Rumor: CNN to Cover 911 Truth 8pm EST

I dont see it on CNN's Page, They say its going to be on at 8pm est on Paula Zohn or something.

There talking about it over at the Loose Change Forum:

Heres the link:;read=98782

Again i dont see anything on CNN's Paula Zonzs Page, it says the show is about fat children,

So I will be watching to see, Maybe somebody can record it.


Typo in the subject line, It is 8pm, Which is 20 minutes from now.


THEY Will be talking about 911

Paula Zahn to interview Christopher Bollyn?!?

and what's more, spin it as "anti-Semitic" 9/11 conspiracy theory? Noooooooooo.

Blaming it on the Muslims is Racist or Prejudiced and Ignorant

The hit piece argument can be turned around easily.

The Jews did not do it (might have been a few on the team)

The Muslims did not do it either. (might have been a few on the team)

The False Flag operatives did it.


hit piece

Zahn just promoted her show for this evening. It's about "anti-semitism" and 9/11. "Some accuse Jews of being behind the 9/11 attacks," she said. Boiler plate hit piece, coming up.

Blaming 9/11 on "the Jews" right now on CNN

Oh Paula Zahn, how could you?


They're talking about "racist groups".

Is it true? Did they interview Christopher Bollyn?

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

I don't know how/if Bollyn will be featured

but she has mentioned "vicious conspiracy theorists who blame the Jews." My feelings are hurt.

This isn't funny.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

I *know* you're not talking to me.

This is about the most unfunny thing I can think of -- I'm sorry if my posts have read as flippant.

Paula Zahn CNN

We need to get the video of this Paula Zahn crap up!! And what is with that Christopher Bollyn dude. Is he legit?


Bollyn is a racist. As I said in Real Truther's post earlier this week, nothing good was going to come from that Bollyn interview.

for those of us who weren't watching...

Can someone explain what Cass means by conflation of issues? Is the sentiment here that Bollyn is purposely saying outrageous things to make the movement look bad? Is it possible that he is simply expressing his broad views against Zionism and CNN is just trying to shock the public by having him go on about all of his beliefs? In other words, is he genuinely trying to sabotage the movement or do some people just not like 9/11 being associated with his views on Zionism generally?

I ask because while it's entirely possible that his goal IS the same as CNN's, to discredit 9/11 truth by association with bigoted attitudes, I have never actually heard or read anything by Bollyn that was indeed bigoted, and maybe because I haven't looked hard enough. If people are just upset because he believes that Zionists conspire, then that's another kettle of fish.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


To clarify re: Bollyn

He wasn't on for very long and actually he was okay (I want to see it again to be sure, but I was expecting them to make him look a lot worse.) The way his snippet of interview was twisted, and the reason I describe it as despicable conflation of ideas, is that the script set it up so that when he makes his statements about al Qaeda, they are in a context that strongly implies that No al Qaeda = The Jews did it.

And Eric Hufschmid...

Was extremely useful for them to make their point. And to think, at one time I felt sorry for him because of his appearance on "Bullshit." However, now that I look back at that interview, he did horribly, and deserved the treatment he received.

Here's an oldie but a goodie...

The Serious Side To The 9/11 Truth Movement

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Just the mention of his name was cringe-worthy

in the extreme. To indirectly respond to RT's post above, I think an excellent case could be made that Hufschmid is deliberately trying to smear the movement with his unabashed anti-Semitism, making it just that much easier for interviewers like this to smear Bollyn, who explicitly made a distinction between Zionists and Jews.

Then they had a spokeswoman for the ADL on, to say that anti-Semites will *always* do that -- you know, try to make a distinction between Jews and Zionists.

Plus, we revisit the whole "No Jews came to work" canard

So Odigo warnings = No Jews came to work (sic) and this is "refuted" by an interview with the father of a Jewish first responder who perished, who says, yes, Jews (such as his son) came to work. Huh? Of course I feel sympathy for his loss -- and it was particularly poignant when he demonstrated how small the only bit of his son's remains that were recovered were. I guess blame should be assigned to the producer of the segment, who put the man in the position of having to refute the "theory" -- ie, blatant misrepresentation of the Odigo warnings -- by discussing his own son's death -- because "his son wasn't warned" therefore no one was warned.

Please don't use the word...

"Canard"... I get pomeroo chills down my back.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

I took a sort of perverse pleasure in using it

for just that reason.

I was going to edit my above post to clarify that I realize there *is* an urban legend that "no Jews came to work" and therefore they were not just misrepresenting the Odigo warnings. They did inexcusably conflate the two issues, however.

that's a perfect example

And I would one day like to know who actually started that rumor... An Israeli company getting a message of warning is very different from the idea that every single Jewish person who worked in the towers had gotten a secret "Jew-O-Gram" informing them of what the tribe was up to that day. And I'm sorry if anyone finds that offensive, but that is exactly the point... some of this stuff that is attributed to änti-semites" is just so frikkin cartoony, that you wonder if there really are people who are so stupid. So when the ADL goes out there and tries to warn people that yes, that's what some people believe, or worse, yes, that's what "truthers" believe, I wonder who they think they're convincing? What they want people to think is that only real hatred of Jews can lead one to certain beliefs, like that Israel may have been a main player in 9/11, or that the holocaust has been exploited since the end of WW2 as documented in Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry. It really betrays their insecurity about... something... more than anything else. And I don't think that there's really that much doubt about what that something is. Elements of the Israeli right-wing were complicit in 9/11. Don't act so shocked! Elements of the American right-wing were too.. To pretend that Israelis or Jews generally can't handle that is akin to saying that we should just let Americans believe that we were attacked by evil terrists who hate our freedoms. Why? We're all grown ups, we CAN handle the truth. We KNOW there are scumbags of all stripes on this planet. And no, we WON'T kill each other if the truth comes out. We will maybe finally all start to get along, which really scares the powers that be, because then they could never stop us from overturning their corrupt, undemocratic order.


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What RT said!

My new sig line: "that is what the military does when there is nothing else to do." -911truthiness

First they're convincing

First they're convincing people who don't look too deeply into the issue, which is probably more than half their audience, and second they're convincing people who are moved to look into what people like Hufschmid actually say and stop there.

