NY Post Bashes Christine Ebersole for Saying 9/11 Was an Inside Job

Inside Idiocy - nypost.com

February 20, 2007 -- ADD Christine Ebersole to the list of kooks who say the 9/11 terror attacks were an inside job. The "Grey Gardens" star went on writer John Conner's radio show the other night to say she agrees with him that a corrupt faction within the U.S. government is to blame. "I think we want to look at our government as sort of like a benevolent father that's going to take care of us and be kind to us and treat us well, and I think it's too much for our people to conceptualize, and I'm sure that's what happened to people in Nazi Germany," Ebersole said.

Please show some support to Christine Ebersole by chiming in with a quick note of support on her website guestbook and by sending a letter defending her position and praising her courage to the editor of the page six gossip column at richard.johnson@nypost.com (you can find a full list of NY Post contacts on their contact page here as well).

You can find the official announcement of her statement here, and you can digg that story here as well.

Update: You can find an MP3 of the interview here (thanks to truthcult.com)

Hat tip to prisonplanet for the heads up!

this is just disgusting of

this is just disgusting of the nypost.. i hope others will take the time to write the editor about this junk.

DZ, Add Digg


Digg that story to show your support for Chrintine Ebersole.

I wrote to NYP...

... and dugg.

I don't know how influential Digg is, but I now habitually digg these stories. If more of us dugg them, could it make a difference?


Its gets as Almost as much traffic as CNN.COM and if its gets enough diggs, it will make the home page, where 100k People or more will click the link

Campaign to get people to digg?

I wonder how many 9/11 Bloggers have signed up to Digg. Perhaps this should be encouraged more systematically.

About how many diggs would be needed to make a post to the Digg home page?

New "Huffit" feature on Huffington Post

The Huffington Post has got to be the biggest left site and now they have a new Digg-type feature called Huffit.


Considering there is total 9/11 free speech on the Huffington Post with some amazing pro-Truth commenters, the big 911Blogger content creators may want to participate.

you can see what our traffic

you can see what our traffic looked like on the 19th when one of our stories hit digg.com #1 here:

we got about 13,000 visitors that day instead of our average 6,500.. and you can bet that more than that saw it via the digg mirror..

Register with Digg

I just registered with Digg. Someone took my damn name, but I think there are probably more important things. Anyway. I'm glad I did. Good to start Digging for the Truth. I recommend it to anyone considering it.


Say hello to HughManBeing.

oh yes, please keep in mind

oh yes, please keep in mind that voting up/down the comments is equally important as it sets the tone of the digg page, and can encourage/discourage people to look at it..

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> go vote on the comments here:

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Vesa, I had to dump the


I had to dump the search cache a few days ago, so the internal search is no more (at the moment).. the google search is out of my hands - is that the one you are using, or are you somehow getting to the old internal search?

The search I've been using...

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Thank him! If only he would give a long list of these kooks!

Dear Mr. Richard Johnson,

I want to thank you for giving attention to Christine Ebersole’s belief that 9/11 was an inside job. In spite of what mainstream media attack pieces may attempt, name calling will only strengthen the momentum of the 9/11 truth movement. The more that self described journalists descend to name calling, without serious consideration to the evidence behind the conjecture, the more people will see through the media lies and begin to look closer at the arguments of the 9/11 truthers.

On a side note, the list of “kooks” who believe that 9/11 was an inside job includes a large portion of the family members of the 9/11 victims, as well as numerous emergency rescue personnel. If you are interested in the contact information of these “kooks”, please feel free to reply to me and I will get you in contact with them.



John Conner said:

"i'm sorry man. Ebersole is freaking out. she didn't understand the ramifications of this and asked me to pull it. i'll release a statement in a few days about it. her producers are freaking. shes freaking. she didn't realize what a lightening rod this would be. "

Too late now

You can't put the jeannie back in the bottle. Maybe many others will follow suit and begin to speak out now. That's the only way to diffuse the criticism.

Send Christine some Love...

Send Christine some Love...


That's the way we do it.

Richard Johnson is the idiot

I just sent him an e-mail, dug the story and left a message of thanks in Christine's guestbook.

How dare that nasty man call her an idiot. What a jerk.

Dick Dick

....aka Richard Johnson....good job mom (sarcasm)....

yeah, I did the same: (sent her a email of support and him....well, you know....).

You're right...

It's disgusting. And yesterday, I sent Susan Edelman a nice letter for her coverage of the first responders.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

I emailed them.

I told the auther to f*** off and called her an ass, and hoped he lost her job and her newspaper went backrupt.

might be worth asking how

might be worth asking how many celebrities they bashed for supporting the lies behind the war..

Christine Ebersole Interview with John Conner on 9/11 attack

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace


911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

typical Murdoch bullshit.

typical Murdoch bullshit. the Post is even more of a rag than the Wall Street Journal.

a rational critique

My letter to the NY Post:

I wanted to support Christine Ebersole for stating what she believes, even if it is wrong.

