Will we still be here in 2008, passing out DVDs etc?

Is it possible that 911truth is not the only way to achieve our goal (which i presume is the same for all of us, to restore our gov't of, by and for the people - 911 truth being just an avenue towards that goal.)

It goes without saying that all 911bloggers are also anti-war - since we know the 'war on terror' is a scam - we're just the most informed of the anti-war crowd.

Are you absolutely positive that handing out 911 dvds and blogging is the most effective way to reach our goal? What if it's not? What if the masses are not ready to march on DC re: 911, but they would be willing to march on DC to end the war.

This is a bit dis-jointed, sorry but the mojo is not flowing today- but i'm posting it anyway because I really want y'all to consider what i'm saying.

Everyone here knows about cointelpro right? When the Downing Street Memo came out in May '05, (I think it was) World Can't Wait announced their next major march for October... ie World Can't Wait says 'wait til october' ha ha...

Anyway, now UFPJ has announced their next big march for Jan 27th. Another Saturday afternoon march which will accomplish nothing. BTW- it's the Saturday after the State of the Union... anyone else think 'they' are afraid of a Mosh like event occuring?

Is it possible that the thousands of US, the most well-informed and active Americans opposing buSHiTler, could and should be organizing the protests in DC? Why are we allowing cointelpro fronts like UFPJ and WCW lead the anti-war movement into the ground. Momentum is everything, the nation just voted to end the war, while Bush is planning on sending more troops- isn't this the best time to rally the masses to DC and Demand more from Congress?

My Question to 911bloggers:
Is it possible that WE could actually achieve our goal by organizing an Open-Ended protest in DC- not just about 911truth, but to end the war and impeach/imprison the evildoers.

ps to DZ: any chance you'd be willing to put up an "open-ended march on dc" banner (like a blogad) here on 911blogger.com?

If not now, when?
If not you, who?

pps- I realize that some may say that just such a march is when the evildoers will launch their next attack. But if the march is widely publicized, then it'd be far too obvious that it's bush/cheney that would benefit from the attack.

I agree with you that

I agree with you that handing out DVDs and the like may not be the best approach. The masses may never learn the truth of 9/11, simply because they do not want to.

It'd be great to stop the war, but that still leaves the 9/11 conspirators in places of power, free to plant their next false-flag attack, the purpose of which will be a new war against Iran.

Anyway, the 9/11 conspirators got what they wanted, which was war against Iraq and Afghanistan and the Patriot Act. Now that Saddam is toppled and Iraq is in ruins, they don't mind seeing the war come to an end and American troops withdrawn. That was the purpose of 911/Iraq all along-- to reduce all Israel's mideast enemies to rubble, and replace them with puppets like Maliki and Karzai. That has been accomplished, so US troops are no longer needed (in large numbers).

Personally, I think the focus of the 911 truth movement should be less on mobilizing the masses, and more on simply finding out the whole truth ourselves-- namely, who did it and how exactly they did it. I think we can find this out ourselves. If we keep waiting for some government investigations to do it for us, we will be waiting forever.

Once we have the truth of what happened, meaning a complete narrative with no holes, we can present that to the small minority of patriots who have the courage and capacity to handle the truth. Then it will be only a matter of time before the regime that perpetrated/allowed 9/11 to happen will begin its inevitable collapse.

What about creating a 9/11 Truth Petition....

...and then compiling signatures nationally between now and the '08 New Hampshire primary? And then (as Webster Tarpley suggests) inundating that state with Truthers, who confront the candidates (apparently they are very accessible there) and educate the citizens of N.H.

IMO, what good are marches if they aren't covered by the media?....we had millions protesting the Iraq invasion world-wide and it was widely suppressed or minimized.

If a "march" is to be done, I do prefer the smaller open-ended protest idea to the massive one-day event that can easily be downplayed and ignored.

I love the idea of using

I love the idea of using petitions to get issues addressed by our government;however, petitions also allow the powers to be to see who is a rabble rouser and who isn't. Scary stuff to think about when one looks back at groups such as the "White Rose" who tried to stop the Nazi rise to power. I for one have signed many petitions. Early on I used my real name. Any more I use a fake name (I know I know but really I don't want the gestapo knocking on my door one day...) and I tend to write my own comments whenever they are allowed. It's a serious dilemma and I don't know how to address it properly with out putting myself at risk of being, detained and tortured by my fellow citizens who have make the conscious decision to abstain from using their morals.

Hopefully enough people will wake up to what the global elites are up to. I'm against killing people but shit, they all deserve to be put down like the rabid animals that they are. And before criticizing my approach to handling global elites, keep in mind that they are sociopaths and have no qualms with killing their own 'flock'.

F them.

If bringing the "gestapo"

If bringing the "gestapo" to my door wakes up my
"nieghbors" and makes them realize and finally think
about the state of affairs in todays USSA, then by all means...come get me.
This is the most important issue of our time...I stand proudly behind this belief, and no tazer, intimidation,
detention, or threat thereof will ever scare me more than silence and apathy.

Engage, educate and motivate

That's what we need to continue to do to build this truly grassroots movement.

Yes, it can be frustrating at times, but momentum is building. Once someone realizes the truth of 9/11 and fully comprehends its implications there really is no going back.