It's an effective disinfo techinique, and Holocaust deniers who pose as truthers are part of the problem.

9/11 is such an OBVIOUS Inside-Job and...

....and screwed-up so badly that the High Perps knew they were vulnerable to being exposed very early on (remember Bush's November '01 speech about "not tolerating outrageous conspiracy theories...")....they had to get these types on board early, so they could be discredited later, as it became necessary...

The Perps are highly confident they can attach the racism card to us, smear us by Faux association, and effectively turn off the's one of the most potent buttons they push on that side of the paradigm...I'm seeing it everywhere lately, especially locally.....

Show "It is a very effective way" by misterguy

This is right up there

with the War on Christmas and the Obama went to school in a madressa rumor. It's a manufactured scandal.

In 2001, we were supposed to believe that there were al CIAda terrorist cells all over the country. 1000's of them.

Then it was that Saddam had WMD's and we couldn't wait for the mushroom cloud to find out.

Now the Myth Makers want us to believe that anyone who questions 9-11 is a covert anti-Semite. Give me a break, please.

a canard is a duck... and by pullet I mean...

the firefighters, of course. :)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



....fucking funny...(for a pun, anyway)

NORAD did not show up for work that day

Neither did George W. Bush
Neither did Donald Rumsfeld
Neither did General Myers

That should tell you who was in on it.

yes, and the dancing Israelis DID show up to work that day.

so THERE. so much for THAT canard! :)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


And these guys

remembered to wear their flags that day.


Who was it who took one day off ....ever.... and actually had to go out of his way to get someone to stand in for him on that morning.... for a few hours only.... when this was all going down.

Bet we could indict that guy and get him to spill the beans
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Not one single Top Administraton Official in the WH or the DOD

Responded appropriately to the attack. Not a single one.

Bollyn is under the spotlight at the moment...

I have heard that American Free Press are scrutinising all his work (going back over many years) to check for disinfo planted.

I have also heard that he being vetted by a private-eye, if I find out anymore will let you know.

Personally, I don't trust him, especially after that "heavily pushed" bogus Sam Danner Pentagon Global Hawk shenanigans.

Best wishes


Profuse conflation of ideas going on here. Despicable.

Maybe next time Zahn will

Maybe next time Zahn will have Nico Haupt on to associate us all with the CGI TVFakery bullshit.

Yeah. Good times.

The sad thing is that that would be a step up.

I would really like a copy of this.

I will parse it into smithereens.

Here you go

We should have a contest for who can find the most red herrings.

waste of time

The Paula Zahn piece was a waste of time. She stood there with three other people and ranted about "paranoid" people who hate "the Jews." She also said there was no evidence to implicate anyone but Al Qaeda in 9/11 (false), and one of her guests read a statement from Bin Laden (from one of those videos) talking about 9/11.

Nobody mentioned the fact that Bin Laden denied any involvement with 9/11 on three occasions.

Anyway, this was the waste of time one could have predicted it would be.


They all say were brainwashed and paranoid

look who's hitting though...

Most people I talk to have had it with CNN. Their trying to conflate 9/11 with anti-semitism is just going to backfire like everything else these people try to do to discredit us. Man, when you pull out the big guns like this and say things that few people believe anymore, like that all the evdience points to al Qaeda, who is going to take it at face value but the densest of deniers?

No, I don't think this is much to worry about. The more hysterical they get, the more people will figure that there is good reason to try to smear us. That's why we need people in the streets representing--talking to people DAILY, so that people will understand the disconnect between what they claim about us and what we are actually saying.

This sloppy escalation on their part is a GOOD sign, people. Really.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


the tyranny of the minority

What you say is true, but I worry that CNN doesn't need "most" people to believe the crap they're pushing in order to bolster the fascist agenda. Remember, Hitler had only 18% of the popular support after the 1930 election, which was bumped up to 44% after the Reichstag fire. He was never supported by the majority of Germans in an election.

Someone once described democracy to me as "the tyranny of the majority." With Bush, it is worse: the tyranny of the minority.

Associating the case for US

Associating the case for US complicity in 9/11 with Holocaust denial is a very effective smear. And the sad thing is there are so called "truthers" who deny the holocaust happened.

misterguy you are..

perhaps confused. Who are the truthers who say the holocaust never happened? What does that even mean anyway? Come on, elaborate please...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Hufschmid for one. From

Hufschmid for one.

From wikipedia:
Holocaust denial (commonly called Holocaust revisionism by its supporters[1]) is the belief that the genocide of Jews and other minority groups during World War II — the Holocaust — either did not occur, or did not occur to the extent described by current scholarship.

Key elements of this belief are the explicit or implicit rejection that the Nazi government had a policy of deliberately targeting Jews, people of Jewish ancestry, and the Roma (also known as Gypsies) for extermination as a people; that between five and seven million Jews[2] were systematically killed by the Nazis and their allies; and that tools of mass extermination such as gas chambers were used in extermination camps to kill Jews.[3]

wikipedia denies 9/11

it is not to be trusted any farther than it can be, uh, whatever.

Issue number 1: I have never ever come across anyone who says that it simply "did not occur"

Issue number 2: The numbers are inflated. Note they say "the extent described by current scholarship" You know why they say that? Because the numbers have already had to be revised down. The managers of the Auschwitz memorial had to change a plaque because it overstated the number killed there by millions. That's simply a fact.

Issue number 3: Not even revisionists deny that the Nazis rounded up Jewish people. They question whether places like Auschwitz were literally "extermination camps" where people were taken to be killed en masse. In fact they were taken there to work. They were considered prisoners of war and they were used as slave labor. Nothing nice about it. They died in great numbers, mainly from disease. There were no "huge ovens" just regular crematoria.

Issue number 4: Gas chambers were used to delouse clothing and other supplies--lice were a major problem as they spread typhoid, from which a large number of inmates did die. The gas chamber at Auschwitz has a peculiar history, as can be seen in the documentary by David Cole, who is himself Jewish:

David Cole was threatened by the JDL after making his documentary, the FBI categorizes the JDL as a terrorist organization (responsible for bombings in the US) They posted his name, picture, and address online and suggested that he should be "dealt with" until he publically "recanted" and claims he was suffering from self-hatred.

