911Blogger.com Exclusive: William Rodriguez Has Been Invited To Iran

Tonight, as a surprise, I received a phone call from the great Willie Rodriguez. We talked for a good while, and during the conversation, Willie handed down this exclusive:

William Rodriguez, the last survivor of the North Tower has been formally invited by the Iranian Government to give a series of presentations about 9/11 in Iran. The reason he was invited, was because they saw his presentation in front of 22,000 Muslims during his recent U.K. tour. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs thought it would be a good idea as a "Peace Mission" to bring Rodriquez to Iran.

Rodriquez says that he "feels very honored that he has been tapped to do these series of presentations as a peace initiative, and he feels he will be more protected in these countries than in his own."

Given that the Venezuelan Government thought enough of Willie to provide him 5 bodyguards during his stay there, I can see why.

The dates are not yet specified, but will be announced in the beginning of March 2007.

The US Government (and MSM

The US Government (and MSM by extension) continue to vilify anyone that stands in their way, OR is directly in their crosshairs.

When our "designated" enemies speak, I listen, not to automatically accept their ideas but to judge them on their merits alone. 

The US people do not want to

The US people do not want to invade yet another nation. They already have a sense of the distastrous leadership and do not want to kill more innocents. And don't let anybody tell you different, the #1 casualty of war are the innocent.

I can't imagine any rational

I can't imagine any rational human being willing to travel away from their community to kill other human beings, for any reason except in the defense of their community.

The Age of False Flag Attacks is OVER!

The US people are being sold lies to promote War for the safety of a community that is not of these shores.   The Israel influence on our government is, in my eyes, espionage. 

Yes, the innocents are war's victims.

I heard Howard Zinn read off the statistics of the wars since World War I onward showing the proportion of civilians killed in the war compared to the number of military. The number of civilians (innocents) has grown exponentially over the years. In this Iraq "war", there are 3 civilians killed to every one military. And of all the innocents dead, the higest proportion are CHILDREN. Chicldren are the most vulnerable of the innocents.

No more fake wars ! Totally out of Iraq Now !

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

The first casualty of war is

The first casualty of war is TRUTH.
The victor is LIES

Show "Who pays?" by Anonymous (not verified)

who pays?

You definetely are trying to cast doubt on my mission. For your info, it is donations from the 9/11 families and donations at my website www.911keymaster.com and the sales of my bad quality DVD but with great content. It is also a well known fact that you can research on the internet, that I was homeless last year for doing my activism. Also, that before I was supported by Jimmy Walter and his organization. I parted ways with Jimmy and efectively eliminated his funding and support because of his stance on the cgi-blue screen technology issue. Hope this answers your question Nico, Chris or whoever you are.

I get invited to speak in forums, conferences and symposiums from all over the world and those counties will pay for the hotel, airtravel and food. It is up to me to raise the other needed funds to continue this fight.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

it is a set up

you are being used by both governments, I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't have moles inside Iran that are positioning you as a purely partisan political figure. It won't matter what words you say, the image will give the facists 2 years of solid ammunition against you and the truth movement.

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Double standard?

I believe that if it was Jesse JAckson or Jimmy Carter doing a peace trip, everybody will be clapping. I will not, stop doing a peace outreach anywhere in the world - let it be Israel, Iran , North Korea or Iraq, even if this means breaking up with the whole 9/11 truth movement. I am very clear who I represent and what I am trying to avoid.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

William Dont let them

William Dont let them intimidate you. They know that if Iran has this knowledge available to them then it is quite possible that the 911 truth movement will finally take its place on the world stage . And the Bush administration will come under pressure to answer questions that they have been evading for years. Other countries just dont have the will power to stand up to the USA for financial or politcal reasons. Israel definately wants us all to believe that we are threatened by cavemen so that we can militarize the entire Middle East (bankrupting our United States for Israeli security). They know that Iran is not afraid to propel this issue to the forefront. The truth should not be hidden from anyone. I believe your trip to Iran could be a major pillar in preventing a third world war based on fearmongering and illusionary threats. Soon our media will have no choice but to throw in the towel and take these 911 issues seriously. After all thousands of people died.

I don't know.

This could link the 9/11 truth movement to the "there was no holocaust" movement that Iran is supporting. William Rodriguez is one of the shining lights of our movement. This could be a misstep, no matter how good the intentions.

Good on him for trying

I can just imagine the MSM conflating Holocaust denial and 9/11 Truth if it reports on Mr. Rodriguez's visit.

I'd be surprised if this gets any coverage, floored if the coverage is positive; however, good on Rodriguez for trying.

Fox News is going to have a

Fox News is going to have a heyday with this one.


Iran is in with the US.... their President is the next Saddam.

Be careful here William.... they are going to try and link you with Iran... afraid this may be another attempt to discredit this movement.

US has huge stake in Irans oil.

Had you even heard of Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD prior to Saddams capture?

he's the next boogeyman....

If we go into Iran..... Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD will be safe like Saddam in the first Gulf War.... we will be the bad guy and Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD will be the hero left to ruled over a weakened Iran.

the corporate structure will rise to the top.... oil will get theirs.... the war machine will get theirs.... the rebuilders will get theirs....

on and on

I completely agree. If

I completely agree. If William goes to Iran, he will be inextricably linked with Iran and viewed as disruptive and anti-American. Recommend he doesn't go.

If you read, it says a Peace Mission.

I am invited from all over the world to speak. Some countries are more crucial than others. This is an effort to bridge the communication with victims of 9/11 with the Iranian community so they understand how 5 years after we are still suffering. Also to help set up a blueprint to avoid future emergencies. I help, and for free, all the goverments that want to setup a family assistance center for victims of disasters. My trips are paid by donations and by the invitations to speak on different venues. My daily expenses are supported by the sale of a DVD that I did not even have 3 months ago.
I understand the concerns of everybody, but this is a peace mission and I believe Rabbi Reiss IS ALSO invited as part of the group.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

First of all, I respect your

First of all, I respect your efforts very much.

You complain often that you don't get much media coverage. If you go to Iran, you will get a LOT of media coverage, and it will utterly ruin the message you wish to convey. You will be compared with David Duke, sir. And at that point your reputation will be ruined according to the average American watching CNN.

(I'm not quite sure this really is you.)


I do get the media coverage on all the issues related to 9/11, except the events of that day. I have been the expert for CNN en Espanol, Telemundo an UNivision on 9/11 as well.

I am very involved in the peace movement and as such we are trying our best to avoid a catastrophe. Also, to all, this is not the first time people afected by 9/11 has gone to IRAN, PEACEFUL TOMORROWS is a group of 9/11 families that were summited for the nobel peace award and visited IRAN, IRAQ, Afghanistan and other countries with terrorist attacks.

This is just an extension of this peace effort

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Who funds your trips?

William, who funds all the trips you have been taking?

funding of my trips

from before: ( also, I can see you are not one of my supporters in any level)

You definetely are trying to cast doubt on my mission. For your info, it is donations from the 9/11 families and donations at my website www.911keymaster.com and the sales of my bad quality DVD but with great content. It is also a well known fact that you can research on the internet, that I was homeless last year for doing my activism. Also, that before I was supported by Jimmy Walter and his organization. I parted ways with Jimmy and efectively eliminated his funding and support because of his stance on the cgi-blue screen technology issue. Hope this answers your question Nico, Chris or whoever you are.

I get invited to speak in forums, conferences and symposiums from all over the world and those counties will pay for the hotel, airtravel and food. It is up to me to raise the other needed funds to continue this fight.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

It is a perfectly legitimate question to ask

It is an entirely fair question to ask where funding comes from those who engage in political activities. It is a perfectly legitimate question to ask you, particularly since you claim you were homeless and unable to provide funds for yourself.

Rational people are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves if such funding may or may not imply a bias for what you are claiming and advocating, as is the norm in all politics.

Just ask all the 9/11 Truth Movement activists here.

I complete disagree. The

I complete disagree. The media can try to play association tricks if they want but the public is wising up to that shit. Besides, if they ever decide to read about Rodriguez then they will realize the man is a hero and has continued to be one since 9/11. Crying wolf only works for so long. Then the habituation kicks in and people stop giving a shit about the supposed bogieman.

