When did you first get involved with 9/11 activism? (Activism, not questioning)

9/11/01 For Me

I became an activist the minute I saw those twin towers come down and believed my eyes and not the lying filth coming from all the talking heads. While I waited in line for gas that was being sucked up by farmers with huge gas tanks and unable to fill mine because it was all gone, I talked with people and I have to say everyone I talked to agreed with me. I think the majority of Americans know this was an inside job, but they still don't want to acknowledge it even to themselves because they think nothing can be done about it and as long as people think this way, nothing will ever get done. I don't expect it to in my lifetime that is for sure.

a foreign view...

i do have two VHS tapes with something like 9 hours i recorded on 9/11 and 9/12 news and reports from several cable news TV stations ...and since that very day i knew something was going pretty wrong ...i felt they were selling some lies about what was going on... when the first tower came down, my very first thought (and i think that most of us who saw that, thought exactly the same) ...was that it could only happen, that way, through controlled demolition, and i went wondering on how could those "Arab terrorists" get this prepared??? ...or, as if they had put a giant truck with some enormous amount of explosives under that building or something like that... but let's skip my whole 911 story here and let's go directly to building 7... when it came down i instantly thought that, at least, some Americans had to be involved, ...maybe the government, maybe some corporation, maybe the military, crazy lunatics, security companies, ...whatever, i couldn't think straight ...anyway, i could feel something was smelling pretty bad!!! ...but then we were told about the official story, everything had an official explanation and if you suspect of anyone outside al-qaeda you could be treated like a lunatic!
...time passed and in 2005 i saw a Michael Ruppert's speech about the CIA activities (dealing drugs, and covering up some facts) and the way some agents were been told to back off any investigation about the Bin Laden family... and this was the (re)-start of my own interest to investigate the 911 truth, ...then i watched the 1st 'loose change' edition ...and then on i could never stop my own investigation and research on this issue... and i've been writing a lot about that at this blog and i'm always showing it (what i believe is nearer to the very truth) to every near friend of mine and to everyone who shows any interest on this issue ...that's it! ...generally they think i'm crazy hahaha ...and i don't care if they think so, i'll keep my search and research anyway!
...but, i must confess that (even today, after loose change, zeitgeist, September clues, 911 mysteries, etc, etc, etc...) 'it's still very hard to get the average people to unveil the truth about 911, ...cause through the corporate media brainwashing strategies WE're still seen as conspirators, nuts, lunatics, mixed up with any UFO, monsters and fairy tale believers... and they are still selling the government and their allies (bankers and corporations) as the "good guys" ...and they're still saying that "the terrorist" are something outside this very small circle of 911 perpetrators (who are going to make something VERY BIG to justify an Iran invasion... their next step, ...and i think that it's just right around the corner!!!)

Inside-jobber since 1999

July, 1999. It took me nearly two years of brooding before I decided
that the recent media silence on the plot meant that someone in power
was quashing the story, and therefore likely also quashing any
investigations. That day in 1999 I realized there was already enough
public information about the plot to enable me to figure out the date
of the planned attacks by logic and strategy. To explain that, I have
go back nineteen years. From memory:

I turned eighteen in 1980. At the time I was still trying to like
"peaceful" Jimmy Carter, though I loathed politics and still do.
However, his demand that US males register with Selective Service on
turning eighteen struck me as a demand that we volunteer in advance
for the next war, no matter what its purpose. He also announced that
the US would intervene to protect oil industry interests in the Middle
East, which spoke volumes about why he would demand we volunteer in

One of my classmates had just written a paper on the rise of
existentialism in Europe as a reaction to war guilt. Few teenagers
think on such a broad scale, so I asked her who she was going to vote
for. She was horrified. "That's a very personal question. I can't
believe you would ask that!" I told her that she knew more about the
world than I, and might vote the same way she did if I knew more. She
said she would tell me as long as I didn't tell anyone.

She mentioned that she had been reading Zbigniew Brzezinski and
considered him insightful and pragmatic.

She explained that though Reagan was stupid, he had done the right
thing by breaking his campaign promise not to select Poppy as running
mate. Now that Ronny had sided with Bush, she would vote for him,
because Bush could use his CIA connections to get things done fast,
and wouldn't have to bother getting permission from Congress.
Congress, she said, is an obstacle, because "sometimes you have to
move fast, and members of Congress just want to be popular so they can
be reelected." Debates and declarations of war wasted valuable time.
"All I care about is having nice things. I'm the shallowest person
you'll ever know." She explained that this preference would allow her
to remain consistent throughout her life, because she would always
want nice things. Since one doesn't get nice things by doing nice
things, it was important to have the CIA inside the White House, where
it could operate without constraints. "Let's face it, if I were
starving and Lenin promised me food, I'd fight for him too."

Bush would use his CIA connections to become president, and when he
did, she said, there would be three Supreme Court justices too old to
continue on the job. "And that's the beauty of this plan," she said,
"because those appointments are for life, and that leaves his mark for
the next generation, when one of his three eldest sons might be
eligible." It occurred to me that the CIA had plenty of practice
rigging elections overseas, and wouldn't be stopped here if the
Supreme Court and the White House were captured by the same gang.

I watched for nineteen years as everything she'd told me came to
pass. She had spoken of a plan. One voter couldn't make it happen.
There would have to be a voting bloc committed to the same imperial
ideal. Ollie North told the world he had lied to all of us to save
his narcoterrorist operation, and some people cheered him for it.
There was the voting bloc. They wanted Congress out of the way
because it might do what voters want. They preferred leaders who
defied the will of the governed. TV does a wonderful job of telling
us we are surrounded by ignorance and incompetence, until it's time
for an ad. The ads tell each of us that she or he is a smart shopper
who can appreciate real value. Even though they are the purpose of
each broadcast, ads take up much less time than the programs, which
work to convince us we're surrounded by stupid. Because advertising
seeks to coax people to spend money on things they don't need, it is
crucial that the programs build and maintain consumer confidence in
the economy and by extension the government. Therefore they have to
balance the perception of widespread stupidity with the impression
that an elite who know what's best are in control.

Yet if they were in control, they wouldn't need war. War is an
admission of failure, particularly when waged by the world's only
superpower. It means that all the mechanisms of financial and social
control have failed. It also means that the leaders fear the hyper-
patriotic young people they send off to die. If they were really in
control, they wouldn't fear the young raised by their own institutions.

