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Former CIA Officer Robert Steele Reviews Tarpley's 'Synthetic Terror'

Amazon's #1 Non-fiction Reviewer: Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA is "strongest of the 770+ books I have reviewed"

Progressive Press announced that its "9/11 Synthetic Terror" has just been cited as the best non-fiction book ever by Amazon's top non-fiction book reviewer, intelligence professional Robert Steele, in a 5-star review at .

Progressive specializes in books that contend 9/11 was an "inside job." Publisher John Leonard says "it's a coup to have Steele with us on this. Here you have a level-headed, respected insider, lifelong Republican, veteran spy, and he's breaking the taboos. It's a great tribute and a vindication of the work we put into 9/11 Synthetic Terror."

Steele's statement that 9/11 was a "US-based conspiracy" may be a first coming from a senior US intelligence community figure. He came to this conclusion "with great sadness" after reading "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA," which he praises as "without question, the most important modern reference on state-sponsored terrorism."

(visit the link for the full press release)

From wikipedia:

Robert David Steele Vivas (b. July 16, 1952 New York City), is a former Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer for twenty years and was the second-ranking civilian (GS-14) in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence from 1988-1992. Steele is a former clandestine services case officer Central Intelligence Agency.[1] He is the founder and CEO of OSS.Net, Inc. as well as the Golden Candle Society.[2] Steele also was a member of the Adjunct Faculty of Marine Corps University in the mid-1990's.

From Strategic Strategy Research Military site:

ROBERT D. STEELE is a retired Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer. He is the founder and president of Open Source Solutions, Inc., and is an acknowledged expert on computer and information vulnerabilities. Mr. Steele holds graduate degrees in International Relations and Public Administration from Leigh University and the University of Oklahoma. He has also earned certificates in Intelligence Policy from Harvard University and in Defense Studies from the Naval War College.

From Steele's Amazon review:

It is with great sadness that I conclude that this book is the strongest of the 770+ books I have reviewed here at Amazon, almost all non-fiction. I am forced to conclude that 9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war (see my review of Jim Bamford's "Pretext for War"), and I am forced to conclude that there is sufficient evidence to indict (not necessarily convict) Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others of a neo-conservative neo-Nazi coup d'etat and kick-off of the clash of civilizations (see my review of "Crossing the Rubicon" as well as "State of Denial"). Most fascinatingly, the author links Samuel Huntington, author of "Clash of Civilizations" with Leo Strauss, the connecting rod between Nazi fascists and the neo-cons.

This is, without question, the most important modern reference on state-sponsored terrorism, and also the reference that most pointedly suggests that select rogue elements within the US Government, most likely led by Dick Cheney with the assistance of George Tenet, Buzzy Kronguard, and others close to the Wall Street gangs, are the most guilty of state-sponsored terrorism.

Big congrats to Webster Tarpley for this incredible review!

PDF Here

download the 2.3 MB PDF of the first edition of the book here,

October Surprise: USS Enterprise

The Bush family, the whole clan, were at the blue blood cermonial champagne smashing at the launch of the brand new USSS George Bush Aircraft Carrier. More revolting than this shitty president having a billion dollar boat built in his name is the fact that the old dilapidated USS Enetrprise is part of the massive US Naval flotilla soon to arrive in prime water just outside the Persian Gulf. The problem with the USS Enterprise being apart of this mission is that the Enterprise is a White Elephant, just like the WTC Towers, outdated and not worthe the price of upgrades. Couple that with the brand new USS BushShitty carrier now available for service it seems to point to the USS Enterprise as a prime target for an false flag missle attack which might destroy it or at least land heavy damage and casualties. None the less, perfect fake justification for the attack on Iran which these hard-on neocons have been lusting after for the past 40 years, and quite uncontrollably so these last 3 years. Iran, the nation which has been warning of a quick shift from selling all their oil and gas in the hegemonies petro-dollar to the more competitively priced petro-euro. Something which is not so good for the US market and economy; at least under this present crooked economic system run by the Federal Reserve. So are we about to see some of our brave sailors die for bushit reasoons and the maintenance of the private wealth of Bush and his circle of international freinds. Our blood for their comfort, and all of it will be under false pretenses. What a sad day is coming soon I suspect. I hope I'm wrong. Or I hope if enough people get turned on to this potential plan or any other false flag operation presently underway, we can all shed light on it and prevent it from occuring.

Pre Emptive Freeway Blogging

If this is true, it could be an example of freeway blogging at it's best.

. U. S. S. Enterprise


. U. S. A. FLEET
False Flag Attack

It might not be able to stop it, but some more people might catch on.


Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

Borrow trouble for yourself, if that's your nature, but don't lend it to your neighbors. ~ Rudyard Kiplin

Show "New paper proves WTC demolition." by Anonymous (not verified)

This is all wrong but...

I know the real answer. The Twin Towers were brought down with PROMIS software!

Show "Real 9/11 Truth" by Anonymous (not verified)

major advancements alwasy bring out the disinfo


WOW Incredible

WOW, you guys must be in a panic. I had no idea the 911 Truth Movement had reached the levels of having you creeps actually put together huge reports trying to counter a Truth Movement. It's kind of wierd for you to react by putting out trumped up reports considering most everyone I know has lot's of different theories about what happened on 911 and who might be responsible for the mass murder of 3000 US citizens and the only common denominator amongst the massive and Administration-intimaidating Truth Movement is that all of us simply have a lot of questions that we'd like answered from an independent investigation. Why aren't you pushing for an investigation if you are so confident with your theories. Truth be told, we can't be sure of any one theory until a proper investigation is opened. You and your other creepy friends trying to prevent an investigation into the mass murder which occured on 911 is sort of like a criminial syndacite trying to prevent a criminal case from reaching the courts. Everytime I see one of these anti-Truth posts I feel more and more certain that some small faction of our government is likely responsible for the 911 mass murder. My advice to you, continue throwing fuel on the Truth fire. It's not as though we are worried about the heat because we, like massive steel structures, won't melt and bend with a little heat, but we do appreciate your un-intended assistance.

