Massive 9/11 TV Archive

Note: This archive was pulled by and then later replaced with streaming versions of the videos which can be found here.

Massive 9/11 TV archive.

Keep in mind these are 41 minute 1 gig MPEG-2's.

There is also September 10th news coverage there. This is everything there is
from during or after the attacks.

NBC4 Washington

ABC7 Washington


FOX5 Washington


CBS9 Washington


Who's gunna try and find "Harley Guy" in the FOX footage !!!

Nice one

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Thank you for this

Thank you for this compilation. Much appreciated.

is it just me

or does the archive link actually extend to the "rate it" feature for others as well? I can't vote for this because voting sends me to one of the mpeg archives.


Seen this before when the "end anchor" is missing.

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NBC4 Washington

ABC7 Washington


FOX5 Washington


CBS9 Washington

Thanks Gangster...

Those links work fine now :)

You might want to EDIT your original post and remove the BAD LINKS...

Put a message like "links to files are listed in post below" or similar.

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I'm gunna have a scan through the FOX stuff for Harley guy.

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Thank you Veritas.

Now; get those warmongering pigs.




What a treasure trove! Thanks for finding this.

Guys & girls: If you find something interesting, please upload the clip to YouTube so thousands of others can see it.


Links still don't work for me


You don't have permission to access /3/items/cbs200109131942-2023/V08603-07.mpg on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

if these have been removed, let's get as many as possible re-uploaded somewhere else like or!

I'd like to suggest

I'd like to suggest 911blogger set up a volunteer list for watching these videos. There is a lot of footage that needs to be watched. The load could be spread out randomly and eventually everything would be watched by at least 10 or more different people who would report on anything of interest. Efficiency saves time folks. We need all the time we can get to avoid WW3 with Bush and Co. Please consider this and act quickly.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

Whitey has a good idea

Whitey is exactly right. I recall reading about a man who had been reviewing video tapes of footage shown on the news networks on September 11, 2001. The man had taken the video tape out of its casing and had examined it with a magnifying glass, a technique which he said allowed for greater magnification and permitted him to see clearer images than blowing them up on the TV screen. He said he saw what appeared to be people with pistols killing eye-witnesses close to the buildings. Perhaps some people could go through the footage and reveal other suspicious activities or scenes.

Does anyone know

if these are the videos recorded *while* the events happened?

I ask because I think some networks re-broadcast their coverage on the 5th aniversary of 9/11. (At least I seem to remember that hey did.) As such, anything questionable (like Harley guy) may have been edited out. So are these postings originals, or re-broadcast?

Considering, the footage is for the 11th, 12th and 13th...

Suggests strongly that they are the originals...

From what I can remember CNN and I think MSNBC re-broadcasted on the 9/11/06....

It's a damn scandal that these have been removed.

Best wishes

How many of the files did you download?

I'm interested in helping comb them and/or helping re-distribute them. I have a very high speed connection and might be willing to pay for hosting for them for a limited time.

Contact me at

I called the Internet Archive

And spoke to a nice fellow named Robert, who had no idea what I was talking about. He said that the person who would be able to possibly answer my question had been out all day. He asked that I send him an email directly, noting the missing files and asking for explanation.

I wrote him a very polite email, including the links, and requesting that I be directly contacted or copied on any reply he got.

We'll see what happens...

PS: he said that he has not received any other calls about the matter, but that he had "just walked into the room, the phone rang and he answered it."

I don't suggest deluging him with calls, but I do suggest adding polite questions to the archives forums and email address:

Reply from IA

"Thank you for contacting us about this. The files that were pulled were not designed for download, and were not available for that purpose.
They were in streaming format for a reason. Until we can figure out how to plug those holes, we have to take the information off-line.

Our TV Archive is a project that is currently for testing purposes only.
We have pulled the footage because it was not yet ready for public viewing.

Paul Forrest Hickman
Office Manager
Internet Archive"


Is anyone posting this as a torrent maybe?

Did anyone manage to download all those arhives?

Of course, all that footage was either removed from the archive servers, or the permissions were changed...

Did anyone have the foresight to download the stuff before posting where they got it?

I got one 1G file off of a torrent, but it appears it was either corrupted on purpose, or something.

Did you get all that footage Gangster?


That torrent has some footage from ABC news on 9/11 live from 7:52am to 13:00pm

Im still looking for the BBC and CNN ones.. if anyone has them please upload to a torrentsite thanks :)

I want to help!

If anyone has a copy of the videos, I am willing to allow you to use my server to host the video files. Please let me know!

Show "WTC 7" by RA

See original thread After that I uploaded a torrent of the list


None of these links work for me. They all lead to forbidden sites. --- Jolly Roger