Berlin Humboldt University Bans 9/11 Film

Humbold University in Berlin cancelled a planned presentation of the film Loose Change scheduled for November 3, 2006, with only two days notice to the organizers.

Three young Americans created the film Loose Change, which examines unanswered questions with regard to the attacks of September, 11, 2001, and made it available over the internet in mid-2005. The film calls the official story into question and shows, among other things, a series of contraditions which still demand explanation. The film makers appeal to the public to examine the evidence and judge for themselves whether or not the official claims about the events can possibly be true.

Loose Change contains a wealth of evidence which indicates that the 911 attacks were a false-flag operation staged by the Bush administration in order to justify a so-called "war against terror" to promote their geo-political interests.

The film "Loose Change" has been downloaded over 70 million on Google Video and is thus the first international blockbuster. The version with German subtitles has been viewed 2,000,000 times on the internet since June, 2006. Television stations in France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Holland, and Australia have show "Loose Change." Even Hollywood has shown interest -- a large studio is in negotiations to co-produce a version for film theaters, which is scheduled to premier at the USA's Sundance Film Festival in spring 2007.

It is highly questionable that a film from the United States, which calls on viewers to educate themselves and form their own opinions, would be censored at Humboldt University. This is unusual for a German instiution of higher education, especially in view of the fact that the film "Loose Change" has been shown at dozens of US universities without similar attempts at censorship. It has furthermore been copied by thousands of US students and widely distributed on US colleges and universities. Humboldt University is a former east german university and had problems with censoring before during the Nazi era as well as during the communist period. In Germany usually only films with extremly violent, racist or pornographic content would be censored.

A free presentation of this film for the general public was planned for November 3, 2006 in the Film Theater of the Humboldt University; it was officially approved in early October and this was confirmed in both written and spoken form. The agreement was annulled by the office of the president of the university (signed by Mr. Kuhring) only two days prior to the planned presentation. This unjustified action was based on an alleged technicality. This are extracts from the 2 page letter sent to the student from the office of the President of Humboldt University :

..."The film 'Loose Change' covers the terrorist acts of September, 11th in the USA and makes allegations that refer to a direct responsibility of the president of the United States and other people within the US administration, but also to people within the economic system and the society."

"The film contains racist and discriminating allegations, the distribution of which within the public domain cannot be supported. Furthermore, the distribution could damage the image of the Federal Republic of Germany and could compromise international cooperation. It could also result in a loss of reputation in the event that Humboldt University should be mentioned in this context."

"The film is a failure, it presents unacademic assertions and prejudices and pretends pseudo-academic evidence, not scientific in any respect, both in the American scientific community and in the European scientific community.".....

On November, 3 after a cancellation notice was placed on the website of the event, free DVDs of "Loose Change" were handed out to about 150 people who still came to see the film. Several businesses in Berlin support the film -- a hairdresser, a CD shop, a bar, a new age store, a filmstudio, and an art gallery distribute "Loose Change" for free. So far in Berlin 10000 DVDs have been mailed and handed out through these outlets. Small ads for the film appear on a continuous basis in Berlin magazines and newspapers. The film was shown in small theaters and at a Berlin -Potsdam Film Festival.

As of Saturday 11/4 one german daily newspaper, the Berliner Zeitung has covered the ban on the event.

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Thanks Clifford for the heads up!

It isn't 'banned,' from what

It isn't 'banned,' from what the story says, but simply 'cancelled.' Isn't there a difference? Maybe they just felt that it shows such a biased view of real events that it shouldn't be shown. Afterall, not one of the dozens and dozens and dozens of Pentagon survivors who reported seeing a large jet were included in the film -- as if they never existed -- only the fraction of that number of people who say they saw something else. That's called bias and misrepresentation.

"Afterall, not one of the

"Afterall, not one of the dozens and dozens and dozens of Pentagon survivors who reported seeing a large jet were included in the film -"

Assuming you're including nearby witnesses and those on the road out front, while they report seeing a jet, they fail to report the effects of a jumbo jet flying within dozens of yards of them--namely wake turbulence[which would have at least pushed SOME of the cars off the road] and temporary deafness from the decibles of the jet engines themselves.

When I was in the military in 1986 our classrooms on base were so close to the civilian airport that we had to pause for 15 to 30 seconds during lectures to wait for the planes to pass over on take off because, at several hundred yards(Verrry rough guestimate, admittedly) they were too loud to be heard over. They also shook the building.

But supposedly Flight 77 would be only tens of yards or LESS away from some of these people--and yet I haven't heard any testimony about being deaf for an hour. Instead the testimony points to a smaller aircraft, loud but not deafening and with minimal wake turbulence.