By the way, on the Silverstein quote "pull it" which you say meant to pull firefighters from WTC 7 is an outright lie, there were no firefighters in the building, the building was empty. You creeps are going to destroy yourselves and I'm glad for it because you make our work easier. Also, consider what are the consequences of trying to obstruct a mass murder investigation, speaking to a lawyer might be time well spent. And when the shit hits the fan, do you think your bosses are going to stand and defend guys like you or will they start using you as fodder in trying to deflect the guilt?

Meanwhile, in the real world

This article is over one year old

Shermer uses anecdoctal info from a "filmmaker" to represent the views of 9/11 truth community.

And he misrepresents the arguments.

Standard techniques for him. His appearance on C-span recently was worse. At that presentation I caught him in straight out lies.

In this article he says all the contentions of the 9/11 skeptics rest upon the fallacy that "unexplained anomolies can undermine well-established theory."

Well, yes, anomolies have to be explained. That is the scientific method. If they are not, the theory has to be revised.

Shermer is a professional debunker who has no credibility except that he keeps getting published. I wonder why.

ultra-compact audio version here - only 9/11 essentials

sounds great..

Can we get this Steele guy on board to help out the movement? I'm going to check into his other reviews on Amazon.

International Truth Movement

Yes, I agree. Does he have

Yes, I agree. Does he have any pull? Is he interested in organization?

The flipside of this, of course, is... wait for it... wait for it... the inevitable horde of posters who will now question whether an ex-intelligence officer is giving his endorsement to Tarpley for some sort of alterior motive.

And the dance continues.

this review is gold

-- worth far more than whatever Robert Steele might be able to offer "inside" this movement -- being "outside," requisit impartiality is intact --

best to copy this review and send it all over the net to places like this -- where Tarpley is mercilessly slammed, mainly it seems for his work with LaRouche -- as for that I say, "so what", Lyndon's followers may seem cultish, but he is brilliant and so is Tarpley -- moreover their musical taste is first rate, guys you could have dinner with -- anyway, want to have some impact, hit your adversaries' blogs and hit them hard -- hit the left gate keepers too -- copy this review and links everywhere around

Beware the herd mentality...

And those who try to pre-empt any warning about it!

While I don't consider myself inevitable or a horde, I will take the bait.

I would question a few things--why does this guy have a Wikipedia entry? His number one ranking on Amazon reviews? That in itself is kind of funny--instant credibility, sort of kind of... but not really. And if this guy is legit, will he do more than "come out" on Amazon's review pages? Will he try to get some editorials published?

On Tarpley--what makes his analysis so great? Angel is next? Do we really think America's nuclear codes have been compromised? I honestly don't know his work at all, so something other than snark would be appreciated.

So yes, to at the very least (and maybe more) play devil's advocate, I would say let's not leap to any judgements, pro or con, but eye every bit of news that seems like it might be "too good to be true" with a skeptical eye.

Especially when people try to pre-emptively discourage you as simuvac just did here.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Wikipedia...not such bad company

Moreover, Einstein's major achievement is still being contested:

>>>>> but to the point - "911 Synthetic Terror - Made in USA" has the potential to stimulate enough interest from journalists like Seymour Hersch, for esample, to blow the lid off the whole enterprise of false flag terror - immediately, the goal is to stop WWIII, ultimatley, as Tarpley repeats in all his lectures, " break this cynically leathal weapon before their faces and render it impotent!"

But why would someone even create an entry for Steele in Wiki?

I can see why politicians put themselves in it, but who put Steele in it and why? How old is the wiki entry?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


i believe it is because he

i believe it is because he is a major player in the hacker community as he is a specialist in data security and is a proponent of open source intelligence.

Why not?

His entry was created in November 2004.

If you go here:

you can see he's published many, many articles. I don't find it so odd that he has an entry. He might be well known in niche circles.

How Steele makes his money now...

Why is it that there's a chill running down my spine when I read this--and who do you suppose are his clients?

VERY interesting stuff! ;)

Welcome to OSS.NET. Since 1992, we have championed open source intelligence (OSINT), intelligence reform, and the creation of Smart Nations. Beginning in 2002 we are also championing a global intelligence grid that brings the seven tribes of intelligence (national, military, law enforcement, business, academic, NGO-media, and religious-clan-citizen) into effective relations with one another, in part through the creation of ISO standards for those elements of intelligence that are open, ethical, legal, and generic. We recognize Information Operations (IO) as our parent, and are now developing Information Peacekeeping (IP) as the counter-part to Information Warfare (IW). IO = IW + IP * OSINT.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


eeeee GIG is BAD BAD BAD

global intelligence grid is a precurser setup for the singularity

But for the sake of arguement, mabey tarpley's book has made him come around to this, and he will eventually see where they are going with GIG down the rabbit hole.

Re: Tarpley

Essentially, what Tarpley offers is the greatest of the counter-narratives. I've said before that I think the creation of counter-narratives (as opposed to the deconstruction of the official narrative) is probably best avoided -- but if I had to make a movie out of one, it would definitely be Tarpley's. He's all about the shadow government, the incompetence and irrelevancy not only of Bush but even to a lesser extent of Cheney. (He says something along the lines of, Who would you trust to run a coup d'etat like this? An old drunk with three heart attacks and four pacemakers, his far-right ideologue wife constantly yapping in his ear? No.) I associate the phrase "Angel is Next" with him more than any other researcher. (I think that supposed telephone call could be one of the creepiest things ever in the history of cinema, if "Synthetic Terror: the Movie" was ever made. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.)