Deal with these facts however you want, but it's clear that there is more to the holocaust (or less maybe) than is generally known. This is not denial, it is literally revision, and as we know from 9/11, revisionism is not inherently evil. The exploitation of the admitted tragedy that befell Jews during WW2 is clearly documented by Norman Finkelstein, whose own parents survived concentration camps. In other words, they were not exterminated. The fact that even his work is maligned by people like those responsible for should make it clear that there is a reason why holocaust revision is treated like it was pure evil.

Sorry misterguy, but methinks you doth protest too much.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Okay. So here it is.

Okay. So here it is. Thanks for giving me this.

1. The wikipedia definition the Holocaust is, in fact, the established definition. What you've done, right off the bat, is conflate 9/11 skepticism and questions regarding wikipedia's treatment of the subject with Holocaust denial.

2. Everything else you've written above is text book Holocaust denial.

3. I find it disquieting that people at 9/11 blogger are voting up your anti-semitism.


Do you even understand what the term "semitic" means???

I do. And anti-semitism

I do. And anti-semitism also has an established meaning. Please explain how denying the Nazis systematic attempt to exterminate the Jews isn't a anti-semitic act.

please define...

What you mean by a systematic attempt to exterminate, and please cite the evidence for the existence of this systematic attempt to exterminate. If you're not going to explain what you mean, how can we know what you're claiming?

No one is denying that Jews were rounded up and sent to labor camps and that that is a horrible thing. But as David Cole says, it is important to him AS A JEW to know what actually happened to his people.

The plaque at Auschwitz used to say that 4 million Jews were killed there. In the early eighties it was changed to 1.1 million. Were they wrong to do that, misterguy? Is the actual figure 4 million? How do you explain such a huge difference?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


David Cole is a holocaust

David Cole is a holocaust denier and so are you. What you both deny is that there was a final solution in Nazi Germany. You deny the gassing of the Jews.

There are plenty of people who have already done the work of debunking Holocaust deniers. I'll provide a few links for the people reading this. What I'd like everybody else to consider is what the impact of associating the case for US complicity in 9/11 with Holocaust denial.

And here are few links to how Holocaust denial is used against those who would make the case for US complicity in the attacks of 9/11.

Dispute this then...

...on the 31-Oct-1919 it was reported that 6 million Jews were murdered in a holocaust (20 years before WW2).

Source : The American Hebrew - Author Martin H Glynn

In the Talmud it is reported that 4 Billion Jews were murdered by the Romans... ok then !!!

Watch : Judea Declares War on Germany - A Critical Look at WWII

I try to keep my opinions on the holocaust private, but when I hear unfounded claims being touted and the fact, to this day, no official evidence has been forthcoming, it certainly means that someone should not be demonised for "just asking questions".

If there is nothing to hide, what's the problem...

All I want is for the lying to stop !!!

Best wishes

1.1 Million

is still a lot of people. And Auschwitz wasn't the only camp.

These camps were more then labor camps. People were killed for the slightest excuse. I grew up in a building that was mostly elderly people. A few of them had survived the camps. Going to the camps was a death sentence, whether it be from illness, starvation or execution.

Please understand, I'm not defending this deliberate smear to link 9-11 Truthers has Holocaust deniers. Heck, I just got tombstoned at DU because supposedly I'm an anti-semite. Just trying to give some first hand perspective, since I actually grew up with people who had been there.

the fact that something is terrible and unconscionable

Gives no one the right to exaggerate it. Whoever decided on the 4 million figure from Auschwitz may have thought they were really sticking it to the Nazis, but wouldn't it have been better to stick with the facts, so that no one would be able to reasonably dispute the extent of their crimes? Sorry, but there ARE degrees of evil--it DOES make a difference. You CAN'T just invent numbers like this.


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misterguy wrote....

"Please explain how denying the Nazis systematic attempt to exterminate the Jews isn't a anti-semitic act."

If someone has questions regarding how something may or may not have happened doesn't make them an anti-anything. I personally don't believe the entire story we've been told about the Jewish Holocaust. That doesn't make me an anti-semite. And I take offense to anyone who would suggest it, or use the "anti-semite" label to discredit someone else to help support their own set of beliefs about what really happened.

I agree

I also find it disquieting. It's no wonder CNN's smears are so effective.

Did you even watch the David Cole video?

"textbook holocaust denial"?

oh, brother. are insults all you have? is that how strong the case is for what you claim?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Sometimes the truth can feel

Sometimes the truth can feel like an insult. But you are a Holocaust Denier, a textbook case in fact.

The Holocaust was the murder of six million Jews by the Nazi state during the Second World War. Many died in gas chambers. You've denied every element which together make up the whole of the Holocaust.

Misterguy...get over Yourself..

The only nationality in the whole freakin world that is not allowed to be criticized is Jewish. And the term Anti-semite is a term coined by Jewish people, that is where it came from.
Now i have been called Anti-semite a few times, just because.
Yep, just because was the only reason I could fathom from the conversation involved.
I was only making a point about how many Israeli's do not care for Olmert, who is one of those Radical Zionists that give Jews a bad name. And the other point I was trying to make was how they (The Zionists) really keep the Palestinians oppressed.
All of a sudden I was a Hitlerist sympathizer Nazi. I also wanted to know what an ashkenazi is.
This is certainly not the way to get to, or gain any kind of understanding of anything. People get their minds so closed up that it's pointless to continue a possible fruitful discussion.

CNN hit piece

Pathetic hit piece. Tarred the whole truth movement with the same "conspiracy theorist" brush.Joe and Jane Middle America will sleep well tonite knowing the conspiracy theorists are mentally unstable and unable to think rationally due to some unexplained fear brought on by 9/11. Therefore to ensure their mental stability The "Middle Americas" shouldn't give any credence to the conspiracy theories.
Only a mental f#*king midget would actually buy that disingenouos crap.


Youd be surpised of the amount of mental f#*king midgets out there!!

Right. And who wants to be associated with mental midgets?