This is how I saw the world by 1993. The WTC bombing that year
shocked me, not least because of the way the Feds identified the van
by a number found on a scrap of axle. They might not be confident
of their control yet, but once they could catalog and track every
single consumer purchase, there would be little left to fear. As
with every bombing, I wondered why the media didn't ask how the perps
got the explosives. It would be years before I found out about Emad
Salem and his handy tape recorder. It would also be years before I
learned about the white Toshiba laptop from the Dona Josefa, but I
knew enough already to realize the towers were still a target.

When my sister took a job at the World Financial Center the next
year, I was horrified. She pointed out that since the bombing next
door, the plaza was among the best-protected targets in the world.
This point was key to my epiphany five years later on a sunny hill
in Berkeley.

After the Southern District Court of New York convicted Ramzi Yousef
in 1996, an Associated Press wire item quoted "top US intelligence
and law enforcement officials" as saying they were very concerned about
information gathered in the Philippines during the case. They said
they suspected that "foreign-born terrorists" were in the US, training
at US flight schools, and even living on "secure US military bases."
At the time, my brother was still trying to get his clearance so he
could advance in his job contracting for DoD. It occurred to me that
"secure US military bases" would be the worst place to hide now that
the plot had earned federal scrutiny. As hard as it was for my all-
American brother to win his clearance, it had to be harder for
"foreign-born terrorists," or so I thought. The story reminded me of
how blithely US forces had trained death squads in Central America,
and I wondered how long it would be before the people behind that
would decide to use the same tactics here at home. Just like Ollie's
cocaine flights, these things can not be kept abroad forever.

The AP article listed the targets and method. A few days later,
there was another describing the tactic of packing planes with
explosives before crashing them into buildings like airports. It
occurred to me that substituting airports for the targets would leave
authorities only seconds to react after the plane went off course. I
wondered how the folks who planned to fly into the WTC intended to
minimize the time between deviation and impact. Some of the ancillary
targets could be dismissed. Not enough people know about the Sears
Tower. It couldn't compete with the WTC or the Pentagon. The
Transamerica building would be too small, too hard to hit, too little
bang for the buck. But one of the suspected targets was an unspecified
nuclear plant. That meant that no one at the FBI would ever allow
this case to slip between the cracks or slide mysteriously off every
agent's desk. But even that target could probably be dismissed, since
it would be hardened against attack. It would suffice to hit the
towers and the Pentagon, and that would be hard enough, especially now
that the media had listed them as targets. After all, the officials
quoted knew that they had now created the risk of copycats.

I made a point of scouring the news every day to watch for the story
to reappear. It should have been on the front page every day for a
week, I thought, and I wondered how a story guaranteed to sell like
this one could disappear. It occurred to me that officials rarely
comment on an ongoing investigation, and the fact that they had
commented on this plot suggested that perhaps there was no ongoing
investigation. That would also explain the continuing media silence.

Later that year the New York Times Review of Books covered Brzezinski's
Grand Chessboard book, with its repeated demands for a domestic attack.
It noted darkly that he was probably right, that unless the US seized
control of the world's oil, some other country would arise as a rival
to US hegemony, and that only a domestic disaster could rally support
for such a project. Democracy in the US could not survive that attack,
because the government would need to suppress widespread dissent once
voters recognized the agenda.

This would also help explain the silence. No conspiracy is needed if
enough people have internalized a goal. The goal can be announced and
debated, and yet consent can take on the appearance of conspiracy once
the goal is achieved. Reagan and Bush and Clinton had each announced
a war on terrorism, yet none had really acted on it. Voters would not
have tolerated yet another open-ended war on an abstraction, but the
background noise of terror threats and attacks went on so long that an
entire generation grew up internalizing the idea that sooner or later,
it really would become a war. They had also internalized the idea
that voters wouldn't stand for it, and that things would change after
a major attack inside the country. If enough people accepted these
premises, the results would become inevitable. Only a few bad actors
would have to hold secret meetings. Only a few would actually
conspire to engineer the attacks, and only people with real power
could ensure that no investigation would stop them. I remembered how,
after OKC, certain idiots in Congress had demanded that the CIA and
FBI be merged into a Department of Homeland Security. I remembered the
disputes over CALEA and the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty
Act. I knew these people would be back for more, and I knew that the
voters who wanted a Bush dynasty were still among us.

Then Shrub announced. I looked into his record. He had nothing to
run on except his father's name, and Iran-Contra had ruined his
father's name with millions of voters. The Praise-Ollie voting bloc
were never huge. I remembered what my classmate had said about the
Supreme Court. Now we knew that the Bush clan still wanted that
dynasty, and still thought they could get it. What could possibly
make them think that? Bush's record as governor was dismal. No
voters wanted their state to be next as the most polluted state. Few
voters really wanted an indiscriminate death penalty. Few really
wanted the government to be run as a business, and those who did were
aghast at Junior's record as a businessman. These thoughts joined
my growing horror at the ongoing planes-into-buildings plot.

Then on July 2, 1999 I went to an outdoor concert. As I walked to
the concession stand, a young lady I'd only seen once, years before,
suddenly ran up behind me. I turned around and there she was, standing
just downhill from me, with arms held out toward me. It was exactly
like the scene from our first and only encounter at another concert
six years before. We sat down on the grass with a couple plastic cups
of beer and began to catch up. I still wasn't quite sure it was her.
It was truly a pinch-me moment, because it was clear that she had not
only never forgotten me but had planned this day for years. She had
to have stalked me somehow to know I'd be there. I began to dish about
my band and she glared at me balefully. Then, in a grave tone, she
said, "You know, you really should be careful what you say, because
you never know who's going to hear it." No one was listening to us.
Nobody even knew we were there, except the strangers milling around.
The band blared on in the background. There was no visible reason to
worry about being overheard. I guessed there might be an invisible
reason. She was a musician, too, and recording equipment gets smaller
and cheaper every year. The rest of her band probably wondered what
I would say on this fateful day. Perhaps I was being "Linda-Tripped."

I made a mental list of the things one just doesn't talk about and
began talking. After half an hour of babbling about sex, drugs,
religion and rock and roll, it occurred to me that there was something
I knew and that other people didn't, and that it might be very valuable.