Booga Booga!

A request to mr rodriguez

Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD is not to be trusted ...at every step of the way he has conspicuously stoked conflict...
....... in the world of politics nothing is black or white ..only shades of dirty grey...

Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD isn't working for the freedoms in his country......
this is their chess game ...they invited you ..this is their move.....and your falling into the trap.....
....the New World Order feeds on conflict.....
...just because he is Muslim does not mean he is part of the New Wolrd Order....
...if you do your research you will fing that Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD is a member aof a freemasonic order...
..the MUslim elite are also part of this Nazi Chess Game....
...i request you to gain information from Dave Emory as to the Facist connections of Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD
before you make yourself a pawn in their chess game ...

...someone who has proclaimed that he sensed some aura around him and thinks he is the Messiah..is just manipulating ithe Iraninan people.......Americans are not the only people who get brainwashed.....
and manipulated......

This is just a request... the 9/11 truth movement is a cooperative effort....it should be a collective of information and investigation.........

IF you still don't agree ...at least time it well ...As a compromise i would suggest you accept the invitation
but postpone it ...because the TIMING IS NOT RIGHT ..... let alone the venue

Do your research and dont be led astray .. like any movemnt the 9/11 movement has been infiltrated....
...you just have to accept that and be strong by being aware of it...

Did Hugo Chavez have the guts to go to UN and tell your story? He can use the platform to advertise a book of a leftist gatekeeper, Naom Chomsky.....use emotive language ...but not debate 9/11.
Have you seen Naom Chomsky on Utube brushing away the 9/11 facts...and using his pseudo intellect to comment on the science of an engineering structure falling down...
I trained as an engineer and when i heard his response to a 9/11 question, the facade of his intellectualism came crumbling down......i used to respect the guy for his research but after that i had to open my eyes to the concept of leftist gatekeepers....keeping the left right paradigm at a constant simmer
...there are Islamist gatekeepers as well ...whose job is to keep this false War on Terror on simmer and firmly place the ISalm West conflict at the centre of the chessboard

I really do pray you heed this advice ...for the rest of the 9/11 movement and the world at large....

Thank you sir

Mr Rodriguez, thank you for this and everything else you have done for this movement. You've been able to drastically change public opinion in nearly every country you have gone to. Go to Iran, the worst that can happen is CNN puts it on the air as a hit piece, calling you an alleged hero like Ray McGovern was allegedly in the CIA. Of all the spokesmen we have, you are the hardest to discredit because of your actions that day and since. Frankly I hope you get a ten minute interview like David Duke (I'm not a fan of his but his comments about AIPAC were correct) so you can put Wolf Blitzer in his place. Of everyone in the Truth Movement, you are the most responsible for changing the opinion of the rest of the world. Just try to get in and out of Iran before the mad cabal here unleashes the dogs of war.

Stay safe.

What? Are You Nuts, WIllie?

I fully concur...Don't go. Can't do anything but make everyone connected with 9/11 truth (or Truth) look bad. They've been easing into calling us terrorists for some time; why hand them the ammunition?

Why not go to Iran? Maybe

Why not go to Iran? Maybe the media attention would force the world to accept that Iran is really no worse than Isreal or Pakistan. Go to Iran. Iran and Venezuela are the only two countries that can speak out about an out of control tyrannical Bush administration.

Show "this is a smear attempt by" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

we are already smeared

with blue screen technology, holograms, and star wars space laser from above. At this point you have to take a stand. One side or the other.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Show "we are the most respected" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)
Show "rodriguez withdrew from the" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

...and I will

bring a lawsuit as part of my mission gets a little rest. I am an extremely busy person bringing my mission out there. The RICO lawsuit had some parts that I did not approved. Also my problems with Berg were part of it.
I have over 8,000 emails from all over the world and it will be answered in a week or two, from people asking questions and not "speculating". When you write :

"rodriguez withdrew from the rico lawsuit and promised that he was going to be in a bigger court action......
and it's never happened"
you forget the monumental task that it is to bring a fedral lawsuit into court. The amount of time and efforts. I have a mission and I have not stopped.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Show "fuck you dickhead----go to" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

maybe I should send you

maybe I should send you

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Show "this is unfortunate----you" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

Actually, Rand, he was

Actually, Rand, he was misquoted and the press was off and running with him saying that he wants to "wipe Israel off the face of the Earth" . Look it up for yourself.

Google : terms - misquote

Google : terms - misquote "wiped off the map"


Farsi is an interesting language... I once met a iranian woman in college whose first name was "Nazi"... I asked her point blank, why she would have a name like that! She explained in Farsi "Naz" is an old word for flower...

Some things get lost in translation...

Misquoted by our CIA

Misquoted by our CIA infiltrated MSM. Go figure. Pushing the next agenda by talking shit about Iran.

Ahmanejad's statements were

Ahmanejad's statements were taken out of context by the MSM (and very pro-israel). Imagine that! You bought it. Imagine that! There's a sucker born every minute. Besides, Israels conception was a load of shit. They basically bent the muslims over and raped them. Additionally, the idea of a "home state" for one race is blatantly racist. And I don't give a shit about the holocaust excuses. What have the Native Americans got to show for one of the worst if not the worst genocide in history? A bunch of fucking casinos. So STFU you whino.

Keep your head high Rodriguez. You can't satisfy everyone all the time.


I think thats a new record.... congrats!

it's obvious that you have a very soft spot for Israel.

Now the truth is revealed.

Now the truth is revealed. Its not about 911 for these people its all about Isreal and it always has been. There is evidence showing Israeli Mossad new about 911 and gave warnings through text messages. The Iranian president just says to wipe Israel off the map so now he is then next Saddam? Israel has been wiping the Palestinians off the map for decades. Its time that people stand up to Israel. These people would rather see Israel get a free reign to continue opression and destruction even if at the expense of letting the truth of 911 be revealed. Bush lied about wmds and refuses to answer questions about 911. That is a crime worse than any off the cuff statement about wiping out Israel. It is possible that Israel was behind 911 just like they attacked USS Liberty.

A thought on Israel's

A thought on Israel's involvement in 9/11:

There is just as much reason to believe that the British MI6, the ISI, the Saudis, and other foreign elements were involved. You may have your own issues that cause your stridency on Israel, but 9/11 didn't begin or end there.

9/11 was a coup d'etat, and the coup faction transcends Zionism. Many political researchers believe that Israel functions as a proxy for the warmongerers in the U.S., not the other way around, and support for its policies is generated in the same cynical way that homophobia is used to generate support for the Republican base. The tactics are grossly manipulative, and they encourage the conflating of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism to create an Israel that is "untouchable" in much of the mainstream media.

The risk of being a "helpful" part of that conflation should be enough to urge caution on the truth movement. I have no trouble understanding the difference between anti-Semitism and objections to Israel's military policies, but when folks sound too rabid on the Israeli issue it raises flags. I hope we can agree that we don't need that.

I heard that Berg is

I heard that Berg is deliberately sabotaging the case. I don't know if there is any merit to this claim.

Hard to say

If Berg is fighting the Justice Department with limited resources, sincerity and skill is not enough. I don't know much about the lawsuit.

I hope you are being advised

about statutes of limitation.

no statutes of limitation on murder

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

true, I mean civil

I hope we see the day when the Justice Department does justice.

Oh the irony

What a crazy world where you are more likely to here the truth coming from Iran than the United States. In some countries Willie goes to he gets front page headlines and is treated like a celebrity. If our mainstream media was our only source of information we in this country would never even heard of Willie Rodrigues.

Show "rodriguez could have been" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

The essential meaning of

The essential meaning of jihad is the spiritual, psychological and physical effort exerted by Muslims to be closer to God and thus achieve a just and harmonious society. Jihad literally means "striving" or "struggle" and is shorthand for Jihad fi Sabeel Allah (struggle for God's cause).

Great. 99% of Americans

Great. 99% of Americans don't know that and never will. The word is misunderstood and hence dangerous to use.

Who better to educate them

Who better to educate them then a Professor of Islamic Studies :D

I think Iran is trying to

I think Iran is trying to tell us something, but in their own way.