This was always bound to happen, and has been accelerating steadily. People will look around, see that the average 9/11 denier is a moron, and that the average truther is well-spoken and intelligent and... anyone who is smarter than the denying morons is going to pause to consider whose side they really want to be on. Group dynamics, mass psychology, it's all about momentum, tides, etc. We're going to win--no doubt.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



RT No doubt indeed. Neither CNN nor any of the mainstream media can stem this tide. It's too far gone to turn back. This issue gets more intense daily and more people become informed daily. Mainstream politicians will not be able to avoid or diminish this topic any more. It is in their faces now and looming larger daily.
Vive la truth

vive la truth--i like that!

it's exciting isn't it? to realize that we're living in a world that ISN'T being totally scripted anymore, because WE are forcing them to DANCE? Honestly, sometimes the power of truthing goes to my head. :)

In case anyone is wondering, my jury is still out on Bollyn. I am naturally distrustful of anyone who gets mainstream media attention--they are either cooperating with the media disinfo or are risking being used and manipulated just to get their mug on the tube and sell some books or what not.

As with ALL critics of Zionism, we have to be sure they are not plants who pretend to be non-racists long enough to build credibility and then go off on a hateful rant. When I listen to Hufschmid, Bollyn, and Daryl Bradford Smith, I am always listening with a critical ear--their approach is not always tactful, and sometimes they have a way of turning a phrase that... makes ya wonder. At the same time, we can't let fear of racism stop us in learning everything we can about things.

We also have to remember that as sensitive as we should be to Jews being grouped with corrupt Zionists by ignorant people, the same thing has been happening to Muslims now, who can be bombed to smithereens because "they did 9/11". The simple fact that we hear the cautionary voices so much more clearly when it comes to protecting innocent Jewish people from racist accusations than when it comes to stopping the modern day persecution of Arabs and Muslims. That is a REAL problem, and what's good for the goose, I've heard, is good for the gander. And the pullet. ;)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Paula uses a little "panel" of commentators

to respond to each segment, and tonight it consisted of two African-Americans (a man and a woman) and a man who identified himself as Jewish. The African-American man managed to stuff the entire "Be afraid! Be very afraid!" Islamofascism shtick into about a 5 second tirade -- just reminding us that we know who did 9/11, they were Arab Muslims, and to think otherwise is ipso facto anti-Semitism (sic).

two african americans eh?

Wow, is this some kind of atonement for Jesse Jackson's Hymietown comment? Or does it have something to do with the fact that Israel always used to side with South Africa? I LOVE how obvious their manipulation is becoming. Look people! If blacks and Jews can agree on something, it MUST be true! I'm all for reconciliation and stuff, but please, let's not link it to 9/11 denial--that's just so sick I lack the words to describe it...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Actually, it was a little more complicated.

Two stories about racism directed at African-Americans preceded the 9/11 story, and I assumed that was why. (Mr. African- American man was playing the role of "highly educated black man who doesn't really believe in racism.") As it turned out, the Jewish guy and the African-American woman both seemed to agree, in comments that went by very quickly, that if our own dang government didn't lie to us so much, we wouldn't need these crazy-ass conspiracy theories.

ah, well...

then clearly, 9/11 truthers dislike black people as much as they dislike Jewish people, according to CNN. too bad no one really cares what they say anymore.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


The real problem

Yeah. The whole Jewish issue is incredibly complex. Almost every one of us has been brought up in either a Christian, Jewish or Muslim world so it's almost impossible to be totally objective on the subject. Imagine you came here from another planet and learned the history of our planet for the first time. It wouldn't take long to see the Jewish influence/connection in ALL THREE religions originally, and subsequently their influence in so many aspects of our lives. So by that logic it's easy to see or imagine a connection with any major event. And as to your goose/gander allusion, I'm reminded of a Woody Allen comment in the movie "Scoop." He said, "I play the blues harp. It used to be called the Jews harp but you know those people, the first sign of anti-Semitism and they write letters."
Anyway, sorry to get off topic, just felt the need to address the issue that comes up here so often.
Vive la objectivity.

"Truthing" isn't a word.

"Truthing" isn't a word.

Sure it is.

Truthers have made "truth" into a verb. Big deal. Happens all the time. No need to be snobby (and I should know.)

It grates on me because

It grates on me because "truthing" is easy. Usually it's just a matter of repeating talking points or handing out DVDs. Telling the truth as you actually know it and most especially understanding to what extent it's impossible to know the truth about 9/11 is what's hard.

It doesn't grate on me, but that's a very subjective response

and if it grates on you then that's unfortunate (I'm not being snarky) because it has really caught on and isn't likely to go away.

I disagree about "to truth" being used to refer to something easy. I very clearly remember the first time it popped out of my (uptight English snob) mouth and it was to describe my encounter with a US Senator at my cousin's wedding. I had the benefit of neither talking points nor dvds (I was too new to the movement to have either available) -- I just told him the truth as I perceived it, which was one of the hardest things I have ever done. (It would be easier now, but back then I had talked to almost no one outside my own family about 9/11 and I was scared shitless.) Later that day I PM'ed an online 9/11 friend and the word seemed completely appropriate and correct: I just truthed John Thune!

Let me put it another way,

Let me put it another way, your description of telling the truth, a suppressed truth, sounds authentic. Real Truther's use of the word "truthing" seems phony to me, deluded even. It, in fact, stinks. When he, a holocaust denier and bully uses the word "truthing," when he tells everyone to feel empowered by CNN's attempt to cover-up the evidence of US complicity in 9/11, it debases the word truth.

This guy use insider lingo and pushes the most popular tenets while lacing everything with jabs and Israel and, underneath that, holocaust denial and people apparently lap it up. Well it's time to wake-up. Being part of the 9/11 Truth club isn't where it's at. Instead we should use our heads, speak the truth, push for change, and reach out to others.

We don't need to truth people, we need to help each other to find the truth.

there's a club?

no one told me. I have never met a single one of the people who post here in real life. I have never met any of the "luminaries" in the movement. I do not use the buddy system like some do (I will not name names) to consistently back each other up. My website is on my sig because it has never been added to the list on the side bar here. I asked dz if he would, and granted, he said to email him or he would forget, and I didn't so he hasn't. not a very nice way to treat a member of one's club, eh?

