A Report on the Italian 9/11 Conference

9/11 skepticism is an international phenomenon. 5 years after 9/11, people in France, Germany, Ireland, Britain, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, and elsewhere, gathered to discuss and review the abundance of materials that cast a critical eye on the events of 9/11. The lies, deceptions, half-truths, and omissions that swirl around the events of 9/11 will not stand.

In this great report from Emanuele Montagna, we get the lowdown on the biggest 9/11 conference in Italy to date, and probably the biggest 9/11 conference in Europe, to date. Thanks to Webster Tarpley for helping get this report to us, so we can share it with everyone.

(Two video links of conference coverage, from Italian TV)

11-9 Global Deceit
Nature and significance of September 11, 2001

Bologna 17 September 2006
Teatro Arena del Sole

Report on a special day

About the event

The first international conference on the events of September 11, 2001, which took place in Bologna (Italy) was an (un)expected occasion. The venue was the well-known theatre, Arena del Sole. An imposing structure, it conferred a sense of solemnity on the proceedings, and for this reason provided the right kind of backdrop for the subject discussed and for a re-evocation of the key moments of that tragic day, seen in the light of the passions and in the light of reason. If September 11, 2001 is a historical watershed for the evolution of contemporary society – which it is – then it was commemorated as it should be commemorated. Not only does the date occur at the dawning of the third millennium; it also reveals the true face of the forces that move the world.

Bologna hosted the first and largest international event of this kind in Europe. Many experts turned up. Particularly important was the presence of experts from the United States. The many papers they have dedicated to analysis of the events are of particular value since they combine consistency on a conceptual level with attention to detail, and because they are the product of social and community commitment of an order that requires considerable courage and generosity. The task they have set themselves is a hard one, and dangerous too. However, it falls into the category of the most noble of human efforts – the search for the truth.

About the speakers

The day was given over to studying the events and reflecting upon them. Taking part were, of course, the organisers, gruppo Faremondo, alongside speakers such as David Ray Griffin (one of the most authoritative and widely known among the truth movement activists in the United States). Webster Griffin Tarpley, the author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror. Made in Usa, an important study on September 11, also spoke. Two well-known Italian journalists, Giulietto Chiesa and Maurizio Blondet also spoke, while Massimo Mazzucco (director of www.luogocomune.net) and Eric Hufschmid attended indirectly, teleconferencing online from the United States. Steven Jones also indirectly took part in events at the Arena del Sole via an important video production he prepared especially for the conference (even if in those days Jones had just been given “paid leave” from the Brigham Young University as a result of his independent scientific analysis of the dynamics of the collapse of the WTC towers). A lengthy discussion took place between these experts and the public as to the true nature of the events on that day, while also touching on questions such as the major holders of political, economic, financial, military and industrial power who orchestrated this criminal act from A-Z in order to realise their own imperial dreams (nightmares). The truth can be unsettling when you look it straight in the eye. But this is what we managed to do, without averting our gaze, throughout the conference.

About the organisers

The day-event was the idea of the Bologna-based group, gruppo Faremondo, who organised the conference and financed it privately out of their own pockets, as individual working people willing to take a chunk out of their wage packets and salaries. In other words, all costs were shouldered by the members of gruppo Faremondo, in the firm belief that the epoch-making events of New York – which, historically speaking, have directly led to the terrifying world scenarios we are now faced with – were important enough for this sacrifice to be made, both in terms of cash and time.

We immediately decided the Arena del Sole theatre was the right kind of venue for the large audience we knew was ‘out there’ – people who are sincerely interested in where the world is going today. We knew there was a large audience for a debate of this kind, and we got it! Seven hundred turned up, which is proof in itself that there are still people around who haven’t given up on trying to understand. The Arena del Sole theatre was also the ideal vehicle for the highly original theatrical production which opened the proceedings and, in its own way, provided an excellent companion piece and setting for the debate as a whole.