They have demonstrated that our freedoms that are proclaimed to be the cornerstone of Western Democracies are in fact the opposite (Imprisonment, Book Burning, Government Harassment) in regards to questioning historical events (The Holocaust).

Now they invite William to Iran, I am sure they already know 9/11 was an inside job as hinted at by the president of Iran's personal letters to Bush.  They are definitely using their new platform to put the light on subjects that Western Democracies dare not speak of.

Show "fuck-iran-fuck-shill-rodrigue" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

dude - anger management...

dude - anger management...

Yeh man. Smoke some weed.

Yeh man. Smoke some weed. You need to chill out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the downfall of 911 Truth:

Welcome, President Ahmadinejad!

This is the last thing we need right now. Ahmadinejad is certain to be the downfall of this movement.

Wake up, people.

911 Truth is in its infancy and all around there are forces/directions that threaten it's existence. As soon as Fox News gets a clip of Ahmadinejad discussing 9/11 Truth and the Holocaust in the same sentence, we are fried. Any association to this mad man is completely suicidal.

9/11 Truth is about America. It's a domestic issue. The foreign policy will be dealt with after we bring to justice the criminal masterminds in our government and everyone involved. And if you decide you want to bring Iran, Palestine, Israel and the Holocaust into the mix, then go ahead. But you will be rejected. I'm not saying this is the way it should be, I'm saying it's the way IT IS.

Show "wrong ----shill " by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

Umm . . .

I think he agrees with you. He just expresses himself differently.

Sadly I trust

Ahmadinejad and the Iranians FAR more than ANY US Government official.
Everyone involved with the US Government have proven themselves untrustworthy, a bunch lying snakes in the grass.
The US MSM have been covering up all these crimes for years.

Time for this shit to stop.

The more 9/11 Truth gets out there the better and if Mr. Rodriguez can get Iran to start speaking out at the UN about 9/11 along with Venezuela and several other countries start seeing the light then maybe something can get done.
It is clear the American public are going to do NOTHING, already at least 40% of us know perfectly well that this administration is guilty of Treason, Mass murder, War Crimes, Crimes against humanity yet they still occupy the white house.
I don't see Millions of angry Americans in the streets, where is the outrage?
What percentage of the American public does it take before something gets done?
60% 80% 99%? I mean WTF.

Good luck William, the rest of the planet saving us is apparently our only option.

The vast majority of

The vast majority of westerner have been zombified by the tube. Censored news, crappy entertainment, "reality" show. Time to shut down that TV folks, it's killing you.

thats because we are all

thats because we are all skared shitless. they have stripped our rights to the point that they can hold anyone as a EC strip us citezenship torture and maim and then bury the evidence. the days of the press rescuing the common man from wrongdoing is over

Is Iran the newly emerged

Is Iran the newly emerged leader in the Middle East sending Cheney and the sacraficial son George back home with their tails between their legs? Are they being sent back home to pay the piper? Are we too expect some Fox brand I-hate-Iran-attitude-so-Iran-must-be-dirty-muslim-commie-bastards blowback on Rodriguez visit to the dreamed up Enemy of America, Iran. Yeah. But Iran is similiar to the USA with a form of democracy running the country, so they're not so easy to prove as evil. Regardless even while there were sanctions over doing business with Iran, Cheney's Haliburton's subsidary KBR, was conducting unimpeaded business in direct violation of the law. Compare that to Mr. Rodriguez's trip which he's taking all over the world talking to all the people he can. Mr. Rodriguez has been visiting lots of places, Iran is one of them.

Even if the mainstream media did cover his trip, which they won't, it would be more benficial to the Truth Movement with the amount of publicity it would draw.

thank you for that dose of

thank you for that dose of rationality greenback. people here seem to be overreacting(particularly the people saying fuck you to William Rodriquez. WTF is wrong with you man?). of course the MSM is going to spin this(if they pick it up which they likely wont) but how much damage will it really do? the Fox news watching zombies cant be swayed anyway. and great point about Cheney, thats probably a bit harder to ignore than the Rumsfeld visit to Iraq since Rumsfeld went as a "secret envoy" and Cheneys business dealings there are well documented.



Call him back...

...Tell him not to do it.

The best thing Willie Rodriguez could do is to do a testimonial video that includes all or most or at least some of the other people who were in the vicinity of the basement where he was.

He and the others just need to tell their story honestly on film and let the damn thing zoom around the internet.

What is the matter with 9/11

What is the matter with 9/11 Truth being "catapulted" into the International Headlines???

That's one of the drawbacks of targeting a nation with propaganda, you automatically give them a platform... tsk tsk tsk... 

Show "it's selling out to a person" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

Everyone (except Israel and

Everyone (except Israel and Bush) is stating Iran is years away from making a single nuke.  That includes the US Intelligence crowd.

Iran can not threaten with something they do not possess.

North Korea on the other hand is TRYING to threaten with nukes, and has them and we ignore them.

If anyone has been threatening to use nukes in the middle east, it has been the Bush Administration, and most recently Israel, with non-mistake blurb recently. 

Ahmadinejad is regarded by

Ahmadinejad is regarded by your average American as a nut-case who believes the Holocaust didn't happen. We need to keep as far away from people like him as possible or else the whole operation fails. It's that simple. I am frankly slightly concerned that Jon Gold decided to report this. Jon Gold is probably just a Zionist mole. I AM SOUNDING LIKE AHMADINEJAD ALREADY! Let's just be smart here, ok?

The average american has

The average american has been saturated with propaganda since childhood.

I broke my US Approved conditioning years ago.

There should be no place that is off limits. 

Agreed, but . . .

I believe that a deep level of action and not rhetoric, the USG and Iran are secret allies. This could conceivably be a coordinated effort to discredit.

I still think Mr. Rodriguez should do what he thinks is right.

There are dozens of reasons

There are dozens of reasons to think the US/Israel have designated Iran as enemy #1.  I can't think of one contrary to that view...

Certainly not the conventional view

I could be way off. I read this and it made sense to me. You might find it an interesting perspective.

Again, rhetoric is not necessarily decisive, and Iran is arguably benefiting from the Iraq war.


The author Jared Israel wrote some of the first articles questioning the 9/11 official conspiracy theory.


I read it, and think Jared

I read it, and think Jared is trying to create a connection from threads of the past (1993) that have nothing to do with 2003-today.

Looks like an attempt to say red is blue and up is down to instill confusion in the reader.  Uncertainty in the designation of the extremely hostile stance between Israel/US and Iran.

Iran has emerged as a middle east power and from the perspective of Israel, they must be destroyed or destabilized.

If anything is similar to 1993, it is the attempt to dominate the region by balkanizing formerly powerful Middle East nations, rendering them docile and easier to control (splitting Iraq up into 3 seperate nations much like they were under the Ottoman Empire - Pre WWI).

If your still in doubt reread Israel's (Likud) Fresh Start, and PNAC's (Neocon) Rebuilding America's Defenses.  That is their game plan, and I don't see any indication that they are diverging from it. 

I admit it...

I am a Zionist mole. I'm surprised it took you this long to figure it out. I'm Jewish, and I've managed to work my way in as a "prominent member" of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

My evil plan has almost reached fruition.

The Time For Debate Is Over


This would be horrible for the truth movement.
The MSM would conflate this with the holocaust deniers and make rodriguez and all of us look like clowns. Not a good idea, even with the best of intentions. At least wait until we've broken through a few more dams before doing this.

Name one scenario where the

Name one scenario where the MSM will put the 9/11 Truth issue out there WITHOUT attempting to discredit it?

Short of Cheney himself admitting his crimes, I can't think of one... 

from before

I am very involved in the peace movement and as such we are trying our best to avoid a catastrophe. Also, to all, this is not the first time people afected by 9/11 has gone to IRAN, PEACEFUL TOMORROWS is a group of 9/11 families that were summited for the nobel peace award and visited IRAN, IRAQ, Afghanistan and other countries with terrorist attacks.

This is just an extension of this peace effort

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

The Iranian people and the Iraqi people

want the truth behind this farce as much as we do....of this I am almost sure.

