are with us

My take on this episode is that it IS hoped/meant to be a wake-up call (and NOT a bash) - for those who aren't already hopelessly brainwashed by the government and the complicit corporate media. It seems like every single time that genuine questions were asked, or genuine evidence was presented, it was almost immediately followed by TOTALLY nonsensical tin-foil hat stuff. Anyone with half a brain could see the possibilities of the former, whilst summarily dismissing the latter. Only those incapable of rational thought might confuse the two, and think it's ALL a bunch of "conspiracy theory" hogwash. Even considering how far South Park constantly stretches the envelope, they still know they can only go so far in certain areas. So they try to slip in bits of truth and reality with a healthy dose of nonsense and comedy. It's up to the viewing audience to discern the difference....

But it could never be a

But it could never be a wakeup call to show truthers how retarded they are, right?

Is this the spin room for

Is this the spin room for the truther movement or something?

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Alternative Theory

I loved the kind of 'reverse' conspiracy theory in this episode. That the administration itself is perpetuating the myth because if people though they had the power and resources to organise and cover up such a massive plot they'd be even more scared to question the government. Oddly enough I think this makes more sense! ;)

I wonder if this is actually a good thing

Given that to many that watch this show don't know much about the 911 conspiracy theories, I wonder if by making fun of it especially the comment "what are you retarded" by the Hardly boys and everyone laughing so nervously (lack of a better word) that in fact it will make people really interested in the subject.

Notice how promenent the website was displayed, and clearly. The writers of the show didn't have to put a real website there, but there was a REAL website there. Also, there was only one site, the address did not change all the time. Very easy to remember and check it out later. I think it is a decent site, it had an article that had good places to start.

I tend to believe that the government did it. BUt, I don't look at these sites too much. I point out problems with the government conspiracy theory and how rediculous it is, and that it was a perfect Reichstag Fire situation.


South Park 9/11 Remixed

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Outstanding job. Someone

Outstanding job. Someone put it up for diggs and see how it does. I loved it. Only in America... where there are some wise guys with computer skills that is. Well done.

Read between the lines between the lines

Hello all,

It is a shame though not unexpected to see such high emotional responses from all sides in the above comments. It is at least a form of debate which on a topic like 911 cover ups is always a good thing.

I am here to offer you all some clarity on the south park 911 epsisode.

As you well know south park is a show that ridicules everyone and every topic, it does so simply because it can and it enjoys presenting all issues in a way that allow the individual to either treat it as purely entertainment or to perhaps indugle their braincells and see what is really being said in south park on issues of popular digestion.

I will make it clear now. This episode was made to raise awareness to the issue of 911 conspiracies, not to debunk them. It was presented in a way that will allow the pro official conspiracy theory group to laugh it off as an an attack on '911 truthers', the irony here is this is in fact the greatest joke because those who then do take this episode as being an attack on 911 truthers are themselves the ultimate retards, the episode was designed in such a way as to allow the flag waving official believers to sink back into their collective bubbles believing south park was taking their sides.


And judging by the feedback above many of you good little soldiers danced perfectly in tune to this little ditty. Thank you for that ;0)

Now a message to the 911 truthers. Sure, some of your kin are wacked out, sloppy and stupid. A lot of you give the rest of you a bad name but at the core of your rather cringeworthy named 'truth movement' exists very serious, very credible and very important questions. The intetion of south park was to promote and encourage people to research it for themselves whilst fooling the 'sheople' into thinking we are on their side and thus allowing them to slip comfortably back into their alternative realities. Prety good eh? mwahahahahaha!

It should be quite obvious to the astute south park fan than the mere fact was given over 7 minutes of airtime is a clear indication which side was really being given positive promotion. This is not something south park does lightly though if your a sheople what I really just said was ' this IS something southpark does lightly' :0)

1.Look at the positive traffic this episode generated.

2. If the purpose was to debunk then this is not the website that would of been used .

So I ask you all, those awake, so sleeping and those somewhere inbetween, to do aside with emotion for a second and look at what really came out of this episode.


so who is laughing now?

you tell me ;0)

I won't be able to post here again though i will check replies when I can. We do believe the 911 truth movement is a cause worthy of attention. That is all.

Spin away! Spoken like a

Spin away! Spoken like a true truther...

We, the Sheeple

Yeah, the interpretations here were way too literal.