"Loose Change" is focusing on physical evidence, not witness testimony. Their approach has strengths and weaknesses--that's why no one has all the answers. Not you (whoever you are--is it too much trouble to think of a name? ), not me, not them.

But you know what would help? Releasing the "dozens" of CCTV video footage in its entirety to the public. Since the crime is alledgely solved and all.

Be seeing you, sunshine.


"The film contains racist and discriminating allegations.."

What???? I don't rememeber anything like that.

At least they handed out free DVD's!!!! Keep on keepin'!

Just like a lyric from an old song I love "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, Were on the Loose"

Your ADL at work.

Your ADL at work.


I didn't know a hollywood production of LC was inthe works.

"Loose Change" Very Flawed

Thw WTC sections are not too bad, but the Pentagon and FLT 93 parts are at times laughable.

It's the "official story" that's laughable! More holes in it

than in a wheel of Swiss cheese!

Show "You all know it\'s debunked" by Anonymous (not verified)

Ya, und der Führer never caused the Reichstag fire, either.

(In Berlin, no less!!!)

Wow, a German university of all places cancelling 9/11 truth???

Did these people learn nothing from the nightmare of Adolph Hitler & WWII???

That "Mr. Kuhring" should be ashamed of himself!

Shill, you need not put a -1 points to my comment on how Germans

of all people should block a 9/11 truth showing! Hitler & WWII were just 65 years ago! There is no excuse for such a short memory!

Dz should reveal who puts -1's to posts like this.

Innocent men, women & children were murdered in ovens, do

you want something like that to happen here too??? (Innocent people were already incinerated @ the WTC & Pentagon!!!)

get your holocaustism right, dude...

no one was murdered in an oven, the crematoria were for disposing of the bodies in a sanitary manner.


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it wasnt me! but who knows,

it wasnt me! but who knows, maybe somebody here is German and took exception to your comment. seemed ok to me.

OK, but the German people must know damn well the horrors

of an evil dictatorship! They should be helping us any way possible to stop these madmen!

(It's not like Nazis were some maniacs way back in some ancient time. At merely 65 years ago, it's extremely pertinent to today's extremely dangerous situation.)

Calm down, take deep

Calm down, take deep breaths.

There, feel better? Now email dz and ask 'im(or her) how the points system works.

I agree with your original comment, but, as I'm viewing this, you're up to "0" again. So you've got to have a friend somewhere.

PS: I give trolls shite for not thinking of a name, so I'd be remiss in not at least asking nicely for a truther to make an effort. All the Anonymous' start to bleed together. Or is this part of some cunning plan?

cunning plan. for sure.


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Who needs Loose Change anyway...

not me...

///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

Ah, handing someone a copy "Loose Change" is still one of the

best ways to spread truth, IMO.

9/11 Mysteries is much better

I liked Loose Change when it was one of the only films making the rounds, but let's face it--9/11 mysteries covers the subject more thoroughly and professionally.

In fact, let me share a little anecdote. I was handing out DVDs at Harvard with my new building 7 poster in a mounted 18x24 incarnation. I was sitting with it displayed near the front of a line of people picking up tickets for the upcoming Harvard vs Yale football game. A bunch of bored poeple in line read the poster and a few asked for DVDs (9/11 mysteries.)

One pair was looking at the poster and one of the guys said to the other something about Loose Change--they did not look like they put much stock in it, and did not ask for a DVD. While Loose Change has no doubt woken up lots of people, it has also been "debunked" ad nauseum on sites like ScrewLooseChange.

9/11 does not equal Loose Change, and unfortunately
a lot of people think it does, and are able to dismiss the whole movement based on the flaws that apparently do exist in LC. I have yet to see anybody even make an attempt at debunking 9/11 mysteries (though I haven't really looked) and can't imagine what it would entail. If anyone is aware of flaws in 9/11 mysteries, or knows of any site purporting to "debunk" it, let me know!


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I've yet to see any site "debunk" Loose Change in a credible

mannor! They merely set-up there own strawmen and knock them down. I still think it's the best intro to 9/11 truth for most people.

BTW, Eric Hufschmid's video, "Painful Deceptions" is in some ways better than "Loose Change" but it doesn't have the name recognition & goodwill that "Loose Change" has. (Also, Hufschmid seemed to go bonkers soon after he made it, and turned off most people .)

let me repeat - I LIKE Loose Change--it woke up my family

But there are some issues with it--a little too much speculation here, a few too many little details off tehre. NIGGLING thins, no doubt--overall it is a sound intro.