Can anyone say

I would like to put food upon the families of all those hard working docs that want to practice their love of women? monkey...monkey...monkey.

Only one man Alive can say

Only one man Alive can say that with a straight face, And Mean IT!

This doesn't sound good

I don't like the idea.

I agree, it doesn't sound

I agree, it doesn't sound like a good idea. But you have to think through all the steps.

The MSM will denounce it no matter what, they can paint it as a Islamofacist Madman aligns with whaco conspiracy theorists!

They are going to do that anyway, to the american masses that is EXACLY what they will see on their Television-brainwashing devices.

But to the Muslim World, this will put 9/11 Truth on their front pages, and I am definitely all for that...

The MSM had their chance and blew it, for 5 long years, they blew it...  Screw them, and screw what they think about things that matter.


Show "al jazeera prints stuff" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

put up some links... because

put up some links... because I haven't seen one from aljazeera.net/english

information wants to be free

relax man....why the fuck should we care what the american msm says about us? the world and a lot of the american people are beyond the lies they barrage us with. the msm will always be against us and they will smear us in the worst way possible regardless of what we do. they will do this because we are strong.

this is a truth movement and the truth is a lot more nuanced many would like. willie should speak his truth wherever he's invited. we should all do the same.

heh I bet you use Linux :D

heh I bet you use Linux :D

hee hee.... not yet but i

hee hee.... not yet but i should! --- great comments by the way....

I agree completely

My opinion is that any amount of press is good press. But I also don't think that this is going to get any play whatsoever in the MSM. As far as I know, Willie Rodriguez is practically unimpeachable. If the MSM wants to try and smear Rodriguez it will have to go a lot further than to say he went to Iran on a peace mission. The truth is coming out one way or the other. Keep the faith and keep talking to people about this everyday.

Easy to say "screw them"

But the MSM still has a huge affect on what people perceive as the truth.
Rodriguez to Iran would mean stories about 9/11 Truther's aiding the enemy. Most on this board know that is assinine, but the gullible american public would buy into it, just for the reason that CNN (or Fox or NBC, etc.) told them so.

The sad reality is that perception (Rodriguez going to the "enemy") is reality, Americans buy that Iran is the boogeyman, and we're giving the MSM a wonderful chance to prove we're a bunch of anti-americans equivalent to Jane Fonda going to North Vietnam.

"If you lie with dogs you get fleas" so my grandfather said!

In a perfect world this would be great news for the movement. Unfortunately we know the world’s prime time media is owned by truths enemy.
So I'm afraid all William will do is destroy the considerable power he has to uncover the truth behind 9/11!
Is it not true to say that the Iranian government and its people are well aware of how evil the Bush Administration is and most are already aware that 9/11 was an inside job.

Can someone tell me what use this mission would be for our cause? As I can't see any value in it!

William don't do it even if it’s the right thing to do.

Don't be used, because you'll go from HERO to ZERO for the benefit of the Iranian government and to the detriment of your great cause.

Regards John Bursill

I agree

but like I said, It is an invitation not to talk about the theories but about the tragedy, we have victims all over the world and the 9/11 Truth it is not the only issue I deal with. Disaster Management and Victims assesment it's also a priority.
No word yet on the dates and on my decision.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Could you do a video?

Have you ever seen the film "The Fog of War" ? It was Robert McNamara's recollections, as an old man, of his days as Defense Secretary during the Vietnam War. It was very well done and quite simple, poignant and honest.

I've always thought that a great 911 video could be done featuring William Rodriguez along with as many other people as possible who were there in the basement with him. It could be done in the style of "The Fog of War" to great effect and to long lasting record.

Great idea!!!!

something to consider, Thanks Carl!!!1

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Thank you for your reply William.

Ok, as you can see from the amount of hostile posts, this proposed trip is getting, it’s raising people’s temperatures to new levels. Maybe this is because we all think the Administration is gearing up the “INFO WAR”.
So now, more than ever we must be prudent, mostly because we’re winning.

Maybe you could make another statement and cool it all down a tad!

It is an honor to talk with you!

Kind regards John Bursill

the honor is mine and thanks for not being "anonymous"

it is a peace mission and I said it before. I have the support from the families. Thank you John.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

It's almost like I can say anything

and not take responsibility. but I'll take responsibility for this statement. You murdered 3000 Americans because of your greed.

Show "Just as long as he doesn't talk about no planes" by Inquirer (not verified)

I do not believe in the fake planes cgi theory

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Please let me explain

I mean no disrespect, Mr. Rodriguez, but I really don't care what you believe about this. This was directed at those who go into apoplexy if someone mentions no planes, responding with cursing and shill-jacketing. I think you should go to Iran if you think that is the right thing, as I support communication between peoples of all nations. As you can see here, though, many people think that by going to Iran you could open up the 9/11 truth movement to discrediting in the media. I think that is in fact quite possible, and was merely pointing out the irony of certain people worried about no-plane inquiries, but not worried about your trip to Iran which would likely be a more public event. I do not think truth and rectitude should be based on perceptions.

accepted, thanks

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Thank you

Peaceful Tomorrows seems like a fine group, and I wish you and them the best.

"many people think that by

"many people think that by going to Iran you could open up the 9/11 truth movement to discrediting in the media"

WTF??? Has 9/11 Truth Mouvement ever NOT being discredited in the msm? So what's the difference?

Willie, You have all my admiration. GBY.

My point exactly

I was reporting what was being said in these comments, not what I think. He has my admiration as well.
I've commented without reading carefully before, so I know how that happens.

dicey move

Well, for my two cents, this seems like a very risky move in that there is much potential for great backlash. Plus, I don't think the Iranian people really need much convincing about the evil of the US Government. We should focus on getting high profile interviews in America and of course continuing all of the great grassroots work that everyone does.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

Show "Can someone tell me what use" by snooze alarm

you attack me?

YOu are obviouosly new to this and to the effort of peace, or you may be part of the infiltrators trying to discredit the people working for the truth.

It is an invitation not to talk about the theories but about the tragedy, we have victims all over the world and the 9/11 Truth it is not the only issue I deal with. Disaster Management and Victims assesment it's also a priority.
No word yet on the dates and on my decision.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group


William I believe your heart is in the right place, but I have to agree with what Realist above said:

"At least wait until we've broken through a few more dams before doing this."

I think that once we've reached criticial mass (which still continues to elude us, even though it's often seemed almost within reach) then these bold moves could be considered acceptable. Don't forget, there are too many still-unawakened Americans who will automatically equate our movement with middle eastern fanaticism at the corporate media's say-so. Believe me I know, I live in the metropolitian tri-state area...lot of brainwashed sheep here who are still "plugged into the matrix".
I think you should wait before taking such a risky step.

thanks Hunt

from before...

I am very involved in the peace movement and as such we are trying our best to avoid a catastrophe. Also, to all, this is not the first time people afected by 9/11 has gone to IRAN, PEACEFUL TOMORROWS is a group of 9/11 families that were summited for the nobel peace award and visited IRAN, IRAQ, Afghanistan and other countries with terrorist attacks.

This is just an extension of this peace effort

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Good Luck

I would just like to say I fully support you, William in your pursuit for the truth. Your courage on 9/11 should be an inspiration for us all to spread the word.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."


I think you should go, William. Regardless of the people running this country, like any government they do not represent 100% of the population. Certainly, you should be careful, but that shouldn't neccessarily mean deciding not to go on the assumption that it might be "bad for the movement". You do what you know in your heart to be the right thing, and people will support you. Regardless of where you are geographically, regardless of what the politics of the region are, and certainly regardless of what certain individuals post on a blog, there is nothing wrong with telling your story, to anyone who wants to hear it. We need more people with courage to speak the truth, and your story is so key because of your heroism and integrity.

I am considering it in my heart

Also posted to the families of 9/11 that I represent, funny that I get more support from them on this issue because they do not see it as an act of provocation but one of Unity and peace. That is my intention and it should be respected as that, regardless my political views and distrust for the goverment handling of the event, my priority is the families , the truth and to avoid a future event, here or abroad. Thank you Daricus for your words.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Mr. Rodgriguez, thank you,

Mr. Rodgriguez, thank you, sir, for everything that you do.