I recited the story you've read so far. If the purpose of a Bush
dynasty were to reward voters like my high school classmate, and if
the fallout from Iran-Contra had created no serious incentive to stop
running narco-terror networks from the White House, and if Shrub were
to continue surrounding himself with people from his father's admini-
stration, certain things seemed predictable. Just like my classmate,
investment bankers use logic and strategy to predict events, and if
it didn't work, they'd find another job. My classmate wasn't psychic,
just perceptive. Nothing that had happened since 1980 had proven her

At this point we knew the targets, we knew the method, and we knew
about them from the very elements of our government who most needed
to know: the people who convicted Ramzi Yousef. Because the media
had buried the story, many people would be taken by surprise, so the
government could pretend it was a sneak attack. Later they could
admit that it wasn't, but no one would care much by then because we'd
already be at war. There were two useful things I could do, then.

One was to derive the date. The other was to destroy the pretense
that the plot was a surprise to federal law enforcement.

Armed with my handy, putative, invisible megaphone, I speculated on
what would happen if the election were stolen. I already knew about
the Supreme Court angle, and nobody would ever know if the CIA were
involved as long as their boy won. Perhaps they would simply select
certain types of voting machines. All the same, enough votes were
still cast on paper ballots that if the election were stolen, the
proof would emerge over time. Few would care, since any solid
conclusions would come long after the inauguration. Given the nature
of the targets, could one derive the date by examining the election

The targets were spectacular. They were deeply symbolic. They
symbolized the marriage of military power with corporate
globalization. The resistance to corporate globalization was already
becoming violent in 1999. Many more would die before the corporate
goal could be achieved. If many people are going to die anyway, what
state would not want to choose the time and manner of its response?
In order to do that, states might also create the provocations
themselves, as our spy agencies have done for decades.

What date would serve to increase the emotional resonance of the
event? Would it fall around the time that a stolen election might be
exposed? If the election were stolen, it would take at least six
months to prove it. Arithmetic is boring, and US citizens are largely
innumerate. Cashiers at McDonald's don't count change. They just push
a button. Math is a job for computers, not people. Math geniuses
come from India, not the US. There are no numbers with deep emotional
resonance for US citizens. Except one. The number evoking danger and
rescue. And it was also a date. And 2001 would be the first year of
a new millennium. I kept remembering the dream of a Thousand-Year
Reich. After six months of playing what-if with various precincts,
proof of fraud might emerge, but it would take a few more months to
sink in with the public. That would put us right around that number,
but before the painful anniversary of Election Day.

As soon as I said that, I became certain. I had examined every
counter-argument I could think of, from "They wouldn't do that" to
"but they'd get caught." Well, they'd been caught in the late 1980s
and nobody stopped them. By the time Clinton decided to give them all
a pass in 1994, he was already knee-deep in his own PR struggle with
terrorism. The argument that interceptors would prevent the success
of the mission had already been dismissed, both by the plotters and by
the officials who'd said they were "very concerned."

There would be no other day more advantageous than 9/11, whether I
looked at the exposure of the rigged election or looked at the
psychological resonance of the date. I began to watch the carnage in
my mind's eye. After burning for a while, the towers would collapse.
Dust covered the city. Why would they collapse? No one would be sure.
It would take years for that debate to subside. But I was watching them
collapse in my imagination, and I knew that I was right. I knew that I
was considering just facts that I already knew and extrapolating from
them, and I knew I wouldn't be able to retrace my steps easily later.
I was shocked by the appearance of my stalker and the idea that she
thought someone would listen to whatever I might say.

I still don't know why I thought the buildings would collapse. I
suspected they would be demolished on purpose by the same gang, but
didn't want to say so. I sounded crazy enough already, and already
had said something I couldn't explain. The towers' collapses were
not intuitively obvious, unlike my hypothesis about the Return of
the Son of Iran-Contra. I couldn't explain my certainty.

One thing was clear, though. Brzezinski was right: after the attacks
provoked a military reaction, we would abandon our form of government.
We would accept the idea that law enforcement wasn't powerful enough
to keep us safe. We would embrace war and skip the demands for proof
of guilt. We'd already been told our leaders wanted to invade Iraq,
but Brzezinski had said that Afghanistan would be first. One reason
for the size of the attacks was to enable the White House to order
attacks on a series of countries without ever having to prove a
connection to the attacks. It would be necessary to create the belief
that existing institutions were structurally inadequate, and that
civil liberties were to blame. That would enable the clampdown on
dissent necessary for unprovoked serial wars.

Wouldn't it be convenient, then, if one more drama in the sky ended
the series of attacks in such a way that it ratified the violent
response? What if a fourth plane were taken over, but the passengers
revolted? Like corporate globalization, the US would already be seen
as a victim, but the next step would be for our leaders to insist that
we are strong, that violent anger had replaced our fear. Robust
retaliation would require us to reject the victim role. That could be
done on the fourth plane, and it would inspire the bloody reaction to
the attacks.

In hindsight, I think that the fourth plane was heading for the Capitol,
to deal once and for all with the nuisance to presidents that is Congress.
I think it is a coincidence that I got the fourth plane right, and that I
guessed it would crash near Somerset. I lived near there when I was
younger, and that is the only reason I can recall for guessing that
location. Yet it is not a reason for the plane to crash there, so this
is the other conclusion I reached that day that I cannot explain at all
today. Yet I was sure, as sure as I am that I am typing this now. I
said that if anyone who heard me knew someone in the military or law
enforcement, they should make their friend listen to what I said too.
I asked for several specific signs that would tell me various people
had heard me, because I still had trouble believing anyone thought my
words were important enough to sit through. The monologue lasted an
hour, while my beguiling stalker sat and listened in silence. Most of
it was very personal and of no value to strangers. And yet, every single
one of the reactions I'd asked for did appear in time. Before a month
had passed, strangers were walking up to me on the street and alluding
to things I'd said that day. What I had tried to do was to prolong
and expand the practical joke my stalker seemed to be playing on me,
so I asked that no one explain to me how they had heard me. I still
don't know to this day. However, we have all seen how easy it is for
mediocre people to become famous overnight, and the Internet makes it
easier every day.

Denial is your friend. Each of us knows a lot of things about the
world that we do not examine very often because it's discouraging.
Each of us knows thousands of seemingly unrelated facts that if
examined would reveal useful and interesting patterns, patterns from
which we could extrapolate. Part of the resistance to that is just
self-preservation, and part of it is the inconvenience of conclusions
that demand action and its dangers.