I believe a plane hit the Pentagon, that the planes took down the towers and that Flight 93 crashed on its own.

Nevertheless, I think its plausible that there was a state sponsor or unknown originator of the 9/11 attacks. Whether it was the Pakistani ISI, Saudi Arabian princes or some nefarious global organization, the fact remains that the U.S. government's lack of disclosure warrants such speculation.

The promotion of ridiculous conspiracy theories and the media's failure to investigate the real facts makes a skeptical person wonder what the real truth is.

I stand with the creators of 9/11 Press for Truth and a large number of the victims' families and first responders in calling for a real investigation. Please consider your role in helping such a possibility come true.

Thank you.

Good job.

Anon., this is a good letter. It fits the intended reader's point of view, yet introduces natural skepticism. Who can disagree with these points? I will save your sample letter, and make use of it.

Sounds good to me

It is great press, even with the word "kook."

I wrote this before I noticed the title "Inside Idiocy." Still, people that like her and respect her will read this and think.

Inside Idiocy

(this is my letter to the Richard Johnson at the NY Post)
Is name calling is the only tool you have at hand to critique Ebersol's opinion on the 911 attack? Did you even learn anything at journalism school or did you even go to class? The official version of what happened that day is THE most outrageous conspiracy theory out there. Any person with a critical mind cannot explain away the fact that 3 steel framed building totally collapsed in their own footprint at near free fall speeds that day by FIRE! Right, and there was WMDs in Iraq, and Mission Accomplished over 1400 days ago. The only inside idiots seem to be working at the NY Post.

Christine's guestbook

There's something wrong with it: suddenly everyone's positive feedback disappeared and the guestbook was empty. Or was it reset?

Send Christine an e-mail as well

fanmail at christineebersole.com

(replace at with @)


Let's all show Christine some support. Thanks for the addy.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Guestbook seems to be

Guestbook seems to be working now.

Action time on digg!

About Alex Jones interviewing the BBC guy.

Read the last genius on this Earth: http://www.notbored.org/debord.html


Funny things happening on digg: two stories attacking the BBc documentary about 9/11 got more than 200 diggs but did not make the front page, because many people buried those stories. Is it organized?
And someone says his story criticizing the BBC was deleted.

Read the last genius on this Earth: http://www.notbored.org/debord.html

Show "She must know the truth !!!" by Not Insane
Show "Another conspiracy" by Not Insane

Maybe because most people here...

have no trouble with her choice of pop words, when her spirit and heart is so clear and just.

Subject: Support!

fanmail at christineebersole.com

"Hello Dear Heart:

You have every right on God's green Earth... to ask questions about 911. I will defend to the death, you right and goodness to do so.

Thank you,

Erin S. Myers."

Show "Maybe..." by Not Insane

Funny joke... ha ha.

But if you weren't really making a joke... you can blow that "sancity" shit out of your ass.

Show "Not joking" by Not Insane

This is my last to you...

... no need to respond thinking this conversation might continue.

"Aircraft Dispatcher", you say.... "Tired of conspiracy theories"... you say.

Wish I could resist the temptation of cursing your dumb ass, but the devil's got me by the balls... you self-sanctified moralistic hypocrite fuck.

You ARE joking!

Show "So sorry" by Not Insane

That makes no sense in any

That makes no sense in any way. I'm a Christian and I "believe very strongly in the institute of marriage and the vows taken in front of God", but how can you say that she is a snake and she will burn in hell for getting divorced? That sounds insane. Sin is sin. We are all sinners, but God's grace and forgiveness is what sets us free. We are not condemned for our sins.

You have to be playing around just to get a response out of people. This isn't the place to do something like that.

Not Insane = Troll

'You have to be playing around just to get a response out of people. This isn't the place to do something like that.'

It's called 'trolling'.

NY Post and Fox owned by Murdoch,Saudi Prince, John Malone

Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp owns the NY POST and FOX.

This article talks about the owners a bit:

New York -

The title of this financial romance: Rupert and the prince. The players: The chairman of News Corp. (nyse: NWS - news - people ) and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

The billionaire aristocrat's office on Tuesday announced he upped his stake in the media and entertainment colossus to 5.46% of voting shares.

Last month, Liberty Chairman John Malone menacingly said he'd consider raising Liberty's 18% voting stake in News Corp.; Murdoch's firm extended a "poison pill" provision to block him.


News Corp has some insiders who know the 911 perps ??

Our investigation on 911 should dig into News Corp. There has to be a connection.

I didn't have time to look for more owners. But this one article mentions three names: Rupert Murdoch, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and John Malone.

Maybe some one else here at 911blogger can take the people connection further.

How many degrees separation between News Corp and the 911 perps.