The event was organised without any outside backers and completely independently. This approach was reflected in the way the debate unfolded. As soon as it became clear that the official version of events is false, the participants (audience and speakers alike) focussed their attention on certain political aspects from extremely original and unexpected angles. The truth emerged that the entire ruling class of the western world, its political players (without exception), its caste of intellectuals, and its omnivorous media system provided the alibis and necessary cover for those who govern the USA. These intellectuals and media channels also share the guilt for the crimes of September 11.

Who turned up?

700 people came to the conference from Bologna and from all over Italy. Some had to face up to a long journey, but felt it was worth the effort and cost. From Milan, from Naples, from Sicily, people showed up, as if to provide proof that the “antiquissima sapientia del popolo italico” – aka streetwise Italians! – is not a relic of the past. If applause is called for, it goes to their intellectual sensitivity and dedication to the truth. The audience were all ears. We felt they had come not out of idle curiosity but because they wanted to know, to learn. Faremondo reckoned it had backed a winner. We felt an energy in the theatre which many had given up for lost. We chatted. We asked people why they came, and so on. They wanted to know about us. They bought the DVDs and books on sale at the small stand in the foyer. They are living proof of the existence of another humanity whose culture has nothing to do with the commonplaces and nonsense ladled out to us by the apparatchnik ‘thought-police’. The people who came were light years away from contemporary ‘Joe Citizen’ or ‘multitude’ stereotypes. The national and international networks have been hard at work, dealing out dose after dose of anaesthetics and ‘lotus flowers’, to stun us, to manipulate the minds of Italians and the citizenry of the entire western world. But we discovered that, thankfully, civic and public responsibility have not died in our day and age!

The audience also included Jimmy Walter, the American philanthropist who chose voluntary exile in Europe following the threats he received in his homeland as a result of his personal commitment to, and leading role in, seeking the truth behind the events of September 11. He wanted anonymity, and decided just to watch and listen. One of our group, Franco Soldani, spotted him in the foyer. He was taking a look at the books and DVDs. The next day they met again. A chance meeting. A quick stopover in bar. A chance to compare notes and say goodbye, as each went their own way. Franco Soldani told us Walter wanted to congratulate us all for how well things had gone at the conference and to thank us for providing active support to the common cause. His gratitude can only be acknowledged by pressing on along the road we have already chosen.

Feedback and media work

We sold many DVDs and books. We received hundreds of e-mails from new readers. Arcoiris TV shot the entire event and placed the video online (www.arcoiris.tv). The original theatrical production was the brainchild of Gabriele Ciampichetti who doubled up as actor and director. The title of the play, unDC/9, is a play on words. The way the title’s pronounced, oon-dee-chee-novay, it means two things – ‘9-11’ and ‘a DC9’, i.e. the jet airliner that ‘fell into the sea’ near Ustica in Sicily years ago (yet another mystery which, for years and years, Italians have been waiting in vain to see resolved). The play was a great success. It is now about to tour to various theatres here in Italy. With David Griffin we took part in a live radio transmission organised by Webster Tarpley for his “World Crisis Radio” slot. Our American guests were interviewed by the local reporters for the State broadcasting corporation, RAI. They were also interviewed by Italian and foreign journalists who came to Bologna especially to meet them. The local dailies “la Repubblica”, “Il Resto del Carlino” and “Il Domani” saw fit to mention the event. With the generous aid provided by friends, well-wishers and colleagues (thank you! thank you! thank you!) we translated the Programme into Spanish, German, French and English. The event was publicised in a few dozen websites in Italy and abroad. Last but not least, we established contacts with experts in Berlin, London, Paris and, of course, the USA.

Summing up

The Bologna conference has definitely contributed to generating awareness in the public at large and has had a definite impact on public opinion. An alternative analysis of September 11 was finally given an airing in public. Further proofs were provided on the direct responsibilities of the Bush administration. Scientific data has been produced which shows up how the ruling class occupying the seats of power in the United States connived to create the disaster. The code has been cracked. Our task now is to tap the message out loud and clear so it can reach as many people as possible all over the world.