I respect your attitude on this subject. I say you should go. I know you're not ignorant to the possibility that some in the media and some in the movement might possibly paint this as a bad thing, but what matters is what's in your heart.

Thank you, sir and may God bless you.

William, I only have one

William, I only have one account here on 911blogger, but I can say that I fully support your choice no matter what.

and the guy above was attacking John Bursill, not you, he just didn't hit the reply button on the right post... 

I also hit the wrong button, thanks imgstacke

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

My pleasure, Ambassador... 

My pleasure, Ambassador...  :D

I get the point, you think he should go! Your all cl-ass!

Have you ever heard of the word propaganda, do you know what it means?
How far do you think the the TRUTH will get if it's not pursued prudently. Todays world is more about perception than reality, it might be hard to except, but thats the harsh reality.

Maybe you need another 10 minutes on snooze, before you wake up!

Kind regards John Bursill( I have a name )


Willie Rodriguez has every right to go to Iran if he wants. The truth of 9/11 will stand on it's own merits. I am not a bit worried about the movement being brought down. People are entitled to there own opinions but personally I think it will just bring more attention to the 9/11 movement. That and the fact he can speak and actually get news coverage in Iran and not here. If anything that should be one of his messages.Well after this event maybe he will get coverage here. His story is very compelling and should be heard. It is just one part of the bigger puzzle of 9/11.

thank you Bill

before the 9/11 truth movement, there was the Victims Group and that is my first concern. Peace to all.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Perhaps you are right. The

Perhaps you are right. The average American does not know who William is. If he visits Iran, that could change. And if William does get on mainstream television, the average American will likely see that he has only pure intentions. It could go either way.

I would love to see Wolf Blitzer set up a hit piece, only to have it fall apart because it is apparent William is only trying to spread the truth.

I agree with what you say

But Mr. Rodriguez appears to be going to promote peace more than to talk about 9/11 truth, which personally I think is smart from the point of view of the politics of 9/11 truth, in addition to being very good in its own right.
But I agree it could bring more attention to 9/11, and the media would have to be careful about attacking this peace mission. And like you said, it's his decision. I wish people would quit worrying about what the media thinks. They are not to be trusted, so you betray yourself by allowing what they might think to regulate your thoughts and actions.

I didn't mean to say

he should or should not talk about 9/11 truth -- I'm sure it will come up and he will handle it appropriately. I just think that this being a peace mission is a good thing.

u.s. people don't want to invade iran!!!!

say no to the Iran invasion Rodriguez! that is great you are going there bring a message of peace of course you will!

To all

Certainly this topic has shaken everyone( including my wife and family) but please, all rest assured that it is not a message of hate and I will not allow myself to be used by any goverement on their agenda. I already fell for that here in the begining years here. By now, everyone that knows me, understands that I know how to deal with the media in a professional matter, after years of press conferences and never ending interviews. Also on my understanding of politics and legal ways. I was a janitor many will say, but I learned pretty fast. I am also not interested in anti-Semitism or other issues that will hurt my message. On that note, they have invited a prominent RABBI from the
Yazd Jews Association (Iranian Jews)and he has accepted to be part of the mission.

About the media. we do not have control of them, but if they need to interview me about the peace mission, it will be good for the truth mission as well. Once I am on camera, we can work the details. Remember the networks will not debate me on the events of the day. They find it easy to attack somebody in the movement.
Finally, keep in mind that it is an invitation and I also have other commitments in Europe that may conflict with the final decision. I also abide by this mission statement from Peaceful Tomorrows:

1. To promote dialogue on alternatives to war, while educating and raising the consciousness of the public on issues of war, peace, and the underlying causes of terrorism.
2. To support and offer fellowship to others seeking non-violent responses to all forms of terrorism, both individual and institutional.

3. To call attention to threats to civil liberties, human rights, and other freedoms in the U.S. as a consequence of war.

4. To acknowledge our fellowship with all people affected by violence and war, recognizing that the resulting deaths are overwhelmingly civilian.

5. To encourage a multilateral, collaborative effort to bring those responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks to justice in accordance with the principles of international law.

6. To promote U.S. foreign policy that places a priority on internationally-recognized principles of human rights, democracy and self-rule.

7. To demand ongoing investigations into the events leading up to the September 11, 2001 attacks that took the lives of our loved ones, including exhaustive examinations of U.S. foreign policies and national security failures.

Peaceful tomorrows-A core group of 200 family members directly affected by loss on September 11th and 4,000 supporters Our family members live in 31 states and seven foreign countries.

God bless to you all for your comments , except for the nasty ones :-)

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Mr. Rodriguez -

I hope that you and yours are all well.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. I know that you act from your heart and out of love for all people and I fully support any trip you take in the name of peace.

I think that you understand something that many people don't understand and that is that we are in the process of creating a new reality, one that is beyond the MSM, a reality that connects people all over the world and is about a peaceful future.

History has given you this burden of truth to carry and you do it well, with humility and dignity. It makes me proud to be an American and know that I live in a country with men (and women) like you.

Muchas gracias, mi hermano. Paz y prosperidad en ano nuevo.

Thank You

Mr. Rodriguez,

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for everything you did on 9/11 and everything you have done for this movement since. You are far more than a Patriot to me. You are someone who understands the human condition. You see the importance of this issue to the fate of the world and you choose to do all you can to take your message to the people in the face of all that which tries to impeed you. You are a good man and I can think of few others that I hold in such high regard.

Good luck in your endevors and know that there are many people who are praying for your sucess and your safety.


Best of luck!

I wish you the best of luck in all of your pursuits towards peace and truth. I think that your heart and your intent will shine through regardless of how any naysayers would try to paint you. Should the mainstream try to bend this into something that it is not then they will be the fools for smearing an honest man. We all know that you are doing this for the right reasons. Don't back down from anybody who would tell you not to do what you think is right. God bless you, sir, for being among the greatest patriots America has known. This is how I see you, may history view you in the same light.

Show "Go to Iran!!!" by Concrete man (not verified)

The Iranian government just

The Iranian government just recently held a convention in order to debate the validity of the Holocaust. Now a 9/11 convention to discuss the validity of the U.S. governments"official" account. I think being involved with this is very dangerous to the 9/11 truth movement and Mr. Rodriquez's credibility as a first hand witness. Fox News and the rest of the U.S. MSM are going to have a field day with this.

It will go a little something g like this......

"See...see! 9/11 conspiracy theorists are also anti-Semitic Holocaust deniers!!!"

On a related note, I personally believe Ahmadinejad is a Globalist plant. His constant source of anti-Semitic comments are just too convenient to their agenda not to be by design.

Show "Attorney Jerry Leaphart Speaks Up For Scholars For 9/11 Truth" by CB_Brooklyn

maybe because you keep

maybe because you keep spamming the site and are generally disruptive?

I don't think Iran has

I don't think Iran has electronic voting machines from Diebold...  And besides, the president of Iran (elected by the people) has no real power, that would be the Supreme Leader which is elected by a different group altogether.

So your globalist plant belief makes no sense. 

Blatant hypocrisy

Most people are unaware of the monumental hypocrisy that is involved in judging Iran, a country that has never done anything to anyone, for developing nuclear weapons (a defensive move against Izrayhell). On the other hand, the Jewish Gatekeepers and goyim stooges, such as above, want to make sure we WIPE IRAN OFF THE MAP because they are "antisemitic." What kind of "911 Truth movement" is so full of cowardice and hypocrisy that it is worried about losing its credibility by one of its activists visiting Iran? A Jewish controlled one.

"Not unlike the 9/11 truth debate, the Holocaust is more about believing than knowing."


Dare to care: Why I don't believe in the Holocaust

Written by Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group
Wednesday, 20 December 2006

The only ones who claim Iran

The only ones who claim Iran is developing nuclear weapons are the ones who want to attack it, and you.

Iraq DID try to develop nuclear weapons and Israel blew up the reactor and they targeted the housing of the scientists, killing most of them.

Iran has yielded to IAEA Inspections, and no one has found any evidence of a secret side project for building nuclear weapons. Uranium enrichment for reactor fuel >3% need not be at the levels for bombs <80-90%.

