Hand Out DVD's Without Leaving Your House!

Digg 9/11 : Press for truth and here's why...

Exactly one week ago, I posted a link to "Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic" to Digg as well as a blog post to 911Blogger.com to help get it Dugg to the front page. Later that day, thanks to 911Blogger.com and it's visitors, it received enough Diggs to hit the front page. Because of that, it spent the next 3 days in the Google Video Top 100 where it was seen by countless others. Judging by my daily visits to Digg, it appears any Google Video link that reaches the front page reaches the Top 100 shortly thereafter.

Stay with me... For the past couple years, I've been trying to alert as many people as possible to the unanswered questions surrounding the tragic events of 9/11. Many have been open to listen once they realize there is a lot they don't know (WTC7 being the best example). However, there are many that simply won't bother to listen to something that is not broadcast on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN or, god forbid, FOX. These people are usually the remaining "I believe the official story" percentage whenever a new poll comes out. These are also the people I began loaning my "911 : Press for Truth" DVD to immediately after I got it. Even though I was sure it would have some effect, I am amazed at the number of those people who are now asking me for other videos relating to 9/11. Apparently, this video and the mainstream media footage it contains has the ability to jumpstart the thinking process in those who have been previously unwilling to think for themselves.

It is for this reason that we need to get this video in the Google Top 100. I see that Cornelius has mentioned this in his blog but has only provided a link to Google Video. If we want this to be in the Top 100 come Monday morning, all we need is approximately 50 people to visit the Digg link and "Digg It". A lot of us wish we could do more to help the movement and this is something that takes little to no effort but has a huge effect. It's as if we were to hand out DVD's to thousands of people in every major city. So, please take a minute of your time and Digg this link. The tide is turning and we must use the oppurtunity keep the momentum going.

So, get to diggin...

This is a good idea.

I loathe the Digg crowd that comes out of the woodwork when anything 9/11 is discussed, but I think the site is useful just for things like this. The Digg/Google Top 100 correlation is very good to know about.

So I dugg it.


thanks for explaining it. Makes sense, I dugg it too.


How can we get this video on Digg?


I have to be honest...when I see a video that is more than 60 minutes long, I usually don't watch it and eventually forget about it. This video is only 6 minutes long and is the real smoking gun. Once people see this, they may be interested in watching something as long as 9/11 Press for Truth.

Just a thought...a lot of us are older, have kids and busy schedules. If the seed is already planted in someone’s head that is new to the movement that we are crazy, how will they ever commit to a 60 minute video unless they see something compelling like the collapse of WTC7?