It may look as if interest has tapered in 2007, but then 9/11 looked
like a surprise attack, yet it was not. For every new ally who joins
this board there is probably someone who knew beforehand. It is hard
to overestimate the sense of futility someone like me felt before the
attacks, when it was clear that publicity could prevent them, and
clear that the message was about as welcome as the Unabomber
Manifesto. Just as Kaczynski knew he couldn't get anyone to publish
him unless he resorted to drastic measures, I couldn't think of a safe
way to draw attention to an inside job in the making, but I did try,
and there is some evidence that I succeeded. Petitioning the
government was futile if even a few officials were involved, and
unless some officials were involved, the plot would be doomed. It is
heartening to see so many people looking for answers, but it is still
very difficult to know the best course of action for someone like me.
I started reading the 800- page book sold at eventson911.com, but
couldn't finish it. Just like my post, it needs an editor, and even
at 800 pages, I'm sure he left a lot out. But even that guy is a
newcomer by my standards. Someone should ask Negroponte what he knows
about the white Toshiba laptop from the Dona Josefa, because he headed
the Manila consulate at the time. I often wonder whether he was the
source of the early leaks, because whoever it was, they've been very
quiet ever since, and he's a quiet man. All of the journalists who
wrote those stories, and their editors, and all of their sources have
been very quiet ever since. They can't all be bad people, but
probably, just like me, they are unconvinced that anything they do now
will help much. After all, one of the definitions of "kook" is
someone who speaks up after an event to say they had known about it
beforehand. It's different for those of you who began asking
questions after the attacks.

I'm New

I'm new for a couple days.
I learned about this through the financial message boards. First it was zeitgeist. Someone posted the link and I watched the movie. Then I began digging.
My eyes have opened! Oh Man...The npeople of this country have no idea.
The FED is at the root of the problem imo.
That's when I found Ron Paul. If he is true to his word? I beileve he would be a start. A Republican too.
Well...I ordered some T's, bumper stickers and dollar bills.
I will try and do my part from Cincy and spread the word.

74 in 2007?

This looks bad, as if the number of new people joining the ranks of 911 truth is diminishing.

Yet another blow to American system of Government

When I first heard that 9/11 changed it all and the world would never be the same, I shrugged it off as ridiculous exaggeration. How little did I know then about depth of corruption and loss of civic spirit in our country! Playing ‘fear thing’ gang of Busheviks was able to corner all branches of government with impunity.

Commuting Scooter’s jail sentence, King Bu$h spat into face of the nation, which was brought up in firm conviction that nobody is above the law. With this commute, the last vestiges of Republic will go down the toilet, if Congress allows perpetrators to stay in office. Current Democratic leadership fears military intervention on behalf of sitting president, their face saving rhetoric notwithstanding. But that is beside the point.

The real question is, are WE ready to accept the biggest challenge in our history?

2002 for me...

I was in college and one of my required classes was public speaking.

My final speech was a demonstration on the flight paths of each plane. I had a huge poster board on taped to the wall wth the USA map on it. I had cut-outs representing each plane and I showed the flight paths and time intervals for each plane.

It was great. Everyone (almost) was floored. I did nothing but show the flight paths of the planes. I didn't say anything about Bush did it or 'inside job"...but the first question from the audience was:

"Do you think the United States Government allowed or planed these attacks?"

Of course, this report is not on what I think...this report is on facts relative to the wandering hijacked planes not what I think.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

A Pack of Cards.

I like others new that something was a bit odd when those towers fell straight down like a pack of cards.
But watched the PBS documentary and it seemed logical...a...pancake collapse.

Of course PBS neglected to mention the 47 steel column core running through the centre of the buildings. I stumbled upon loose change on google video, that did it for me.

"Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past"
George Orwell 1984

define activism please

from day one I was blowback. two weeks later LIHOP, I must admit I was stuck on LIHOP for a good 4 years. I just couldnt bring myself to MIHOP because I didnt want to fathom that it was done on purpose by the gov.
Still I preached LIHOP the whole time to people using simple reasoning. "if a middle eastern cab drivers refused to take a friend of mine from JFK to the WTC on the morning of 911, and if middle eastern vendors were not seen outside the WTC on that morning, of course they were Muslim terrorists". The thing that pushed me to LIHOP is the simple fact that if the man on the street knew, then obviously inteligence agencies knew.

so the question is when did my activism begin?

I may olso add

one day i was preaching LIHOP to an MIT professor (probably a spook), and when I finnished with my dissertation the man placed his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes and said "Its important that you understand that humanity is on the cutting edge of technologies that can do great harm to people, one person could kill tens of thousands, it is imperitive that the goernment takes control).....pretty spooky aye?

Hella spooky.

And I'm sure that's most likely true. But who do you suppose brought us those wonderful technologies in the first place? The gummint done been in control, buddy. They fucked up in tha game now.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine


My name is Mons(english spelling if Måns) and I live in Sweden.
guess I "woke up" after stumbling on the different news footage available on internet from "that day". it brought me back in time and I remembered where I were when it happened... then I came across LC like everybody else, and it also grabbed me, I must admit. Them followed Jim Fetzer "top ten reasons", david griffin copenhagen speach, zwickers "great conspiracy", 9/11 mysteries etc etc etc etc etc etc... cant really remember the order they came in but those mentioned above really "got to me". since then I created my swedish website http://investigate911.se because I felt my country didn't know anything about this. maybe i was wrong but that is how I felt. And now I'm definitely "hooked". can hardly think about anything else 24/7...

Welcome to 911Blogger!

Are you familiar with Nadia's blog about Iraq? I can't remember the name, but she's in Sweden too.

I know, I know--there's more than two of you ... ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


I'm class of 2006 - regretably.

I'd like to than Charlie Sheen and A.J. Hammer, in particular, for airing Sheen's remarks, for having Michael Berger on his show, for seriously discussing it, and for saying, at the end of the segment, that he too, had questions.

That one statement is what made me spin around in my computer chair and say...what the #### are these guys talking about? The can't be serious...can they?

And then I began to come to the depressing conclussion that not only were they right on that, but virtually everything else we've been told, from the founding of the America, the "great" wars, the Kennedy assassination, RFK, JFK Jr. , the attack on the Liberty, Viet Nam, the Oklahoma bombing....it's all a ####ing lie.

911 Truth is not just about 911 - it's about all of our history.

#### man, I don't even know if we wen't to the moon, anymore - that's how bad it all is.

Class of 2006


I have questioned since the media had all the answers ‘30 minutes’ after the second plane hit the WTC but, I did not start to get active until around 2003 or the Invasion of Iraq period.