Tarpley is a brilliant guy. He speaks at least four languages as far as I tell and did considerable research on the topic of false-flag terrorism in Europe earlier in his career.

Probably because of the historical context into which he can easily slot 9/11, he does a great job of explaining its (probable) dynamics in abstract terms. He defines "patsy," "mole," and "killer" and the relationships between them, and applies the concepts to what we know happened on 9/11 in a very compelling manner.

He worked for Lyndon LaRouche at one time, which has been one of the stumbling blocks in my growing admiration for the guy, but i don't think it's a basis on which to discredit him.

I think you touch on all the reasons why I've avoided his work..

I also remember his book being advertised in a really tacky way, with the tagline like "The only FULL MIHOP something or other!!" as if they really really wanted to offer MIHOP believers something... I dunno--limited hangout maybe? A little TOO like a movie? Overwrought, i.e.? I remain cautiously skeptical but open to input!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


hate to say it

but the fact that Tarpley is trained in and rigorously adheres to standards of "classical" research and rhetoric does set his work apart - beyond that, whatever a publisher does to market a book, the author rarely has control - as I mentioned above, LaRouche may be dragging a cult around but that doesn't discredit either his or Tarpley's insightful work - what I'm finding curious in some parts of this thread is a pointed lack of forgiveness - you don't like what he says about Peak Oil or Maltheus, forget everything he says about anything - might as well forget everything Thomas Jefferson ever said - after all he kept slaves - face it, Tarpley's one of the sharpest minds and voices in this movement - copy this review all over the blogosphere!

Why would you hate to say it?

It's true, and it's a big part of why Synthetic Terror is one of my favorite 9/11 books. Maybe my favorite.

And I'm forgiving, for crying out loud! You have no idea -- my friends have heard me say that I would like to bear Webster Tarpley's children. I'm perplexed by his take on Peak Oil and his fear of a Malthusian agenda, but that's in the context of great admiration for his work. My attitude is exactly the opposite of what you imply.

don't get me wrong.

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I was trying to avoid suggesting too strongly that by comparison so much other work doesn't quite stand up next to Tarpley's rigor.

As for "...perplexed by his take on Peak Oil and his fear of a Malthusian agenda..." - so am I, yet I'll keep following him. He's stated that alternative energy is obviously essential, and that leaving what's left to fill petrochemical needs in durables is more compelling, but that the supply-demand pricing mechanisms have been artificially manipulated since the first oil crisis - the issue with Malthus seems a bit antiquarian, though I couldn't possibly argue it, yet I can't understand others rejecting his body of work based on that - his GHW Bush biography is so highly regarded and I've been pushing our local community progressive radio station to interview him. Unfortunately, they're mostly in the grip of the Chomsky/Barsamian, et al safe blow-back position and can't see that as essentially supporting the regime on 9/11.

As for the litmus-test rejections, to which I'm referring, they're mostly further down the thread -- I think we mostly agree -- all best -- jtg

don't get me wrong.

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I was trying to avoid suggesting too strongly that by comparison so much other work doesn't quite stand up next to Tarpley's rigor.

As for "...perplexed by his take on Peak Oil and his fear of a Malthusian agenda..." - so am I, yet I'll keep following him. He's stated that alternative energy is obviously essential, and that leaving what's left to fill petrochemical needs in durables is more compelling, but that the supply-demand pricing mechanisms have been artificially manipulated since the first oil crisis - the issue with Malthus seems a bit antiquarian, though I couldn't possibly argue it, yet I can't understand others rejecting his body of work based on that - his GHW Bush biography is so highly regarded and I've been pushing our local community progressive radio station to interview him. Unfortunately, they're mostly in the grip of the Chomsky/Barsamian, et al safe blow-back position and can't see that as essentially supporting the regime on 9/11.

As for the litmus-test rejections, to which I'm referring, they're mostly further down the thread -- I think we completely agree -- all best -- jtg

I don't know if you would like it.

I like it tremendously, BUT it needs to be understood as a counter-narrative that offers a lot of factual information on the patsy/mole/killer structure among other things, but is fundamentally conjecture. Reasoned conjecture, but conjecture nonetheless.

His central argument, that 9/11 was a coup d'etat carried out by rogue elements within the government and straddling the line between government and aspects of big industry, makes more sense to me than anything else I've heard -- but we don't really know. Also, it's not written in an overly dramatic style -- sorry if I gave that impression -- it's actually pretty dry and academic except when he lets himself go and talks major shit about Bush and Cheney.

It's online as a PDF document, but I don't have the link anymore.

Say, I wrote that tacky

Say, I wrote that tacky ad!
Any suggestions for improvement?
I want to run it again here at 911blogger. Limit is 300 characters.
Have you read the book?