My problem is that because it isn't PERFECT (and I'm sure 9/11 Mysteries will yet surprise us with a flub or two) it has become somewhat of a tool with which to paint trutehrs as all obsessed with a single film made by young people. This criticism is unfair, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the efect of turning away some poeple who might otherwise be turned on to the truth. Young people LOVE loose change. Elderly people, in my experience have been less enthusiastic. Just the way it is--I'm not knocking it. Painful decpetions is also not perfect, and while I don't think Eric is bonkers, he needs some lessons in tact and also maybe speculates a bit too much himself. On the whole though his has been a valuable contribution to the movement. Diversity is good.


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my grandparents loved Loose

my grandparents loved Loose Change. well, loved it as much as you could love finding out such horrible information. i guess love is the wrong word, but lets just say it changed them. my grandfather was a hardcore republican. not so much anymore. but thats only 2 elderly people, so i guess thats not saying much. as far as being a tool used to paint the movement, you are absolutely right, but thats to be expected from the leading documentary in an area like 9/11 truth. success brings a huge target with it.

Like this supposedly "debunked" "tent" for example?

It was "debunked" that this tarp was merely one of the tents being used at the Pentagon, nothing more.

Questions: It takes all those men to carry some vinyl/plastic sheets stretched inside by a few poles???

Aren't these portable tents set-up on the spot, instead of set-up and then carried all around???

Do you really think the gov't isn't cunning enough to utilize such a tent to remove (or plant) key evidence from (to) the crime scene???

The above b.s. is typical of how they "debunked" Loose Change.

Do not underestimate Loose Change

I wanted to talk with my neighbor about 911 for a long time but I just did not see him for months.
Smart guy, a lawyer.
And then I see him one day and we were talking about the world situation and he told me that he had downloaded Loose Change (LC).
I had not even mentioned 911.
His comment about Loose Change was that he could not believe that the WTC 1 and 2 buildings could collapse symetrically.
The symmetrical collapse really bothered him.

So, if people are saying Loose Change is not effective.
They are very mistaken.
I did not even have to talk to this guy and he already knew that the WTCs had collapsed thru controlled demolition by watching LC.

people within the movement

people within the movement regularly downplay or underestimate the impact Loose Change has had, flaws and all. it knocks you over the head and has enough mainstream sources to cause just about anyone who watches to think again about 9/11. and importantly, it shows both sides of the movement. the physical evidence and the circumstantial/motive/foreknowledge/hijackers etc. type stuff. sure, it leaves a lot out, but it packs enough in there to cause a serious mindf*ck for most people who watch it. from within the bowels of the movement(sorry for that,haha), we tend to get a little bit jaded. im guilty of this as well, but stick your head above the water and really analyze the situation, and you cant help but give credit where its due. Loose Change deserves a lot of credit for causing a lot of people to wake up.

Exactly Chris, LC "OPENS PEOPLES' EYES" It's an excellent

introduction to the fact that the official story is full of boldfaced lies!!!

And it's a hell of a lot easier to get friends/family to sit down and watch LC with you then to make them read something like: "9/11 Synthetic Terror" by Webster G. Tarpley--a supurb truth book, but at 492 pages, many skeptics will make excuses not to read it.

Show "Ah, yes, "The Movement"" by Anonymous (not verified)

jesus man, you managed to

jesus man, you managed to discredit yourself in your very first sentence. and you also exposed your partisan mindlock as well in that same sentence. for the last time, roughly half of the peole in the movement are rightwing in their personal beliefs. but i know how you halftards love to break everything down into us versus them, left versus right. its so simple right? so black and white? way to expose yourself, good call on staying Anonymous, i can see why you do. coward. by the way, where do you get your talking points from? because its painfully obvious you have a tough time formulating your own opinons without a little help.

I think he likes you, Chris.

I think he likes you, Chris. See how he---or she, but I'm sticking to 'he' for simplicity until I'm told otherwise--- makes it personal? It's like he's been following you to pull your pig tails(no, I don't know whether you're a girl or a boy--just go with it). People like this haven't matured past grade-school--they can only show their affection by teasing and insults.

What amazed me is how he can make a long impassioned post critiziing evidence but devoid of any actual facts. The quality of troll is clearly on the decline.

i know, i should have just

i know, i should have just ignored the poor guy. he is infatuated, hes been following me from thread to thread. im a guy by the way, haha.

Chris, you have at least two.

'Cause this one is not Mr. Compulsive-and-Irrational-Use-of-the-Backslash Man.


im blushing as we speak,

im blushing as we speak, haha.