Edit: Kevin Barrett interviewed John Kaminski on RBN - 10/14/2006

Kevin Barrett interviewed John Kaminski on Jim Fetzer's "Non-Random Thoughts" program last night.

The interview started out fairly calmly, with a general discussion of 9/11 skepticism, but then moved into a focus on some of Kaminski's statements about Jews and Judaism that Barrett found to be somewhat offensive if not flat out untrue. The discussion never totally degenerated into name-calling, but it did get pretty hot a couple of times, and at one point RBN founder John Stadtmiller got on the line to try and make the distinction between Zionism and Judaism, which Kaminski didn't have much use for. Kaminski basically accused Barrett of being an apologist for Jews. This stands in stark contrast to Wisconsin State Rep. Suder's accusations of anti-Semitism directed at Barrett, Lubarsky and Cobb's 9/11 and American Empire Vol. II.

The show is available from the RBN archives here.

RBN has several new hosts

RBN has several new hosts debuting, including Jason Bermas, who's debut show today is now posted in the archives. Gonna listen now.



I was on for a minute.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


On again. Kaminski p_ssed me off.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I'm on...

Between the 50:00 and 60:00 mark of each hour, and right after Mia in the second hour.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

show going in ugly direction...

I can't criticize Barrett for getting another 9/11 truther on, but...

I wouldn't have any guests that are quite as anti-semitic sounding, but that's just me!

First comment, hello.

You know, Barrett has kindof

You know, Barrett has kindof gotten a bunch of attention, and I'm glad he had the guts to write about this stuff, and I think it's ridiculous that any politician or bill o'reilly would try to stop him from exercising his first amendment rights, but it makes me think sometimes. I think there are people who could walk point for us much better. I hate to say this, and I don't have anything against muslims, but for a grown up white man in the united states to have an identity crisis sufficient enough , or to have sufficient repressed hostility to the environment in which he was raised to convert to islam... is... well, it actally is kooky and flakey. I know, everyone is going to jump my shit and say I"m a shill. I'm not though, I'm a regular every day truther, and I just find this guys story strange. I think that it is the strange nature of his story that makes them love him so much on fox news. There are so many bright people who believe this stuff who express themselves really well who are not middle class adult white men who converted to islam just to get a rise out of people. I mean, if he were a Pakastani Muslim 9/11 truther, it would make him seem biased to people, but not flakey. If he were a black guy who was born a southern baptist that converted to islam and was a 9/11 truther, it would be a tad kooky, but it's still something we can relate to because we all know some black folks who have converted to islam because it became a way for them to establish more identity with their race and history from the sixties on. Now Kevin may well have had a really good reason to do it, I don't know, but without explaining it in detail every time he gets on air, it looks like he has some kind of pent up aggression he's dealing with in an odd way. Let the turds fly. I'm just saying that because of this, he will always be the first one Fox News calls when they want a representative of this movement for their show. My shit is here... feel free to jump it.

Brother Kevin

Kevin is one fine human being. His ass is on the line. We don't need a better version of Kevin, we need more Kevins of all different shapes and sizes.

forget about religion

The whole new alleged "world conflict" of religions is a lie by the neocons, originating with the Muslim hijackers, the AlQaeda-tapes etc.
Bush will never admit it in order to please the Chrisitan right voters, but religion isn't exactly the way of the future for most people, to say the least. They either don't care anymore or outright declare themselves atheist.
And those Al-Qaeda tapes talking about a "crusade" - we know where they really came from, from the CIA, so who is talking about Chistianity vs. Islam? Only Dubya Bush is doing that...

I think it's reeeaaallly offensive...

to imply that Kevin Barrett converted to Islam to "get a rise out of people" and that it would be "less kooky" if he was black and converted to Islam.

Do you recall that woman who was killed at the Jewish Center in Seattle not too long ago? She was a convert. She converted when she married but found something in Judaism that was very rewarding, and remained very active in the community well after her marriage ended. (And why shouldn't she? She was Jewish; she just wasn't born Jewish.) Same deal with my friend Anna. She converted to Islam when she married an Egyptian and is now back in the States without him and still a practicing Muslim, complete with headscarf. Because she wants to be a Muslim. Conversion is a real phenomenon and an interesting one, because it usually means the person who has converted has looked deeply into the religion and chosen it, rather than being born with a "default" religion that they kinda observe throughout their lives.

I've heard Kevin Barrett speak about what attracted him to Islam and it sounded to me like he had a true conversion experience. Kinda like that one guy, Saul, who really really wanted to get a rise out of the folks of his day, and converted, and -- get this -- even changed his name to "Paul."

You may consider your shit jumped.

BTW, the boys at FOX seem to like Jim Fetzer quite a bit these days.

Get married, then convert,

Get married, then convert, not kooky. Just convert, kooky.


He did, okay? He married a Muslim woman. Before converting, I believe, but you would have to check -- in any event they were already involved. I didn't bring it up because frankly I think it's perfectly reasonable to convert without marrying. I didn't grow up a Tibetan Buddhist, and Lord knows my ex-husband wasn't one. Om tare tuttare ture soha. Call me a kook.

Walking point - we're all walking point

Every truther is doing what they can in the medium they can.

Barrett has gotten more attention for various reasons, not the least of which is that he's an educator. If he was a convert muslim plumber we'd never see him on FOX.

As soon as efforts are made to hide this guy or shut up that guy, we begin to resemble our enemy.

Organic, self-initiated resistance. Not everyone in such a set up will be happy with certain aspects here and there. I'd say that if anyone thinks someone else in the movement is getting too much exposure, it stands as a challenge to become more visible yourself.