Tarpley, one more fake

The problem I have with this Tarpley viewpoint (and his biography of Bush Sr. is excellent so far in details on the Third Reich) is the implication that George W. and his band of neo-cons were somehow taken advantage of by the Israelis. Do you really think so? "Had him by the balls", i.e. "taken advantage of", implies a native unwillingness to do harm. Bush??!!! Don't make me laugh so hard.

comment continued

Takcy Two

Here you need my current draft of the ad:
Answer those questions about the 9/11 inside job! Step up to the real thing - the only "full MIHOP" exposé of America's false-flag terror network. See through the geopolitics of the string-pulling oligarchs. "Delivers a devastating judgment" -A. von Buelow. "Strongest approach to truth." -R. Steele

excellent news

And, Steele also gave five stars to Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" on Dec. 10 '05. Here's that review, which includes numbered highlights as a great synopsis:

Show "Wood and Reynolds." by Anonymous (not verified)



Tarpley mischaracterizes Ruppert

In Steele's full review, he states,

"My bottom line: justice has NOT been done, and this book, together with Crossing the Rubicon, is a major reason why I believe that eventually, Dick Cheney and others will be brought to justice."

Steele's review of Rubicon can be read HERE, December 10 2005 entry.

It's too bad Ruppert and Tarpley were reduced to sniping at each other.

I was disappointed to hear WG Tarpley mischaracterize Ruppert on his RBN radio show on 8/19, beginning 11 minutes into the 2nd hour:
He parrots all the same talking points which those who've sought to discredit Ruppert have focused on.

Tarpley made the following descriptions of Ruppert, all of which range from misleading half-truths, to demonstrably false.

-Ruppert's "the leading spokesman of LIHOP", based on his reporting of his experience with Delmart Vreeland... a very small part of the picture of 9/11 which Ruppert paints.

-Ruppert "read himself out" the 9/11 Truth Movement with his Jan '05 "Elephants" speech in Seattle.

-Ruppert argued against trying to fight the '04 election vote fraud by the cheney regime.

-Ruppert "constantly harped on the red herring of Peak Oil, itself a fraud by the oil cartel" (obviously PO is a matter of spirited debate).

-Ruppert had "embraced Malthusianism, the notion of population reduction, kicking over into genocide."

Unfortunately, there is somewhat of a battle of egos among some of the 9/11 Truth leaders, including AJones, Tarpley, LC2, and Ruppert. Ruppert alienated all of the former in articles like SAYING GOODBYE TO A GIANT where he calls Alex Jones "internet trailer trash"; and THE NY TIMES PUTS 9-11 QUESTIONS IN THE GRAVE where he calls Loose Change a fine piece of CIA disinfo, and in HEY CHARLIE SHEEN, WAKE UP! where he describes Tarpley as "a former senior researcher for Lyndon LaRouche—whose intellectual capacity far exceeds his street smarts."

I've said Ruppert's ego/temper is a liability for him, and results in these sort of unproductive cat fights with other Patriots. Tarpley matches his sniping though, with his mischaracterisation of Ruppert, as can be heard above.

PS- some of the above mischaracterisations are answered in this old, "hidden" article at FTW, "10 Questions Answered". He hid the link because he didn't want to give free publicity to the fake 911 Truth site WingTV, for which I don't blame him. Also see these articles re WingTV.

Why the rehash?

Who needs it?

disinfo crap, real or imagined

is something that's gonna need a serious shaking out pretty soon - from to to the stuff that gets posted at like to the wild no-planers' accusations of everyone that's not and visa versa -- this is one of the reasons I've been promoting a basic strong-points approach - an attorney would latch on to the strong points, set aside the minutia and make sure none of the family infighting ever gets seen by the jury - 911Truth is now in the court of public opinion - eventually (hopefully before the madmen start WWIII) it'll be in federal court - the sooner the movement starts making its case like a trial attorney, the better it's chances of success.

Tarpley wins the comparison

Ruppert attacking Loose Change as "disinfo" should be seen in regard to what Barrie Zwicker warned of: those who resort to "name-calling" will one day stand out like sore thumbs, for the fake that they are.

Those ego rages are like Hopsicker's: after researching only only those Cessna hijackers, he just can't admit that they were patsies, and that his book "Welcome to terrorland" is bound for the ash heap, no he can't admit that with his ego, so he elects to LIE and attack 9/11 truth instead.

Tarpley is a hero of 9/11 truth, he did this masterpiece, plus the biography of Bush senior, has this type of expertise AND is an activist, AND goes on talk radio. He is now what Rush Limbaugh was 10 years ago, before he became a neocon apologist - an oracle of truth.

Rush Limbaugh was NEVER an

Rush Limbaugh was NEVER an oracle of truth. he has always been nothing but a tool. but i agree wtih you about Ruppert. its ashame he didnt keep his mouth shut and keep his ego in check after writing Rubicon. such a great book but his attitude takes away from it. Tarpley is the man, plain and simple.

I agree with that. Tarpley

I agree with that. Tarpley doesn't have shit on Ruppert. I've read Tarpley, and he doesn't reference very well in Synthetic Terror (he did in his biography on Bush Sr.), and the references he gives, aren't always reliable, like Thierry Meyssan's no-plane Pentagon crap. The only thing Tarpley has added to the narrative is "The Angle is Next" chapter, which I believe, is the strongest aspect of his book Synthetic Terror.

the philosophical foundation he lays down for false-flag attacks, 9/11, and the Neocons is right on target and fun to read, glad he didn't mischaracterize Machiavelli, like so many others tend to do.

Robert Steele has good

Robert Steele has good reviews of RUBICON, SYNTHETIC TERROR, Chossudovsky's AMERICA'S 'WAR ON TERRORISM', NEW PEARL HARBOUR, OMMISSIONS AND DISTORTIONS, THE BIG WEDDING and THE WAR ON TRUTH. I was happy to read his Tarpley review. The tit for tat snipes from the two authors discussed above doesn't bother me as I'm basically fans of them both, but Tarpley's book has me convinced of MIHOP these days. David Shayler's comments about moving from LIHOP to MIHOP rang true for me as well. Given the ruthlessness of the key Bush administration players (i.e Cheney and Rumsfeld) I don't see any reason why they would have left things to chance ala LIHOP..