If the creators of South Park went out on a limb to do this - and from what I've read they've had fights with their producers before, when they treated material lots of people probably wouldn't like - so they've had experience standing up for what they wanted........Like maybe putting the website on the T-shirt and giving free advertising? Kudos to them.

And look at what a great job they did at hiding it?

90% of the folks here, not counting the flag-wavers, assumed and proclaimed it was a hit job.

Thanks for coming here and setting us straight. :)

Propaganda is no good unless it can inspire the troops. :)

(I don't imply South Park is Propaganda, since if it was, there would be no doubt about the meaning and it wouldn't be funny.)

The sad thing is that even most people who frequent this Blog - or at least the most out-spoken and tenacious ones - the ones who set the tone, side with the flag-wavers and say we were made to look ridiculous. And used the episode as an argument as to why we need to stick only to certain subjects when telling any uninitiated what we truly believe.

We ourselves are somehow so conditioned, we are Sheeple ourselves, that many of us don't like our own evidence, we tell ourselves to keep quiet. And you are right to say that is "retarded." If we don't like ourselves, if we don't understand the power of our own arguments....we are just enablers, sell-outs.

No other presentation of the subject, and I follow them all, presented our case in full, from our POV. This was a first. It's always been "the story about the story." Here we had it in 1st person, in a Mass Media outlet.

Part of me theorized it had to be good because: The truth has a ring to it. And this may sound "New Age" but truth just kind of hangs there in the air a certain way, especially if it's otherwise being repressed.

Also, come to think of it, the main technique used against us is to misrepresent our argument and then to destroy that misrepresentation: i.e. "Straw Man." And in this case our story was presented correctly. It was not misrepresented.

I thought about this when I heard it coming out of the cartoon character's mouths - I was incredulous, startled. And other people mentioned this point to me. But it was a relief to hear it spoken. This is the emotion that the flagwavers had to mock. Our hope.

When it's spoken out and hangs there in the air, it rings. It's a risk for the perps to have it there, to reveal to people what's been done to them. Even if it's only in jest. Even if the perp(s) pretend nerves of steel.

So, I thought of the story, "The Tell-Tale Heart." That the guilty's subconscious could give them away - that could be a hope, which is what I think happened to L. Silverstein on the fateful day of his "pull-it" interview.

Obviously, whoever did 9/11 is getting away with it by dint of excellent gambling instinct and nerve. But there is always room for an upset with a crime this big. And with the gap between myth and reality so vast and the stakes so gruesome...(World War and our Bill of Rights) would you feel if you'd done it and it's all over the Internet and then the characters on South Park start telling the story without amendment.

The look on William Kristol's face when confronted had already made my week.

It's a truism that comics are typically the ones who have the guts to tell the truth to power and to stand up to it.

In a German film I saw that was made during Hitler's Third Reich - the King/dictator was made fun of like hell, from a comic actor on the stage. (Also reminiscent of the Correspondence Dinner between Bush and Colbert. Colbert is another example of a put-on who is taken seriously by the flag-wavers. My friends and I know people who actually think he is a real right-winger!)

The commentary on the film explained that the movie had been arranged so as to pass the censors. And a few such films had been created at the time and successfully were released. And that it was truly subversive art, since only the subversive ones got it. ;)

The other side of the coin to subversion is this: when you have a brainwashed public, who truly are afraid to think against what they are supposed to think, it's pretty easy to pull off. Cause no one can admit what it could truly be about. "Hiding in plain view" is known well among those who do "magic tricks" professionally.

I did think it was a good sign when I enjoyed South Park so much and laughed at so many parts and then, upon reading the South Park fan sites, found out the fans of the show didn't get it, didn't think it was particularly funny, though very loyal to the show.

I especially love when Bush corrected the narrator, "'People'?, you mean.....'Sheeple'" with a funny self-satisfied tight grin on his face.

I realized later, when someone on the fan board said he didn't "get" the ending - that "19 highjackers did it," was not funny... the reason it couldn't be funny to him is because it's conventional wisdom. The conventional, what everyone thinks, is never funny. Except if it's looked at from outside the frame. For someone who believes it, it's a dud.

So that gave me hope as well.

I do think part of the problem in interpreting the South Park show on this Blog is that most everyone took it literally - as the flagwavers would, as Phil pointed out.

I did think it was funny that flag-wavers took the "government created 9/11 so people would believe they are so powerful and would therefore not fight back" and used that argument against us, as though South Park had made a real argument and then insulted us, after the South Park cue, for "using fear tactics!"