There are many tactical paths to acheiving our strategic goal, which is the exposure of the totally corrupt system that produced and continues to benefit from 9/11 and future false flag events.

IMO - The 9/11 Truth movement IS the peace movement, we just need to keep doing our thing and the others will eventually come around and join us.

Without a real investigation with subpeona powers we will never know exactly what happened on 9/11, so we can't expect to have a full narative to present to anyone BEFORE a real investigation.

Right now we just need to continue educating and growing the grassroots, this is where real power comes from. Right after the new year we need to begin organizing in a determined and serious way and express our power in ways that will be felt by the establishment and can't be completely ignored by the MSM.

We are reaching a tipping point, the next four months are critical, just keep engaging and educating with whatever means you have and reach out to other truthers and form new groups and network.

I think you'll see that right after the new year there will be a noticeable increase in organizational activity and greater engagement with the public at large.

Give 9/11: Press for Truth to as many people as possible during the holidays, it is the single best tool for reaching those who may not otherwise give 9/11 a second thought.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Your post looks like possible disinfo to me. I'm not willing to

slow down the momentum the 9/11 truth movement is gaining, for the slim hope that we can make more of a difference by protesting the war.

9/11 truth breaking open would end Afghanistan & Iraq, put war-mongering neocons behind bars, and avoid all sorts of future false-flag attacks & wars.

After careful analysis, I

After careful analysis, I agree that this looks like disinformation. This coming from the same person who advocated "taking over tv and radio stations" in another blog. The 9/11 truth movement is peaceful and intelligent.

"Are you absolutely positive that handing out 911 dvds and blogging is the most effective way to reach our goal?" YES

Marches drain the precious resources of time, energy, and money. And in the end the media just ignores it.

A lot of people overuse the

A lot of people overuse the disinfo accusation, so I'm sorry if I criticized your post which is actually trying to do some good, but my points above still stand. Marches aren't that successful.

Marches are nice for a show

Marches are nice for a show of solidarity. But unless people are willing to set up extended camp outside of their politicians houses/headquarters it's not going to be salient for them. We could really use a mass convergence on DC. One day rallies are great for getting people psyched up but when everyone goes home at the end of the day guess what? There's no more salient pressure on the politicians any more. The people who could most easily get away with extended camp outs would have to be college students. Many of them get breaks that they could use for this purpose. The only other easy way would be to have individuals sacrifice their vacation time from work to camp out for as long as they could. This would stir shit up too much for the politicians to ignore and the mass media. DC is our capital and politicians need to be taught a lesson.

sometimes its good to step back and take a look at the big pict

Thanks for your comments, which I'll respond to here


"but that still leaves the 9/11 conspirators in places of power,"

and "not willing to slow down the truth movement"

if we impeached bushco, wouldn't that be a Huge step towards 9/11 truth?

re: disinfo- i understand your concern, and i agree that every post needs to be considered in that light. disinfo agents can be outed with intelligent dialogue.

re: taking back radio stations.

I'm not advocating a violent overthrow of the stations, but why not protest outside the stations, shaming the network whores as they walk to and from work. they're our public airwaves- how can you just cede that to the establishment? The airwaves are the connection between 911bloggers and the masses- imagine if a truther got a show on the air- that would be worth 10 years of passing out dvds.

the following i don't necessarily believe 100%, just pondering it as a possibility this afternoon. i believe it's relevant to this discussion

what if the 911 truth movement itself is a setup. not that i'm calling anyone here that- just considering:

the iraq war is a horror, but a necessary horror to distract the sheep from the nazification of America happening under our noses.

the globalists want to use america to police (bludgeon) the world into submission. to do so they had to install these nazi policies, using 9/11 as justification, iraq as the distraction. They knew there'd be a ton of people protesting the war, so they allowed the 9/11 truth movement to come out to manage the war dissenters.

as we all know, it's very difficult to get people to even consider 9/11 as a gov't psyop... they can't fathom such evil- just like the nazis. so how better to marginalize the anti-war movement, but by taking the most informed and active members and focusing their energy on an impossible task.

i'm not interested in slowing down the 9/11 truth movement, i just want justice for all- esp the evil bastards in DC.

imagine you're in an auditorium full of people and you have 15 minutes to talk to them- if you go on about 9/11 for 15 minutes, how many converts will you get, how many will even google wtc7? i suppose it depends on the crowd, but for me in rural Alaska, the sheeple won't even entertain the idea- (we have NO alternative media here- it's a far cry from NYC and what people know... ie lot of limbaugh fans here.

but if in that 15 minutes you talk about the lies that led to war, about cheney's energy task force, the ISG's recommendation to privatize iraq's oil, halliburton looting.... that's a lot easier for most people to grasp...

honestly i had never even considered this before today, but now i find myself wondering....

i'm sure i'll get flamed as disinfo for such blasphemy- go ahead, show me i'm wrong with your brilliant logic.

is waiting til the 2008 NH primary is the best path? waiting for the next attack? the next "natural disaster"? why wait for them to "create their new reality" why not take the offensive- build the soundstage and tent city and rock the fuck out of DC...

i'd just like to close with:

if we impeached bushco, wouldn't that be a Huge step towards 9/11 truth?