I know, like many otehrs do, that many signs clearly point to Israeli involvement in 9/11, and I point this out. Having done my homework, I have also discovered that 9/11 is not the first example of a false or distorted historical narrative accepted by the majority as 100% true. Again, to quote David Cole, I have no sacred cows. I inquire into whatever my mind decides merits inquiry. 9/11 naturally focused my attention on the middle east and its history and the journey of discovery has been full of shocks and surprises.

Some people, on the other hand, worship false idols, like the official story of 9/11, and to threaten their belief system is something they cannot tolerate. To these people, I am a living reminder of their refusal to apply reason and logic when it seems that reason and logic might undermine their faith in their golden calf. Those people, whose own sense of righteousness is intimately tied to their blind faith in their idol, can only see in black and white. I am either with them or I am against them. Since I question the object of their blind faith, I am evil and must be confronted.

Small minds have a tendency to lash out at those that make them realize their smallness, which is why truthtellers and heretics are so often persecuted by ignorant masses. And while some depend on the existence of ignorant masses and fight against any effort to enlighten them, others believe that ignorance is not an innate quality in any human being, but a condition imposed from without. They who cannot love, who don't know compassion, fail to see how confronting difficult truths can be redemptive and conciliatory.

I am beyond taking offense at your petty insults, misterguy. You are, strictly speaking, not relevant in my paradigm. Go peddle your fear, hate, and baiting tactics elsewhere, or at least make a better show of it by posing real arguments.

"Theirs is a land with a wall around it, mine is a faith in my fellow man." Billy Bragg, between the wars

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind" Bob Marley, redemption song

"This is not an attempt to be loved."


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


The 9/11 Truth club requires

The 9/11 Truth club requires nothing from you. You don't have to leave your house to be a member. All you have to do is repeat the mantra of "Inside Job", "controlled demolition", and, if you're a Real Truther you can push Holocaust denial and anti-semitism at the same time.

The 9/11 Truth Movement, which as I see it is a subset of a larger social justice movement, is something different. It requires that you work for social change and consider your tactics and goals.




The people who watch CNN are not going to help us anyways.
1 Bollyn should have known this was a setup to discredict the movement .
2 Come on the press can talk about Jews but cant talk about why building 7 fell
3 This is pretty low for even CNN

911 truth rises above the anti semitism smear

guys....i have been trying to tell yalll----

it's better if we have a united love front on this whole "jew" thing-----

it is undeniable about mossad involvement---

this hitpiece bullcrap is a side effect--trying to take advantage of us----

denial and closed dialogue on this subject is not healthy----

i have been trying to help---and yall keep acting like it is coming from a bad place

i love the jews
and also
mossad helped out in 911

this is the true blending of things (even though right now it seems a little larger than life)

son of a bitch! does anybody

son of a bitch! does anybody have a tape of this shit?

My feedback comment to Paula Zahn

Hi Paula,

You do realize you mainstream media types are between a rock and a hard place re. the 911 truth movement, don't you?

It's getting too big to ignore, and yet when you try to do a hit piece on it like tonight (i.e. 911 truth = anti-semitism) you still run the risk of giving the movement more publicity and awaking thousands more of the un-sheeple and independent thinkers, who might have had nagging doubts and questions about the validity of the Official Conspiracy Theory (the "conspiracy theory" you are supposed to believe and take at face value), to the fact that they are growing numbers of their compatriots harboring the same doubts and questions and inspire them to further investigate the matter from the many sources available to the public, now that the mainstream media no longer has a monopoly on the dissemination of information.

May I suggest for your next hit piece on 911 conspiracy theories you show your CNN audience the videos of the collapse of WTC Building 7 (see them here: or here: ) and explain to your audience how this collapse of WTC Building 7 at free fall speed and straight down into its own footprint, while displaying the characteristic controled demolition kink in the roof line (causes the collapsing building to collapse inwards), was just the result of random forces caused by fires even though building 7 was not hit by an aircraft on 9/11 and no steel framed high rise buildings in history have ever collapsed due to fire.

Kind regards

Feedback link here:

I'm shocked -- shocked I tell you!

...that CNN didn't try this bit several years ago. The wankers on libertyforum have been screaming 'holohoax" and "jews did it" for several years -- what, the psyops clowns just figured this angle out?

No. This is a sign of progress. "Jews did it" is their second layer of defense. Throw in the “holohoax” meme and the masses will run for the hills. Or so they think.

The real limited hangout is Pakistani ISI, imo. "Sacrilege!" you say. Well, I know one thing: If I was head of the Pakistini ISI I sure as shit wouldn't be wiring thousands of dollars to known drug peddlers. That’s just a set up waiting to happen. I'd have someone do it for me. They're called "cut-outs". Duh. Anyway, WTC7 (amongst other things) nullifies the limited hangout. So it's tits up no matter how they try and shake it.

As for CNN...

CNN = The CIA's News Network.


In February of this year, a story that had appeared in the European press was reported by Alexander Cockburn - co-editor of Counterpunch - concerning the employment by CNN of military psychological warfare specialists. Other than Cockburn's piece, and the issuance of an 'Action Alert' by the media-watchdog group FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), the report was ignored by the American press.

As originally reported by Abe de Vries in the Dutch periodical Trouw, the story went something like this: "For a short time last year, CNN employed military specialists in 'psychological operations' (psyops). This was confirmed to Trouw by a spokesman of the U.S. Army. The military could have influenced CNN's news reports about the crisis in Kosovo." (1)

Could have? The word 'duh' would seem to apply here. In fact, here's a news flash: the military influenced the news reports of all the media outlets that covered the Kosovo bombardment. The only news coming from the area was coming from NATO and the Pentagon. When you are the sole source of information, you tend to have a lot of influence.

But that's not the issue here. The concern here is with CNN hiring military personnel to package for viewers the information provided as 'news' by other military personnel. This is said to be a most disturbing development, and I suppose it would be were it not for the fact that the U.S. media - as a whole - is infested with so many intelligence assets that it is hard to see how a few more in the mix could make much of a difference.