This really shows how desperate flagwavers are for arguments and how they probably don't even believe their own schtick, but just use anything to piss us off.

And it works!

We'd probably be better at laughing at ourselves, if so many others weren't beating us to it. Including betwixt each other.

“Math is really about the human mind, []and why curiosity is quite a good guide,” explaining that curiosity is tied in some way with intuition. “You don't see what you’re seeing until you see it, but when you do see it, it lets you see many other things.”
-William Thurston , mathematician. (One contributor to the solution of Poincaré 's conjecture.) NYTIMES 10/17/06

If you've actually done some

If you've actually done some real research, you would've reallized that they get away with pretty much anything. They even admit that most of the time whenever they have to edit the script they make it so much worse and it just passes on through the censors like they didn't even read it. Let's see, they've said SH*T (uncensored) over a 160 times in an episode, showed people crapping (as well as had crap coming out of their mouths and a talking piece of crap on top of that), they used to kill a kid every episode and show graphic depiction of violence and death, they have babies having sex with teachers, a marijuana smoking towel, kid's getting anal probes, kid's jacking off dogs, a kid's mom is a whore that has slept with everybody in town, there's a transexual teacher with a gay slave man assistant that sticks animals up his butt, they had a vehicle that ran by jacking, sucking, and ramming control sticks up their butts, not to meantion them maing fun of almost every religion....Kind of makes you look dumb with how you overanalyzed and assumed things now, huh???

Spin away...or maybe go watch some other episodes and see how they really are, especilly since you make yourself out to be such a devoted expert on the minds of the SP writers. I would've just stayed the route of dismissing it as juvenile garbage like the rest of the smarter truthers instead of turning it back around and going on your mission of propaganda through a cartoon show.

I fail to see why you are so angry

And I fail to understand your point.

You gave a list of all the gross, outlandish and transgressive elements presented in their show. But you failed to connect that to anything I wrote about. None of those previous things are as important as revealing what really happened on 9/11.

I was replying to the poster Phil, and agreeing with him.

Phil's post also seemed to make someone angry - saying it was "spin." Why is that? Are you someone who thinks we should be sad since south Park supposedly mocked us...whilst giving us millions of dollars of free advertising?

It's obviously because it's

It's obviously because it's not the dot that you're trying to connect. You assumed that this was all a secret ploy and conpiracy for the creators to carefully hide "advertisement" for their cause even if it means making a hit piece out of their cause...The Mormons were even treated more fairly than your subject was and they got that accomplished with basically a sentence at the end of the show while 9/11 conspiracy theorists were treated the same way and on top of that they received a potshot at the last sentence of the episode. It's also great how you point out how you tie completely unrelated things together by raising questions early on...I feel pretty bad for you if you're not doing this on purpose by being so completely oblivious and ignorant of reality...Why do you think that you need this crutch to convince people that the Bush administration is bad? Just look at the polls, it's not hard. We know sh*t went bad on, before, and after 9/11 so why don't you spend your time with current events and actually try to prevent these disasters from happening instead of waiting and LETTING things happen? (and you don't accomplish this by being seuthsayers and predicting the future)

And if that's the reject Phil I'm thinking of, I guess I know why you're jumping on top of him so much...

And if it is the Phil I'm

And if it is the Phil I'm thinking of, it would just give everyone a perfect example of how people are trying to exploit the movement...

You're funny

this crutch to convince people that the Bush administration is bad? Just look at the polls, it's not hard. We know sh*t went bad on, before, and after 9/11 so why don't you spend your time with current events and actually try to prevent these disasters from happening instead of waiting and LETTING things happen? (and you don't accomplish this by being seuthsayers and predicting the future)

I'm supposed to get over the fact elements of the U.S. government were behind 9/11, because that is "old news?"

It doesn't matter who were the real murderers because, "hey, if the Muslims didn't do it, they would have if they could?" [true response I got from some other well-wisher who thought I should get current on current events.]

People who have been injured do not forget that - even if its been five years. Obviously you side with the perps, since, although no one who can be shown to be responsible has been brought to justice, or even discovered, you are saying I should "forget about it!"

I must say you fill the bill of "retarded" if you believe I am into this in order to make Bush look bad.

As you pointed out he looks plenty bad already.