Has anyone 'dugg' this? And

Has anyone 'dugg' this? And by that I mean 'digg' not dug.


Exactly! We are at 38 diggs!

Exactly! We are at 38 diggs! So keep digging and we are going to make it to the front page of digg!

and bury

Throw that review to DailyKos...

Throw that review to DailyKos, GNN and other networks, and stuff it down the throats of the Left Gatekeepers.

I think the following paragraph is the one that strikes it home best:

'I sit here, a 54-year old, liberally educated, two graduate degrees, war college, a life overseas, 150 IQ or so, the number #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, a former Marine Corps infantry officer, a former CIA clandestine case officer, founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, and I have to tell anyone who cares to read this: I believe it. I believe it enough to want a full investigation that passes the smell test of the 9/11 families as well as objective outside observers. I believe it sufficient to indict Dick Cheney and other neo-cons. Sadly, the Executive is now in the service of corporations that benefit from high crimes and misdemeanors, rather than in the service of the American people who suffer great ill from these terrible mis-deeds.'

Other gems include:

'The author suggests that there is no conclusive evidence that 9/11 was of foreign origin, and to the contrary, quite a bit of evidence that the hijackers had been trained at US military bases, protected by the CIA and FBI, and that the end result of their actions--including controlled flying into buildings and controlled demolitions bringing down three towers, one of which was not hit at all, all suggest a US-based conspiracy.'

'The author is compelling in his review of the conflicts of interest for each of the 9/11 Commissioners and key staff; he is conclusive in his damnation of their performance and their refusal to be tough with NORAD, the FAA, and many other Executive organizations that refused to cooperate; and he is conclusive on his suggestion that all actual evidence points to the Pentagon being hit by a missile rather than an airplane.'

'The author is especially compelling in condemning Rudy Guilliani as part of the conspiracy, and as the "bud" of the extreme right charged with cleaning up the crime scene. Instead of making the area off-limits, Gulliani moved aggressively to "scoop and dump" to the point that firefighters rioted.'

Synthetic Terror RULES!

Synthetic Terror RULES! The perps will never be able to discuss this book away, never.

What a great review. The

What a great review. The only two 9/11 truth book I've read thus far are michael chossudovsky's globalisation and war on terrorism and nafeez ahmed's war on freedom, both of which have ripped apart the offcial story even before the 9/11 report was released. Now I'm really tempted to read tarpley's synthetic terror. Must be quite an accomplishment to get a 5 star rating from a former CIA high official.

geggy, you havent read

geggy, you havent read Griffins books? where you been? haha, jk, but yeah, i highly suggest you read Tarpleys book, it makes the 2 you've read, while still very good, look like childs play. Tarpley is not afraid to go all the way down the rabbit hole. his excerpts on "angel is next" was very interesting. i wish he could substantiate that.

The "Angel is next" section...., IMO, the most speculative part of an otherwise great book. Not that it couldn't be true.

Maybe the best companion piece to Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm" DVD. Both expose Government Sponsored False-Flag Terror very well.

Synthetic Terror is one of the very best 9/11 books along with the first two Griffin Books, Thompson's Timeline, and Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon.

Deer in the Headlights

Yes, "Angel is Next" is indeed speculative,however, after watching Bush's behavior that morning in a Sarasota classroom, I've come to accept it as the only plausible explanation. We know from Bush's own statements that he was in fact aware of, and had SEEN flight 11 hit the tower prior to entering the school. That's undeniable. So when Andrew Card whispered in his ear that the second tower had been hit, everyone present including his secret service detail were aware of an attack. Yet he was allowed to twist in the wind, clearly shaken (holding a book upside down), while his detail stood down.
If you go back and revisit the footage, you'll see a man outside the loop. That's extreme compartmentalization.

i agree, i think he was

i agree, i think he was largely out of the loop as well, which is why i too find the angel is next theory plausible. but i forget, where did he get that information? i would go back and look, but sadly a "friend" stole the book from me. anybody wanna help me out on that one? its unfair when people try and use the tired "Bush is too incompetent" argument to prove 9/11 was NOT an inside job. true, hes incompetent, which is one of the reasons he was likely left out of the loop. plausible deniability.

Angle is Next

Tony Snow asked Condi Rice about Angel is next and she confirmed it (i think a day or two after). Cheney confirmed it a day or two after as well. William Safire wrote a brilliant piece about it in the NY Times.

then of course, they changed the story on us. It just never happened...

That's why I think 'Press

That's why I think 'Press for Truth' is such a welcome addition. For why did Bush have surface-to-air missiles at his locale in Sarasota, Florida the night before 9/11? Facts such as these indicate that those who we think in power are not really the ones pulling the strings.

Mole in Secret Service?

RE: "That's undeniable. So when Andrew Card whispered in his ear that the second tower had been hit, everyone present including his secret service detail were aware of an attack."

you'd think the Secret Service would've moved quickly considering the possible assassination attempt on Bush's life earlier that day. I mean, he was at a publically released location, kind of vulnerable to attack don't cha think?

There are other interpretations...

to Bush's reaction....look at Bush's face right after he is told by Card...he looks right and then down with almost a small smile...that can be interpreted as "it's working" as far as the plan was can see this several times in the new Griffin film "The Myth and the Reality"...

And, the zig-zag behavior of Air Force One on that day could be attributed to parts of the attacks going wrong and adjustments being made on the fly. The attacks could've all occured with 28 minutes of each other without delays leaving the gates, etc. by the airplanes.