And just for the record I have not heard any statement by Iran that was anti-semitic, they have a Iranian Jew as an elected member of their parliament I believe, one yes, but equal to the number of Muslim members in the US House of Rep. (just elected) and I don't know about Israel's government...

Iran is vehemently Anti-Zionist, and Zionism does not equal Jewish. No matter how many times it is misstated.

If the United Nations gave New Jersey over to the victims of the Darfur genocide, and then they systematically grabbed more and more land, I would think that opposition to it can be expressed without it being characterized in Racist tones.


When the Bush Administration appears to be looking at different angles to attack Iran, is it safe for William Rodriguez to go over to Iran and discuss 9/11?

It appears that people in the 9/11 truth movement might end up being more easily linked with the enemy, Iran, and targeted as domestic terrorists in the U.S.

The Bush Administration would like people to shut up about all the anomalies and holes in the official story. They are making sure the MSM never talk about the day that changed America - except, of course, only in supporting The 9/11 Commission Report.

In support of Willie

Of course this move has risks associated with it and I share many peoples' concerns about Ahmadinejad, but I believe Willie is well aware of these risks and I trust his judgement to make the right call.

He is a seasoned and highly articulate voice for 9/11 truth with a compelling story to tell. I can think of few better voices for truth, peace and unity in the world.

Willie Rodriguez is no David Duke and this is no holocaust conference. He is attending a peace conference and not a 9/11 truth event, so he is surely merely doing exactly what Tony Blair and the Iraq study group called for: namely engagement with Iran for the promotion of peace in the region and the MSM will be hard pushed to discredit a man acknowledged by Bush as a national hero.


I'm thrilled that Willie Rodriguez is willing to do that which our "leaders" are not.

The Time For Debate Is Over

By the way...

Let me just say how cool it was to get a phone call from THE Willie Rodriguez. I was playing my new XBOX 360 (Star Trek: Legacy), and the phone rang. I picked it up, and heard a spanish accent. I thought the voice sounded familiar, but disregarded the notion because Willie Rodriguez would never call me. I guess I was wrong. :)

The Time For Debate Is Over



You bought the XBOX 360 just for that game didn't you Jon?

You are such a Treky.... Please don't tell anyone you speak an alien language. =)

Was the phone call almost as good as one from "The Shat"?.... the other William

I'm giving'er all she's got Captain!

(just poking fun)

reminder... we can have fun while spreading truth

eww you GAVE Microsoft

eww you GAVE Microsoft money?

I lost all respect for you Jon :D 

William Rodriguez to Iran

My reaction to this news is a mixed emotion. While I am warmed that Iran would reach out with this gesture, I fear that William will be immediately labeled as a terrorist by the US Government and this will NOT help the 9/11 Truth movement. I hope that William will consider this. Thoughts, anyone else?

This man...

Met the President of the United States because he is a hero of 9/11. I don't think it would be in their best interest to label him a "terrorist." I could be wrong.

Willie was telling me last night that everywhere he goes, he is told that no one hates the people of America. Only its' Government. 9/11 is a global issue. Not just an American one. Willie is reaching out to the globe, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Besides, no one is more of a "terrorist" than the people that inhabit the Bush Administration, and most of the halls of Congress.

The Time For Debate Is Over

concentrate on something that matters

i'd have to say the bigger "terrorists" are the zionist warmongers in pnac (marvin bush, cheney, rumsfeld did not author any of pnac, only signed it after it was written) with dual israel-us citizenship. this is the only issue the architects of 911 don't want us to investigate because it's rock solid proof who was behind it, not like the circumstantial evidence you use to say "9/11 was an inside job!" i.e. no-plane hit the pentagon, controlled demolition, minetta's testimony, insider trading, securacom and marvin bush, etc... that's exactly what they want you to focus on because you'll never prove anything. if you want concrete evidence with accusations (naming names) read ryan dawson's book 'welcome to the ussa' available at barnesandnoble.com. or, if you can't afford it, here's something to preview (typos and all).
and no, i don't know ryan dawson, i just think he's is the only one with balls enough to take this issue head-on. this movement is going nowhere because of it. yeah, a few dozen people threw a book in the harbor, river, lake, whatever. wake up!!! until you get to the heart of the matter (israel's stranglehold on the military industrial complex, washington, the media) y'all ain't going to make a bit of difference.

btw, i admire you willie rodriguez! thank you for devoting so much time and putting yourself out there for ridicule and danger.

That's a good book.

That's a good book.

What exactly does Rodriguez believe about 9/11?

Rodriguez says: "5. To encourage a multilateral, collaborative effort to bring those responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks to justice in accordance with the principles of international law."

I assume he's talking about al Qaeda here, but from other comments he's made, I'm not quite sure.

Perhaps he could clarify.


He witnessed a large

He witnessed a large explosion go off in the subbasements of the north tower BEFORE the plane hit. 

to Gary

Our best bet is under international law. Since the death at WTC afected 92 countries. Under International law, if a country fails to do a clear investigation on the death of their nationals, then that country has the jurisdiction to do their own investigation.

"Explosion and rumble has been misused by CNN on their accounts about me" request the videos of that day directly from CNN.

William Rodriguez
Last Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

You're very unclear, William

What exactly are you trying to say? Are you implying that someone other than al Qaeda is responsible for the events of 9/11? I have no quarrel with someone promoting peace and understanding between nations, but, as I suspect, if you're out to accuse your own country of being complicit in the attacks with no credible evidence, in a country whos President has embraced the idea of destroying Israel and us, then you are contemplating committing treason. Perhaps not in the sense that you would ever be arrested or prosecuted for it, but believe me, if the media gets wind of what I suspect you're planning to promote, you will be branded a traitor by average Joe American, and rightly so.

Are you saying that you were somehow mis-transcribed by CNN per your phone conversation* with them on 9/11? Somehow I find that hard to believe. How do you account for the evolution of your story?

* http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0109/11/bn.24.html

Trying to ilicit the

Trying to ilicit the memories of trauma from a National Hero?  Wow you are scum of the earth...

Don't Go Willie Just say NO

What ever way you look at it Rodriguez going to Iran will be seen as consorting with a country widely regarded as being an enemy of America. You will lose all credibility if you go there to wash America's dirty linen. Just don't go. Yoi will enhance your standing if you publicly refuse the invitation. If you go you will be perceived as a traitor even though you are not.

He did?

I thought he said he heard some rumbling, not like an impact, like furniture moving.


You are correct, Gary

It is quite clear from all of the evidence that Rodriguez did not hear explosions from explosive demolitions. When you go through all of the testimony of all of those in the building both above and below him. Through Rodriguez own characterizations of the person who got burned in front of the elevator on his floor, it is clear those burns resulted from fuel burns, not explosive burns from explosives.

I guess it is understandable from the trauma of those events of that day that he was presented with a financial opportunity to change his description from what was first reported (rumbling, etc) to his story and specific political stance today. I think it would be hard for anybody in his circumstances to resist that temptation, including myself.

I think it is too bad that a genuine hero of that day - and NOBODY questions his heroism for one minute - should feel that his only alternative was the course of action he took. He is now being used by nefarious elements of the 9/11 Truth Movement for its own political purposes which puts Rodriguez in an extreme financial dilemma for him and his family, not to speak of the moral dilemma that it puts him in. I feel he is being used and the consequences for him good end up very badly. Extreme political movements like the 9/11 Truth Movement do not hesitate to discard humans when they feel threatened by reality. I think Rodriguez is trapped, senses the position he has gotten himself in, and would really like to know how he could possibly escape that extreme dilemma. If I am right, now is the time for him to bail, and he should not hesitate to contact someone he REALLY trusts for help.

But that is just my own opinion.

We were heading for the same place

Indeed, I was contemplating an appeal, like yours, to William, to take a step back and take stock of just exactly what he's getting himself into. I also don't question his heroism on that day, as I've read numerous credible reports describing it. However, he stands to discard this status of hero if he continues down this path of active support for unfounded and nonsensical alternate theories regarding 9/11.