You can spin all you want,

You can spin all you want, the truth is you need a catastrophic event like 9/11 just like you claim the government needed it. You both are hypocrites and should not be listened to just on the fact that you all consistently lie and bend the truth. You're obviously the one that sympathizes with the terrorists and rejects anything that does not "agree" with your theories. Some of you don't want to give any credit to anything that is ACTUALLY happening in the Middle East. THERE ARE TERRORISTS and there is disorder! You can't ignore that fact and pin anything blamed on them as a scapegoat or something (cause then you would be a hypocrite with that crazy statement of yours saying that I'm a Bush lover and that people hurt never forget). If you think the government is so bad, don't you think you're playing right into their hands by "letting" them do whatever they want now since all you people want to do is point out things after the fact (unless you go on your predicting rants). You should also know "the people who have been injured" never forget when people like you lie and make accusations before doing any real research. All you do is raise some questions and tell people to "go do the research yourself." This is not some game of tag you play where it's alright to be wrong 90% of the time just as long as you tag somebody else "it". You're into this because it makes you feel good inside to be "someone in the know" and you want to brag and sit on your high horse all day, unless you were fooled by the shady people in your movement (but that's obviously not true since you are the most blatant 9/11 propaganda spewer in this thread). It's like you're in your own seperate world and reality with the skewed viewpoints and spin you put on everything. Let's get this straight, I don't side with the "perps," it's just people like you that have their own agendas and lie straight to peoples' faces and either are completely oblivious to reality or doing that on purpose. Your movement is shadier than the government and that's probably why you keep falling back on trying to pin me as some government insider all on Bush's dick. That's the only game you can play and that's why you keep falling back on that "us vs. the government" mentality. But then, if you realized that not everything is black and white you wouldn't be connecting so many dots and being so tied up in a capitalized and exploited movement...

I hope iIam, I do I do

This is the Phil that I am, look down, there is even a picture! woohoo!:-

I must confess though that I am on temporary leave at the moment from trying to educate Americans on what they ought to be educating themselves, I do after all have issues in my own area of habitation to attend to. Nevertheless I have been wandering these 911 pastures for several years now so am long past being vexed or otherwise put out by emotion driven, god inspired, humanoids such as yourself. You are only doing what your dna tells you to do after all.. 'Self preservation', at it's most pure. For you to cross over into reality might require some sacrifice and I do not think you have it in you do follow that path. Thta is why there is people like me, to deal with the things you cannot bring yourself to think about, I, and others like me, are your mentors if you like, the hope your children will need and will not find in you, and one day they will find it in and find how opposed to such hope their own father was. I have forgiven you, I cannot say that they will but I have hope which has eyes, reason, direction and drive, you have faith, which has nothing but hole to bury at head in.

Happy hunting sir...

This is the Phil that I am,

This is the Phil that I am, look down, there is even a picture! woohoo!:-

I must confess though that I am on temporary leave at the moment from trying to educate Americans on what they ought to be educating themselves, I do after all have issues in my own area of habitation to attend to. Nevertheless I have been wandering these 911 pastures for several years now so am long past being vexed or otherwise put out by emotion driven, god inspired, humanoids such as yourself. You are only doing what your dna tells you to do after all.. 'Self preservation', at it's most pure. For you to cross over into reality might require some sacrifice and I do not think you have it in you do follow that path. Thta is why there is people like me, to deal with the things you cannot bring yourself to think about, I, and others like me, are your mentors if you like, the hope your children will need and will not find in you, and one day they will find it in and find how opposed to such hope their own father was. I have forgiven you, I cannot say that they will but I have hope which has eyes, reason, direction and drive, you have faith, which has nothing but hole to bury at head in.

Happy hunting sir...

All you want to do is get

All you want to do is get your name out there and some pocket change off of some of the proceeds exploited from the movement. Yes, you do have issues in your own area of habitation since you lost your link to the exploitation of the movement and had to find other ways to make a buck...

Here I am

This is the Phil that I am, look down, there is even a picture! woohoo!:-

I must confess though that I am on temporary leave at the moment from trying to educate Americans on what they ought to be educating themselves, I do after all have issues in my own area of habitation to attend to. Nevertheless I have been wandering these 911 pastures for several years now so am long past being vexed or otherwise put out by emotion driven, god inspired, humanoids such as yourself. You are only doing what your dna tells you to do after all.. 'Self preservation', at it's most pure. For you to cross over into reality might require some sacrifice and I do not think you have it in you do follow that path. Thta is why there is people like me, to deal with the things you cannot bring yourself to think about, I, and others like me, are your mentors if you like, the hope your children will need and will not find in you, and one day they will find it in and find how opposed to such hope their own father was. I have forgiven you, I cannot say that they will but I have hope which has eyes, reason, direction and drive, you have faith, which has nothing but hole to bury at head in.