Hmm... Complex answer. It

Hmm... Complex answer. It came in stages for me. I had been very critical of Bushco right from day one. As soon as he entered office he was cutting funding for the arts, etc. I read an article about his intention to help the Salvation Army "do their job better" by making them exempt from anti-discrimination laws.

The thought "inside job" did skate through my mind the day of the attack. Only briefly though, as I was probably distracted by the spectacle. A few elements were like a grain of sand in my eye immediately:

-Silly looking hole in the ground in Shanksville
-MSM Eyewitness reports of "secondary" explosives (I actually remembered these from the original coverage, and was made suspicious as these and other elements were cleansed from the media without explanation.)
-Pentagon hit/Where were our air defenses?
-Lightning quick accusation/pursuit of bin Laden
-Removal/export/recycling of steel (EVIDENCE)

Then in 2002 I remember hearing rumors of put-options, war games, hijackers alive... Suspicion grew, but my mundane daily life was still my focus.

Then came the "Axis of Evil" speech. This was a HUGE red flag for me, as it was obvious propaganda, and obvious that Iraq was no threat. I knew the Iraq situation was criminal BS from the word "go". This GREATLY increased my suspicion, and probably really got the "inside job" idea brewing in my subconscious, but still no "eureka!".

When the 9/11 Commission finally materialized I was repulsed by the fact that "official" statements from Condi et. al would pass for testimony in this country, but since it seemed par for the course for this administration, and I was already tuning out as the madness grew, I chalked it up to public ignorance and apathy. It's funny. The 9/11 Commission was obviously a sham to me, but for some reason that didn't fully set off the lightbulb over my head.

The next time I can remember really thinking about 9/11 was in mid to late 2006, when I saw "Loose Change" and "9/11: In Plane Sight". These definitely addressed some of the questions that had been haunting my subconscious, but they were very speculative films. Also "In Plane Sight"s "missle pods" didn't stand up to the scrutiny of frame-by-frame on my wide-screen HI DEF TV. I talked about some of the issues from these films with my most "liberal" and intellectual friends, but after they ganged up on me, I figured I should give it a rest.

...Until I happened across Steven E. Jones and the thermite evidence about 2 months ago. That and Jim Hoffman's analysis of the collapses removed all doubt from my mind. I have always had an interest in science and mathematics, so I understood that scientific proof is irrefutable. I've been continuously researching and trying to tell people since then. The evidence is overwhelming. It won't be long now.

2005 for me.

I still remember the first person I told (besides my wife) it was a cousin at a family function... the thing is, once you wake up you feel like you HAVE to do something. At least that's the way I felt. I started a website, 9eleven.info. It's not an extensive site, it's just me... but at least I felt I was doing something.
Then in late 05 I put up a table on the street one Saturday in a busy shopping area and started handing out xerox 9/11 handouts.... some people were interested, most ignored me, and several were quite hostile.
One guy harassed me for some time... we got into a heated discussion, and he took out his cell phone and tried to summon police to arrest me, (what charge, I don't know) fortunately they ignored him.
Then I found a local 911truth group to join, dc911truth, where I met some really fine and dedicated people. Now we do 911truth activism every week. We make signs, post cards, flyers; we organize protest marches, lobbying etc...
I think 2007 is our year, the tipping point was reached months ago and now the inevitable growth of awareness is reaching the mass-culture.
I'm looking forward to this summer, 2007 will be:


I am not active but will

I am not active but will post here anyway.

I do not change my mind easily. I like credible evidence and take the most likely story to be the most truthful. I am also not left/right, at least I dont like to think of myself as belonging to an side.

So 9/11 truth was not something I took to instantly, but my mind was always open to it. When I started looking around, mostly to see what the fuss was about instead of any question I had (i didnt), a lot did not convince me. Especially with regards to the media being in on it and some of the stuff loose change said since it was kind of weak (imo). What did strike me as odd was WTC 7. The building falls, perfectly down. Not one side, then another side, or some floors and then others. The whole thing. Bam. Did the fire destory all of it evenly? Of course not.

I am still not sure what happened, the building could not have been rigged from the start and nor could it have been rigged on 9/11. So could it be they were set up in advance? Its the only thing that makes sense to me. The Towers fell easily as well but the nature of the building (all the way up but quite narrow) makes it seem more likely.

If it was not for WTC 7 I would not be here.

I still have no complete idea what happened which Is why I keep researching but its hard, It takes a lot before I will accept something as truth so i keep researching and keep asking questions. I am not active because 1) I am shy 2) I cannot until I have a clear answer into what happened

WTC 7 is definately the reddest of red flags.

I think alot of people start to ask questions after seeing a clip of WTC& collapsing.

A good book that might help with some other aspects is "Towers of Deception" by Barrie Zwicker. Also, anything by David Ray Griffin.

And it would still do you good to connect with your local 911activists even if you're not ready to "do" anything. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Shrub's Speech and Paul's Timeline

I knew it on the day. I was getting coffee at a local cafe. We do not own a television. Shrub was giving his speech that day and I had a cup in each hand watching him. I noticed his eyes, his voice, everything bespoke lack of both surprise and upsetness. Then when talk of retaliation came his face lit up all evil as he said that word, and the word resolve, and spoke of military response, and that was a boy on Christmas morning, that was a junkie waiting for a fix whose "man" arrived with the drugs. I nearly dropped the cups of coffee, thinking, my god, he KNEW! he knew about this, I wonder if he--

Thought, it couldn't be, I was just being paranoid.

Then in 2002: I ran into Paul Thompson's timeline and that made me realise yet again another gut feeling had a LOT of backup behind it.

In 2004 I attended the 9/11 Inquiry conference in San Francisco and stayed almost through the whole thing, being one of those first groups carrying signs marching to the SF Mayor's office to ask Willie Brown, no longer mayor by then, to explain who told him not to fly that morning. We had a right to know, as citizens of a major metropolitan area, we could be next...especially knowing the neocons have no love lost for San Francisco.

By 2006 I was beginning to be able to separate the BS from the provables and began suggesting, as does Sander Hicks, to stick to the known facts of what the government did and did not do - that's an airtight case. Speculating on plane vs. no-plane, etc. is pointless.

The standdown, the put-options, the Pakistan connection, Able Danger (which bears more looking at, apparently may have been part of the cover-up) - these things are where the story is.