I would suggest that William seek out some sound personal face to face advice from renowned engineering professionals, using his current hero status. I believe that he is likely an honest individual that has simply been steered astray, and used by people who are not so honest.

Mr. Rodriguez, I think you would be able to arrange a meeting with people like Brent Blanchard of Protec, Zdenek Bazant at Northwestern, Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl from the University of California @ Berkley, or perhaps even Leslie Robertson himself. I would strongly suggest you do so, if you truly do need convincing. Otherwise, if you're just playing this game for the money and the attention, eventually it's going to come back and bite you. Hard.

Iran and the Bush die-nasty


I wish William R. Godspeed and Bon Voyage..

"The real reason we won’t invade Iran is that such a war, with the US crazily tossing nuclear “bunker-busters” about the Iranian hillsides, is bad for Iran. And no Bush has ever done anything that was bad for Iran—or for al Qaeda or for Osama bin Laden, for that matter. " "

Mr A. is a player called back into action ..to act like a tuff guy to keep the masses ignited with HATE.
Divide and Conquer..nobody does it better than the bushies..

Iran's fundamentalist president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, came to power largely due to American threats.

"If Carter had been re-elected, we probably wouldn’t be facing the economic and environmental vulnerabilities with which our oil-addicted lifestyle curses us. And a few hundred thousand of our neighbors in Central America wouldn’t have been slaughtered by Reagan-funded militaries and death squads. We might not have seen the radical shift in wealth from poor and middle-class families to the ultra-rich, driven by Reagan-era tax policies. And maybe we’d have a culture of responsibility instead of the hedonistic and immature society that gave us Hummers, lawn-care poisons and disposable, plug-in air fresheners.

But this is all speculation. Iran held our hostages for 444 days and Reagan won the election, changing our nation and our world, possibly forever.

Nine years after the historic 1980 election, sources from across the political spectrum, such as former Reagan/Bush campaign analyst Barbara Honegger, former Navy Captain Gary Sick, Newsweek reporter Robert Parry and former Yippie Abbie Hoffman, started to cry foul. Describing what has become known as the October Surprise, they argued that Reagan/Bush campaign officials, possibly George H.W. Bush himself, cut a deal with the Iranians asking them to hold their American captives hostage through the 1980 presidential campaign season.

The allegation is controversial to this day and remains unproven, with arguments and counterarguments surrounding the alibis of key Reagan/Bush campaign officials during supposed meetings with the Iranians. Researchers hoped some of this information would be sorted out with the first scheduled declassification of data from the Reagan/Bush White House in 2001, but George W. Bush re-classified the Reagan papers in September 2001, thus keeping documentation concerning many Reagan/Bush-era White House crimes out of the reach of historians.

For the sake of argument, let’s say we’ll never know if there was a treasonous October Surprise conspiracy. What remains undeniable, however, is the role the reactionary Iranian government played in changing the course of American history. More than anyone else, Iran called our political shots in 1980. The election that year was, in large part, all about Iran. And it gave us Ronald Reagan.

The Iranians released their hostages hours after Reagan was sworn in as president. For whatever reason, the Reagan administration repaid the favor, illegally selling arms to Iran in what has become known as the Iran-Contra affair. The Contra connection comes from the Reagan administration’s use of the profits from its illicit Iranian arms deals, to fund, also in violation of US law, the organized bands of CIA-trained terrorists attacking Nicaragua.

Oliver North, a Reagan/Bush administration point person in the Iran-Contra affair, was one of three military officials who, during the earlier hostage crisis, planned a botched attempt to free the hostages and, in effect, save Carter’s presidency. North, along with the other two planners of the failed mission, Richard Secord and Albert Hakkim, all went on to become White House aides to Vice President Bush.

From that point to the present day, there appears to be one consistent theme in US-Iranian relations: Whatever decisions the Bush family makes, in the end they always serve the best interests of Iran’s reactionary mullahs. Let’s fast-forward to the presidency of George W. Bush. W. came into office at a time when Iran’s mullahs were facing their greatest political challenge since the Islamic revolution in the 1970s. A new generation of revolutionary students had risen up, only this time they were calling for democracy, religious freedom and greater ties with the West. When W. came into office, Iran had a pro-Western reformist president and students were leading weekly demonstrations against the old-guard clerics.

Bush wasted no time in shoring up support for the mullahs with his now classic “Axis of Evil” speech, in which he attempted to link three of the most disparate governments on earth: North Korea, Iraq and Iraq’s sworn enemy, Iran. With Bush all but calling for the destruction of Iran’s reformist regime, the reformists were humiliated and discredited while the mullahs rallied the nation in a united nationalist front against a perceived American attack. With three words, Bush killed Iran’s democratic revolution and doomed that country to another generation of theocracy.

The problem with theocracies, however, is that they have “faith-based” economies. There’s no need for serious economic or environmental planning when your dogma tells you God will somehow save you no matter how bad a mess you make. The mullahs screwed things up pretty bad, but God hasn’t yet shown up to fix Iran’s growing unemployment problems, and the Iranian masses once again taking to the streets.

But, right on schedule, George W. Bush shows up, this time rattling a thermonuclear saber. With the Great Satan threatening to unleash the god of hell in the form of plutonium-powered weapons, Iran’s masses once again are joined in a United We Stand goose-step. The resistance once again has been squelched and none of their concerns addressed.

The current American threat also serves to unite Iranian public opinion behind their government’s reckless nuclear ambitions. Recent history in this area is pretty clear. Iraq allowed weapons inspectors to certify that it had no major weapons systems, thus guaranteeing they had no deterrence capabilities and couldn’t respond adequately to a US invasion. It’s a whole new take on warfare. First you locate and inspect all of your enemy’s weapons—then you plan your attack accordingly. The US invasion of Iraq makes diplomacy tantamount to surrender, hence guaranteeing that nations such as Iran and North Korea will seek deterrent capabilities at any cost while not cooperating with inspection regimens.

Iran has emerged as the only winner in Bush’s war against Iraq. American forces destroyed Iran’s sworn enemy—Saddam Hussein’s secular government in Iraq—while opening that country up for an Iranian-backed religious insurgency. Bush administration policy then purposefully marginalized Iraq’s civil resistance, while supporting the rise of sectarian fundamentalist rulers. As a result of these polices, Iran is suddenly one of the most influential nations in the Persian Gulf, destined to exert influence over a new Shiite government in Iraq.

Bush’s saber-rattling over Iran has also served to push the price of oil skywards, which benefits major oil-producing nations such as Iran and Saudi-Arabia, not to mention a cadre of Texas oilmen. This benefit, of course, comes at a cost to American consumers, who now have to choose between food or fuel while watching their healthcare, education and social infrastructure crumble in the face of astronomical military budgets—now justified by the “Iranian threat.” And it comes at a cost to the US dollar, which is sliding faster than Bush’s poll numbers. The Iranians face similar conditions as their government turns its back on social programs while funding both its military and its police state.

This game is simple. It benefits both the Iranian mullahs and the government of George W. Bush. The threat of nuclear annihilation on both sides—though we’re the only ones who both possess atomic weapons and have announced our intention to use them—distracts from the unpopular, incompetent and criminal policies of both governments as they lead full frontal assaults on civil liberties and human rights. In both countries people are getting poorer and sicker while acquiescing to the government that is repressing them and destroying their ways of life. The Iranian and American people both lose, while our criminal governments shore up their power.

But there will be no invasion of Iran. Of course the notion is insane. Iran’s population is more than double that of Iraq, where American troops are bogged down in an endless war. And, unlike Iraq’s secular population, Iran’s population is more religious and hence more willing to die defending their ideology. Also, unlike the flat deserts of Iraq, Iran is mountainous and therefore treacherous—good for guerilla warfare while toxic for an invading army.

Of course, the Bush administration has a history of apparent insanity. No, the fact that such a war is unwinnable, and would likely unleash Armageddon, isn’t what will stop the Bush administration from waging it.

The real reason we won’t invade Iran is that such a war, with the US crazily tossing nuclear “bunker-busters” about the Iranian hillsides, is bad for Iran. And no Bush has ever done anything that was bad for Iran—or for al Qaeda or for Osama bin Laden, for that matter. "

Pray about this before deciding.