Well craig, that's about as

Well craig, that's about as good an answer as I could have asked for. True enough. I don't know why I let it bother me. I'd be much better off losing sleep over no planers than kevin. It just seems like bait to me sometimes. They want to bring it around somehow to "if you think it was an inside job, you're with the muslim extremist terrorists." I know Barrett is nothing of the sort by any stretch of the wildest imagination, but the hope of that incorrect association is one of the things they love about him. They want it to look like he's "kevin the american" or something. It's not so much what I am feeling, it's more looking out for more false portrayals of the movement. As far as the Tibetan Buddhist lady goes, it would be a good point except we don't have hours of incessant MSM propaganda running all day long trying to terrorize us into circular hatred of Tibetan Buddhists.

In China they do.

But whatever. My point was just that the post-marriage conversion is cool/ spontaneous conversion is kooky argument is pretty lame.

I think the best antidote for the MSM's outrageously propagandistic attempt to equate Islam with terrorism is for Muslims, including converts, to be more visible, rather than less. Does Barrett come across as someone who would like to kill your kids? I really don't think so.

Do I think he comes across

Do I think he comes across that way? Or does O'reilly think he can make it look that way? No to the first, obviously, and yes to the second, obviously.

Your probably right

Your probably right as to why Fox News must love that angle. They play to people's prejudices and to what is conventional.

Also, there is a very strong racist element to the hostility the American people have toward Muslims. I think you turn that around and project that hostility onto Barrett. (He has never appeared hostile to me - except when he needed to be i.e. against O 'Reilly.)

He explained, in one interview that Christianity didn't make sense to him - personally I agree. I adopted Hinduism in my teens. Religion is a human need and Christianity isn't a one size fits all. I think it's bigoted to consider him a kook or crazy for this. Just as I consider it narrow minded for people to think I'm a "character" since I adopted Hindu religion and philosophy (it's a longer topic) or because I ride a bicycle (as one truther told me the other day..."You're really a character" when he found out I rode a bicycle!)

You will find that a large number, if not a majority, of the people who are aware that the 9/11narrative is a government lie will be people who don't care too much about what others think or what something looks like. So yea, we're labeled eccentric or cranky. So we label the other guys "sheeples," those that go along with the crowd.

Most people who go along with the crowd are not breaking ranks to say anything too different. And that's a big problem in this case. The Media plays to that human fear of ostracism, by constantly accenting how weird and kooky are the 9/11 truth activists.

Even the so -called comedian Abby thinks she can make a whole act out of it for herself. The sad thing is that she cannot be funny. All great comedians think different and point out things which others don't see. Pointing out what is the conventional POV is never top-drawer humor.

I thought Barrett stood up to O'Reilly like no one has ever seen. Even people who are not into our side of 9/11 cheered him on, just because they hate O'Reilly, had been waiting for someone to fight back and give it to him, and were so excited to see it happen.

You could also look at it the other way - Barrett lends credibility to the Muslim religion for people who think white folks are superior. :)

I think it's trite to say that being a Muslim discredits him.

I had a similar fear though about his use by the Media - I thought they would successfully link our movement to terrorism. And one way to do that is to show that Muslims believe 9/11 truth and to show 9/11 Truth people who are Muslims. And blur the lines between the two.

So I think the Media promotes this and it scares me since I think the people in power are fascists (look at the new law, The Military Commissions Act) and I don't put anything past them. I think we should be on our guard, since it's obvious what they are thinking about when they link 9/11 truth to "terrorism" and by passing laws whereby anyone named "Terrorist" can be locked up for good, killed, or tortured with no recourse to courts, jury, trials, habeas corpus etc.

This new law and the administrative edicts signed by Bush with force of Law, are not being put into place for nothing.

I didn't say being a muslim

I didn't say being a muslim discredited anyone. You said "I had a similar fear though about his use by the Media - I thought they would successfully link our movement to terrorism. And one way to do that is to show that Muslims believe 9/11 truth and to show 9/11 Truth people who are Muslims. And blur the lines between the two." So, I'll take that as an "I know exactly what you mean."

Thank you

Glad we agree. That's cool.

“Math is really about the human mind, []and why curiosity is quite a good guide,” explaining that curiosity is tied in some way with intuition. “You don't see what you’re seeing until you see it, but when you do see it, it lets you see many other things.”
-William Thurston , mathematician. (One of the solvers of the conjecture of Poincare.)


Why would anyone give Kaminski a platform?

To confront him.

Which is what Barrett did.

Di yous know ...

there is another Zion ..


just in case Israel becomes a problem...

You're an idiot...

"taught to all jews since birth say that jews should steal from goyim"

Go *$#@ yourself. I'm jewish, and NOT ONCE have I even heard of this bullsh_t. Not until Herr Kaminski mentioned it in his interview.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I couldn't believe my ears.

I couldn't believe my ears. It was one of the ugliest moments in radio that I've ever heard. Nevermind that - it was the ugliest moment. I can't believe this Kaminski character.

Barrett was an embarrassment

Just listened to the Kaminski "interview". Host Kevin Barrett showed no knowledge of the basics of Jewish fundamental documents. He wouldn't even cop to the outrageous over-ownership of banking and media by jews. Barrett filibustered throughout the so-called interview, blatantly attempting to censor Kaminski--he even said as much--and eventually hung up on Kaminski?!

What a pussy! Kaminski nailed him as a jewish apologist.

Stadtmiller's feeble network is going down. People won't be able to stand the stench any more.

Hear WingTV rip Barrett a new one...


Nice detailed account of the interview...