Happy hunting sir...

9/11 conspiracy

I jsut got done watching this South Park episode and i remember why i quit watching it this show in the first place, it is moronic! This show and others like show the mentality of a lot of people today and it is really disgusting. People always want to look for "conspiracy" or "paranoia" and we always want to blame one person for everything. The fact truth of the matter is that terrorism just didnt start on 9/11 but it has been an ongoing thing everywhere since the late 70's and before that. We have been invaded before on own soil remember Pearl Harbor? I dont see anyone being so upset about the bombings of our American Embassies and carriers through out the years of how the WTC was hit years before by terrorist. Was this all a conspiracy set up by the governments in charge then and the president of that time and keep in mind there was democrats in charge during these times. I think peope need to open their eyes and realize this is what happens when we let people come over here because we have so much freedoms and opportunities. Eventually we will have them compromised and if were not careful we could end up like the rest of the world.

there seems to be a bunch of

there seems to be a bunch of retards here

No, they'll think you're

No, they'll think you're crazy because you ARE crazy. The biggest threat of this episode, like those showing Scientology for what it is, will be to make people think that because South Park is mocking you, you're all just harmless goofballs who really aren't as bad as they made you seem.

But yes. You are. You are, in fact, retards.

Thanks that deal with this

Thanks that deal with this problem,i think this is important.
the all american reject
best place to live


I certainly hope I am the Phil you are thinking of anonymous person, hehehe. Reading your above replies was wildly amusing, I could almost see the blood vessels bursting through my screen, such emotional rage toward reason, you are clearly a person of religous faith, was it child indoctrination or did you find your faith at the bottom of a whiskey bottle some years ago?

Hehe, I love what you wrote, I couldn't of made you look more 'needy' if i tried. Thank you for putting a smile on an otherwise stressful day. Say hello to God for me eh? tell him he owes me for that lapdance ;0)

Nothing says 'coward' more than an anonymous poster ;0) That is what seperates you from me, and the men from the boys. Good day sir ...

I love how you have to paint

I love how you have to paint a picture of somebody and assume anything you want. Where would you get religion from this? If anything a lot of people in the 9/11 truth movement are the crazy religious nuts. They need to balance such a catastrophic event with something of equal or greater magnitude to explain things in their heads....Stop painting an enemy you want to face. I'm not a republican, I'm not a Bush supporter, I'm not religious, I'm not a government insider set to sabotage a message board thread, and I'm not against investigating anything, just hypocritical people like you who exploit the movement.

Where's your proof that I'm religious? You're so distracted in your head that you misinterpreted my "blood vessels bursting" and thought that I was some crazy right-wing religious nut when it was just animosity and disgust at hypocritical and exploitive people like you. Here's my "proof" that you're the one that needs a super satan to make some reason out of 9/11...hypocrite,9171,1531304,00.html

(Iit's funny how after reading the articles you'll be thinking that anybody can put a spin on anything right? Don't bother dissecting them, that wasn't the point...)


dude, you know they are mocking you..

mmm.. ok...

I'm now a believer

You guys have presented enough evidence to make me a believer. I summarized your findings at my site:


South Park 9/11 Remixed

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south park changed the 911 episode

there are two diffrent 911 episodes of south park the original and one with less information like operation northwoods being writin on the chalk board, the collapse of wtc 7 on cartmans computer,the thermite add, the pics in cartmans power point were changed you can see the modified episode here
and a shortend version of the original here that shows the parts that were edited out
if we are retarded and all the 911 conspiracy theories can be disproven scientifically then why change the episode?

no help

The South Park guys are right wing assholes, with a long history of obvious bias. Their Team USA puppet movie shows where they stand.

This episode was meant to ridicule the less swift members of the 911 Truth movement. And apparently some of them didn't even get that.

They presented some of the claims as so outlandish and ridiculous, that average middle of the road types will reject it out of hand (as they have been doing all along).

They did not present the hard core and irrefutable evidence about Bush foreknowledge of the attacks, and what they did, and did not do to prevent them.

By focusing on putting bombs in the buildings, and the Pentagon "missile" claims, this entire movement is stuck in the mud, and open to easy ridicule. Much stronger cases can be made, and have been, by people such as Mike Ruppert, professor Chossudovsky, Nafeez Ahmed, and others who don't rely on "loose change" to make their points.