William, you are a man of faith, so I hope you take the time to pray fervently about this invitation from Iran.

You are not an elected official or a diplomat, so I am not sure what you can accomplish in terms of being a peacemaker to the Middle East. Why not let others who are not high-profile individuals work in that effort?

As a hero on 9/11, shouldn't you focus your efforts on justice, by taking your case directly to the international agencies that could help? In that regard, I would recommend staying clear of countries that are provocative or repeatedly involved in controversies. Iran is far too controversial. No matter how cautious you are, the Iranians could use you to promote an anti-American and anti-Israeli agenda.

Take the case of Jane Fonda going to Hanoi. Her efforts were to promote peace, but she was used to promote anti-Americanism, and to this day, the American people will not forgive her for going.

Iran invite

don't go to any foreign countries by invitation because of your 9/11 stand, they may blow your head off!!!

I really hope he doesn't do

I really hope he doesn't do it.

Go Willie Go!

First let me thank you Mr. Rodriquez for your stand. You are truly in the eyes of many, a hero and someone who can change things by your efforts. The truth is NEVER to be hidden and should be shouted from the mountain tops for all to hear no matter what tongue they speak.
You go there Willie and may our blessed Lord be with you and may all those who had their dirty hands in these 9/11 murders be held fully accountable, tried by jury, and if found quilty, may they be sentenced to death for all to see!

That depends on....

......what the definition of truth is. Exactly what "truth" does WR intend on presenting? That has not really been defined by him......yet.


Great news.

William being sent on a Peace Mission to discuss 9/11 is, beyond a doubt, a good thing. Don't listen to the people on here saying "they're" "using you" for "their" "own gain". Spinning this negatively will only make them look bad, even more so, worse than they already are. On a Peace Mission, there should be no conflict or issues that should come up. And, indeed, you probably would be more protected in a country like Iran than you would be in America. I'm sure American politicians would love to have you... Um... "Go missing", I guess you could say.

Iran is a beautiful country with a vast, rich history deeply embedded in the sands of time. The government might have its flaws, but what government doesn't, right?

You're right, Iran is a beautiful country.......

with beautiful people who are currently wildly pro-American. However, having an American (remember, most of them are very interested in and love Americans) hero (so far) direct from the WTC disaster present them with false notions about America's role in the event could hardly be considered advancing any kind of "peace".

In fact, quite the opposite. It would be a destructive warping of reality in the minds of the populace, and would no doubt be exploited by the govt., which is NOT pro-American, and which is also NOT loved by most of its people. The oppressive theocratic few in control in Iran would be grateful for the rare opportunity of having an American Hero help them further sully our reputation in the minds of the population. His presentation would be played over and over and over again on their no doubt state-controlled media.

William, what is your intention in going to Iran? Please be specific.

We are threatening to turn

We are threatening to turn Natanz into Hiroshima, I don't think Iranians feel so benevolently to the US Government as you make it seem.  Now the American Culture is different, and is separate from the current and temporary administration.

I think they can tell the difference.  

What does President Mahmoud Ahmadi stand for?

In regards to the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi and his radical political statements which seem to be at the heart of the controversy over William’s trip; I did some investigation into what we’ve been told he said vs. what he said….
Journalists have said he has called the “Holocaust a myth" and that he wants "Israel wiped of the map" this appears not to be entirely true.
After reading these speeches it's found that he actually says “In the name of the Holocaust they created a myth."(That is the west) and that "If you have burned the Jews why don't you give a piece of Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska to Israel. Our question is, if you have committed this huge crime, why should the innocent nation of Palestine pay for this crime?"
Now as regards to wiping Israel “off the map” this dose seem to be true but the interpretation that some journalist’s have made that equates to the annihilation of the Jew’s or their removal from Palestine/Israel would appear to be wrong. It would fairer to say he doesn’t think a Zionist state should be controlling that piece of land.

So consequently I thought I new what the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi stood for but now I’m not sure! I’m glad that this issue of a trip to Iran was raised because I’ve learnt that my perception of the facts has been altered by the MSM again.

Regards John

John, that is awesome. I'm

John, that is awesome. I'm glad you were able to see past the media's lies and distortions on this one.

Your naiveness......

.......is breathtaking, John. There can be little question that the current President of Iran and his puppetmasters wish for the end of the state of Israel, and for either the conversion or the destruction of the rest of the non-muslim world. I think we all know that nothing short of the complete desertion by Jews of the entirety of the middle east will be satisfactory to those of this mindset, and I'm doubtful whether even that would be enough. Rodriguez's message, which I'm quite sure will include elements of his own country being complicit in 9/11, will be used by Iran to further these ends.

Candidates for office in Iran are subject to approval by the west-hating leadership. Even so, the recent elections over there went against the harsh messages of the President and the clerics. This is a pretty good indication that the people understand exactly what has been said and what is meant by it, and they don't apparently like it. You would do well to listen to the average Iranian, not other sources that are emotionally invested in portraying the U.S., Britain, Australia and other free nations as the bad guys. Monitor directly what these tyrants say @ memri.org, and bypass the distortion by biased media.

My gosh, a guy hosts a seminar on the holocaust, with a focus on questioning the severity or even the existence thereof, and you are eager to cut him a break. The denial of the reality of 9/11 is creepily analogous.

I still don't think he should go, just conceding it's complex!

Cool, still learning, questioning that's why I made the post! I'm trying to work Iran out; I thought I owed William at least that. I know the press is nuts, I just don't no how nuts.
I don't think we can say they want the destruction of the Jews as a religion or a people, that’s not provable. That's only speculation. The state yes.

Thanks for the dialogue from you both it's a shame we can't meet and talk.

Open minded or naive that’s your question, not mine?

Kind regards John.

So, we agree.....

...... he shouldn't go. If he does go, and if he's really interested in peace, his message to Iran -- as a Hero and a victim of terrorism -- should be to stop sponsoring and fomenting terrorism. Terrorism after all is what caused the death of his co-workers, the loss of his building and his job, and the misfortune of the hispanic victims he advocates for.

However, if his message* mirrors that which he has presented in other countries whose leadership is hostile to the U.S., like Venezuela, it will be an aid and a comfort and a legitimization of continuing their current practices. He will be doing an about face, and shooting his peace arrows in the exact opposite direction of the true heart of the matter.

* William Rodriguez, last man out of the North Tower on September the 11th and leader of the Hispanic victims and survivors in NY made a public statement today regarding the news of the Venezuelan National Assembly calling for an explanation of what really happened on 9/11 and the call that the government could be behind the attacks.

"We have worked non-stop with the officials of Venezuela to bring the truth to them. I am glad that our efforts are having the support of world leaders and we are continuing to bring the real experiences to other world leaders as well," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez spent a month and a half in Venezuela last summer, accompanied by philanthropist Jimmy Walter and a reporter from an American Newspaper, calling for international support for the victims to find the truth of what really happened and how the government of the United states failed to explain it to those affected. A vast amount of questions and Rodriguez's experiences of explosions at the basement of the North Tower before the plane hit the first tower, help fuel a 9/11 Truth movement, and the notion that the towers were imploded.


Perhaps Mr. Rodriguez.......

......is lacking some relatively recent historical perspective.* If he somehow thinks that Iran (the leadership, not the people) is really interested in "peace", and that they won't use whatever he says to turn their people and the world against the United States, he is very naive. However, I have a hard time believing this as Hugo Chavez recently proclaimed that 9/11 was an "inside job" during his visit to the United States. This after Rodriguez's visit to Venezuela where he apparently did push this nonsensical notion.

I'm really starting to break with this notion of WR being some kind of hero, excepting his specific life-saving actions on 9/11. For him or anybody to use some ambiguous explosions, whose source and cause could have been many, to travel the world and confidently proclaim that his own govt. was guilty of murdering thousands, is hardly heroic. Quite the opposite, it is indicative to me of a selfish and careless attempt at garnering fame and fortune at the expense of REALITY, and the integrity of the country that ironically allows him to freely carry on such antics.

He would be afforded no such freedom by the government of Iran. That is a certainty.

* http://tinyurl.com/yx972h