Of course, most of them are posing as reporters, editors, news anchors, analysts, producers, publishers, etc. The difference here is that these particular spooks were employed openly at CNN, without journalistic cover. As Major Thomas Collins, of the U.S. Army Information Service acknowledged:

"Psyops personnel, soldiers and officers, have been working in CNN's headquarters in Atlanta through our programme 'Training With Industry'. They worked as regular employees of CNN. Conceivably, they would have worked on stories during the Kosovo war. They helped in the production of news." (1)

The phrase "production of news" is notably ambiguous when used in this context. It could easily be defined as the manufacture of news. Manufacturing news is, in fact, exactly what psychological warfare specialists do. As de Vries notes:

"The military CNN personnel belonged to the airmobile Fourth Psychological Operations Group, stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. One of the main tasks of this group of almost 1200 soldiers and officers is to spread 'selected information'. [We should pause here, briefly, to note that in this context, the phrase 'selected information' generally means vicious distortions and outright lies.]

"American psyops troops try with a variety of techniques to influence media and public opinion in armed conflicts in which American state interests are said to be at stake. [We need to pause again to note that 'American state interests' generally means the financial interests of U.S. monopoly capitalists.] The propaganda group was involved in the Gulf war, the Bosnian war and the crisis in Kosovo." (1)

In other words, they did during the war in Kosovo what they have always done. This time, however, they did it more openly. This could have proven to be a major blunder for CNN, with scores of competitors airing this story to embarrass and discredit a rival. But that would require that we have some actual semblance of a free press.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

You're working to help

You're working to help Porter Goss, the ex-head of the CIA, when you discount the ISI evidence.

Don't be so melodramatic.

Don't be so melodramatic.

Perhaps former-ISI-pawn (ahem, person) is a complete schmuck. Perhaps he wired the cash then took the nearest flight to Washington.

But ask yourself this: if you were the head of an intelligence agency infested with CIA would you be running around wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to low-level couriers? Um no, you would have a cut-out perform the deed. I recommend the first (good) book exposing he CIA, by Philip Agee. First rule of intelligence: plausible deniability. Find a cut-out. Don't do the deed yourself.

Just some food for thought, friend. Perhaps our Pakistani pal is completely brain dead.

Or perhaps a CIA asset in India published the story as a form of pre-emption against both 911 truth and Pakistan.

Remember Clay Shaw? CIA called him "limited hang-out, cut out".

Peel the onion...

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


bollyn is a controlled opposition MOSSAD shill....

he is a token fake out of date "anti semite"

for someone who shuns "Zionist Media"....

Why did Bollyn go on CNN? Didn't he and Eric mock Louder than Words, Alex Jones, and all the others because they were able to get onto CNN?

Seems hypocritical to me...

///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info


This is the full interview, not the CNN-edited piece.
///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

Thanks, DHS

Will give it a listen.

let me tell you.....these

let me tell you.....

these guys always got the backup interview that shows that theyre "real"---oh but it just so happened he went to cnn and cooperated in an anti semite smear attack on 911truth

bollyn is a whiny shill-----last summer he was making crank calls to the israel ambassador---and then he tried to spin it on the internet like
"anyone who questions 911 will get arrested"

---thats all you ever see from this idiot

I think I'll blog this

I agree with RT that there is far, far more evidence implicating Israel in the attacks than Pakistan or any other middle-eastern country.


An article in a paper from their arch-enemy, India, alleges this atrocious scandal involving lunch and a wire-transfer – ground-breaking journalism?;

confirmation by the FBI (which is almost disputation – remember Sartre and his quip: the opposite of what the government says is true (I’m paraphrasing);

remember the track record of the FBI – not exactly a sterling pattern of truth-telling. In fact, I’m wracking my brains but struggling to find a single instance where the FBI actually told the truth;

dude went to lunch? Well then…

Israel: Odigo, dancing Israelis, Netanyahu first to declare “war on terror” during 80’s, Silverstein pals with Netanyahu, 911 good for Israel according to Netanyahu (oops), Israel involved in ’93 bombing (see Schoenman), fake “dancing Palestinians” video released by CNN in immediate aftermath; fake “Al-Qaeda” cell founded in Israel; Israel and US elite goals coincide; general Mossad skullduggery.

Nothing to see here!

Nope, Israel is queen, and the fact that Press for Truth pimped Pakistan instead of Israel is pretty lame, but there’s always part II. Reminds me of the scene in Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” where Bush is pictured cavorting with Saudis with full head dress. Ouch! Racism is ok if it’s directed at Arabs ;)

Saudi Arabia is an American client state, as is Pakistan.

As is Israel?

Atta was not a religious fundamentalist. The US has had plans-on-paper to invade Saudi Arabia and Pakistan since the late 70’s at the very least, probably far before. No plans to invade Israel.

You argue that Pakistan was a go-between between the CIA and their pet project, “Al-Qaeda”. No doubt it is. No argument here.

But Mossad obviously played and continues to play a more important role than their client states.

When was the last time the ISI was allowed to own businesses in the London Underground and then bombs went off?

Once again, I must stress that Zionist collaboration is completely different, indeed a completely unrelated species to the “Jews did it”. This will fall on deaf ears.

My opinion is that Mossad was enlisted (not as a cut-out) but as a partner.

Yet It’s stupid to put sole blame on Israel. If you’re under the delusion that America would be a benign power in the absence of Israel – just look at the track record. Far before Israel was ever born the US was an imperial power. Powerful states don’t need Israel or secret societies to engage in imperialism. Again, look at the track record: from the very first states to Ancient Greece to Rome back to Mesopotamia: this is what states do!

Let’s skip the anti-Semitic bullshit but hold governments accountable. ALL OF THEM. Yes, that includes both Israel Pakistan.