What surprises me? Why didn't they just say that the Islamic terrorists planted the bombs? There must be something there that contradicts that idea or they'd shut us all up by saying that. But they don't...

The time to speak truth to power has ended; the time to speak power from truth has begun.

"Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"

When i started poking around about 9/11, i (unfortunately) first found people who implied the planes shot missiles or "energy" at the bldgs. Big turn-off for me. (If you view the videos frame by frame, the flashes at the planes' nose cones do NOT happen before impact; if they look that way it's just an illusion due to video interlacing, compression, etc.)

Eventually though, i found WTC-7 and watched that thing fall. The suspicion began to stir. The best film i've seen on the subject is "9/11 Revisited: Were Explosives Used to Bring Down the Buildings?" Because it sticks to one question and answers it. A very important question too.

I've just set up a MySpace for networking. myspace.com/searcherfortruth (I don't claim to have all the truth...but Zelikow certainly doesn't have it.)

Now, will i ever have the guts to bull-horn and pass out disks in public? With Iran cooking up, i may have no choice...and little time.

Seeking truth is over, and so is the promise of Liberty

If you doubt that AmeriKa has been totally taken over by the Poppy Bush drug-dealing, Kennedy murdering Mighty Wurlitzer of CIA Mafia disinformation, simply go to search.cnn.com select 'search this site' and type-in the keywords "9/11 Truth"...

Since thay have already stolen all the money in America- it appears they couldn't even be bothered selling you anything - try any other keywords and see what I mean..

I rest my case...

Today, "Christians" (Neo-Tory Conservatist religious-socialist Satanists) stand at the head of Germany' -Principle keynote of the acceptance speech of Chancellor Adolph Hitler.

911 activism

I had never really believed the official story, and I thought I was alone on the subject, sort of in the closet, not realizing there were millions with the same views. I thought I was just paranoid t because the IRS has screwed me royally since the 1980's and I was just having these thoughts because of my horrid experiences with the IRS (none of which have anything to do with any kind of taxpayer movement).

I moved to Austin in 2002, and one day I was clicking through the cable tv trying to avoid the propaganda channels and I ran across Alex Jones. I began watching Alex and then going to his websites. I started doing a lot of research, including a lot of reading and viewing of videos, and confirmed my original suspicions on 911, it was staged by our government. Now I attend monthly get togethers with other 911 truth seekers here in Dallas and have even managed to convert a few of my friends.

When I got involved

I didn't question anything until the 5th anniversary of 9/11. And then after looking into the events felt like such an idiot. I know TV news lies but how could I let my own eyes decieve me. Fire does not obliterate steel and concreate. William Roriguez was the final straw, he is a true American Patriot. I've always disliked politicians and have not voted since 3rd grade because of my dislike for them but they have gone from liars to murderers. How dare Rudy run for President he's up to his neck in this conspiracy. Sure 19 Muslems yeah right. Once upon a time....and the planes dissapeared and the buildings melted.

Hey Guys

I'm new in here, but i've been studying it since 2005,
So now i'm joining u 9/11 for the truth. N by the way. My name is Harun From Singapore.

activism? depends on what you mean...

I've never done anything physical about 9/11, other than attend a couple things others arranged. But I've been a vigorous discusser of 9/11 truth subjects for years, online at least. I think it's been long enough, and enough good info and analysis is now available, so that there is no excuse any more to hesitate. It's clear we need to stop this tyranny; it's not going away on its own, and 9/11 truth is the axe aimed at the root of it all. Solve this one and the whole mess opens up; no gummint cover-up will seem impossible once this one is exposed. I just hope we have enough time to do the job. The twin attacks of globalism (including the invasion from the south) and debt ballooning are rapidly destroying what's left of America. I don't know what will happen if America goes under and gets merged into the NAU, but I'd really rather not have to find out.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

October 2006…

…after watching the Twin Towers & WTC 7 collapse a few dozen times on YouTube. But I’m not sure I’m that much of an “activist” yet – just part of the trickle who are beginning to wake up.

I never had any difficulty believing the US government deliberately failed to stop the attacks in order to justify the “war on terror” – and this seems so obviously plausible I can’t understand why so many people aren’t able to go even that far.

But as soon as you start looking at the incriminating details – and there’s so many to choose from – it’s absolutely clear that the whole thing was orchestrated by elements of the US government.

The pancake theory is obvious garbage because it would leave the core columns standing – yet supposedly knowledgeable people still cling to it. Any form of pile-driver theory would require the upper floors to freefall through the lower core columns as if they weren’t there. How is it possible for people to believe such a theory is credible?

as it happened

from the moment i saw the pentegon on tv i knew it was a lie and an inside job. everyday since i've been trying to inform and enlighten those around me.

Since early 2003

I learned the truth about 9/11 and then the even more disturbing truth about MIC/NWO pulling the strings

2007 seems to be even better!

I've been telling everyone I know to watch Loose Change on google, and while some family members have been easier to convince than others the response has been great. I think there is a great awakening with this movement that will eventually make the world a better place.


I am really surprised with all the news that has come out this year.... and the peace rally info surge.... that the numbers for 2007 are so low

Come on people we need more 2007 newbies!!
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


i 'woke up' shortly after michael moore's 'fahrenheit 9/11' came out. i had already believed that the government wasnt telling the truth about 9/11. but when i was on the internet researching claims made by mr moores film, i came across alex jones '9-11 the road to tyranny'. that film spoke to me for some reason...after that i researched and researched and watched all the films and read the websites, and the debunking sites...and in 2006 i wrote a small booklet that was available at a local coffee shop, an alternative video rental store, and the local co-op. i had a couple hundred copies printed and they were all snatched up pretty quickly. i was even contacted by a local journalist who wanted to write an article about it. im thinking of starting a 9/11 truth group where im living now, but we'll see how that goes..


"im thinking of starting a 9/11 truth group where im living now, but we'll see how that goes.."

here is how that went

Pretty well, Id say...

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

How do I locate a DFW group?

Howdy All,

Can anyone direct me on how I would go about locating some groups here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas?

Since finding this site and numerous others, I find myself really needing to connect with others and get involved in something, anything!

Thanks for your help in advance,


There's a 9/11....

....Meetup Group in Dallas....go to their website for more info....


.....and a North Texas 9/11 Group:


All looks good

On this poll untill you get to 2007.... I know we are only a month in but we should reach 2006 numbers by May!