(The above two theories were mentioned to me recently by a very knowledgable person in the movement).

I used to subscribe to the "Bush left twisting in the wind" theory and have used those words on this blog, but now I'm not so sure....

Stanley Hilton (the former

Stanley Hilton (the former Bob Dole aide) said they were running simulations of the attacks, in combination with the war games, and what Bush saw as the "first hit" was just one of the simulations - he confused it later for having been real footage. Then as Card told him about the second hit, he *couldn't* jump up and react, *had to* stay calm, because he was out of the loop whether this was a simulation/war game or whether it had been real. Then after leaving the classroom and back-checking on it, he knew it had been the execution of the plan, and so the war on freedom began...

Can you.....

give your source on this? I haven't heard of this before...

"the pet goat story, is that he thought this was another rehearsal. These people had dress rehearsed this many times. He had seen simulated videos of this. "

-- Hilton has been put into doubt by some people, but i think anyway this is a plausible scenario. Bush knew the whole thing was going to happen, but not how and exactly when, this explains his "careful" reaction.

Plus, consider Andrew Card's speech after he resigned: he told a crowded audience that Bush heroically wants to protect the population, and guess what, he said Bush "highest priority is protecting the Constitution" - we can count Andrew Card in as a conspirator.

What happened to Hilton and his lawsuit...

....his involvement in the movement predates my awareness.....

Check the Griffin footage in 9/11:TM&TR and tell me Bush doesn't suppress a little smile when he looks down after he is told of the second attack.....It looks like he's saying to himself, "they went ahead and did on"

Bush in the classroom is

Bush in the classroom is saying to himself "gotta stay calm, maybe Card got it wrong and it has not yet happened", i guess.
But i think the "inaction" of Bush - and the secret service - is still a rather weak argument. There's too many innocent explanations, like they were thinking it was an accident, wanted to backcheck first before making adjustments, shortsightedly being polite to the pet-goat children by staying, i.e. incompetence, and then the second hit was just so unbelievable that it had happened, they were all too overwhelmed to react.

The real smoking gun is the "saw the first hit" statement: it was never put into question, and never answered. Just like Larry Silverstein was never confronted about WTC7 c.d., and never himself gave an answer. - that's how LIARs are, seen it 100 times: they lie, but "only when they have to" - mark my words.

Safely awaiting the President to tee off

The air force base where Bush landed and gave his Address to the Nation was having a Celebrity Golf Tourney....

Rush Limbaugh was there along with several other Bush Chronies..... there were also many CEO's that worked in the Twin Towers.... alll nice and cozy at a secure Golf Course on a Military Base.

I meant to look into this further but completely forgot about it.

Does anyone have more info

Bush seeing the first hit

Bush's statment about seeing the first hit should be hammered out again and again, it's completely undeniable because he repeated it several times, even months later, and it's simple to understand even for non 9/11 truthers - there must have been footage he saw, can't we please also see the footage???

But the "upside down book" - i thought this had been discredited as a forgery, something about the pages just having been flipped with photoshop.

HA! i was just watching Fox

HA! i was just watching Fox News(know your enemy) and the anchor showed an implosion and said, i shit you not, "and business is very good for Controlled Demolition Inc.". haha, indeed.



He seems to be very

He seems to be very knowledgeable about the subject. But, he denies peakoil.

A warning bell?


You believe in Peak Oil?..... The only thing peaking about oil is our dependence upon it.... they are trying to squeeze us now before oil is a thing of the past.

I don't only believe, I know

I don't only believe, I know peak oil is a fact. I've studied the subject.

An intelligent person like Tarpley denying it, is a bit worrying.

Yes, I have a real problem with this.

It's not only a denial of Peak Oil, but a strong belief that the Powers That Be have a major Malthusian agenda and want to reduce the human population. I just don't find this idea convincing. I'm sure they wouldn't trouble their pretty little heads with a major human die-off, but I can't see what their motivation would be for engineering it. We consume, therefore we are in debt, and thus we produce wealth, which they consume. We very much are the organic batteries which power something vast and probably evil, so why in the world would they want to turn us off? They just want to make us better batteries.

I'm a semi-Peak Oiler. I believe that the oil supply is finite, and that our ability to easily extract it from the earth and refine it has probably peaked, and it's going to be much harder from here on out. That's a problem, but one that I think could be solved. On the other hand, I think it's a much BIGGER problem that Peak Oil is being blatantly manipulated by Big Oil, and we may have as much as a century of being completely dicked by them as they use Peak Oil to manipulate the market to look forward to.

They don't want to destroy

They don't want to destroy the machine....they simply want to have it break down for a bit.... then when they fix it.... we will all be more compliant and accepting of how it works. We will all be grateful that we have the machine.

like post Depression..... they break the machine about every 70 years or so.... and right now we are behind schedule.

after it breaks the elites can scoop up all the real wealth they can and then they rebuild it.... profiting more and more along the way. Creating more wealth seperation and a destruction of the middle class.

the lack of jobs will give them the leverage needed to lower wages and take more control. It will also make it much easier to recruit people into their war machine because they have no other options. This will lead to death and population control.

But right now the economy seems to be escaping their master plan... we are overcoming....

I think they thought 9/11 would create their economic and social breakdown they desired to let this whole thing collapse..... I think they had more targets in mind but they didn't perfect their plan. They had far too much seperation in their events.