Kudos to Christine !!!

update email address and my letter

My first letter got bounced back. The address on their page is: rjohnson@nypost.com . Here's what I wrote:
I agree with Christine Ebersole: I think some part of the US government caused 9/11 to happen. I don't know how they did it, but I know that the "official" story can't be true. There are too many impossibilities in it: the planes flying around for hours without being stopped, the non-defense of the Pentagon, the three (yes, three) buildings collapsing at free fall speed into their footprints, the intelligence connections of the "hijackers", the stand-down orders, the unwillingness to act on all the forewarnings -- the list goes on and on.

Bush said: "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories" about 9/11. Well, it's his conspiracy theory that's outrageous. It doesn't make any sense at all.
I sent it to letters@nypost.com also.

Fred W

my letter was bounced too

So I sent this to the letters address:

Bush has been caught in countless lies. (Please see the Sept. 2006 Senate Intelligence Committee Report) If you face that reality, then you cannot trust the official fairy tale of 9-11 since it was written by Philip Zelikow, a long-time Bush insider and self-described expert on national myths. he was Exec Director of the Commission and responsible for the content of the report.

Even the 9-11 Commission itself accepts the fact that they did not discover what really happened. Even the FBI admits they do not who the hijackers were.

Please see http://patriotsquestion911.com for a very lengthy list of intelligence professionals and other government insiders who agree that we are being kept in the dark. Does that mean 9-11 was an inside job? It does in that a cover up equals obstruction of justice at least and possibly accomplice to murder after the fact. And, of course, it could be even more than that.

Calling someone a kook for pursuing justice is truly shameful. But then again that kind of conduct is your bread and butter.

jonathan cook

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

My letters were all bounced back....

They just don't want to hear from us....lololol.

Lionel does RADIO on this

Lionel does RADIO on her
podcast: http://podcast.wor710.com/wor/240336.mp3


Christine Ebersole

I don't know much about Christine but I checked Google and I found out she is a very popular Broadway star. I don't pay much attention to show business people. I lost interest in Hollywood ect. after Sinatra died. I am from the old school. I didn't even know who Charlie Sheen was until he spoke out on 9/11 truth last year. That being said, I have great respect for the courage this woman showed speaking out for 9/11 truth. I just hope her fans and others listen to her. Everything she said was right on the money. Perhaps her courage will get others to speak out. Lets face it, we are in a world of hurt right now. We MUST win this thing or we can kiss this world good-by. It is just that serious. I haven't seen things this bad since the Cuban Missile Crisis. At least back then we had a sane and sober president.

My Letter

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I'm sure 9/11 wasn't Political Cover Operation, similiar to Operation Northwoods plan, the Pearl Harbor duplicity, The attack on the Liberty, I'm sure the government wouldn't do it again, lets just be polite and not accuse anybody of anything, despite the overwhelming evidence and Geopolitical Long term strategies falling into place. I'm sure that the Government is not capable of keeping a huge secret like the 9/11 false flag Op anyway, It's not like they have a trillion dollar per year Intelligence apparatus at its' disposal, a sophisticated COINTEL Pro Operation ..It's not like they can keep secrets hidden The Manhattan Project, Pearl Harbor, Operation Gladio. They were all flukes, Look at Monica Lewinsky they couldn't keep that under wraps. Operation Mockingbird isn't real, the media would never allow themselves to be manipulated by the CIA, they only investigate stories important to their customers the American Public, after all 75% of people think Anna Nicole Smith is vital to our world position, not 9/11 Derived Foreign Policy.

Good Job Buddy, I agree with you lets intimidate people to keep their mouths shut about these rock the boat "Truth Seekers" and everything will work out just fine. Right.









Wasn't that Mr. Jones outside the CFR building

Alex Jones is a dedicated patriot. Sometimes he gets a little worked up but considering the subject matter I don't find it inappropriate.

John Conner is good looking and has a great megaphone which turns the lady's on.

Need I say less?

My letter

Seems you're out of the loop on this one as recent polls suggest that only about 16% of the public believes the government's account of 9/11. While this doesn't mean the other 84% of us believe the government did it, you can bet that many of us who have spent considerable hours researching the topic have concluded precisely that. Perhaps if you'd take a look at the evidence, you'd retract your baseless assertion that anyone who believes this is a kook. What evidence you ask? Try googling WTC7 or asking a physics teacher how a 110 story building could collapse into its own footprint, through the path of most resistance, in about 10 seconds. Try interviewing the HUNDREDS of firefighters and other witnesses who saw and heard explosions in the buildings before and after the impacts. On the other hand, maybe a "yellow" journalism degree doesn't qualify one to give any kind of credible assessment of those events. Want to know why the mainstream media has no credibility these days? Look no further than your own story, moron.

Good for her.

I may not share her exact view, but thank goodness we live in a country where we have the right to FREE SPEECH!!

A right which outlets like the Post do much to nullify

by helping to create a chilling atmosphere, where people are afraid to express themselves on certain topics for fear of ridicule and reprisals.