Two Suggestions

This was sent in to our Comments section, thought I'd post them here for everyone to see:

1. We should as a group figure out how to nominate David Ray Griffiin for the Nobel Peace prize. We should then do it. Instructions for this are posted at:

It looks to me as though we'll need a senator or congressperson to endorse the submission, along with documentary support for Ray Grifffin's qualifications.

Presumably we might also consider nominating Steven Jones.

What better way to force people to notice these people's work? The press would have to start dealing with it. It would take considerable courage on the part of the Nobel Committee. But they have a history of courage in the face of official and even U.S. opposition.

2.  The other idea is for sattelite thermal studies of buildings after demolition using thermite/thermate. I have seen such photos of the WTC site, post 9-11 demolition. Hot spots are very clearly evident. Are there hot spots showing after every similar demolition? Presumably, yes.

The video clip of the MI5 whistle-blower, David Shaylor, shows the hot spots after 9-11 from sattelite photos:

To do it right, one would also show sattelite photos of byuildings that have burned down. I would be willing to bet good money that you will not get hot spots evident on sattelite thermal imaging after normal burnings.  But, just to keep the evidence tidy, we need to show it all.

Where would David Shaylor have gotten those sattelite images? From Google Earth? If so, then anyone with Google Earth could do a study of the matter.

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youre a fn idiot...

youre a fn idiot...

Nobel prize for an idiot

Thanks, Mark, for your well-reasoned argument. But who did you mean? Who were you speaking of? What was the lie that they told?

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"Any rational person would condemn someone who lies about the events of 9/11."

I totally agree with that. Say, have you seen '911 press for truth' yet?


The other idea is for sattelite thermal studies of buildings after demolition using thermite/thermate.

Since thermite/thermate is not used in building demolitions, how exactly do you propose to carry out this study?

Hey Bigguy, why the hell would they use thermite/thermate in

ordinary building demolitions? They wouldn't want to deal with pools of molten metal as a result!
(It was used as an incendiary on 9/11 probably because it is not as loud as regular explosives.)

Thermate/thermite study

It is not used in building demolition? Interesting. So when *is* it used? Maybe a person could do thermal studies showing that aftermath.


It is used primarily as a military incendiary device, to destroy equipment. It also some some limited usage in cutting metal. It has never been used in controlled demolitions.