A further point discussed in Bologna was the prospect of setting up an independent International Enquiry Commission which, through its authoritativeness and the courage of its members, might truly throw light on September 11 and seek justice for the victims.
What was most clear to us is that, without the birth of a new way of thinking, a new ethics, a new way of conducting politics, there is little chance of our planet making its way through to better times ahead. We have come to realise that the logic underpinning the entire western world – the logic by means of which the leading institutions of the intellectual world create the cultural context in which we find ourselves – is a false logic, and that we have no choice but to escape its grasp and learn to reason together in a totally different way.

The conditions are the conditions we live and work in. This is the raw material we must use to think with another mind. Another cognitive universe is required if we are even to hope to find a way out of the nihilism that oppresses us today. Only then can we build a new world. This is why we have come to believe that it no longer makes sense to talk about Leftwingers, Rightwingers, Progressives, Conservatives, Liberals, Neocons or Democrats. Straddled with these false oppositions we can only grope in the dark. As false alternatives, they are useful for other ends. For ends which are much more sinister than official spokespeople will ever dare tell you. Nowadays, thinking freely with your own mind is pitted against toeing the line; intelligence is pitted against acquiescence; real knowledge of the world is pitted against subservience; politics against the dominant logic, and discovery of the truth against mental vassalage (that means permanent!). To prevent unending conceptual servitude, we must build up reason anew. This also explains why so many have joined forces to fight for the truth – theologians, Christians, literary critics with a Marxist background, Marxian scholars, scholars tout court, politicians capable of taking an individual stand on issues, Catholic journalists, activists, militants and, more and more frequently… people with no particular claim to fame or notoriety. Ordinary people. People who just want to know what’s going on in the world today. It is a noble struggle.

Gruppo Faremondo

Gabriele Ciampichetti
Roberto Di Marco
Emanuele Montagna
Franco Soldani

Bravo! Bravo! Viva Italia!

Sounds like they held a very successful conference!

Olbermann’s Special Comment on GOP Fearmongering

Keith issued arguably his most powerful Special Comment yet tonight. This time he takes on the GOP's newest fearmongering ad which quotes Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri superimposed over pictures of explosions with the sound of a ticking bomb in the background. As if that wasn't enough, it's topped off with the cryptic message echoing LBJ's 1960 "Daisy" ad that ran just once: These are the stakes.

GOP as the new Al-Qaeda (= CIA) video producer?

The video montage of this GOP ad seems very well made. In fact it seems like we've seen things like that before, only then they said it was from "Al-Qaeda". No wonder - they *are* Al-Qaeda. They did 9/11.

I wish everybody could tune

I wish everybody could tune in and watch Olbermann's special comment instead of Deal or No deal. Don't know when they will pull the plug on him. I feel that any day now he might not hold back anymore and say what he really think about 9/11.

I feel the same way

I have no doubt Olbermann is at minimum LIHOP.
He openly asked the question to a reporter about whether the U.S. military purposely let bin laden get away at Tora Bora. Not many caught this but I was so glad to here Keith ask that question. The reporter laughed and brushed it off as a "conspiracy theory", but the doubt was raised.

My criticism of Olbermann is that he puts forth the idea that the democrats will save us and this problem is merely a partisan issue. It goes so much deeper than that and in reality the dems are just as bad, only they are not the "ruling party" at the moment.

Mike Malloy is back!

I don't know if this has been discussed yet or not, but Mike Malloy is back on the air in Phoenix.

Malloy is back!

Thanks for the heads-up on Malloy. Great article. I especially like this part because it is true."Or maybe it was his Aug. 3 two-and-a-half-hour interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley, author of the 1992 "Unauthorized Biography of George W. Bush," and a meticulous historian who presented an ironclad case that 9-11 is the handiwork of the Bush cartel." (The reason why Malloy was fired.)...............As far as the Italian 9/11 truth conference goes, we have become an unstoppable force. It may take time but we will prevail. The Global Elite are doomed.

I'm calling my local Air

I'm calling my local Air America affiliate and asking them to put Mike Malloy in their lineup and telling them to put Air America out to pasture.

Is this...

Some of the same Italian media correspondents who were at the Chicago event?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."