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I happened to watch....

the the Nova/documentary on how the towers fell. That got me to the bookstore and David Griffin did the rest. I think it was 2003, but I didn't get on line until 2004. Thank God for the free press and the Internet, without them we'd be in a fog of lies.

I startede in 2006, until

I started in 2006, until then I supported Bush and the war on terror :) Then I saw Loose Change and all the other videos
If you want more people to know the truth find some big message boards and post some links to google video movies there, even if the people who watch them don't belive at least it will make them think
Also check "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" movie


When 9/11 happened I was in 10th grade. My dad came into my room waking me up and telling me something terrible had happened. I, thinking he was joking, told him to shut up so I could sleep a little more before I had to wake up for school. He soon made it clear he wasn't joking and told me what happened. My first reaction was shock, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I remember thinking the hijackers must have gotten on the plane by posing as the ground crew. As the day went on I got madder and madder. I wished I was 18 so I could go fight "Al Qaeda" in Afghanistan.

As time went on 9/11 made less and less sense to me. I thought, if UBL wanted the U.S. out of the Middle East, why would he attack us like that? Surely that would only provoke us into having a greater presence in the Middle East. I thought if the "terrorists" hated us because of our freedom why is the president taking our freedom? Bush would say the terrorists thought we wouldn't retaliate, and to me that was totally insane. The world's only superpower not responding to a direct attack on its civilians? What a joke.

So in the beginning of 2006 I saw the pentagon strike video and my curiosity led me to spend hours upon hours researching 9/11. What I learned made a lot more sense than what the government was telling us. I steer clear of the speculation about what hit the pentagon, but that is what triggered my new found awareness. Learning the truth about 9/11 has made me fearcely patriotic and I generally try to inform just about everyone I meet.

I'm about to move to L.A. in two weeks. Any 9/11 activists down there?


I always had some doubts about 9/11 but always dismissed them.

I saw building 7 fall.
I saw the flight 93 crash scence and thought it was strange there was no sign of a plane.
I thought the pentagon scene looked strange.
I thought it was strange they figured out who the hijackers were so quickly.

Something always felt "off". Something didn't feel "right". I had a feeling there was more to the story. I just couldn't understand the motivation of the hijackers--what exactly were they trying to accomplish? What good would this attack do for them? It didn't make sense.

Then I watched Loose Change.

Then I watched Steven Jones' presentation at BYU in early September 2006. Then I got angry. Wrote some letters. Learned as much as I could. Researched quite a lot. Decided to join 911 Blogger and add another voice to the chorus. I have been posting messages and blogs ever since then and will continue doing so until I see the criminals brought to justice.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."


Hope I can add some great things folks,
I know the world is waking up to 911 truth and I want to wake up more!!!

The strangest thing are true, and the truest things are strange.....

Thanks, Mike Ruppert

I was in Switzerland on 9/11. I saw some CNN coverage at the house I was staying at. None of it made any sense to me. First off, I knew it would not be possible to hijack jetliners and fly them around for over an hour without interception. Secondly, the towers obviously were exploded rather than collapsed. But I was competing in an elite sporting event at the time and didn't follow the news closely. I expected reasonable answers would emerge when I got back to the US. Wrong. When I got back to the US, there was a mass brainwash going on. I quietly put aside my doubts to avoid being an obvious dissident in a time of hysteria.

I assumed that if my concerns were accurate that the truth would soon out. But then PBS NOVA told me how the towers fell, and I gave up and turned off my brain. I tried to go back to my normal life. But reality returned again. After the failure to find WMDs in Iraq, the government began to look capable of any lie, any crime.

After the obviously fake 2004 election, fake opposition candidate and all, it was obvious that the US was falling into naked fascism, for reasons I couldn't fully grasp. I decided to emigrate overseas to freedom. I bought Mike Ruppert's book to read on the plane in February 2005, and everything fell into place. I know that the truth movement has left Ruppert behind, but his police detective thinking nailed the case for me: motive, means, & opportunity. It made me so glad that I was leaving anyway. I will not set foot again on US soil again until truth returns to that land.

What happened with Mike?

Why exactly has the movement "left him behind"? I read stuff on FTW about him being ill... Did he turn out to be a shill? (ill shill... he he.)

Sorry Alek - Thomas Paine gave us the ONLY answer!

While I understand how you could feel this way, this is not the way to confront this horrific and fanatical, totalitarian destructivist tyranny of vice and repression that we have been sold by the cynical political traitors that unconstitutionally fashioned this grave web of unconstitutional secrecy, murder, hatred and corruption.

The only effective way to smash, obliiterate, destroy and defeat the unconstitutional criminal CIA Mafia Oligarchy, this evil military-industrial Truman-created Frankenstien monster which has destroyed freedom, truth and liberty and turned our regal, annointed, Supreme Constitution of Republican Liberty into toilet paper is to stab it where it stands, smash it where it spreads and kill it where it grows stronger, more currupt, more evil, more deadly, more cynically destructive and more invincibly powerful by each and every passing day.

Secrecy is the #1 enemy of Truth, Justice, and Liberty, the complete antithesis and enemy of Freedom to worship the Father of Love Itself and of our supreme, irrevocable, anointed Constitutional paper monarch of Individual Republican rights and freedoms as free and equal citizens.

Through then-Senator Lyndon (stupider and more evil than Truman)B. Johnson's totally unconstitutional 1948 Defense Reorganization Act (USC 50:413[b] (the NDA of 1947 was un-passable and ditched)), creating the pseudo-legal abomination of a secret 'finding-crime', and a bound-to-secrecy elite handpicked congressional committee of secret noble warlords to support an unconstitutional, noble, secret, blank-check-of-marquee MI6-SS-KGB secret mafia foreign vice organization of imperial back room military industrial dictators firmly placed in secret, total and absolute control of America. USC 50 really marked revolutionary America's final complete and abject surrender to Neo- Imperial Fascism, the complete death of Republican Liberty and also the complete surrender of our beloved "Freedom to Compete" Free Market System to the old regime of Noble Colonial Mercantile Cabalism. (a distinctly different type of Vice-Empire Monopolist Capitalism well known to our famed and honorable forefathers.)