The Eleventh Day of Every Month

it is cfr plants that are in

it is cfr plants that are in several govts that are guilty of all this


not that i'm disagreeing with you----

but this 911truth seeking journey has shown new parameters of what an enemy govt actually "is"

all roads lead to henry kissinger and the international

thats how theyve managed the int'l cooperation

thats how theyve controlled the media

that brings in all the rothschilds,cheney,murdoch

it's the perfect fit

After listening to the

After listening to the unedited interview:

They totally took words out of context and left out important statements made by him, especially where he was adamant about clarifying the difference between "Israeli elements connected with Mossad and Jewish people. But just as usual our wonderful controlled media spun him as an anti-semite, even though during the unedited interview, Chris mentions several times "Not Jews, but certain Israeli elements connected with Mossad"

Why would they leave that and many other unanswered questions about 911 out of this interview (like the 5 dancing Israelis that appear to have had prior knowledge of the attacks), for if the connections that Chris's work is eluding to is incorrect, why not challenge him?

In my opinion something is being suppressed here on purpose, and perhaps Bollyn is spot on with his investigative work and they are doing this to discredit him and or associate all 911 truth with anti-semitism!

Also seems that many here on 911blogger are guilty of accusing people of things just based on their associations, EH and DBS are certainly what they are, but I have never heard Bollyn speak badly of AJ, EH and DBS yes, but Chris no!

Here's the transcript as seen posted on CNN's website...


Racist Parties on the Rise on College Campuses?; Obesity Report Cards

Aired January 30, 2007 - 20:00 ET



ZAHN: Stay with us, because we're not done yet here. Coming up next, conspiracy theories out in the open that blame Jews for the terror attacks on 9/11. Also ahead, one of the nation's highest ranking retired military men on why he thinks it's time to reconsider the don't ask, don't tell policy for gays. We're going to bring that story out in the open when we come back.


ZAHN: Just ahead in this half-hour, don't ask/don't tell. Our weekly people you should know segment. We bring that question out in the open tonight. A top retired general says it may be time to change the policy on gays in the military.

Then coming up at the top of hour, Larry King talks with the owners of Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro who lost his fight to recover from a shattered leg.

We have all heard some absolutely incredible 9/11 conspiracy theories. The web of course is full of them. But tonight we're bringing one out that feeds on racism out in the open. We were absolutely shocked by one recent poll that found out that one in every three Americans believe the terror attacks were not the work of America's enemies, but some sort of inside job. And Deborah Feyerick found a smaller percentage who believe an even uglier theory.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This 9/11 attack was not by 19 Arabs. It was not by Muslims.

DEBORAH FEYERICK, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): They talk about a Jewish plot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everywhere you look you find a Zionist agent.

FEYERICK: A conspiracy by Zionist Israeli intelligence or by Zionist moles in the Bush administration allegedly calling the shots in the Middle East. Websites, magazines, documentaries, radio programs, dozens of them disputing the fact that al Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was done by a group of Zionists.

FEYERICK: Are you suggesting that al Qaeda had nothing to do with it, that this was all part of a large conspiracy, Zionist or otherwise?

CHRISTOPHER BOLLYN, WRITER: Al Qaeda is in my opinion -- has been exploited. I question whether such a group even exists.

FEYERICK: Chicago writer Christopher Bollyn is one of the conspiracy theorists.

BOLLYN: I believe that there are Israeli elements that are connected to the Mossad, that are involved in this attack.

FEYERICK: There's no physical evidence to support claims that Jews were behind 9/11, but the speculation and rumors, mostly discounted here in the U.S., have gained momentum in Muslim countries where they're discussed and believed. Deborah Lauder is with the Jewish run Anti-Defamation League.

DEBORAH LAUTER, ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE: What's most puzzling is when it reaches the Internet and goes into the Muslim-Arab world, we have this cross-fertilization of hate and this is something we've never seen before.

FEYERICK: A whole web of beliefs has grown to support this conspiracy theory. Listen to these Americans interviewed on Iranian television.

VOICE OF ERIC HUFSCHMID: This is a big plot to take control of us, to start war.

FEYERICK: One of the beliefs is that some 4,000 Israelis or Jews in the New York City area were warned by instant messages not to go to work on 9/11. For Wilton Sekzer, a retired police sergeant who is Jewish, the claim is outrageous.

WILTON SEKZER, FATHER OF WTC 9/11 VICTIM: The remains consistent of a piece of bone two and a half inches long and about an inch long, about the size of your index finger.

FEYERICK: And that's all they ever found?

SEKZER: That's all they ever found.

FEYERICK: Sekzer's son Jason died in the towers. He says Jason received no warning. Neither did some 400 Jews who died in the tragedy.

SEKZER: Give me the names of the 4,000 Jews who stayed home. Show me something. There is nothing to show. This is a total, ridiculous, asinine rumor that was started by anti-Semites.

MARK POTOK, SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: I think the conspiracy theories in general really do work a bit like a game of telephone. They are told and retold and tend to get more and more far out in the telling.

FEYERICK: When you imply that somehow Israelis were involved in the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, people are going to look at you, critics will say you are an anti-Semite. Are you?

BOLLYN: No, I'm not an anti-Semite. This is the main charge that's leveled against me and has been for years, even before 9/11, because I am a critic of Zionist policies.

LAUTER: That's a very common technique among anti-Semites. They will twist things. I'm not an anti-Semite. I just believe XYZ.

FEYERICK: Anti-Semitic or not, the question now, will this 9/11 conspiracy theory become like the Kennedy assassination, analyzed for generations as an unsolved mystery? Deborah Feyerick, CNN, New York.


ZAHN: Time to check with our out in the open panel. I'm sure they have plenty to say about this. Lauren, Michael, Deroy, welcome back. All right. So let's start with the resident Jew on our panel here. You hear this stuff and it just makes you sick to your stomach. There is absolutely no evidence that anybody, other than al Qaeda, was involved with this attack. How upsetting is this to you?

GROSS: Look, we've been kicked around for 2,000 years. The face you're looking at has got a lot of anger in it because of that. That's not a way to live, wandering around the globe never having a home. It's pretty difficult because every time there's trouble, we're scapegoated. We're not the only ones that are scapegoated, but we're scapegoated by people who are frightened. They don't care. They are paranoid. You can't debunk this theory. It's madness as well as idiocy to think that the Jews brought down the World Trade Center on 9/11, but you cannot argue logic to someone who is mentally ill. What frightens me is that the whole nation is frightened and that fear is being fueled by this administration and by the media -- not you, just the opposite. I congratulate you and I'm grateful for you seriously, to bring this stuff out, because it is in those times that Jews like other minorities better get scared, better get angry, better fight for what's right and try and convince people courage is the cure for paranoia, not racism.