If Peak Oil is real....I

If Peak Oil is real....I especially enjoy Americans Reaction to the impending doom of no more oil..... The "I better buy the biggest car with the biggest engine and enjoy the hell out of it while we still can" Philosophy

I think there is plenty of oil...much of which is still sitting in well in Texas that had already been tapped but not fully depleted and these Texas Oil Men are pushing the price as high as they can then milking their little piggy bank reserve of oil they have been saving up..... right before they release the savior technology that will make oil obsolete to the point that the price will drop tremendously.

peak oil isn't as important as our fluid perception of peak oil

peak oil is a reality, theoretically. there is a finite supply, or at least we're using it faster than it replenishes - this is undeniable.

however it's not running out tomorrow, and many, MANY sources remain unexplored and unknown on purpose.

here in canada there are gigantic oil and gas finds constantly, some of them boggle the imagination.

the UNPROVEN reserves that are likely gigantic are not included in many calculations.

We are close to reaching the

We are close to reaching the front page on digg (39 diggs now):
Digg it!

Tarpley and the "synthetic terror" paradigm

Tarpley's packaging of false-flag terror as a key element of the policies advanced by both state and non-state entities, is at least as important (from the standpoing of historical method) as Peter Dale Scott's coining of the paragdigm "Deep Politics" (and the Death of JFK).

I know Tarpley personally from my days around what is now the Larouche group (way back in the early 70s), and he is indeed brilliant ... though somewhat starry-eyed and ideological in his FDR-New Deal hagiography and idealization of people like Alexander Hamilton or Lincoln.
He's just one of those old-fashioned authentic dirigists (they used to call them "progressives" back in the 19th century).

In any case, his ideologicl or programmatic inclinations hardly compromise the integrity of his research ....
anymore than the bourgeois liberal mind-set of a Peter Dale Scott...
or stone-cold Marxist Michael Parenti who also did brilliant work in his latest on "The Assassination of Julius Ceaser".

No one ever disparaged the work of Herbert Aptheker or DuBois on slave revolts, because they happened to be Communists.

And David Irving's biographical and historical work is still rated quite highly, notwithstanding his known sympathy for the fascist movements of the 20s and 30s..

We are all mature enough here to read more and make up our own minds.

I should also recommend Tarpley's earlier work on the Kissinger/NATO implemented abduction and murder of Aldo Moro (commissioned by some official body in the Italian parliament) and his earlier biograph of Bush 41 (Il Capo di Tutti Capi) ...
which Tarpley co-authored with another brilliant Larouchie named Anton Chaitkin.
Chaitkin has done outstanding work around things the Knights of the Golden Circle, roots of the US Civil War, American zioinism and the Bnai-Brith, etc.....
All well worth reading...

Thank whatever gods may be that I can always read and think more... and make up my own mind.
No telling how long they'll let us continue to do that ...

Is it just me or is this....

....damning with faint praise.....?

"packaging", "starry-eyed", "ideological", "programmatic", etc.

Not to mention all the comparisons to other authors and their supposed faults. (Communist, fascist, etc.)

Nice try.

Learning how to think for yourself

You miss my main point.
Facts have no ideological content.
Only the way they are put together and presented is ideological.

Tarpley is entitled to his personal politics, which I might disagree with.
I also think he fails to adequately address the role of media fakery in 9/11 (and all false-flag psy-ops).
But none of that criticism invalidates the history that he documents in his books.
It's good research and even his speculations, conjectures and hypotheses are reasonable and well-grounded.

.... Einstein was a one-world socialist.
..... Heisenberg joined the Nazi Party
...... J.Robert Oppenheimer fellow-traveled within the US Communist Party in the 1930s and early 40s.

Would I allow their politics to affect my judgement of their physics ?

Yeah, Jefferson owned slaves....

...and I hear Tarpley leaves the refridgerator door open when he makes a sandwich late at night....

Criticize the book on it's merits, not some weird slur by association on the man's're attempting to equate some unrelated aspect about the man you can put in an unfavorable light that will play on certain reader's biases with his work exposing false-flag terrorism....I get it....

He didn't address "media fakery"? Well, maybe not...perhaps you'd care to enlighten us on that....I know I'm interested....

Sounds like you are the one projecting your own intentions

... onto me.

I'm entitled to criticize or make fun of anyone's politics if I feel like it.
And I'm entitled to criticize the flaws in their work.

You must have come into the discussion late, and typically leapt to a conclusion.
I wasn't the one briinging up people's political associations.
I was responding to SOMEONE ELSE who posted earlier in the thread, who raised questions about Tarpley's past political associations.
I happen to have some of those same past associations (distant past), which allows me to speak from some personal e xperience.

If you would have read the original postings that I was replying to then you would know what the fark I talking about ...
instead of ignorantly and pre-emptively leaping to conclusions by reading what I wrote completely out of context.
I was replying to earlier posts in the thread, fool.
If you go back and look at the ones I replied to then you will know why I was discussing the subject in the first place.

Try doing your homework reading next time ...
before you project your own twisted intentions onto someone else.

More on independent critical judgement

Arguments and controversies should be judge on their own merit.
Documentary evidence should be evaluated and authenticated.
Probabilities and likelihoods should be considered fairly.

Nothing should be tossed aside or marginalized because of who is saying it or whatever motive is imputed.
That is the essence of argument ad hominem....
to dismiss someone's argument based on who they are, their presumed character flaws, their institutional credentials (" oh my...he's a full professor.."., or their politics past.

I happen to fall into the "no planer" category and, based on recent policy changes here at 911blogger, I should probably be banned.

Not because I" know" (absolutely) that no commercial Boeing jets hit the Towers on 9/11.
That particular assertion might never be proven with absolute certainty, one way or the other.
We can only arrive at a reasonable hypothesis to explain the evidence we have, and the evidence that is missing
(eg. non-existent airport security cam videos of the alleged hijackers boarding the planes they are supposed to have hijacked).