"while we give no encouragement to the importation of foreign vices, we ought to be equally as careful not to create any. A vice begotten might be worse than a vice imported. The latter, depending on favor, would be a sycophant; the other, by pride of birth, would be a tyrant: To the one we should be dupes, to the other - slaves" --- Thomas Paine, warning us of the entrapping criminal corruption and tyranny of a foreseen Imperial Cold War Vice-Cabal either as a SS/MI6/KGB Mafia import, or worse as a home-grown "CIA" Military-Industrial Mafia. - Pennsylvania Magazine - 1775


In short, if our nation had no real enemies beyond a little kindness aid and commercial pacification, it would be Job #1 at your CIA Mafia Fear Cabal to manufacture themselves some, and that is indeed precisely and exactly what it has always done for itself and it's corrupt noble patrons in spades!

With the deliberate premeditated crimes of 9/11 this unconstitutional, noble, secret "blank-check-of-marquee" CIA/NSA/DIA Mafia crime cabal, in close cooperation with the pliable 'democratic mob' political hate-hordes of Mullahs Fallwell and Robertson's radical, conservative neo-Christian/Satanist hate-fascists, our easily duped unconstitutional "no-standing-army" Pentagon and the lucrative corrupt noble political appointment sponsorship of the Noble Tory Cabals of Halliburton, Dynacorp, GE, Boeing and Laugheed-Martin have quite predictably, effectively, and at great largely stolen expense to taxpayers, finally manufactured themselves this shiny new and improved, deluxe, borderless, automatic self-dirtying, multinational Muslim-Fascist Menace!

It was our own very badly mistaken creation and only we, together, united and fully aware, CAN and WILL totally destroy it and all it's likes forever!


"I see in the near future a crisis approach which unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic destroyed." - Abe Lincoln (father of the GOP)

Agentbluescreen's Post...

...should be the basis for the script for Aaron Russo's next film....

The more I discovered

The more information I researched and looked into, put me one step closer to saying, " Damn, what can I do?" In 2004, I "purchased a movie online that i thought was the new Superman movie" but the "site" I was using mistakenly "sent me" Loose Change instead. It was late and I wanted to check the quality of the movie I thought was Superman. But when it started, I realized that it wasn't Superman.... After watching the first five minutes, i was hooked. The next day I called a bunch of my friends over to watch it. After watching Loose Change, I decided to do some research.... Knowing what I know now, it's hard to trust anyone in the gov't., and it irritates the hell out of me when I watch a National Geographic's episode on 9/11 and they don't even mention building 7... Since then, I've been posting messages, informing people at work, voting to impeach the president and his staff, and schooling my parents on the subject.

Amen Middike.

Your story is very similar to mine. Once I got the information on 9/11 I was spreading it and asking friends and family what they thought. I try to force people to confront these issues and give me their opinions. It pisses me off so bad when otherwise intelligent people don't want to deal with this. I just want to put this information everywhere for those of us brave enough to handle it. Damn it. I wish I had stickers and flyers to post around in public places and on windshields etc. It is addictive. The truth is.

Why in a society that is so obsessed with CSI-like shows can't get a grip on the 9/11 story I don't know. I can't believe how weak the people in the media (even most of the alternative media) are when they won't even discuss Building #7. It boggles my mind and makes me realize that people aren't as bad ass as I once thought they were. Very few are interested in confronting the truth and it makes me feel we haven't evolved very far as humans. I want to push the evolution envelope a bit while I'm alive. Anyway. Take it easy and keep it up.

911 Attacks

Edward Joseph Kujawa yes it was all fabricated by our namb pamy gov in order to push a agenda of terrism actualy false flag operations
there never was any terrists at all firs did not take those bldg's down it was controled demenlotion sorrry for the horrid spelling but you get my drift these people are Evil filty bastards who want o enslave us to do their bullshit they all have to go i just dont mean impeachment

people need to see this

A good approach: An unbiased opinion from an expert who didn't know about WTC 7. Check it out....


Through a turn of luck..

... and a pre-disposition for questioning authority.

This past summer 2006, I made great friends with dc911truth.org and handed out my first "awareness flyer" at the Department of Justice with David Schlesinger of 911courage.org

Among many other formative events through-out my youth, I encountered my first and most direct experience with untrustworthy federal authority when serving in the U.S. Army. A parade of Warrant and Commissioned Officers suggested to me that it would be "better for your promotion schedule" if I would falsify airworthiness documentation.

I refused (politely at first), yet endured harassment slowly leading on to veiled and not so veiled threats for my shortcomings as a "team player". Until one day I made a HUGE decision, that this was not an armed force I wanted any part of, if something seemingly critical to me was first brushed aside as so nonchalant and then turned back on me as the "villain". I saw more racism, bigotry, fowl-play and waste then I ever imagined possible from the folklore I grew up with (the outsourcing of latrine and KP duty was already a booming trend at that time). It seemed I had no choice but to walk away from something I otherwise felt was important, honorable and necessary, but had turned into more of a liability for my country, than it was an asset.

This was a very hard decision at the time, and has been a constant torn in my ass in many ways trying to lead an otherwise normal life. The deal I struck (with myself), is that I could never demand my due, such as UCMJ remedy, earned VA benefits, "Honorable" discharge... and the pride of Prior Service, if I felt so strongly that the Department of Defense was deeply and dangerously broken. Let me tell you people... there is nothing easy about principal.

On one hand, eliminating one's self from a host of mainstream "enjoyments" has driven me away from the stabilities and idle pleasures I enviously witness for many friends and family. On the other hand, I was also driven to seek alternative means and roads less traveled. For that, I have non-the-less see much more than the average comfortable American, and "been around!" Thus, I do not regret a tough choice I had to make as a punk kid.

Fast forward to the summer of 2001, when and where I was working for one of those eccentric personality so often met on the road less traveled, who handing me a heavy collection of books and audio about the evolution of the American constitution, our domestic education and production capacities and the most astonishing item of all... the Federal Reserve Note and Fractional Lending/Banking system. WOW!

Then 9/11 happened...

I immediately picked up stakes, drove to the other end of the country where I had friends offering me a mindless job of washing pots for their restaurant, and then spent every available moment sucking in the internet.

I do not feel shame nor guilt for Desertion from an organization which I first suspected, and now have been proven, was heading down a very dark path... to becoming the Tool of inequitable Empire and impossible hegemony. I do not slink from nor avoid contact with this federal animal... for I feel it is STILL my duty and sworn Oath to defend this constitution from all enemies... but a sick animal she is. She must be healed, or put down.

We the People have a very tough road ahead.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.