NYC 2/11 Report: Action Every 11th

This is from Luke:


2/11/07 Breakdown.

On the Eleventh Day of Every Month, we call on activists everywhere to take to the streets in the name of truth.

On February 11th 2007, 9/11 Truth organizations launched a national campaign of action on the 11th day of each month.

In New York City, 2 street actions took place - one at the crime scene itself Ground Zero:

Dylan Avery came to show support

Another street action took place in the center of Manhattan Union Square.

Education is pointless unless we use it, so let's start using it. Mark the 11th of each month on your calendar because it will stand for a day in which the people stand up for the truth and make history. On every 11th of each month do a street action, host an event do a guerilla action do something because people know and all we need to do is stand up and say that is enough.

Lets stop being mouse pad revolutionaries arguing and fighting each other on small issues and show the world and the people by uniting TOGETHER on the streets letting everyone know that 9-11 was an inside job. I think the movement can all agree on that, not everyone will see your blog, webpage or myspace but people will have to see you in the streets.

We will not stop until the September 11th criminals are exposed and brought to justice. Until then, the eleventh day of every month will be observed in honor of all those who were murdered on that day and the many who have lost their lives in the name of that day since.

Later that same night, we all met at St. Marks Church were we remembered one of our lost members Dan Wallace.

Do it for Dan Wallace.

Thank you.

Luke Rudkowski
Loose Change
Youth For Truth
Truth Action



Candlelight Vigil for Dan Wallace

Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. - The Sufi, 1200 BC

This past Sunday, February 11th, 2007 at St Marks Church, family and friends came together in honor of Daniel Joseph Wallace. We came to celebrate and remember Dan's life and the courageous and vibrant spirit that was Dan. At the young age of 23, some of us didn't have the honor of knowing Dan for too long, but it didn't take long so see what an honorable and fearless person that he was. Dan was a fighter for the truth and he too had a vision of hope that one day the truth will be exposed and justice will be served.

Luke Rudowski, one of Dan's best friends played an emotional film honoring Dan while sharing with the crowd with what many of us already knew. That Dan was a special and inspirational person not afraid to do what he felt was necessary in order to get justice for the murder of his father, LT Robert Wallace, A NYC firefighter who died on 9-11. In the video we got to experience what true courage is all about while Luke, Dan and other members of NY911TRUTH took to the streets to help expose 9-11 as an inside job. We watched as they confronted NYPD's Gladio team outside the NYSE and Federal Reserve building. We watched as they stood outside the newly constructed WTC 7 and confronted security and NYPD explaining the truth about what happened on fateful day.

At the end of the film a candle light vigil was held along with a moment of silence as each of us took a second to tell Dan that we love and miss him and that we will never stop fighting for what he so strongly believed in. An open mic followed where we got to tell our personal stories about Dan and what he meant to each of us.

All in all, it was a special night at St Marks as the memory of Dan Wallace was etched into the heart of all who knew him.

R.I.P. my brother, we will meet again!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month