We DO however, have concrtete evidence of fake, doctored video (CGI cartoons) broadcast by CNN, FOX and others from both 9/11 itself and afterwards
(perhaps even the most recent Bin Laden videos are staged).

We have persistent and overwhelming evidence of direct media collusion with the crimes of 9/11.
Which, in itself, lends more weight to the hypothesis that "no commercial Boeings hit the Towers on 9/11".

That, among other evidentiary reasons I could l iist at great length) is the reason why I am supportive and enthusiastic about the work of Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood and Peggy Carter and others..
to bring the "no planes thesis" to the table for consideration.
Because I want to put the criminallly corrupt and murderous media in the bulls-eye of the 9/11 justice movement.

I should probably now be banned from this blog, right ?

Steele Review of Tarpley Somewhat Misrepresented

I am disappointed to see some misrepresentation of my review of Tarpley's book. If I find that Progressive Press is responsible, I will disinvite Tarpley from speaking at my conference, and delete my review.

What I have said is on the record at Amazon and misrepresented by others. I am still trying to find the source that quotes me as saying I reviere Tarpley and know him personally, which I do not.

There is enough to suggest that we must indict Cheney and do a proper investigation. I very carefully state there is not enough to convict without such an investigation. I do not say it was an inside job, I say that at a minimum it may have been allowed to happen, and further proper investigation is needed to deterimine if it was made to happen.

This kind of hype and distortion is what give conspiracy theorists a bad name and cost them their credibility. I would really appreciate it if I were not dragged down by misrepresentation, we have very serious goals in getting The Smart Nation Act passed so we can have public intelligence in the public interest (and specifically not under the thumb of the secret world). So I solicit your help in getting folks to sign up for the conference (Tarpley is confirmed at this time), and in questioning anything that is not "in my name."

Best wishes to all,

Steele Review of Tarpley Somewhat Misrepresented

I am disappointed to see some misrepresentation of my review of Tarpley's book. If I find that Progressive Press is responsible, I will disinvite Tarpley from speaking at my conference, and delete my review.

What I have said is on the record at Amazon and misrepresented by others. I am still trying to find the source that quotes me as saying I reviere Tarpley and know him personally, which I do not.

There is enough to suggest that we must indict Cheney and do a proper investigation. I very carefully state there is not enough to convict without such an investigation. I do not say it was an inside job, I say that at a minimum it may have been allowed to happen, and further proper investigation is needed to deterimine if it was made to happen.

This kind of hype and distortion is what give conspiracy theorists a bad name and cost them their credibility. I would really appreciate it if I were not dragged down by misrepresentation, we have very serious goals in getting The Smart Nation Act passed so we can have public intelligence in the public interest (and specifically not under the thumb of the secret world). So I solicit your help in getting folks to sign up for the conference (Tarpley is confirmed at this time), and in questioning anything that is not "in my name."

Best wishes to all,

Alleged "9/11 truther" Robert Steele

H2K 2600: When alleged "9/11 truther" Robert Steele did still support official story
October 30, 2006
picked up at:
Added October 24, 2006

From paulagloria

Provided By:
Farther Down the Rabbit Hole
Join Paula Gloria at the mic at a hacker's conference with Robert Steele (says he's not Agent Steel hum-m-m-m)says he IS "ex" CIA. This was the original piece that inspired three commentaries a la "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole" to move into new realities using non-violent communication. This piece is NOT non-violent but sets the stage...

(ed: some LIHOP questions at the beginning, then followed by some Pentagon Plane questions at 17:20, then followed by some questions by Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 at around 17:58.Another 9/11 questioner at 28:00 about WTC7)

Looks like he took down the review

Looks like Steele took down the review.

Check it out. I can't find it at Amazon anymore.

The guy speaks out of two sides of his mouth. He keeps saying things that are contradictory.

Listen closely to his Alex Jones interview.

I hope someone kept a copy of the original review.

It seems he both says and does not say, at the same time, that evidence points to the government insiders.

Check out how he dissed the 9/11 truthers who tried to ask him questions at a Hacker's conference a few months ago. (June?)

Someone asks him as a follow-up, "so was Cheney involved" and he answers he thinks "it was something very simialr to the assassination of John Kennedy where defenses were let down for very good reason" (emphasis mine.)

I think these later exchanges start at about minute 20.

Gloria starts out with her polite, serious and heart-felt questioning and he refuses to answer her - amid laughter. Then around 20 minutes some more 9/11 questions.

Amazon review and Press release

Steele's Amazon review is still up, but is on the 2nd page at the moment. He has made some minor changes to it (took out the autobiographical description and put a caveat about Cheney, but didn't affect the core of it.)
There had been a misunderstanding about authorship of some wording in an email someone forwarded to him, which has been cleared up.
In my press release I had written that he said 911 was a US based conspiracy, whereas he actually said the evidence suggests this. I've edited the press release on my website ( ) to reflect that

In theory, 911 truth and open source intel movements have a lot in common.
LIke 911 MIHOP is the strongest argument against covert ops there is.
(We might even have the key to all the issues and wishes of almost *everyone* who isn't a neoconnazinihilist! Because until the truth is out, the neonazi regime will have the upper hand with their psyops, and can frustrate every positive initiative)

Nonetheless, the CIA and DOD will fight tooth and nail against real openness and sharing, because once it's exposed that all America's foreign wars were fabricated, 90% of those people may be out of a job, and in the "defense" industry too, not just a few hitmen, whether economic hitmen or the other kind.

So there has to be a pretty short leash on any spook who wants to come in from the cold and embrace the truth about false flag terror.