ZAHN: Is this just a smear campaign for anti-Semites?

MURDOCK: I agree with Michael. The blame the Jews theme is something that goes back about 2,000 years. It's a really hardy varietal. But look, I mean we know who pulled off 9/11. Richard Minard (ph) writes about it in his book, the disinformation. He quotes directly from Osama bin Laden who says on a tape we found, we calculated an advanced the number of casualties from the enemy who would be killed based on the position of the tower. We had notification since the previous Thursday that the event would take place that day, unquote, says Osama bin Laden himself.


LAKE: We have a government that has led us into a war and most Americans, even the smartest of us, sit around and go why, again, are we here in the war? When there are blanks, we often fill in the blanks and those blanks are filled in by misinformation, urban legends. We create stories and people believe things.

ZAHN: You're talking about a very unpopular war. We're talking about 9/11.

LAKE: What I'm talking about is the war is based upon what our government told us, this fear that we have from 9/11.

GROSS: This will get worse as the unrest in the Middle East gets worse. This problem will not go away. The reason it wasn't go away is because we don't have an administration as we once did that said and counseled us, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. We have just the opposite. We have an administration that fuels fear, that puts up the sign every day that tells us be frightened, stay scared, be worried, and so we are suspicious. We are xenophobic and we don't like anybody that's different from us.

ZAHN: How concerned are you that these conspiracy theories will take even deeper hold?

MURDOCK: Look, I think it's entirely possible. The kind of people who are spreading this sort of stuff will continue to blame the Jews for anything that can go wrong. I think it's very important as this war on terror continues to point out exactly who the bad guys are which are Islamo-fascists who want you, you, you and me dead and want people dead around the country and they're engaged in tremendous violence, killing thousands all around the world starting even before 9/11. The '93 attack, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole. This is a really serious enemy and we need to identify it and we need to educate people.


LAKE: That's my point. There are reasons why people are open to belief theories and these reasons will not change unless our government more actively works to inform us of what the real truth is so people are not just playing guessing games.

ZAHN: Lauren Lake, Michael Gross, Deroy Murdock, fascinating discussion. Your anger was palpable during that piece as well. Well understood.

Larry king live is coming up just in a few minutes. Hey Larry. You're going to talk to the owners of Barbaro tonight?

LARRY KING, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, well, who wouldn't be angry with that last story?

ZAHN: I know. I know, but it's astonishing, wasn't it, the statistic that one in three Americans believe not that particular conspiracy theory, but one of many?

KING: The old Goebbels theory, you tell a lie long enough, more people will believe it. We've got an exclusive coming up, race horse Barbaro's owners and his doctor, their first interview since the champion was put to death yesterday. Plus Jack Hanna and animal right activist Bo Derek on whether racing pushes horses too far. And the latest on that woman convicted today of murdering her Marine husband with poison. All that at 9:00 Eastern, 6:00 Pacific immediately following the lovely, talented, exquisite Paula Zahn.

ZAHN: Thank you Larry, you didn't have to say that.


Thanks, S4!

This is great. I loved the way Murdock referred to anti-Semitism as a "hardy varietal" (of hate, presumably), like he'd just come from wine-tasting class. Ah, but Mr. Murdock, it is not merely a question of varietal, but of terroir, and whether the hate is oak-aged...

I would still like to see a video, because I believe they showed the cover of DRG's Omissions and Distortions while they were busy trying to merge anti-Semitism with any kind of 9/11 skepticism.

Why the fuss over Bollyn?

I'm neither a fan nor detractor, but I didn't see any glaring issues with his words (from transcript).

Just another CNN "How often do you beat your wife?" segment. They have presented a straw man and then tear it down. Shouldn't be surprising or upsetting. We should expect this.

Further attempts to alienate, divide and conquer. Getting folks both in and outside of the 9/11 movement riled up and indignant… an obvious & lame-ass ploy. Don’t take the bait… they’re attempting to seed resentment… hoping to distil hatred by amplifying our differences, instead of our similarities… blatant attempt to provoke and breed infighting.

Zahn & co. were blatantly attempting to put one over - equivocation: Zionist = Jew, Anti-Zionist = Anti-Semite.

The indignant guest, going on about Jew’s not having a homeland etc. She framed the issue perfectly: Israel… not for Israelites; but for Jews… the historical or biblical “right” to be in Israel. And one assumes rule Israel as a Jewish theocracy. Conscious or unconscious self-righteous talking point perspective?

And the whole recurring anti-Semitic thing, yet again… equivocation: SEMITIC referring to peoples of that geographical region & speaking languages of common or similar origin. Jew's do not hold a monopoly on being Semitic, and thus anti-Zionist does not = anti-Semite.

I wonder how many viewers stop to think about, or are knowledgeable enough to catch these and similar equivocations?

Similarly & recently en vogue: Middle Eastern countries with Arab majority automatically = Muslim State. OR Individuals or groups espousing politically non-expedient perspectives = Extremists = Anti-American = Enemy combatant = Terrorist.

Whether it be faux nooz or Cia-NN, we're witnessing attempts to sway the emotional, non-critical thinking viewer. I'm with those who see this as US making them dance. Let’s not lose sight of our goals. If we waste energy worrying over, or defending instead of sharing our information then we’re the one’s dancing.

If alternative 9/11 explanations weren't a big concern there'd be no need to constantly tackle us in the CMSM.

This feels like “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly” … Are we up to the cat or dog at this point? ;>)

You're welcome, casseia

Here's the video if you still want it:

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!" -Dan Wallace

Thanks S4...

In the pursuit of TRUTH, no stone should be left unturned.

All avenues should be investigated and those responsible should be made accountable.

Just because someone is angry and shouts loudly, it does not mean they are innocent, nor does it mean they are guilty.

That is why we need a FULL and COMPREHENSIVE (no holds barred) investigation.

I personally do not believe any religion is responsible for 9/11, unless you consider GREED a religion.

Best wishes...

PS... That CNN footage was "sucky" to watch, but thanks

They are definitely playing